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    Guys I think tray might not like Vaughn and might even want to trade him
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    There is no way Vaughn is better than Eloy at anything other than playing deep in the outfield to keep everything in front of him and not taking risks diving for balls. Vaughn is a line drive hitter. He does not have the home run swing that Eloy has. Vaughn hit 15 HR in 417 ABs in his rookie season. Eloy hit twice as many - 31 HR in 468 ABs in 2019. Vaughn does not have the wingspan or reach that Eloy has - Vaughn is 5'11"-6'0" while Eloy is 6'4"=6'5". Vaughn is probably the slowest player on the White Sox....in the field and on the bases. He is a tank, and his heavy torso and large shoe size makes it obvious that he is never going to get any faster. Vaughn is a .235 hitter and the sample size was not small. (Eloy is a combined .270 over 3 seasons) . I understand that fans fall in love, so to speak, with certain prospects, but at some point it is probably useful to take the fan hat off and evaluate the stats and consider the speed and athleticism of a player. Vaughn is really limited in certain respects. Eloy has some intangibles than Vaughn lacks in terms of his relationships with core players and his infectious positive attitude. He is also a clutch hitter and a serial Cub killer. He also will not agree to be a full time DH, so forcing him to do that will complicate keeping him on the team. Vaughn vs Sheets? I think Sheets may have beaten Vaughn out for the DH spot after several clutch home runs toward the end of the season and the play-off HR against McCullers. Having said that, Vaughn probably stays as a platoon player in 2022 because I doubt any other team's GM will buy into Steve Stone's hype like some of our fellow fans have. Yea, Vaughn hit at every level you know... like Little League and Pony League) so he is going to be an elite hitter at the major league level. Oh my, he just caught another fly ball without being injured..and he is just a rookie that wasn't even supposed to play in the OF! Oh wow.
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    If a bear tries to carjack you, let him. He probably needs it more than you.
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    I think the irrational hate anyone has for Vaugn is hysterical. The guy hardly got any minor league time in 2019, played at the alternate site in 2020 and had to mostly play a defensive position he had never played before all while making his major league debut. He held his own and until he either hit a wall or his back was bothering him, was starting to shine at the plate. If the Sox trade him, they will regret it.
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    It's ok to be irrational over some players...I'm actually having fun researching hall of famers that were terrible in their rookie years. Mike Schmidt at the same age as Vaughn (23) had a slightly lower OPS and many more strikeouts. He was also a rh hitter that was TERRIBLE against rh pitchers (.600 OPS his rookie year) The next year he put up an OPS of over .900 and maintained that .900 OPS for the next 17 years (and career OPS of .890 against rh pitchers after that first season). Sometimes when you see greatness it's actually there and baseball requires patience. One of the arguments for having Vaughn as everyday RF this year is just to unlock his bat. Abreu's 35 this year...Vaughn is 24. Abreu is stubborn about playing 1B. Give him another year and then start the transition in 2023.
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    How about actually reading the post which, quite to to the contrary of your assertions, states that decisions should not be based on who likes or dislikes a player, but rather on objective measures (including those I listed). Vaughn has been hyped more than any prospect since Brian Anderson. This happens often with prospects like Mickey Moniak with the Phillies and Lux with the Dodgers. Sometimes prospects live up to the hype, other times they don't. So Vaughn is what he is, and that is not necessarily what some, including Steve Stone, want him to be. My opinion is that Abreu beats him out at 1B, Eloy beats him out in LF, and Sheets beats him out as DH. None of those decisions should have to do with whether one likes or dislike players. I admit that I have posted too frequently challenging contrary opinions about Vaughn, but it seemed to me that too many fans bought into into Steve Stone's hype about that guy. Maybe check back in a year or two here and let me know if Vaughn has hit more home runs than Eloy or has won a couple of gold gloves for his defense.
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    Hadn’t read any reviews or seen any previews/trailers so I went into Shang Chi pretty green. Damn that was pretty good, one of the better Marvel entries in my opinion. Really fun.
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    I'd almost prefer the Sox play it 'cheap' right now with 2B. I think RF is the more important glaring hole that needs to be addressed at this moment. Then focus on the bullpen and rotation depth. I feel like it will be much easier to add a 2B or MI that can play 2B via trade during the 2022 season. Go after guys like Kemp, Galvis, etc. for now.
