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    1. How did it work out for Harry? Well after he rejected Jerry Reinsdorf’s offer to announce for his pathetic pay per view scheme which collapsed as an utter failure, Harry made more money, increased his audience by turning a former 50/50 Sox/Cubs town into a 70/30 Cubs/Sox town, and became a national icon. Jerry Reinsdorf, a pariah and architect of a completely dysfunctional mess in two organizations. 2. There are no reports of Yermin carrying a criminal record. You know who is a recidivist criminal, someone no parent should want their child emulating? Your guy Tony. 3. Tony also did not make up steroids, but like the Olympic Games, both have benefited from a steady dose of steroids for decades.“Sportsmanship”
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    Including a picture says all you need about where his head is at. Doesn’t matter that he persevered long after most guys would have given up and is now excelling at the highest level - a truly great story. All that matters is he looks like the bad man from his television programs.
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    Real contending outfield we have out there
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    Hey how bout that. You don't need a bunt to move the runner over. How about letting your players STEAL! Novel concept.
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    Tony's boys don't quit!
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    Huh. Vaughn was the only option there. Even benetti knew it before the inning. He had passed over Vaughn countless times in that spot this year. At least he finally learned his lesson. Wonder if we could have won a couple more games now if he went Vaughn over leury/Hamilton earlier
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    It's clear as day that the AL East is big boy baseball. The Sox would be a 500 team if they had to rumble in that division.
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    Seems like a lot of contradictory thinking around here, almost like buyer's remorse. "Be positive! We have arguably the best team is baseball!" Then it shifts to: "Be positive! We can still EASILY win this division! Just keep beating up on shitty AL Central teams! Look at our run differential!" Weird. Almost like a total forfeit of the prior model of thinking. Sorry, I'm not happy just aiming for a Division win when I know our division SUCKS.
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    So much irony and karma to the Sox being unable to score after Tony’s bs
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    And which already banned him...
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    Pal, you managed to describe yourself on 1 sentence and for that I commend you. And Kenwo is a larussa stan and hates on players. I dont see many people here doing either of those things.
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    lol you are out of touch - if you think issues in sportsmanship today are about anything you posted - just stay in your house. Reality would devastate you.
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    Hunch lol? How was it even a tough decision
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    When Codi Heuer actually starts and finishes an inning, he's very good. It's coming out for a 2nd inning that he struggles badly with.
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    Lol...hard to complain about the outcome there, but still an insane decision to me.
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    Not with the five bigger name 3B piled up in front of him. Urshela (thankfully not with CLE any longer), Chapman, Jose Ramirez, Donaldson, Bregman, etc, Certainly not with just three homers at a traditional power spot.
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    At this point, may as well try it. He’ll be back. I’m in full support of finding a way to get him off mlb roster for 3 weeks at some point. He’s not hitting at all right now, so seems like a good time.
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    Because we think an outfield containing Billy Hamilton and Jake Lamb is bad and don't expect Engel to be a savior?
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    I mean what’s to contribute. It’s essentially a room full of kenwos who are never happy and are literally the embodiment of everything wrong with sox fans.
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    When you refer to Adam Engel as a savior in a sentence - stop and ponder for a bit (hint - the outfield might not be too good)
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    What do y’all expect until Engel gets back. Jesus bunch of babies
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    1st bold: Tony might not have "started it it" as you so pointed out like a 3 year old, but he was the gas can to the flame. If he let's this go publicly, no one ever talks about it again. But he had to make an example of him, multiple times in public, so here we are. Tony as a manager of over 5000 games absolutely knows what happens when you talk to the press. In fact one could easily argue he wanted this to happen. 2nd bold, great hint at wanting to see violence done at someone with cerebral palsy. Apparently ageism is bad, but handicapped guys getting theirs for having an opinion contra to the great TLR is cool. 3rd bold. Every player you mentioned was old and white. Did you even notice that? 4th bold. What do gold chains have to do with sportsmanship and respect for unwritten rules? What do they have to do about anything in the game? Why is this so important to you? Of all of the recent instances of actual bad sportsmanship that we have seen recently why is this and gold chains the two this seems to bother you the most, and why does it seem to be broader Latin player tropes which keep creeping into your posts instead of actual material matters? Why is it such a poor example to kids to wear gold chains?
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    And Canseco. Old school managers like LaRussa, Showalter, Scioscia, etc., are a dying breed in baseball especially. You can get away with that Belichick or Saban stuff in football, as long as you win. Basketball, the same transformation is happening. Players don’t want the coach from the movie Hoosiers (Norman Dale) or Bobby Knight. They want someone who is fun to play for, understands the modern athlete and lets them be themselves. In that sense, Renteria was more than adequate. The Carlton Fisks and Madison Bumgarners are disappearing...replaced by another generation with more forward thinking, incorporating analytics, fitness/nutrition and sports psychologist. Just like teachers can’t use the same lessons on the projector from the 1980’s with today’s kids that are much more visual and have lesser attention spans...if you can’t compromise and meet them halfway, to be willing to change and adapt your style or approach, you’re dead. Players will tune you out...and old school punishments rather than incentives/rewards will be met with increasing resistance across the clubhouse until you lose the team entirely.
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    Taking steroids and cheating is fine as long as you don’t swing 3-0. Young players juicing to be the next McGwire is fine, as long as they don’t wear gold chains. How is this buffoon still posting here?
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    Well, I guess this is goodbye for you then.
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