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    This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's flat out idiotic and laughably absurd.
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    This is probably your worst post on this site.
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    This might be an unpopular opinion, but if Eloy and Robert had stayed hurt we would have won the World Series. We played better with them out, and it worked for Atlanta.
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    Long live this joke.
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    This might be an unpopular opinion but I think that if Cleveland stayed relatively healthy the Sox miss the playoffs.
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    Didn’t need another right handed dh last time he was available, don’t need one this time either.
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    we need to get this guy stateside with all that swagger
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    Unpopular opinion, but if Yermin played second base we would have won some games.
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    The owners have always chosen new owners, the commissioner is their employee. Not the other way around. In every sport.
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    I kind of hope Rodon and Conforto accept their qualifying offers. I want Rodon back and I don’t want to spend the off-season talking about Conforto coming to the White Sox only for us to be beaten out by another team who’s willing to spend more money.
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    This is silly. The sample sizes are so small. Take for example, Jorge Soler. He actually had a poor NLDS. He went 1/13. If you port that result over to the ALDS, we would have done even worse against the Astros! Simply put, we lost in the playoffs cause our starting pitching was poor. The ERA of our starters was 10.22. Sure it would have been nice to have a better person to stick in RF and 2B the whole time. But it wouldn't have really mattered. Maybe having a few better players to fill in at RF and 2B after the trade deadline could have pushed us over the top to get home-field advantage. But I doubt it. And it's not like we didn't try. All of those Braves players, except for Duvall, actually had a lower OPS than Cesar Hernandes when they were traded. We had rotten luck with Cesar.
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    I think Reynolds is a very good player, I just hate paying talent premiums for control. We have a core for now, would ather look for 1-2 year guys or obviously free agency.
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    We offered Joc more than the Cubs in the offseason and he turned it down. He then went on to put up 0.1 fWAR prior to being acquired by the Braves? You really think he was a guy we should have acquired to start over Vaughn, who posted a 134 wRC+ in July. Rosario had put up 0.3 fWAR at the trade deadline and isn’t really a RF. Soler had put up -1.1 fWAR at the trade deadline and is a absolutely horrific defensive outfielder. Neither guy was the answer to what we were looking for at the deadline no matter how hot they got during the postseason. Maybe you could of made a case for Duvall as a depth piece simply because he can actually play some defense, but he’s a low BA / OBP right handed bat with poor plate discipline who would have been more of what we already have and not a profile that typically does well in the post-season. It’s very clear that you’re using hindsight to suggest we should have made all these moves, when in reality a mix of Vaughn, Sheets, & Engel was probably more attractive than all of those options with the possible exception of Duvall. If the Sox were going to add a RF at the deadline, it should have been an impactful one like Marte or Bryant and not the scrap heap guys the Braves picked up since they needed to replace their entire outfield.
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    Naw, a 13 game difference in the standings is just too much of a difference to make up. The White Sox also pounded Cleveland in Chicago especially, and even faced off against Bieber and Plesac a couple times. A 5 game lead or so and I could believe that.
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    Who did the Sox have this year with no AL experience?
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    Get outta here with that pitching wins Championships BS you seem to be hinting at, Ray.
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    So your argument is the Sox should have acquired a bunch of garbage outfielders at the trade deadline because they happened to get hot in the playoffs. And the only one who wasn’t garbage (Duvall) has a profile that doesn’t typically do well against elite pitching in the playoffs and sure enough did not do well. But hey, if you’ve got a way to see into the future and tell which bad players will randomly start hitting in October then please share with our front office so they proactively add these “impact” players on the cheap.
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    Yes, but I wouldn't include much more than Vaughn.
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    You keep saying that until it will be too late. Get yourself to a nice gun shop this afternoon. I’d consider buying at least three. Something small and concealable on your person at all times. Then, in a slick car holster, something with a little more bang for when multiple bad guys are coming at you. Finally a good old shotgun for hunting up some food or stopping folks from stealing your provisions. Less than a $1,000 and you will travel and sleep so much better. Don’t forget the ammo!
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