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    At least the players want to discourage tanking. Tanking is something that should end.,
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    I remember those days fondly. Those were the days that the players had something to bi*** about.
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    Well it's been longer than 18 minutes.
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    We need to be risk-on this year. I want the margarita aisle vendors to just serve people by holding the nozzle in our mouths until we puke it back up.
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    Just bring back my Margaritas on the OF concourse and no one gets hurt. They were selling lemonade last year that was barely spiked for $13.
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    Am I the only one that thinks his name is Will Bauer now?
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    He is a slave to Soxtalk by his own logic.
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    Yeah, there are so many ways to attend games affordably if you are willing to put forth a little effort. And your dollars go to neighborhood establishments and small businesses instead of those evil greedy players or magnanimous billionaires.
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    Some minor league camps are open. Would like to see some games.
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    I go to about 20 games a year. I find free parking, walk a little bit and then spend less then $10 in the game. Tickets can be had for a pretty cheap price. The price of a baseball game is much lower than any other sport and other than beer concession prices food can be had at a comparative price. I can easily spend $150 a game but can find ways not to as well.
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    I've been on Soxtalk for longer than the time in my life before I joined Soxtalk.
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    All those higher prices were coming regardless of this CBA
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    Your very first post, in a thread titled "Olympics," asks "How can you be motivated to squander any time watching any of this shit, instead of actual competitons, such as the NHL/NBA/NFL/European soccer, or even binge watch something actually good on TV?" You then followed it up with an additional 7 posts over a 10 day period, arguing with multiple posters about how bad the Olympics are for XYZ reasons. So......the obvious question is.....What motivated you to squander so much time on any of this shit, instead of doing literally ANYTHING else with your time?
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    A pox on both of their houses, don't feel sorry for any of these gazillionaires. If and when they come to an agreement, it's us fans who will get hurt the most with higher ticket prices, higher food and beverage prices at the park and probably higher cable rates.
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    Yep. Tanking needs to end in all professional sports. It plagues pretty much all of our sports right now. Leagues need to stop rewarding failure to the degree that they currently do.
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    I mean April baseball definitely sucks. Every year I try to hold off until May, every year I can’t do it, go to a game in soaking wet weather while I wait 4 innings for a hot dog because the vendor staff isn’t up to speed yet. but most of that would just become May baseball
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    No it can't. To think every team loses money in April because the White Sox and rest of the low revenue ALCentral don't draw well in April is shortlisted. Many teams draw pretty well in April, not to mention their local TV contracts that won't pay teams for games not played. If they were going to miss games, I will give you they would chose April, but if all those games were money losers, the season would start later.
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    Here in Detroit, April ball (well, opening day week at least) is sacred.
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    Nice, go fuck yourselves MLB.
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    You're kidding right? Spring training and opening day are arguably the most enjoyable part of the entire season.
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    Typically, in labor disputes, negotiations happen without a strike or lockout under the former agreement until they can reach an agreement.
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    It would be the best 60 game stretch he’s had in 7 years,
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    The guy was MVP two years ago. He had 30 hrs and 2nd in majors with 117 RBIs last season. This board was having discussions about putting Abreu out to pasture years before his MVP season. Why don’t we wait for production to actually begin to drop before we put him on the bench as a coach. How many people on this board wanted Sox to get 40 yr. old ‘roider Nelson Cruz last year. I don’t get people who want to replace Abreu.
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