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    This is just the universe taking extreme measures to ensure Gio Gonzalez never plays a game for the White Sox
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    Its nice to be optimistic. But when the person is attacking people who are giving legitimate medical information, Im not going to give them a pass about "hope."
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    He's talking to Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs on the phone every night. He's talking to the CEO's of these companies, and he's talking to his re-election campaign. That's how he's making his decision.
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    Don't try to support anything that has to do with Trump around here, not going to go well even if most rational people agree.
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    You can't actually be putting this guy on the same level of influence as the President. I mean Mitt Romney proposed giving everyone $1000, two days later the President picks it up, and ever since then the Cult of Trump thinks it is the President's idea and is passing around "not your President" memes about the check like Romney didn't give him the idea. The simple fact is there is a vulnerable part of the population who hangs on his every word.
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    You realize he's the President of the United States and the President endorsing a medication untested for a condition that is causing panic is going to cause people to take that drug immediately without regard for whether or not they need it or have other issues? Apparently not.
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    WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE. WE WILL SURVIVE IT AND WE WILL GET THROUGH IT AND WE WILL THRIVE WHEN WE GET PAST THIS. In the meantime, we need to make sacrifices to get through this faster than not. Every one of us can control and do that.
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    Do you ever get tired of overreacting, apologizing, being mature for 13 minutes, overreacting, apologizing and then repeating that cycle over and over?
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    Did I miss where President Trump said aquarium cleaner had been used for a long time and was SAFE to consume?
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    Did I miss where President Trump said Drano had been used for a long time and was SAFE to consume?
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    Did Tucker put on his classic “Did someone just fart in here?” Face?
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    Thank you Cauly for that and for your unique perspective from your location, especially at this time. Before I say what I want to say , I also want to respect everyone here regardless of their political views. So, you can agree with conservative issues and support Trump because he promotes most of them, including; lifting environmental regulations, more tax breaks favoring corporations and the wealthy , trickle down economics, get Roe v Wade overturned, build a tall border fence, no food stamps, welfare, Obamacare, student loan forgiveness, Social Security ,Medicare, or other "socialist" FDR/ Berinie / "Democrat"programs. However, it is another thing when a President repeatedly lies to the American people, does not appear to be morally, physically , or psychologically fit for his Office or when he places personal/financial interests including his desire to remain in power over the interests of the country. It is the latter that now concerns me the most. Seeing Bill Barr standing next to Trump instead of Fauci and hearing Trump and his henchmen like Kudlow espouse a survival of the fittest strategy gives me pause, especially as an older fellow that needs to stick around a few more years to support my family and see the White Sox win another Pennant or World Series.
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    They really are gearing up for the "hundreds of thousands of dead Americans to save the economy*" plan *Six or seven figure deaths with a completely overwhelmed medical system coupled with enormous widespread medical debt will not actually save the economy
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    Would they have even thought of ingesting it but for Trump comments? He shouldn't have said anything, hes not qualified. Argue whatever you want.
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    During the Obama Administration, Trump went out of his way to tell us the buck stops with the President, it’s responsibility of the office of the President. What changed?
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    One is the President of the United States. The other deals in blockchain investing.
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    Dude he's the fucking POTUS. What arent you grasping. He had a cult like following who will listen to him at all costs. He's the leader of the biggest economy and most powerful military in the world. He should be cautious, articulate, and rational when he speaks about mattersile this. Making shit up and spouting off nonsense is dangerous for the people, period. He has misled and lied about drugs, tests, a website and companies making masks because all he cares about is the market. I'm not sure how anyone can defend his work throughout this and how anyone can defend him citing "miracle drugs" that have not been tested and approved! He needs to be responsible, honest and composed. He gone.
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    The President should not say to use something until it has actually been tested and is a medically verified recommendation. He's the f***ing President.
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    After 58 years on this planet revolving around the sun it is obvious to me that people would buy it and try it. It would have been better to not mention the drugs specifically.
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    If anyone is watching this live, he just confirmed he isn't listening to the doctors.
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    So.. where is Dr Fauci? Normally I wouldn't make a thing of him being or not being at a given daily confab, except this comes the day after he made public statements about Trump's incorrect statements. Not sure I believe that is a coincidence.
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    For anyone working at home, I can tell you what I did over the weekend and it gave me a lot more normalcy going to work today. I created some space in my garage and set-up a small desk with my old computer monitor (I haven't had a computer at my house in 10+ years..just rely on my work laptop) and just doing that made things feel far more normal today. I get to go to a separate place to work, with a more comfortable chair and get to look at a decent size screen (vs. purely off a laptop). Best part is, I can open my garage for a little Vitamin D. I also set-up a small table so one of my kids can do some work out here with me and when they get some fresh air in front of our house, they can also play while I'm working. Over the weekend, we went on some runs/bike-rides (away from people) and have just tried to prioritize our time together. I have no idea what will happen in the short-to-medium turn, but want to make sure I take joy in the small moments cause who knows what else will pop up. Been doing PE classes with kids too (to help all of us stay in shape). I guess my advice to all is, despite all the unknown and craziness, make sure you find ways to take joy in the little things (or at least try to). I also have talked to my neighbors (albeit from a distance) more than I ever had before, just reminding them / letting them know if they need anything, to let us know (and vice versa). Anything anyone else in here is doing with their kids, to keep them focused on school and just balance the whole working from home and caring for the kids.
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    It feels weird to be at home on a computer. In fact I needed to dust one off and add a new HD (SSD are amazing). I'm back to working from home after about a decade of being in a classroom. It brings back great memories of the early days here and the dozen or so posters who would be active weekday days. I'm watching this unfold both as an old guy with health concerns and a lot of elderly relatives and as a teacher of high school seniors. The parallels I have to this mid year possible permanent separation from my students were the eighth grade migrant students I taught. This is about the time of year that they would, at best, say goodbye or, at worst, just drop off my roster. Sometimes they had little warning as their employers (yes at 14 or 15) would call and say we need your family. Sometimes their parents found a new orchard or farm to work for the season and they would be dealing with even more uncertainty. One thing was always the same. The feeling they were leaving too soon. We had unfinished business. I pray each day that our class of 2020 doesn't leave unfinished business. Prom dresses never worn. Mortar boards not flung in the air. State basketball championship tantalizingly close (we're in the Final 4 for Texas 6A). A chance in every activity to challenge ourselves against the rest of the state. I'm also reading notes from my students. They are the overworked employees at HEB and Walmart trying to keep shelves stocked and they are the service workers who lost their jobs. Plus they are typically the oldest still living at home. That makes them the babysitters, tutors, shoppers, and drivers while trying to hang onto that last bit of childhood -- being a high school student. Yesterday at 2:00 pm I posted a short survey in my online classroom and about a third of my students completed it within an hour. When people talk about how lazy this generation is, I want to scream. These students are ready for this. They have trained hours each day to be on line, to communicate, to learn. I hope I can keep up with them.
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    Trump just switches what he says every day, can't give too much on his words.
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    His gum lines aren't nearly receded enough from rampant chewing tobacco use. He's got to step up his abuse of chewing tobacco game before he gets on that level.
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