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    Are we getting Harper Like for yes Laugh for no
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    I know no one wants to really believe it and won’t believe it until Harper actually signs elsewhere but seriously guys, the Sox are not in this. They aren’t laying in the weeds. They don’t have this grand master plan that they are perfectly timing. They aren’t in it. It sucks. They suck. Everyone is trying to tell us and we refuse to believe them. It’s all crazy talk at this point.
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    That would literally be the dumbest thing this organization could possibly do.
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    At this point a 2 week opt-out would be fine with me. This organization needs some good news.
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    What an off season Maybe this is our time Two whales are available Both entering their prime Harper would be an unbelievable catch But maybe Manny’s the better match? We’ve got the money, Rick has said so But will Jerry shell out that kind of dough? Trade for Alonso, then sign John Jay Looking like Manny, he is the play Sign him by Christmas, oh what a present Did I say Christmas? No, in the New Year I meant January came and went and so did the next one Surely by Spring Training, they’ll get the job done Not looking good I fear, taking too long But our competition, isn’t too strong? Why is Moncada taking ground balls at 3rd? Manny is coming here, that’s what I heard Alas San Diego makes a guaranteed offer KW says we don’t have that kind of cash in our coffer What about unprecedented flexibility? Just count that up to my gullibility Now I am upset, now I am pissed They had this all wrapped up, how could they have missed? Time to go online, that’s what I’ll do Time to tell Jerry just who he can screw And about Alonso and his friend John Jay I want them both gone before Opening Day Ok, calm down…sorry for the rant Never really wanted Manny, that is my chant Harper is still out there, that is the hope But why do I just kinda feel like a dope? Following the Palehose sometimes feels like a disease Prove me wrong White Sox, prove me wrong please
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    I’m alarmed at how little I give a shit at this point.
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    No disrespect to anyone but I don’t think there are many people waiting anymore for inside info. Right now most of us are just waiting for the report that Harper has signed somewhere so we can all get some closure and move on from this nightmare of an off season.
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    That Padres shtick is getting old already 😫
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    This is not the danger of rebuilding. This is the danger of terrible ownership and front office people.
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    Man the Sox are good at being stealth. No mention of them in this report either!
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    To those getting excited over @iamshack ‘s fairly vague post, please don’t come in here to openly shit on him if the Sox don’t sign Harper.
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    Bravo. The thing I can't stand is the fans lining up to defend them. This isn't just about Machado, it's about their systematic approach to FA and how broken and flawed it is. It feels hopeless that they will ever be able to convert on any of their targets moving forward. I keep seeing people clamor about the prospects but these people are "la la laing" the fact that they will be extraordinarily lucky if even 3 or 4 of these guys work out. They'll have to play in free agency if they hope to supplement these guys and they failed miserably and sounds like they didn't learn a damn thing through the process.
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    The funny thing is, just think about the fan reaction one way or the other... Sign Harper, bring all the fans back, make tons of money in ticket, concessions, merchandise, etc. sales Whiff on Machado and pass on Harper, everything goes to shit. How do the Sox not realize this?
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    Maybe Harper is not worth $350 million. Maybe he isn't worth more than Machado got. Maybe he isn't worth as much as Machado got. Maybe even Machado isn't worth what Machado got. And maybe none of these free agents are worth what they get. The point is that this team is now an embarrassment and the few fans it had, in the same city as the widely adored "Cubbies," are ready to abandon the South Side. The people in the front office and ownership have botched this off season so badly, that they desperately need to do something to redeem themselves. The question is; Is there any other plausible move, which they could make this season, other than signing Harper, that would approach redemption, in the eyes of their fans? Maybe the answer to that question will help us all to determine what Bryce Harper is "worth".
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    Yeah my optimism is gone, as is my excitement for the season and overall will to live.
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    Offer 10/335 and make him say no
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    Point taken. At the same time, when the forum has degenerated into something where posters with a positive outlook are going to be insulted, mocked, etc., then the forum has become something it shouldn’t have, regardless of the level of disappointment in the FO at the time.
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    As a fan there really isn’t anything you can do. As it is, the White Sox fan base has sent a message loud and clear. Declining attendance every season since 2007 except one year when it was up slightly when they slashed ticket prices. Lowest TV ratings in the league. Radio station gets rid of them in bankruptcy because hardly anyone listens. All these things, plus 6 losing years in a row. No playoffs in over a decade. These clowns still think the White Sox are a destination. How the fuck are they going to get a player to take $50 million less in guaranteed money to come to their park when they cannot even get a fan to come to a game? KW took over in 2001. The Sox had one of the youngest teams in baseball. Won the division. Farm system ranked first...ESPN even knew they existed. Peter Gammons said not onky would they own Chicago, they would own MLB. One season they did. Other than hat mostly mediocrity. The one constant has been the decision makers. Anyone who thought they would actually pay Harper after they didn’t pay Machado wasn’t paying attention. Anyone who thinks these guys can oversee a team that wins consistently for years, didn’t pay attention. The team needs to change. Hahn has admitted that. But what he hasn’t admitted is th biggest change needed, is not trading with the Cubs, or going over your international money pool. It is getting new people to make decisions. These dopes have had more than thei share of chances.Sell the team JR. Spare yourself the embarrassment 4 years from now when the Sox sneaks to the second wild card spot and you have to tell everyone they were wrong the Sox needed to sign a superstar in his prime. The new owner will know what to do with your partners in crime.
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    I was going to wait for Harper to officially sign (as I was holding out hope that the White Sox would swope in), but it seems incredibly unlikely that the White Sox will move on Harper. So this ends my White sox fandom. It's been a fun ride SoxTalk! One of the best places to talk baseball on the internet. I'm moving over to be a Padre fan from here on out. I'll spare you from any reasoning as, I'm sure you all are well aware of the reasons. Take care friends, I won't be back to check any replies. Kind regards.
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    Honestly, I want the negativity to infect this organization, to the core. I want it to be a virus this entire season. I want the players to hear it, I want the coaches to hear it. I want visiting players to hear it. Assuming they don't sign Harper, I want Rick Renteria commenting in June about how he's never heard fans react to their players like this in all his years in baseball. I want the players to be commenting in July about how bad they feel coming in to work every day. The only way that they will be forced to fix the problem is if it becomes so toxic that everyone realizes what they did. Otherwise they will just keep cruising along. Rick Hahn will keep pocketing his 7 figures, Reinsdorf will see $50 million in profits this year, and they'll just roll with it.
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    I plead guilty. I actually predicted it. Call me naive and foolish. I just can't accept that this organization is really that dishonest, inept and obtuse.
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    I was of the same opinion up until Manny's press conference today. After Manny said how much Jay and Alonso talked about how great SD is and how helpful they we're in his decision to go there, FUCK THEM. Get them the FUCK off this team. They were brought here to help recruit Manny. Jay wouldn't even have Major league job right now if it wasn't for Hahn giving him $4M to be a recruiter, and instead, they both helped Manny choose San Diego. I'm just as mad as I was today about that than I was when SD first signed Manny. These fucks have no room on this roster after pulling that shit. Their loyalty was bought, especially Jay, when they were acquired and they both fucked up. Fuck them.
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