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    "RH better be on the phone right now. that bottom 7-9 is gross." Just get the 2nd baseman. When Robert comes back, and when Yaz comes back, and we get a 2nd baseman: out-of-the line-up are Zavala, Mendick, and Garcia. Then the weakest spot is the Engel/Sheets in RF
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    I'm always negative and even I find his posts ridiculous
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    This is a really dumb post, even for you
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    It's not that Cleveland is as good as the Sox, as it is the Sox are almost as bad as Cleveland. Never forget 2005. They had a 15 game lead on August 1 and it was shrunk to 0.5 by September 15th.
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    How is his English so good now? Dude almost has a Chicago accent.
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    Im watching the Royals feed for that Eloy bomb, heres the transcript -Would you rather face Abreu who has 75 RBIs or a guy who is in his second game of the year? *silence* The thing is... Eloy in his past is 2-3 against Zimmer with 2 doubles... *Zimmer throws it right down the middle, Eloy fouls it off* - Ooof... oof.. that was right down the middle and he was ready for it.. I wouldnt give him one of those.. strike ones good but not there... thats center cut.. -So hopefully that was his one and only good pitch to hit *nervous laugh* right.. *Eloy obliterates the ball* - Nope.. - Oh man......
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    I like most of Jack's posts.
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    Judas Priest, Margaret....what in the actual hell? 2005 Sox pitching straight DOMINATED in the post season, that isn't luck.
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    you don't luck your way into 20 games over 500 after 100 games
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    Soler would have been out had not Tim stuck his glove in the way. Need to move Engel to right and Billy to CF late in a close game. Leury is a 2nd baseman not a RF.
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    Good start by Bummer. Lucas deserves a win tonight, KC can fuck this up as much as we can
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    I think he's only walked once or twice since the ASB. EDIT: That's #3. Had a .292 OBP since the break going into tonight.
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    Suck on it Boooobitch
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    Wow, first Lucas start without Collins in over 2 months (May 14th, a 6-2 loss with Grandal behind the plate). Collins: 92 2/3 IP, 110 K, 3.40 ERA, 4.23 K/BB, .683 OPS Grandal: 26 1/3 IP, 26 K, 5.13 ERA, 2.17 K/BB, .716 OPS Glad the Sox are playing a centerfielder today, though wouldn't mind a day off for Leury, and Hamilton getting a start (Engel in RF, Mendick at 2B).
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    As I have said before I am a UK Sox fan whose baseball knowledge is ever in need of improvement, so forgive me if the answer to this seems obvious. Reading many threads about players or possible trade targets certain positions such a 1b and RF are often associated with being positions you put or want power hitters. Is that because those positions are relatively easier to play so a less mobile power hitter is 'safer' in those positions? Indeed does it matter, if a first baseman is a good contact hitter but lacks power is that as bad thing, will it hinder his chances of making it at MLB level?
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    Eaton got to pitch the other night.
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    Eloy was the hero but credit also goes to Leury for starting the rally when the offense seemed dead.
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    The weird part is he despises Vaughn in the outfield (despite him being more or less fine) but loves Eloy out there (despite nearly dying on multiple occasions). Not sure what his agenda is, but it’s strange nonetheless.
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