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    Anyone who is refusing to be vaccinated is an idiot. Being 100% vaxxed as a team is a competitive advantage.
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    It's funny, they are all over this, but had nothing on Graveman.
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    I am disturbed by the continued normalization of trading Vaughn.
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    Where did I get mad? I find it hilarious. Nothing about my post was funny. I want sustained success. You want to win a WS in 22 at all costs. Differences of opinions. But guess what? Winning a WS is hard, and largely a crap shoot once you get in. The more chances you get, the likely you are to win one. I don't want to sacrifice our extended window with dumbass moves. We already had a major fuckup with Madrigal/Heuer. Enough of them.
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    Glad you find that funny @maloney.adam! Trading Vaughn for short term rotation help is idiotic.
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    Some of us want to be good for the next 5-7 years, not push all the chips in right now and suck balls again in 24.
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    Vaughn for Bassitt or Gray/Castillo would be very disappointing. I don't think we have enough to get either without him, but talk about going all in on the next 2 years and shortening this window. If that's the plan, there is a surefire way to do it!
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    If we trade Vaughn one-up, I'd like Whit Merrifield, please.
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    Unpopular take, but I think Eloy has a higher defensive ceiling than Vaughn, but a much lower floor and is a risk to himself if he doesn’t radically change how he handles plays around the outfield walls and sidelines.
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    Bullpen as it stands, if we assume Kimbrel gone: Hendriks Graveman Bummer Crochet Ruiz Lopez Foster Bilous Burr Severino Lambert Bold I think are locks. The rest are competition. Severino, Bilous may be closer and more productive than we expected in November. Ideas for relief: With a return to a 93 mph fastball, he may still find starting. But, I think approaching Folty on a switch to bullpen and a move to Sinker/Slider vs. his absolutely obliterated 4 seamer could be the potentials of a new bullpen stud. Or he'll suck. Probably will know his options late. Aaron Sanchez - at this point he just continues to get crushed under the workload, and his Curve/FB/Sinker all have tremendous break - an area I think Katz did well in addressing. Also - opener potential. Incredible name alert: JD Hammer - 94 mph fastball, above avg dropping slider. Cool glasses. Other than that probably better options. Oldies - squeeze that pulp : Bryan Shaw - Cleveland is much smarter than me, but his stuff feels like his use of the cutter SO exclusively is underrating what he gets from his curve, slider. I unno. Brandon Kintzler - I just don't think the Phillies pitchers are used well. He's old as hell and probably just sucks now, but he was a decent reliever with Cubs, Marlins then sucked as for some reason the Phillies upped his extremely meh 4 seamer. Blake Parker - I like split finger pitchers, always have always will Yusmeiro Petit - excellent control, and maybe a normal offseason after a normal year gets one more year. Nice stuff on his cutter still.
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    I think he has the latest edition of the Baseball Encyclopedia memorized. He definitely knows a lot of names. If he ever wrote a tell all involving seedy characters, he probably would have to go into witness protection.
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    If Caulfield ever writes a book, he will definitely name names. It might be all that he does, but he will at least do that.
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    I'm tired of hearing about different ideas for trading key assets for another third starter. Generic "rotation depth" is not a top need. I mean, we could use it like all teams could use it, but it's not a priority for this team. We need a TOR starter who can take the mound in key playoff games. We should buy one, but if we can't I'm not interested in gutting our team to get just another dude.
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    Outs Above Average: Eloy Jimenez: +2 (LF) Vaughn : -3 (LF) FRAA: Eloy Jimenes: -0.2 Andrew Vaughn: -3.8
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    Liam will have to throw 6 innings in 3 days and then come home and jab them in their sleep cause he's a psycho.
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    We would have...EASILY....the worst defense in the league. Schwarber makes ZERO sense on this roster. None what so ever. We already have a glut of bad corner OF / 1B / DH types, and we're adding another? It makes no sense. Yes the bat is nice, but as Hawk says, "where he gonna play?". So you sign Schwarber, you now basically have to trade one of Eloy/Vaughn. Its likely Vaughn (who is the best OF defender of the 3, probably) and now you're stuck playing 2 of Eloy/Schwarber/Sheets in the OF nearly everyday. ITs terrible. And you're paying him $20M AAV to boot? Hate hate hate hate hate it. But it what a "White Soxy" move, so I wouldn't put it past them.
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    RIP nearest toilet 30 minutes later.
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    Jesse Rogers on the White Sox Talk Podcast said he thinks the Sox are “closer to pushing all in” than they have been in the past decade. Pointed out adding a big left-handed bat is a huge priority with Schwarber & Conforto guys he’s heard they are exploring. Also said they will certainly address 2B (exploring many options), SP (hasn’t heard them connected to the top free agents), and RP (threw out bringing back Tepera as a possibility). Didn’t rule out Semien at 2B, but feels it’s unlikely given him being RH (acknowledged he does hit RHP) and what should be a substantial price point. He pointed to Escobar being the more logical solution via free agency if adding a big LH bat elsewhere. Chuck then threw out the Kimbrel for Segura hypothetical and Rogers didn’t completely rule it out, but didn’t feel like it was something the Sox would aggressively pursue.
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    The only second basemen better than Segura in FA is Semien (far better). And there really isn't anyone particularly close.
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    this guy is unvaxxed...? Good, Good, the puns will continue to flow.
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    Above teams sorted from highest bullpen payroll to lowest. Number is the league ranking of bullpen fWAR Dodgers ($45m) 5th in bullpen fWAR Yankees ($35m) 3rd White Sox ($29m) 2nd Red Sox ($29m) 9th Astros ($18m) 14th Blue Jays ($13m) 25th Cardinals ($12m) 11th Brewers ($3.75m) 15th Giants ($3m) 6th Rays ($3m) 1st
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    “Segura has a 98 wRC+ as a RHH vs RHP” Soxtalk: “BOOOOO” “Escobar has a 98 wRC+ as a SH vs RHP” Soxtalk: “Yaaaaaaaaay”
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