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    ...just post a lineup with a super obvious Abreu omission as a way of begging to be asked about it
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    Abreu about to have a Jordan Flu game and go 4-4 2 homers 6 RBIs
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    You can still get COVID a second time. You can still get COVID if you are vaccinated. Why do people not understand these.
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    It shouldn't be cancelled. It should be called Indigenous People's Day though.
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    Man, please, don't do this to yourself...
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    I don't think Rabbit is "trying to be right". Everything isn't always a dick measuring contest dude.
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    every offeason Sept/Oct: Oh man look at this lineup with Semien! December: If we can pull this off with Escobar, that is a sick infield February: Jed Lowrie would look great in a white sox uniform
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    I will "bless" game thread when the time comes. All hands on deck. PLAYOFFS
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    I never said he had COVID. I said he wasn't with the team. I said it was a fluid situation. If you weren't so insufferable you would realize that the Sox beat has acknowledged Abreu's status for tomorrow's game is in question. I am the first person to say that was the case. I am sure it was just coincidence.
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    This tweet is clearly the result of rabbits post. He knows nothing. Just remember he was like most of us and didn't know the option rule when the Sox sent Collins down, which means his source didn't either. Dead giveaway to his phonyness.
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    We do need extra guys to hop over the dugout railing when they clinch the series
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    Correct, I had the first 6 game win streak in May (and most consecutive threads (9), because of also starting the second game of a doubleheader after a first game loss, which they won before losing the following day). @Tnetennba had the second and most recent 6 game win streak. His also has a better season winning percentage (8-3 .727 vs. my 9-5 .643), and should have first honors if we are selecting based on merit. That said, I take Game Threads very seriously. I kick the thread off with quality information, and have intense focus throughout the day in an effort to coax the best possible White Sox performance.
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    lol a dick measuring contest? you have a guy insinuating a guy has COVID and then saying he's not saying that and then saying he might be but maybe not. That type of posting is just obnoxious, nothing else to it.
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    Of course. But the team has also said it's non covid related and specified. I assume he got tested and it came back negative. I don't think Hahn would have said non covid related if he had covid.
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    Seems like many can’t read between the lines. In all candor, I don’t know for sure if Abreu is or isn’t playing tomorrow. That said, there is a distinct possibility he does bot play. I don’t know if he or the team even knows if he plays at this point. He didn’t travel with the team. Not sure what the COVID protocol is anymore or what hoops he would need to clear as a vaccinated player.
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    Adam Amin and AJ get game one, Astros fans are gonna be salty with that one
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    Right. Big fan of Rabbit, so no bad mouthing here whatsoever. But he clearly been told Abreu isn't currently with the team. He's insinuated that, and avoided the direct question. So yeah. Not great.
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    You can connect them in 6 teammates, almost entirely in Chicago.
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    There's no lineup outside of the MLB All-star game where a guy with a .420 OBP should bat 7th.
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    Vaughn seems like the guy we would regret moving in 5 years! Sure Sheets will be on some highlights as he just hits massive HRs...but Vaughn seems like an everyday stud player. Yeah he wore down this year but he did everything that was asked of him!
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