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    Are we going to watch Al Michaels vacuuming in the bottom half of the fifth?
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    I want to see this lineup in a perfect world: SS - L. Garcia 2B - L. Garcia C - L. Garcia 3B - L. Garcia LF - L. Garcia 1B - L. Garcia RF - L. Garcia CF - L. Garcia P - L. Garcia Bullpen options: L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia. Bench Players: L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia, L. Garcia.
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    This is a very disturbing report. One of the disturbing things is that supposedly the other coaches laughed about it instead of stopping it and beating the living shit out of the pervert. The players should have stepped in also if they witnessed it. They are all sacks of shit for not doing anything.
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    Ya just hate to see it.
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    So cool that ESPN decided to broadcast batting practice! When does the game start?
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    He has been our best hitter for the past month no matte what pitcher we face.
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    “Jerry’s not going to make decisions based on what’s best for Jerry. Jerry’s gonna make decisions based on what’s best for his ball-club.” Oh, A-Rod.
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    this broadcast sucks so bad. jfc.
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    Cease is far from an ace so of course you'll feel uneasy about him in a playoff game, but take a look at what other AL contenders will be starting in a game 4 Cease is as good or better than any AL teams 4th starter. For those that might mention the Astros, please look at how Valdez, Greinke and Odorizzi pitched in July.
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    Every time Cease doesn't have a dominant start there's a meltdown in the game thread
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    Contreras 0-6, 6k this series. Ya hate to see it
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    Nice to see our Cuban contingent (Abreu, Vaughn, and Eloy) hanging together in the dugout.
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    Lamb and Sheets to have a rap battle in the clubhouse after tonight's game to see who gets to stay.
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    Andrew is not Cuban, can never be Cuban. Jose, Luis and Eloy are great Cubans. 🤣
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    Now I’m certain you’re just looking for attention. Dude has a .936 OPS / 155 wRC+ in his last 100 PAs against RHP. He’s probably been our best overall hitter the past month and a half. Your beef with Andrew Vaughn is very bizarre.
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    The biggest problem is the fans who forget that they are getting middling production constantly from the same 1 player who is playing all over the place instead of middling production from some combination of players who don't have the versatility of Leury which varies throughout the season. And the other big problem is that the Sox have had so many injuries. There's really nothing wrong with Leury. That $3M or whatever he is making to play all over the field is an excellent value and he's definitely a guy other teams would want to have. Bitching about Leury is just bitching for the sake of it IMO.
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    Nicely done, Hendriks for the 5th
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    Need Dylan to come out and not give any of these runs back.
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    Between the game being broadcast on every ABC-TV station across the country tonight, and the Field of Dreams game getting shown on FOX on Thursday, the Sox are going to get a tremendous amount of national exposure this week. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a lot of time spent on the national stage as we journey through this competitive window.
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    He will collect more PAs than other UT types because he is one of the few rare **true** UT types. These days, you can be a shit backup 3B/1B/LF guy and someone will call you UT. You can have a noodle for an arm and get penciled into SS and people will call you a UT player. Leury is one of those few guys who can literally play everywhere except P and C, plus he can come in as a defensive sub, PR, and is a switch hitter with a high contact rate and a little bit of pop. He's definitely a rarity and his versatility theoretically allows a manager the roster flexibility to carry more limited types of players like Lamb, Sheets, or Hamilton for other roles.
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    Adequate or OK...some people never use a simple word when a more complex one is available.
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    I don’t think people realize how much he helps the entire offense with his ability to take pitches. Abreu won an MVP with Grandal hitting in front of him. And he can hit righties. I think he’s worth every penny we paid him and can’t wait to have him back.
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    The problem is that players who are better than Leury are going to want to sign with a team where they can start. It’s not as easy as people think to grab great utility players. I think Leury is fine as a utility player, as long as he doesn’t have to play as often as he has this year because of injuries. And he has a lot of positional flexibility.
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