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    Our hometown hero's doctored the baseball!?! Say it ain't so!
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    I believe this is the case. The brain fog thing can last a long time along other nagging ailments. I had it a while back. I've been fully vaccinated since but it really does take quite a while to get over it. Kudos to Yo-Yo for being out there and fighting through it !!
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    Micker (along with a bunch of other prospects) starts heating up, hits a walk off. Yoelqui is playing. The Future Sox game threads are usually sober and fun. Instead: Rick Hahn, the man who built a team currently in first place that's just experiencing their first slump due to an ungodly amount of injuries is apparently a bum because he doesn't recognize talent in the farm system ... that he (and obviously Getz, Shirley, Hostetler, Paddy, etc.) put in place. Oy.
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    The Sox have been completely exposed and embarrassed in this series, and there is no guarantee that Eloy and Robert will be anywhere close to the players they were when they come back...if they come back at all. Is it time to tear things down and get a haul for Lynn and Rodon at the deadline?
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    Unless you think that Yermin's pinch hit the other day in shittsburgh is a sign that he's coming put of his slump, I agree. We should also acknowledge that Burger is pretty much all the potential "help" that's available from Charlotte. The rest of them, to include Sheets, have artificial numbers that are inflated by Truist. Go ahead and look at whats available. The other elephant in the room, Vaughn, has continued circling the drain since this thread started. Both his overall numbers and his splits look shittier in just a mere few days. I think his WRC+ in June is down into the 60s, while vs. RHP, his WRC+ is into the LOW 30s. For him, the saving grace is that there's literally NO ONE currently in the org who could both stand at LF cromulently and hit better than Vaughn at the MLB level. So for him, either he pulls his head out of his rectum, or once one of Hamilton/Eaton/Engel are back, he can go down to Charlotte. There, he can hopefully bother to watch video and learn how to NOT swing at every crappy slider down and away. Oh, and learn how to communicate with the fielders around him, so he doesn't collide with the CFer or IFers.
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    God what a bunch of garbage in this thread. Go to bed.
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    Hahn is simply a yes man for the white Sox organization. He brought in a bunch of garbage last year, dumped the garbage and brought in new garbage this year. The payroll didn’t even expand as the cost of last years garbage is the same as the cost of this years garbage. Can you imagine “ going for” a WS and not expanding payroll a bit? I coached hockey in Winnetka about 4-5 years ago and one of the kids on one of the other team was hahnskid who actually was a decent goalie.my point here was that Hahn was at the rink and we talked a couple times and he seemed very guarded in his comments about everything. Never even talked Sox. He struck me as an oddball. my guess is that he has little input in what goes on bringing in players and his hands are probably by the cheap owner. im not sure Gonzalez is constantly brought up. He really has never shown anything. That’s a chicken shit move. if this rebuild turns out to be a waste of time for Sox fans somebody is going to get their ass kicked.
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    I am ready for Burger to get a shot at DH
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    You are correct in everything you just said and the reason hahn is still waiting is because hahn IS NOT a baseball man.
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    The Sox need hitters and there’s no reason not to bring up sheets and burger to give them a shot for the games before the all star break and maybe beyond. The Sox are missing four outfielders and don’t have a second baseman. They currently can compete with a team that hits a little. Sooner or later their pitching will hit a wall and the hitters will have to pull their load. give these kids a shot until Eloy Engle and robert come back. What is Hahn waiting for? This team needs some life.
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    Stop applying reason and logic. The Rays are mean and jerks. They should have gone the unprecedented route with Franco and pulled up the teenage position player from A ball. They didn't do that so they are SeRVicE tiME mAnIpULaTorS.
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    The 2010 Giants went 4-12 at one point in late June of that year. The 2011 Cards went 11-15 in June. The 2012 Giants went 2-8 in late June-early July, and later in July went 1-7. The 2013 Red Sox went 4-8 at one point in August. The 2014 Giants went 22-30 over the entire months of June and July. The 2015 Royals went 2-9 in late May / early June. The 2016 Cubs went 1-9 in early July, and had a losing record that month. The 2017 Astros, Cheating and all, went 11-17 in August. The 2018 Red Sox, a 108 win team, had a 4-7 stretch in August. The 2019 Nationals had an 11-14 April and a 3-7 stretch in July. Every team will lose 7 out of 11, 8 of 10, a few in a row. I'm concerned too, but the fact that we're this good with this many injuries is astounding. Fully healthy, entering this season, I had this team winning 89-93 games. I considered myself an optimist. Even after a 5 game losing streak we are on pace for 99... We will have bad stretches. It is how we make adjustments to those that dictate what we're able to do later this season.
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    Gio is perhaps the most prominent change-up pitcher in the game. Increasing spin on change-up isn't typically the route to having success with the pitch (Devin Williams a key exception). You want to minimize spin on a change up to maximize fade. So I would agree Gio should be okay through all this even though he was pretty clearly using substance.
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    MLB is handling this in the dumbest and most alienating way possible, which should surprise absolutely no one.
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    Because balls in play could be heavily pine tarred, wiped discreetly and then used by the pitcher.
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    Not the first time you've said this...explain to me how a 23 year old guy with 55 MILB games under his belt that is currently mashing LHP, in the process of learning 2 new positions and being exposed to/learning the best pitchers on the planet, and more importantly those in the League he will eventually and currently compete against on a daily basis has the ability to turn off his development switch. Like wtf does that even mean? You should say what you really mean, he hasn't shown incremental month over month growth against RHP that you find to be satisfactory enough to demand a lineup slot on a team that currently sends Yermin Mercedes to the dish in the 5 hole on a nightly basis. Get over it, Andrew stays.
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    I am probably going to jinx us here, but I remain shocked that of all of our players, Leury Garcia is still healthy.
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    Currently our #1, #2, #3, #4, and #7 OFs are on the DL, if you count AV as our #5 OF, and Leury as #6.
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    So I always liked Beckham - but I thought it was such a dull listen to. Benetti was pulling teeth trying to get him to tell some stories, etc, but just not natural at all. No surprise with this being his first rodeo but really not a good showing, imo.
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    If you want to look for reasons for the current hitting problems, don't look at the fill ins. Look at Anderson (one hit in four games), and Abreu (two hits in four games). Moncada had three hits. Slumps happen!
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