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    🏆 Back to back playoff appearances for the first time in franchise history.
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    Meanwhile at DannyWright's House... BUT WHAT ABOUT 2000?!?!?!
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    If you were 17 in 2008, how are you 28 now? I was 17 in 2008 and am 30 now. No shot I'm letting you anywhere near my taxes.
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    The Haters and Losers, of which there are many, are upset
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    Moncada has a .384 OBP vs RHP. He absolutely should be batting in front of the sluggers.
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    You know, the easiest way for him to not be able to make this thread would be for the White Sox to stop losing series.
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    Boom - step one - win division & make playoffs Step 2 - Get into postseason healthy Step 3 - WIN POSTSEASON
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    Based off of your math in your comment, no lol if you were 17 last time they clinched, you would be 30 haha
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    Tigers are probably the better team right now, and their Manager is definitely better. Fry in there late with game on the line is nuts.
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    (close to 700K people dead from a virus) *shrugs (handful of people with adverse vaccine side effects) "whoah! whoah! whoah! I have serious concerns"
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    We all just witnessed history guys, back to back for the first time
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    He's just overall dull. His home run calls are some of the worst. I keep hoping he will get better. Makes me appreciate Hawk in his prime even more.
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    I gotta say, OP sucks more than the Sox right now.
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    Second team in baseball to clinch a birth, 1st to clinch their division.
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    CONGRATULATIONS to the CHICAGO WHITE SOX on becoming the 2021 American League Central Division Champions !!!
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    This thread is obviously only for name calling, and is serving no productive purpose. It is over.
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    I just see a team going through the motions. That concerns me..... This is all set up by our manager who continues to throw games with his lineups, especially the last game of every series....not to mention pitching guys in close games that have no business. I don't know........when all said and done maybe he will be the genius with getting his guys rest but I just don't see any urgency in this team. I truly thought they would begin to play better as they get closer to clinching the division but thats not happening as of now. That concerns me. But, what the hell do I know..... I do know that my frustration level with this team and TLR will not allow me to watch this team with full enjoyment. I find myself mad and frustrated when I watch them play. I have never been that way with a winning team before.
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    When the White Sox win teh world series, who will you credit? I am asking you personally. Since you can see into the future.
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    They are currently doing mass Rock/Paper/Scissors to see who wakes up Tony.
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    TA’s mistake was cheating. Period.
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