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    Andrew Vaughn was hit by a 94 mph fastball in the wrist. There is no amount of playing both games of a doubleheader that will make your bones stronger.
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    I like that major broadcasters keep hiring Benetti to call games and some Sox fans are like "this guy sucks, take him away!" Benetti rocks. Happy for him that he gets more national exposure and glad the Sox have him paired with Stoney, who is a good balance with him.
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    You don't have to be a "fairweather fan" to avoid bad baseball, I watched next to none of the Cleveland series, they made it clear from the jump that they weren't taking the games seriously so I didn't bother watching. You don't HAVE to consume every second of the 162 games, that's unrealistic. Also, the assigning of "fairweather fan" is extremely gross especially coming from someone who admits he'd prefer the April games weren't even played.
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    Colas injury minor from what I’ve been told. Should be back this weekend hopefully. Also, we talked to Andy Barkett for Tuesday’s podcast. New minor league hitting coordinator. I think he’s already paying dividends with some of the performances this year. There seems to finally be an org wide hitting plan which is positive.
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    ESPN expects a little more urgency from an organization that has not won a World Series since 1917.
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    Yea man he certainly would have had things going the right way
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    It's cute that you think we'll need Liam in a game started by Dallas Keuchel.
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    Sox didn't need schwarber or castellanos because they had sheets lol You can't make that shit up
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    Stud? good lord. I get it, winning streaks make the miserable megaposters desperate but this is a stretch even for that. A "stud" is the Rays trading away Joe Ryan last year. Imagine the outrage if Hahn would have done that lol
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    No. This team can still win this division. As crazy as it sounds. They should fire Larussa and the hitting coach tho.
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    Your constant fat-shaming of Lance Lynn would be funnier if he wasn't a multiple-time all-star who's made over 65 million dollars in his career.....while your fat ass sits in front of a computer and posts on a White Sox message board.
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    Bryon Buxton just hit the longest walkoff homer in the modern era. Bat flip away bro. You earned it.
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    Yeah, what moron started that thread.
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    Stop bringing up Cubs and Padres in this thread
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    I have nothing of substance to add, I just truly hate the fact that Tony La Russa is in my life.
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    Nope but my wife and I are putting an offer on our first house today so I hope we have as much success with that as I am with these gamethreads hahaha
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    I’d put Yoan 2nd. Give me a guy whose had known success in that spot and will compliment Anderson’s aggressive approach with his patience and ability to work the count. 1. SS Anderson R 2. 3B Moncada S 3. CF Robert R 4. 1B Abreu R 5. C Grandal S 6. LF Vaughn R 7. RF Pollock R 8. DH Sheets L 9. 2B Harrison/Garcia R/S
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    I doubt Baldelli headed over to the Sox clubhouse after the game to personally apologize for the bat flips.
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    Bat flip is the last thing that bothers me about that home run. In fact that doesn't bother me at all and players should do more of that when they walk off their division rival predicted to go to the playoffs
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    1.) injuries 2.) TLR 3.) bad stretch of baseball, period. 4.) injuries 5.) TLR oops, I’m repeating myself… 6.) Check back in with me mid May.
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