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    It’s like their proposal to outsource arbitration to Fangraphs - rely on some sportswriters. “Everyone I have wonderful news. Keith Law will determine whether or not the White Sox get an extra draft pick next year. “
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    Their best defender is out and their 3 power forwards to start season are out and we’re playing a guy who played in Mexico on Kevin Durant.
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    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?..
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    Well...that's something...but I think the owners should sweeten the pot next month when they talk again.
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    I truly miss reading to my son....it was one of the great joys of parenting for me. One day when he was quite young and I was too busy to read at the moment, he brought me a book and said, "read to your child, so that your child will love to read."...I dropped what I was doing and started to read.
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    Harbaugh just hired away Notre Dame's DL coach for the same position at Michigan so that makes me think he isn't leaving.
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    This sounds like a big negative for the players? A few positive parts to the details here but with a big negative that offsets a bunch.
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    Fabulous news - get better Derrick Jones!
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    The players counter offer should be given today and should simply read: ”Make us a real offer. We’re still waiting.”
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    Yeah, I try to avoid blaming the refs except when it's really egregious, but I thought last night was pretty egregious, especially early on, which prevented us from really getting traction. The wheels came off and the injuries hurt us for sure, but the refs set the tone early. It was gonna be tough to win that game with that kind of officiating, and it will be tough to beat them in a series if three of their players are getting the "star treatment" from the refs. We really miss Caruso, but I think we've got an emergency at the 4 and need a trade soon.
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    You can see how in this thread people are like “I don’t want this guy for reason X” and the next post adds some important context or a different perspective. Aside from Harbaugh being a top candidate and being turned down by everyone and raiding the CFL, I struggle to see how any of the candidates named so far is obviously a bad option. Have to see how things come together for a year or two to really judge.
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    I feel like the equivalent is the Sox retiring Jermaine Dye's number.
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    I’m 33. I joined here when I was a freshman in high school after spending the previous few years at the whitesox.com message boards. I was here when there was Sox and Roll before podcasts were cool. I met some of the original posters here at games, one of them because of my dad’s connection in business. I also met a poster in high school too. I don’t have much to add with posting except for when there is an offseason and try to learn from people who know more about analytics or appear to have inside information. There are a ton of smart posters here.
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    Forget it, he's rolling.
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    You can fuck right off with this lol
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    That's what we were saying too. I wish they showed how long it's been at the bottom during each episode (Day 1, Day 30, etc).
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    I'd put Kath as the top prospect in the system. That Kid has a chance to be a really really good hitter.
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    Most shocking? That’s easy. It the Shockmaster’s WWE debut.
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