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    Jake Burger has been through hell and back. I don't understand the fat jokes. He's supposed to be a really good guy. He is a White Sox. Maybe pull for him.
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    Jesus you’re a wet blanket sometimes. You’ve spent legit years talking about how this “window” could close early because of Moncada and Giolito leaving early and having to chase the market, and when Moncada signs an extension...this is your response to the news?
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    Like, how many nanoseconds slower would you say you noticed with your naked eyes? 3 nanoseconds? More? Less?
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    Yeah, but it was regarding the frozen pizza he had in the oven.
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    Such a dumb thread
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    HR: Eloy Jimenez Hits: Nick Madrigal W: Lucas Giolito K's: Michael Kopech W: White Sox WS Titles: White Sox MVP: Luis Robert Cy Young: Michael Kopech All Star: Mike Trout Where do I collect my money? Can I collect early?
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    Take those bad vibes back to where you got them from
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    Offensive: Engel Defensive: Engel Overall: Engel
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    Moncada saying he doesn't like batting leadoff and feels most comfortable in the #2 spot would be enough for me to lock him in at 2.
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    Are we using Madrigals ~10 abs in Spring to define him as a player? In that case can we release Moncada?
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    Moncada's underwhelming Spring continues. He is not helping himself. It may turn out to be a blessing, in disguise for the front office, even if no one takes Spring Training performance very seriously. Poor performance is probably more meaningful than outstanding performance. Facing a lot of Minor League arms, can inflate a hitter's Spring stats, but not being able to excel against mediocre pitching is not a good sign, especially in that dry Arizona air, in which it's hard to get pitches to break.
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    This from a guy who, when questioned about the quality of his reporting from ST said :
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    Did you just compare EE to Alonso? You did. Man that makes no sense!
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    You must want to look for things to worry about. Taking anything from these games, at least for veterans, is nuts. Probably the last 5 or 6 years of Edgar Martinez career, they said he couldn’t catch up to fastballs in spring training. Look him up.
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    WHAT IF... and hear me out...... Not Steve Ciscek is acutally a Y2Jimmy burner account that he will use to praise himself so that Y2Jimmy will then become a larger writer/reporter. IT'S THE INCEPTION OF MLB RUMORS!
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    Maybe you shouldn’t follow the dude on social media since you know, you’re making gross assumptions about the man’s commitment to his job based on a January pic from a football game. Fuck your internet sleuthing.
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    Always believe the rumors. Then poke fun at the guy. The funny thing is I would bet that he looks like the Rock next to some people making fat jokes at his expense.
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    The first time a team is strong at catcher and now ruin it?
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