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    The Sox have been completely exposed and embarrassed in this series, and there is no guarantee that Eloy and Robert will be anywhere close to the players they were when they come back...if they come back at all. Is it time to tear things down and get a haul for Lynn and Rodon at the deadline?
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    Yermin shouldn't DH against a righty. Maybe you throw him in there against a soft tossing lefty, but he's totally unable to handle ML pitching right now. If you have to, send him down to AAA to figure it out, cause having him hit .150 in the majors isn't helping anyone. Lamb should DH vs. righties as much as possible, but stop putting him in the 2 spot. He's a total liability on defense and really shouldn't be put in OF, especially if you plan on playing Goodwin in CF. The combination of Goodwin, Vaughn, and Lamb might be the worst defensive OF in baseball. Play Engel as much as possible. We need him to anchor the defense in CF and he's hitting well enough against RHP that he shouldn't strictly be a platoon player. Especially when your other options in CF are Goodwin and Leury. Against RHP, I'd go Lamb at DH, Goodwin in LF, Engel in CF, and Leury in RF. You can even give Collins ABs at DH and have Lamb in LF if we don't have a fly ball heavy starter on the mound. Against LHP, Vaughn needs to be in the top 5 of the lineup. I don't care if it's 2, 3, or even 5, he belongs in there against lefties. He's one of our only guys who's had success against high velocity this year.
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    You have been completely exposed and embarrassed.
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    You're special They're in first place. You're insinuating that they're 5 under .500 and in 3rd. They got swept by a good team. The 2005 team got swept 4 times . Fucking relax dude
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    Welcome to the Jack Parkman Panic Attack Fan Club.
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    Ron needs to be sent down. This wasn't even a good attempt. He's just going through the troll motions now.
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    The other red flag is that the Astros' almost never look really fooled on a pitch.
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    It should be clear to pretty anyone that the offense is starting to show its cracks as we start to face better teams. Over our last nine games against legit playoff contending teams (Blue Jays, Rays, & Astros), we have averaged a measly 3.56 runs per game. If you exclude the Blue Jays series when we still had Madrigal, our runs per game drops to 3.17. Either way, our recent offensive production has been bottom of baseball bad. Obviously the hope is Eloy & Robert come back and solve two of our major holes. The problem is there are a lot of games to be played between now and August and we’re only 3.5 games up on the Tribe. Trades will likely happen, but even there it could be four or five weeks before we see any real action. In the interim, the Sox would be smart to make some internal changes and try to optimize the offense as best as they can with what they have. Here are my handful of ideas: Option Yermin to Charlotte. Since May 18th (the day after the infamous 3-0 homer), Mercedes has put up a .144/.215/.186/.401 slash line or 17 wRC+. To say he’s been bad would be an understatement, but yet he continues to bat 5th most nights. His bat is killing tons of opportunities for us with most of our best hitters batting in front of him and he’s been providing zero protection for Jose, who has fallen off during this time-frame (128 wRC+ before May 18th( a 95 since then). For now, Yermin can’t be a part of this offense and he needs to find himself in AAA. Start Collins regularly against RHP. I don’t care if it’s at catcher or DH, but he & Grandal need to be in the lineup every time a righty on the mound. Zack now has a 109 wRC+ against RHP and has looked much better at the plate as of late. For a lineup in desperate need of power from the left-side, we can no longer afford to have Zack be limited to a backup catcher role. Him & Grandal both need to be in the lineup against RHP, even if that means we risk losing the DH for a game in the event of injury. Call up Jake Burger to DH against LHP. Overall we still remain one of the best teams against lefties, but it’s very clear we’re trending in the wrong direction in that department. Just in the last two weeks we’ve had Valdez hold us to two earned runs over 7, McClanahan hold us to two over 5, Skubal hold us to three over 6, Ryu hold us to three over 6, & Ray hold us to one over 6.1. I get that some of these guys are pretty good pitchers, but we haven’t a big offensive game against a lefty in some time. That’s where Jake can help. As pointed out by @fathom, Burger has a ridiculous 1.362 OPS against lefties this year. I get he’d be an untested rookie, but I think he’d be a big upgrade over what we’re currently getting against LHP and would add some much needed power to the lineup. Plus he can fill at 3B when Yoan needs a breather here or there. Play Vaughn Everyday in LF. This one is going to be a bit counter-intuitive, but we need see what we got in the kid and figure out if he can work through his challenges against RHP. He has been far & away our worst hitter against righties, posting a .487 OPS and 38 wRC+ on the season. Right-handed pitchers are pummeling him down & away with sliders and he has yet to make the necessary adjustments. This is not uncommon for young hitters, as we saw Eloy & Robert also chase too many sliders when they first came up, but Andrew will likely need consistent at-bats to figure his shit out. Bat him near the bottom of the lineup against RHP for now and see how he responds. He’s way too talented & smart of a hitter to force into a quasi platoon role and we definitely need him to take a big step forward in order to avoid having a third major hole in the lineup heading into the trade deadline. What do you guys think of these ideas? What would you differently?
