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    Keep doing what you’re doing, Yoan. And please leave Twitter, Steve.
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    I‘d rather watch Moncada mail it in on a routine grounder from time to time than having to watch bad “gritty“ players.
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    Somehow I have a feeling nobody will say the same thing about Kelenic or Lucas Giolito if they sign extensions. Each Latin American player is different. Sal Perez was given a second extension because he was outperforming the first, something like $7 million for five years...which he signed simply to guarantee a better future for his family. He got yet another one recently and is having one of his best all-around seasons so far in his career. Not every Cuban is Puig or Yoenis Cespedes, for example. If you remove the Covid-19 year...let’s assume he ends up somewhere between 750-825 OPS, maybe 850, he’s one of the 25-30 most valuable players in the sport due to his defense. Was Abreu coasting after the first couple of seasons of his first deal? His 2014-15 numbers seemed almost like outliers or anomalies until 2020.
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    He’s still got the Covid long haul. Yeah thats it.
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    I think the idea he isn’t interested in baseball is literally the worst take in Sox history
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    Sox take game 2 of the double header with good pitching from Kopech, Heuer, Bummer and Hendriks and good hitting from Moncada, Vaughn and Eaton!! Go Sox! Oh, Bummer is the truth.
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    Compared to Jose Abreu most players are going to be seen as not working hard. He also doesn't play with the emotion of Tim Anderson, but few do. Yoan is a great talent who plays terrific defense (except on popups) no matter what he's doing at the plate. He can also carry the club at times offensively. I have little to no problems with his play.
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    Sounds like Stone has reached the DGAF portion of his White Sox broadcasting career. This could get interesting. For me, I like when people bring their honest opinions, whether I agree with them or not. I hate the "taking the company line" speak, as it's so transparent.
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    Moncada has never seemed to me to really enjoy playing baseball. It often seems he would rather be doing anything else. But he has worked his ass off, and his talent is off the charts. I am glad he is on the team.
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    https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31440076/why-chicago-white-sox-mlb-most-interesting-best-team Its a deservedly complimentary report of the team. What's amazing was something I didn't realize until after I had read it: they didn't mention TA once. This is the former batting champ and one of the most charismatic personalities is the game, but yet there is so much other talent on the team that demands attention. It just speaks to how loaded they are.
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    I'm going to listen a bit more coming from Stone than I would most announcers or media types. I think you also need to consider you can't see thoughts and emotions with 100% clarity. I've coached players that look like they care but really didn't and players that don't show emotion but really care. I'm thinking right now of a freshman who played horrible on day one and showed almost no emotion, like she didn't care. Coincidentally later I was having dinner at a different course and she was on the putting green at 8 pm. The pro told me she had been hitting balls since 4 o'clock. You don't always see the commitment and passion.
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    The worst criticism a sports media personality can levy against a pro athlete is that he isn't trying. Stone just did that. I am tired of Stone and Bennetti for a variety of reasons, this being the latest, but I don't want to get into that, beyond responding to this outrageous comment. Perhaps Stone needs to take off another week to visit his dogs, or perhaps, he should consider retirement.
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    I mean, maybe spend less time posting in every thread on this board and actually do 8 seconds of research. Major League Operations Developer: Brett Phillips Analysts: Wataru Ando, Emily Blady, Jonathan Lewyckyi Coordinator of Baseball Information: Devin Pickett Baseball Video Coordinator: Bryan Johnson Technical Video Coordinator: Ross Mika
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    Hawaii and Texas....not exactly a perfectly overlaid Venn diagram there, haha.
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    Yes, Moncada has always been in great shape. However, that is not necessarily an indication of his drive to be a great baseball player. Perhaps he just likes taking care of his body.
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    He doesn't say it on the telecast, only Twitter. So I give him no credit.
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    Like I’m going to read your crap
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    Gold glove defense and is hitting nice offensively but sure he only wants to make music looooool
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    I’m fine with him dogging it to avoid injury
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    Moncada seems injury prone when he goes all out, i.e. legging out a ground out. Rarely do I see a time where is loafing or lazy on a defensive play, with the exception of the inexplicable issues he is having with popups. Between Covid recovery and being a bit injury prone I think he is finding a balance between all out effort and staying healthy and on the field. He helps no one if he has to sit out banged up. I am not entirely sure what Stone is inferring in those tweets though.
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    Just to clarify: My suggestion that Moncada may not be the kind of guy, who could remain highly motivated after getting a huge contract, has nothing to do with his being a Latino. That is why I said that Abreu was such a great mentor, and I might add role model. In fact, it is only human nature to be a little complacent, once one is guaranteed a fortune. It has nothing to do with his nationality,
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    I‘ll just go ahead and post caulfield‘s response for him. We must not forget about:Lance Broadway Rocky Biddle Matt Ginter Kip Wells Keon Barnum Courtney Hawkins Carson Fulmer Kris Honel.and other failed first round picks. No other team ever drafts busts in the first round. Something about Tatis/Puig and the Kansas City Royals. Damn millennials!
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    This team has 6 of its own 1st round picks on the active roster.
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    I think it's mostly mental with Gio. When he gets too amped or uptight his mechanics go to shit and he has a hard time finding his release points.
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