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    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
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    we just saw two of the most expensive rotations in baseball squaring off in the World Series but yes spending on pitching is a terrible idea.
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    Honestly curious - do you think people think this type of stuff (posting in every thread at once) and the poop bit are funny?
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    depends how many times you mention him.
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    You offer the most money, you get the player. Who knew?
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    Go away buzzkillington. Anyone who posts anything negative about this particular signing should be banned.
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    Pro tip: when arguing online, larger font always wins. Bolded is just the cherry W on top
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    Typical SoxTalk overreacting to something that’s not even a big deal. I think this was an overpay, but it’s not the end of the world like you guys are making it out to be.
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    Yep. 4 deep with Grandal, McCann, Collins, and Anderson.
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    It says the account was created in August of 2016. Clearly, Cishek made the account, forgot about it, then got this Wheeler scoop today and decided to share it with the world.
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    Man would it be nice for an early Grandal signing to really set the tone for this offseason.
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    Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone (except you Clinton Cole)
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    Also, not totally clear how people feel about Merkin and it seems like there is a spectrum of opinions here. That said, you can make points towards his loyalty (been covering the team for 15+ years) and that he writes for MLB.com as factors that are potentially limiting his objectivity and I would get that. I would imagine that Scott is limited on information that he can go public with (the Sox want to break their news themselves) and he often knows more than he lets off. Without a doubt, he is very much in the know and established around the Sox decision makers who everyone knows don't change too often. Whether you like his work or think he's the best source of Sox info is one thing, but his insight should be taken seriously. No doubt about that.
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    This is exactly what this board needed: another idiotic Tatis thread. Enjoy the strong start to the offseason or buy a Padres cap.
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    This deal is absolutely disastrous for the team. There is a high chance his last year is a complete sunken cost. This could be the difference between an ace and a low end starter. The difference between going to the world series and actually winning the damn thing. What a horrible, horrible deal.
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    Soxtalk was up in arms over the Sox being cheap when they couldn't beat San Diego's deal for Machado, but 50 million for the "face of the franchise"" over the past 6 seasons while the team has been horrible, who is as classy of a player as you'll get, who is also fairly valuable... and we complain they overpaid. Jesus Fucking Christ people.
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    If I'm Rick Hahn, and I sign Zack Wheeler, I approach the podium at SoxFest and plant my junk firmly atop it.
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