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    I still am 100% against the hire, and haven't spent a dime on anything that would go back to the White Sox since it happened. I plan on continuing that until he is gone.
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    It’s sad that it seems certain posters are hoping for there to be turmoil.
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    But could you imagine how popular the Sox would become with teen girls if they made this trade?
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    Some of us come here to get updates about Spring Training.
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    He never said "all was fine". He just pointed out this is another sign things (at least for the actual players and staff) are going good with TLR. The complete doom and gloom around TLR this forum emits is getting old and frankly sounding more and more like an echo chamber.
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    Stuff like this, that this guy could be a high ranking baseball official for 25+ years despite being a moron clearly starved for attention, is why no fan should accept criticism that they would know less than people actually employed in baseball.
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    So are we at the point now where we are going to cherry pick everything someone we we don't like says in order to make them look like an awful person? Cause that's kind of where it feels like we're at right now.
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    The White Sox are likely better than an 83 win team, but depth matters. To say they're much better than an 85-86 win team is projecting a bunch of growth with very little regression. I think the Vaughn projection is low because of a lack of information, and Anderson will never be a guy who fits projection models due to his unorthodox way of succeeding so I like his over, but discrediting something merely because it doesn't buy your perceived narrative without substantiating the disproval statistically isn't all that compelling. The fact is, the White Sox back of the rotation is bad, Keuchel was solid last year but expecting major regression isn't absurd by any means; especially with him pitching against more viable offenses. The rotation is relying on two of the worst pitchers in baseball from the past two years and one guy who hasn't pitched in two years. Could Cease take a huge step forward; sure, of course, anything could happen. Is it more likely than not? Absolutely not. Could Kopech come back and shake off rust and dominate the league? Sure - I'm probably more confident in this than I am in Cease. Are Rodon and Lopez suddenly going to be good viable starting options? I would say absolutely not. The baseline here puts the Sox between 83-85 wins. Besides the Indians, which team ahead of them is clearly not better? I would say that all 6 have a very good case for being better than the White Sox.
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    Oh my God! How many more threads are gonna be started bitching about the organization/ owner being cheap, about how we should have done this or done that or added this for that much money. I like Rick Hahn's Hoosiers quote, "Our team is on the floor." And it's a damn good team, a damn good one. It is exactly what we fan wanted; it's a World Series contender, a strong World Series contender. For all the bitching on this forum, that is all a fan can ever ask for. In this post and so many complaining others the "there's no guarantee" or "what if so and so gets injured, there's not quality backup". People are upset that, with this present line up (this team "on the floor") that for the White Sox to win the World Series, things really have to go right; they need to stay injury free. That complain is made over and over and over. Well . . . No Duh!! Every team ever is like that. If they don't have luck and stay injury free, they're not going to win the World Series. There's never a guarantee, never. Nobody in MLB has spent more money or had better personal or farms systems than the Dodgers and Yankees since the 2000s. Yet before this year, the Dodgers hadn't won a World Series before 1988 (That makes our 2005 win seem recent). The Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2009. No amount of money spent can guarantee a World Series and protect a team from injuries derailing a promising season. I got news for you guys: if Mookie Betts goes down either to injury or a bad slump and one of their top pitchers gets hurt for a long time, that $40 million on Bauer ain't gonna matter. Same thing with the Yankees or Padres, if they lose two important players, they're not making the World Series. So it's equally true for the White Sox. If one of our big pitchers go down and we lose one of our big bats, I got news for you, a back up LH bat and better back up catcher isn't going to matter. It ALWAYS comes down to a lot of luck and staying injury free, always. I'm excited to see what Vaugh can do. And I've said this before: I absolutely did not want Nelson Cruz, that steroid cheater. I don't want to cheer for a Cruz; I want a team I can be proud of. For all our complaining, I want to see what Collins can do, or to see a huge jump in performance from Cease. If we worked in the same office and could have a solid, hand-shake bet, I would bet that Cease has a better year than Musgrove or Taillon or whatever oft-injured pitcher somebody on here mentioned that the Sox have to have to "guarantee" success. To justify their complains, people on here are making statement and taking off with them like they're absolute facts. Come on, really? Are the Sox really not going to make the World Series because Joc Pederson is soooo much better than Eaton. Yet people are having shit fits on this board because we didn't sign Pederson. Or someone bitching about this back up infielder is so necessary when the Sox have Leury Garcia. Really? Are any of the many names listed on here THAT MUCH better than Leury? Ridiculous. For all of the complaining on this board, in my opinion, the rebuilt has been a total success, and we have to give Hahn and management credit for it. This White Sox team is what we wanted: It is a strong World Series contender and will be for, at least, four or five years. There are no guarantees (again, ask the Yankees and Dodgers fans). All fans can realistically ask for is the ownership and management to give them a a strong team, a team that is a serious World Series contender. And we have that, so if only for a minute or a thread or two, just stop bitchin'!
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    Pretty much exactly how I feel about every single one of your posts.
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    There is no prototype for how Covid affects each person medium-long term
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    2/24 marks the one year anniversary of his second DUI. Please take a moment to remember all of the victims of drunk driving crashes. While we've debated his fitness as manager of our beloved team we sometimes forget that impaired driving happen everyday, in every community, by folks like us. Everyone can be made an example of. Perhaps if we use his negative example to promote safer choices, maybe, just maybe, something good will come of all this. The biggest challenge with alcohol is when we most need our best judgement about the affect of the drinks we've consumed, alcohol fights back and attempts to take away that judgment. We need to plan before we go.
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    The only hyperbole on this thread comes from your post, some stupid bullshit that adds nothing to the discussion.
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    My wife who has asthma, had an appointment for March 6th. Her doctor called her this morning and asked her if she wanted a shot today. She is there now. I am so thrilled.
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    So here the rub... you’re on a Chicago White Sox message board and the user name you selected is a reminder of one of the worst trades ( if not the worst trade ) in franchise history. People here have tried to forget that awful trash for years. There’s likely other members here who find it a poor choice and can’t get into your post content simply because of your name. Please change it or go to San Diego.
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    The whole idea behind "cancel culture" is dumb. The same people who are screaming this in response to things like being a racist and committing treason against the nation are the same ones who cancelled Colin Kaepernik and the Dixie Chicks. They had noooooo problem costing people their incomes then, so what changed? The party of "personal responsibility" and "fuck your feelings" is the party losing their minds here. Maybe they should take a hardy helping of their own advice? And please no one on Soxtalk give me the "Freedom of Speech" line or i really will lose it.
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    To be fair, Kyle never threatened to become a fan of another team because the White Sox didn't sign a free agent.
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    Tonight we got to see what Mahomes would look like if he was playing for the Bears.
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    Nah, I don't think so. The Cubs knew what they were giving up, they got a WAY better player back, and while Eloy is already good, he hasn't reached Tatis level yet. Our deal was a prospect who, if we knew how good he was, would never have been in any trade at all, for a player in Shields that every team (and publication, tbh) knew was garbage except the White Sox, and the prospect has now blossomed into someone who has already put up 6.5 fWAR in 143 games. I appreciate the attempt at positivity, though.
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    That is it - the tlr stuff is done in this thread - done. Focus on the squad and the team.
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    He should do the drill where you throw rocks into the water from a boat. Gain some confidence in hitting the target.
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    Agreed. He also knew (for the first time in his career) that he didn’t have to carry the load on offense. His approach was noticeably different, swinging at less pitches out of the zone.
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