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    Vaughn hitting 9th and the 1 hit wonder batting 6th. TLR needs to go F himself. This is ridiculous
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    Hey, you try making a lineup for a day game after downing a fifth of vodka the night before. It ain't easy.
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    Bow down to your Apple overlords if you want. You think you are watching your 65 inch TV?....IT'S WATCHING YOU!!!
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    Eloy's whole value is his bat and its been a while since its been a difference maker.
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    Do people ask him about Leury or does he just bring him up literally every day he is interviewed?
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    Tony putting Harrison at 3rd backfires immediately. The guy is a 2nd baseman. Quit playing him out of position. Just cause he can play it doesn't mean he plays the position well.
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    Honestly, I like Leury. I like him as a utility guy. He does get streaky where you can use him a decent amount in stretches as well. The hate comes from the fact he isn’t close to an every day starter and gets used like one. It’s not his fault how TLR uses him but it’s frustrating as fuck.
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    Also strange, Harrison is a gold glove winner at second, third is probably Leury’s best position, and yet…
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    People really need to get it in their heads that Vaughn isn't getting sent down in any circumstance.
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    Great night for the farm outside Cespedes & Thompson. Also, Bryan Ramos is fucking incredible. Scratch cracking top 100 lists, dude is going to cement himself as a top 50 prospect by season’s end. Colas & Montgomery probably will as well. Those three are the holy trinity of Sox positional prospects. And great start to the season for Sosa. Kid is a super slept on prospect and adding some patience to his game could elevate his status to the next level. He’s only 22 years old so not surprising to see his game evolve like this even if the walk rate is unsustainable. Finally, speaking of unsustainable walk rates, Yogurt is getting on base like crazy (23% BB rate so far). Dude is 25 years old and needs to be promoted to AAA ASAP. Seems like he may have a chance to be more than just a dude, but would be nice to see how he does against the junkballers in AAA.
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    Why are people always ripping others... smh bring currency to the threads ffs.
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    Maybe when he said "his track record speaks for itself" we should've expected him to continue to blow
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    TA knows he ain't scoring if he's on 3rd with less than 2 outs.
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    That goes out of the ballpark probably May-September.
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    I almost gagged this morning when I saw the lineup for today with Garcia at 2B, Harrison at 3B and Burger on the bench! What the Hell!
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    Ok, so I’m really thinking that Burger looks like an MLB starting 3b. Obviously the White Sox have Moncada secured there for another 3 years, so we probably need to showcase Burger and move him for MLB help or future farm pieces eventually (maybe this year). I am challenged to see how we keep him in MLB when the rosters are reduced and Moncada returns in May. We’re paying Leury as the utility guy, and Mendick offers more flexibility of defensive positions compared to Burger, at this time. Unless they start considering Burger at 2b too, it’s hard to imagine him sticking even with his way better bat. Sox already have limited basher in Vaughn and Sheets, so if Burger can’t offer more defensive flexibility, hard to see him sticking with the Sox’s squad. One interesting, high risk thought is moving Moncada. I can hear the laughter now. Obviously, Moncada is a much bigger ceiling over Burger and I’m not going to dispute that. He’s also one of our two (switch) lefty smashers with Grandal. So moving Moncada for Burger also makes the Sox more righty, which wouldn’t be a good thing. Where the potential to move Moncada makes sense is the cost of him now and where his contract goes over next 2-3 seasons. He’s going to get paid a hell of a lot of money. $13.8 million this season, $17.8 million next year, $24.8 in 2024, optional $25 million in 2025. So the questions are is Moncada worth that amount going forward? Has he underperformed that moving $$$ amount to where his trade value suffers (he costs too much)? Would there be other MLB teams interested in Moncada at his upcoming contract salaries? Is the gap in talent between Moncada and Burger so great in comparison to the gap in money right now (Burger paid $700k now and cost controllable during same timeframe as Moncada). Obviously, a cost savings of moving Moncada and starting Burger could help the Sox with some long term moves, like extending Giolito or getting another starter next year in RF (if Pollock opts out). Sox could try to play it out for a bit and see if Burger continues to increase his stock in MLB or MiLB. Also, we would want to see where Moncada performs before Allstar break. Regardless, Burger is talented enough to be a starting 3b. Sox will need to be creative to move him at some point if they don’t consider him a 2b. He may be a trade deadline piece to move to cover any gaps.
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    Leury is a frustrating player but I dont think he deserves the hate he gets.
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    This kills me….we don’t really know if he was hurt last AUG/SEP or if they were simply giving him a chance to rest. What we DO know is he was hitting 99MPH in the first inning against HOU in game 4. And when he was pulled early, his velocity was still there. He gave up some baserunners and two runs, but it was equally likely he was rusty as it was he was still hurt. And keep in mind, HOU whooped our staff’s ass in that entire series….Los’s performance wasn’t some awful outlier in those 4 games. Not resigning him, at a very reasonable cost, will come back to haunt us imo.
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    I understand that broadcasting is subjective, but I'm with you. I think Benetti is already the best broadcaster in *all* sports. I don't watch college basketball or football, I know he calls those and I'm sure he does them well. But on MLB, NFL (I've heard him do those on radio) and NBA he's as good as it gets. It's mind boggling to me that ESPN has passed him over for Monday Night Football & Sunday Night Baseball. Both of those booths have deservedly received a ton of criticism for years. Slotting in Benetti there (while he's already on ESPN's payroll!!) would have solved their problems. But just as a fan of the Sox, I'm very grateful to have him calling ~150 of our teams games every year. It's a golden age for White Sox baseball on the field and in the broadcast booth as well.
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    Yikes. Hard disagree. With all of this.
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    We are rolling Velazquez, Kechuel, and Lambert out there and people are still defending the FO for not at least putting QO on Rodon. This is absolutely comical.
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