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    The point is, you continue to wreck threads by posting the same shit time and time again. We all understand that you have zero belief that the front office will do anything this offseason or any offseason going forward. At this point you are baiting threads to start shit. simply put, Stop.
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    That's all you deserve. You are without question one of the worst members on this board and bring absolutely zero to the table. You make this place worse.
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    I watch the game....
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    When someone humbles themselves by asking a question in this forum...any question...they would like an answer. They don't need to hear that it's a stupid question or that any good fan knows the answer. It's an effort to be superior or in my opinion bully. The poster used the term "any halfway tuned in fan for at least a few years" and that sounds a lot like he thinks very well of himself. Gregg, since you take a fair amount of heat from some of these site bullies...I would think you would recognize their tactics. Many good posters no longer post because 3 or 4 know it all posters take these aggressive postures.
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    Don't you ever get tired of repeating the same nonsense over and over again?
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    I really hope they aren’t planning to call up Robert & Madrigal. Please don’t listen to those whiny SoxMachine b****es like Pnoles and stay the course.
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    What do you expect him to say? We’re violating the CBA by gaming his service time, please don’t tell anyone?
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    Did you ever notice that people who start a sentence "no offense" intend to be offensive. I have never heard the broadcasters explain where the data comes from and how it is collected and how many people does it take to do that. Saying it comes from MLB doesn't say much.
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    Rage? The hell? You're just creepy, dude. Why are you investigating Jace Fry's drama and posting it here? "Haha. STD. Isn't that funny guys? It is, right? LOL" You're like the worst parts of every message board all wrapped into one troll. I guess that's an accomplishment if that's what you're into.
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    I read exactly what you said and it wasn't the first time you ripped on Vaughn in prior threads (I know this because I agreed with you about not being a big fan of the pick because of the position) but you take it beyond that. Hell, you ripped on Yolbert Sanchez' DSL numbers before your (usual) backtrack in the same thread.
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    That's what happens when Yolmer dumps it all. None left.
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    I've been thinking about what I posted in this thread for a while, and really it does me no good to constantly b**** about getting the short end of the stick. Being angry and bitter does me no good, I should just move forward from here and try to make the best of my situation as it exists today.
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    Why would anyone still want Robert called up this season?
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    It’s honestly breathtaking you believe Moncada spends his winters in Chicago, because he plays baseball for the White Sox.
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    Yep. In a vacuum, extensions for both guys would be amazing. But somehow they will be used as excuses for not signing any top free agent talent this offseason. I can already hear it coming out of Hahn’s mouth... ”We were close with a few of our free agent targets but knew that we would not be able to lock up our own internal talent long-term if we matched what they ultimately received from other teams. Our goal is still the same as it always has been — consistent and long-term winning. We felt if we dug too deep for our free agent targets, our end goal could be compromised.”
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    People have been saying this for 30 years and still nobody gives a shit.
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    Gavin Sheets has certainly turned it around at AA. In his last 75 games 314 PA, (not including tonight) he's at .298/.376/.502, .878 OPS, 155 wRC+, .322 BABIP, 13 HR, 15 2B, 33 BB, 51 K, 10.5% BB%, 16.2% K%. Also, Collins since demotion (not including tonight): 32 G, 136 PA, .351/.456/.685, 1.141 OPS, 185 wRC+, .370 BABIP, 9 HR, 10 2B, 31 RBI, 22 R, 21 BB (15.4%), 21 K (16.9%). Love the K rate going down, down, down.
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    Lol @ the idea of you being happy about something positive.
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    One thing I know for sure - regardless of what happens, you'll complain about it.
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    Your takes are hilarious. Puig will likely be overpaid? By who? Castellanos too? Wtf. Bat first bad defensive outfielders are bot getting paid huge dollars. JD Martinez was traded for junk and then had to fight and claw for 100+ million - he is one of the 5 best hitters in the game when he's going. You thinking 2 WAR puig and bat only Catellanos are going to net some huge contracts literally goes against everything the market has been telling you for the past three years. Your negativity at this point is just comical and I honestly feel bad for you. You spend all day on here, a sox message board, talking about how bad and shitty the Sox are. Hopefully you can find something that doesnt make you so miserable.
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    Anybody who thinks we are signing Cole is just in flat out denial at this point
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    Lol Ricky goes on a rant about how he trusts his gut then immediately starts taking everyone’s advice in lineup making. I’m not complaining, maybe the front office addressed it with him.
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    One thing that's frustrating to see is how bad the plate discipline is across the low minors. Some kids have shown they have some raw talent, but at the same time striking out 5 or 6 times as often as they walk. You look at both AZL and GF, both teams rank dead last in their leagues in team BBs and 3rd most in strikeouts. Kanny is not much better, ranked bottom 4 in BBs and leading the league in strikeouts. Until the Sox get better as an org in developing plate discipline and helping guys become better hitters, they're not going to be very successful in developing young LatAM or HS position players.
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