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    If you just use common sense, you will understand NSC is a fake insider. The White Sox are as secretive as any organization. Why would someone give some random guy, be it their neighbor or brother or friend, all the information to put on twitter? No one would risk their job for that. Some guys get random stuff. One here, one there, or some general information like something is very close...NSC tries to act like he is in the room with RH, KW and JR. It's beyond nonsense.
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    I have the utmost confidence that Manfred will handle this situation well.
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    PNoles is a bit of a blowhard asshat, and his takes are frequently off base IMO, but he’s not making up rumors and passing things off as his own sourced info. Neither should be taken as gospel.
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    I'm not a fan of either, so I say break a pool cue in half and let them go at it.
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    If this is going to be the example of topics on Soxtalk during a lockout....perhaps we should lockout Soxtalk until MLB is back up and running.
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    Well I would say his versatility let’s us carry more of our big corner bats on the ML roster since he flexed across infield/outfield so well.
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    I had the White Sox not picking up Cesar Hernandez's option back before the season ended. Do I have to be on twitter for insider status?
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    As if this has any effect on the White Sox “plans”
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    I saw this on MLB tv so hopefully this isn’t stale or fake news.
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    One signing affecting future signings seems like a pretty straight forward concept and not something in need of 14 paragraphs, but maybe that's just me.
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    They say Scottie Pippen's new book makes an excellent Festivus gift. It's 200 + pages of airing grievances.
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    5th in payroll on December 2nd doesn’t exactly mean anything. Let’s see where they are sitting on opening day (whenever that is).
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    At least Hahn finally finds himself pawning the aged veteran for something young and talented. Bet he doesn’t do nearly as well as others have done against him.
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    Bob, it’s Orlando, not Orland. You forgot to use your spell check.
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    @bmags Hill just got $5M base salary, with up to $8M if he pitches 160+ IP.
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    No big surprise. Doubling down on not going for a needed RF at the trade deadline, and spending all those resources on a closer that we did not need. Our FO has its priorities wrong.
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    Willie is the Cubs third base coach.
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    QUOTE (NCsoxfan @ Dec 6, 2016 -> 11:49 AM) Rosenthal: Multiple sources now indicate Red Sox have built momentum in a deal for Sale Uh oh, I guess I will be having an insanely unproductive work day.
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    I have never been more disappointed in the White Sox. I can handle losing, I can handle trades not working out. What I can't handle is the same thing happening over and over again. There has to be a change and the White Sox refuse to make it. Someone needs to be a held accountable. Ventura is a bad manager, he needs to go. What other organization in professional sports operates the way the White Sox do? I am just going to stop watching White Sox baseball until Ventura is gone.
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    WOW @BR_WhiteSox 3m3 minutes ago http://ChicagoBreakingSports.com - Derrick Rose on Adam LaRoche-son saga: 'That's devastating': http://ble.ac/1R1dkOL
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