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    Also forgot that I signed Schwarber then didn’t even start him. Overall, a great post
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    I think it’s usually spider-tack causing it.
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    But it wasn't. It was 20 and the 1st half of 21
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    Nothing caulfield loves more than correcting the spelling or nationality (I know you did that on purpose) of a player.
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    Except when you are making deadline deals you don't have a full season to look at. You are looking at the partial 20 and 21 seasons at that point. So no, you can't weight the 21 season in this at all, because you were still to play half of it. It's hindsight to pretend that it should apply to the deadline.
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    Yes. They gambled and lost on the trade deadline deal. The previous deal cannot and does not affect how you value him now. They bet they could move him without having to include a ton of money. We will see if they read the market and CBA correctly.
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    1. Well, all three of Jimenez, Sheets, and Vaughn are deployed the same way: deep, so as to keep everything "in front of them," and to hide their obvious deficiencies. The problem is that the defense can't support having ALL THREE, while the lineup already has plenty of LHP killers/RHP struggles. So pick one of the three, and get something. I'd rather not give up on a youngster so quickly, but RH/KW have stoopidly built a roster full of RHH 1B/LF/DH types; they've got to unfuck this. 2. Agreed that sometimes its inciteful to take the fan hat off; sometimes other posters get butthurt when you do. That said, 2021 was unfair to Vaughn, because injuries forced him into service before he should have been. Again, RH/KW fucked up in not getting some MiLB OF depth, and so Vaughn was forced up. Vaughn has some deficiencies, no doubt. I think he can improve, but I question if he can do so before Giolito and Lynn (and others) leave. This window will close, and this team needs solutions. If it means trading Jimenez or Vaughn, and it will fix this roster, then I'm all for it. See, this iine of posting isn't constructive, unless its Ron and Abreu. I dont think anyone here "hates" anyone on their favorite team, as I dont think any of us know any of the players on a personal level. If you disagree with his post, then attack his posts, not the poster. YMMV.
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    I know its Indiana, but my high school team is in the FInal 4 for the 3rd time in 5 years. A win next week on our home turf, and we play in state finals at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy on Black Friday.
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    It was. We had a great time. My grandson was watching his first game in person. It wouldn't have been as much fun if I was an alum.
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    Honestly...I know he's young and he's a rookie but Rickie Henderson put up an OPS under .700...was thrown out stealing 11 times, nearly a -2 dWAR. Can't hit, can't field, can't run...he was a wasted pick and we need to try and trade him while the rest of the league is still fooled by his "potential" and ignores the truth. --Tray in 1980.
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    There are few other players in the history of the game that I dislike more than that jerk. Despite his output for a team - I wouldn’t allow him to pay the Sox to join our squad. He should have been banned for life.
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    My argument? I’ve made multiple posts highlighting my position. And I think a ~3.5 win projection for Conforto is fair, but I do think that would be challenging for Vaughn to meet next year as our RF. For example, Jorge Soler had to put a 136 wRC+ to overcome his shit defense and put a 3.6 win season. Maybe Vaughn won’t be quite that bad defensively, but realistically he’s got to be around 125 wRC+ or so to reach that level of production. That seems like a reach for next year and I would expect to closer to 2 wins as our RF.
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    The 2020 season featured 60 games, due to Covid. To limit travel, 40 games were played against division opponents, 10 vs each of the 4 division foes in 3 unbalanced series. So, Cleveland got 10 stat-padding games vs Detroit, and 10 free games vs KC. And yes, there were 20 tough games vs our SOX and Minnesota, but I didn't bother to see if Cleveland had more games at home or on the road. The other 20 games would be against the NL teams from the same division. So, Cleveland had at least 4 stat padding games vs. Shittsburgh. So, at least 24 of the 60 games were vs ~.400 win % opposition. Whats more, back in 2020, with no fans in the stands, going on the road wasn't as much of a challenge as in a "normal year." In sum, it wasn't just the short season, but also, the nature of the season that made 2020 anomalous. And no, I don't take this personal. So no worries.
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    It’d be neat if being a GM was as easy as you make it seem.
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    Buddy, got some news about the types who run the world
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    It would be a short-sighted LaRussa led move if it happens. Trading Andrew Vaughn is stupid with an owner that doesn't play at the top of the free agent market. He's a cornerstone player. I would hate it.
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