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    If I understand this correctly, the Sox are about to go on a roll and there is a good chance Richie got pegged last night. Story seems to check out. Thread approved. 👍
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    Just informing all of you that we are about to get on a roll heading into this stretch vs the AL Central. You've been informed. You heard it here first. I guarantee that we win the division. I'm on vacation drinking at a pool and watched the game on my laptop. Two girls just approached my friend and I. Opened up the convo by asking if we like anal. Good day. Going out. Farewell. Let's. Fucking. Go. We fight a lot, but let's come together and GET HOT. I'm telling ya... I ain't joking. This is going to happen.
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    I disagree. Mike Shirley took a starting pitcher. Rick Hahn et al turned him into a reliever.
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    Sox aren’t the only ones coming from behind
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    Are you the one that suggested the sox trade Vaughn for Ed Howard a few years back?
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    They should claim Touki Toussaint and DFA one of those bums.
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    He was hiding a shoulder injury. Shocking. Hard pass.
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    Why on earth would you do this. The kid has played a grand total of zero professional games in the outfield. Why do you even believe that he could play there at all, much less at the professional level, after playing 74 total games in the organization at SS?
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    If Colson Montgomery could play corner outfield he might be another option to call up later in the season.
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    If the Sox go on a tear this will be an absolutely legendary post.
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    We haven’t seen good Eloy in like 2 years bud, he’s got a lot to prove until I consider him an upgrade over anyone in our lineup.
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    1, TA blocks any prospect at SS for a few years 2. The Sox need speed in the outfield 3. The Sox need a LH hitter and Montgomery is starting to show he can hit with power 4. He is as tall as Eloy - 6'4" - and filling out. Looks like more of a corner outfielder than a SS to me. 5. He is the Sox No. 1 prospect. 6. September call-up, especially if the Sox are out of play-off contention. 7. Watch some of his highlight videos. 8. Talent evaluation. 9. Oscar Colas latest comments make me think Montgomery should come up before he does.
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    I love a good comeback story. Seabiscut, The Mighty Ducks, Robert Downey Jr, Kim Kardashian….
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    That’s crazy to move a high school kid to the big leagues that quickly. One of the last to pull that off was Alex Rodriguez. https://www.thebaseballcube.com/content/player/156293/ Look at Bryce Harper. https://www.thebaseballcube.com/page.asp?PT=player&ID=222138 Or CJ Abrams. Under 500 minor league plate appearances before being promoted. Then you’re asking a kid who has only played on the infield his whole life to make that conversion in season? Maybe if you’re collegiate relievers like Sale, Crochet or Joyce you can pull that off.
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    Kopech and Cease are both hands down better and its not close. Lynn, Gio and Cueto are probably equal to Montas overall (assuming Gio shakes off the bad stretch)
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    Hopefully he’s not the one getting it
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    On behalf of the 20% of the board that wants you to be right…LFG.
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    Man you are fragile. One disagreement and you meltdown. Calm down Oscar. The Sox took a middle ground with Colas that recognized his lack of high experience and complete lack of playing time going back to the end of 2019. They are literally splitting the difference between an ACTUAL high level international pro who has proven himself at the highest levels outside of the US, and some unnamed player who is getting his first American pro ball experience. Like I said it is obvious he is ready for AA, but there is also no need to treat him like Seiya Suzuki.
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    My brother hired a nanny and has gone through two of them. He’s starting to look for a daycare and is having a hard time finding one that makes sense from a commute perspective. Make sure you get on a list for one now or soon if you are intending on using one.
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    or if the sox took care of business against a shitty opponent instead of losing 3/4 to balt?
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    Just reported on the Score Colas is unhappy to still be in A Ball. Thinks he can help the major league league team.
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