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    I definitely think Yermin has to go down to Charlotte. He needs some time to fix his approach, and away from the big league club is where he should be doing that. I could see Burger being called up soon, but I would like to see him get steady playing time. That's not going to happen just against LHP, and he's not going to be playing 3B. I don't know if him playing 2B in Charlotte is a way to get him up to the Sox to play 2B. I'm not sure this is possible, as it's a pretty high-profile position (lots of action). Collins should be playing against RHP, whether it's as catcher or DH. Vaughn needs to continue to play almost every day. Give him a break once in a while against RHP, and let Lamb play. There are not many solutions available for the Sox right now. They are going to need to make a few moves to shore up the offense. Nothing huge has to go down, but adding a bat to help them get better against RHP has to be priority.
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    and in the game thread you were insinuating my posts were dumb? Holy shit this takes the cake.
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    Houston is without Kyle Tucker bWAR 2.5 and Alex Bregman, no Verlander this entire season, and their next best pitcher (Valdez) only with five starts on the season. Cleveland has given away Lindor, Carassco and Clevinger, is without their ace (Bieber) and all other starters except Civale, is without both starting catchers, CF and DH (second best hitter). Yet they are gaining ground on the White Sox. Mets lost even more, still in first. The Padres have lost a ton of players in the best division in baseball, still right there. Never heard all of these excuses last season when Eloy was out, they had one good starter, no available third starter for the playoffs. Dusty Baker’s team was ready to play, Tony La Russa’s team was ready to concede.
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    Fun to play GM. I'll bite: 1. DH platoon - Vaughn vs LHP and either Lamb, Grandal or Collins vs RH pitching Vaughn sits on the bench against RH pitching. 2. LF : platoon - Leury, Goodwin, Lamb 3. CF: Engel . occasional starts by Goodwin. 4. RF: Leury and Lamb until Eaton returns. 5. Eloy plays LF when he returns. 6. Robert back to Center, unless he is not running at 100%. Then I would leave Engel in CF and at least temporarily play Robert in RF where there is less ground to cover. That could also minimize re-injury. 7. Minimize inning killing double plays. Three innings were killed in the last game with DPs. I don't care if they hit and run, attempt steals or even bunt. Almost anything is better than those double plays. 8. Our Relievers have to throw strikes early in the count. They are getting behind too often and surrendering to hitters when they have to throw a strike. 9. Hitting coach has to have a more coherent plan for our hitters depending on the starter we are facing. Personally, I am not in favor of first ball fastball hunting. 10. Mendick and Leury platoon at second is fine for the moment.
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    It would be if this was World’s Funniest Posts
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    During one of the games against Houston, Benetti asked Beckham what percentage of pitchers in the league he thought were using a substance and he said all.
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    Unless it is the Sox pitchers who aren't cheating anymore...
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    Have some respect. He has 17.9k followers on twitter.
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    They can’t justify extending Rodon and I have no interest in extending a 34 year old Lynn for multiple years. If the wheels fall off over the next month I’d definitely entertain trading them, I just doubt the wheels fall off
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    Id look into it if we can get insane value
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    Look, getting a ~90ish wrc+ vs RHP shouldn't be that hard to find. At least, at LF. But right now, Vaughn is a problem. And waiting on him to figure it out may or may not work for this season. He's worse right now than other players in the roster, let alone some random rental that shouldn't cost that much. Someday, he'll be a big part of this team. But this team is in free-fall, in part, because this offense is seriously flawed.
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    The problem is who are you replacing Vaughn with? Do you think starting Leury against RHP everyday is much better? If we had other options, I’d love to give Andrew some development time in Charlotte and to claw back an extra year of team control, but I think we need to find a way to get him going or the offense is going to have too many holes to fill.
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    I trust these guys about as much as I trust myself around my wife's chocolate chip cookies. I might resist for awhile, but not for long. The Astros have earned the right for people to be sceptical and suspicious of them. Altuve's splits on the road vs at home in that World Series year quite frankly sicken me. CHEATERS!!!
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