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    Of course Keuchel is better at holding runners. Look at how much practice he got.
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    I still cant believe that I'm the only person only moderately suspicious that the Astros are cheating still. All the credit everyone is giving them here, the fact that none of our really good SPs could make it deep into a game before the Astros figured them out, maybe they do deserve the credit. .. But at 5 LCS in a row and one of the most dominant performances I have ever seen vs the White Sox... I really cant trust that they are legit now considering the players received zero repercussion. Their history simply dictates that I cannot trust that any of this is legitimate.
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    We needed you in the playoffs, Jack. Please don't leave us again.
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    Who cares if Ron cheers for the Cubs? Why should any of us care?
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    You let Hernandez and Kimbrel go. That frees up some cash. The roster is pretty well set. I am crazy, I still this Eloy is a 40 Homer guy who brings a lot of energy and fun to the team. I still think Vaughn is what one scout described as Paul Konerko on steroids. I still think the best is yet to come from Yoan Moncada. I still think Luis Robert as great as he was wasn't 100 % healthy. I still think TA will be hungrier. I still think Dylan Cease will be a stud. I still think Giolito will be one of the better pitchers in baseball. I still think Lance Lynn will be Lance Lynn. I still think we are going to love Kopech. I still think Liam Hendriks is the best closer in baseball. Get everyone healthy, find a new 2B and perhaps RF, but I am fine putting Vaughn or Sheets out there and bringing in Engel late,spend the Kimbrel money on another pitcher or two, maybe trade Collins. Get a veteran back up who calls a good game. They are fairly cheap. I am not historically optimistic, but despite the playoff result, this team is pretty stacked. Some of the guys should get way better, and there are not a lot of candidates to fall off a cliff. Also make everyone take pilates classes for their hammys.
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    Universal DH should have the Sox at the very minimum dangling Eloy/Vaughn
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    He was recovering from an injury that I believe was likely to sap into his power. At least until he can rebuild it in the offseason. Zero reason to doubt Eloy isn’t the guy we always though he was.
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    If that's the crap we might get back in a deal (while still retaining some salary) just shoot me now. I know it's just one guy's opinion and all it takes is one GM/Manager combination to think they can turn him around to strike a good deal. However if this is the garbage we'd get back now, keep him. Hope with an off-season and Spring Training to get his head screwed on right, he could be productive. Otherwise just don't pick up the option and deal with basically giving away Madrigal and Heuer for the next 7-10 years.
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    Chicago Sky one win away from their first championship in franchise history.
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    Don’t you think it’s fair to only credit the Gastros for one and a half years of success?
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    Where? The Mets? The Mets are New York’s White Sox, except they have a shitload of bad contracts.
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    To all of those who want to write off Vaughn after a bad last 22 games (because that's what it was - he had a .797 OPS as of August 19th) - Do you remember Moncada and Anderson took several hundred at bats to round into major league caliber hitters? Andrew Vaughn was amazing in 2021 all things considered. He was asked to play defense at three positions he'd never played and handled the bat just fine for a rookie without any minor league experience. He will be great in a couple years.
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    He probably won't, and JR isn't going to fire him because he probably doesn't see a reason to. Reinsdorf doesn't like to fire people even when there is a good reason. One reason Hahn could leave if he fears he won't have the freedom to complete the rebuild. Or perhaps he sees an opportunity to he can't pass up. Or perhaps the combination of the two. But most likely he'll stay. He has worked for Reinsdorf for a time, and he knows what is in store for him. And most likely, he likes being in the White Sox organization. Seems to me that the biggest speculation about Hahn comes from fans, and they have no say-so in this situation. I am skeptical at this point. I am not impressed with consecutive playoff appearances when one comes in a 60-game season. The job of building this team is far from over. We will see what happens in the off-season. And hopefully, there will be baseball this next season.
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    Exactly. And why would they fire him? They didn't fire him from 2013 until the rebuild. Now, KW is a guy I can see moving on, whether it be in baseball or just kicking back and living life. His wife quit as an anchor on the NBC local morning news.
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    Just as the team us getting good and consecutive playoff off appearances in team history? I don't see why he would either.
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    Unless they decide to trade Jose Ramirez. Detroit is probably one more year away. The Guardians are still a team with Franmil Reyes as their second best hitter. Wouldn’t be a shocker at all to see his number flip flop with Eloy’s. How likely is Quantrill to repeat his rookie season success his second full season? They might close the gap with a healthy rotation, but the White Sox still have a massive advantage offensively.
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    I think you quoted the wrong part, or the article was updated. Losing Hawkins will help the Cubs, and hurt the Guardians. Some here may be more concerned with the former, but it works for me. Detroit and Cleveland will begin narrowing the gap with the Sox next season, unless the Owner and FO steps up and makes significant improvements. Both already enjoy a schematic advantage in the dugout.
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    It would be really rough to have an owner willing to write huge checks for players.
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    They feel it is more toxic here with a 77 year manager making the decisions for the organization and not the EVP or GM, in theory.
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    In the back of my mind, if there really is any truth the to the idea that Kenny/Rick had one plan last off season, and then Jerry intervened with TLR, this could be the chance for either of them to leave for a "Promotion" and not arouse a higher than normal level of questions about why they left now. I have ZERO idea how either man felt about Tony being put into the mix by Jerry, or if either/both might be interested in the Mets job, but it is a footnote worth taking at this stage of the off season.
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    So what you are saying is that hopefully Rick Hahn starts the press conference by saying he is committed to staying with the ball club and taking them to the next level....which is what every mid major college basketball coach says right before taking their next job.
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