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    Haven't you lost and welched on like 7 ban bets at this point? They'll welcome you.
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    When the "supposed insider" on this board decided to disparage him every chance he gets.
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    Stop being such an asshole. Someone boot this clown.
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    I'd kill for the Sox to have the run that the Cubs have had the last 6 years. 5 of 6 years in the playoffs, 3 straight NLCS's and a World Series? Woo buddy, sign me the fuck up! Look, everyone wants the Sox to be the Dodgers but that just isn't going to happen under current ownership. If you really wouldn't take what the Cubs have had the last 6 years then you really need to temper expectations.
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    Yeah...those singles hitters that hit .340 in their rookie year are really easy to find. Give me a break.
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    Good riddance. Dude's probably coached thousands of players the odds there's a good candidate who also played for him arent that low.
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    Yeah...it might have been a little higher once he gets acclimated to the league. Good point.
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    Will you be Hankerin' for Hoerner then?
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    Looks like we know who is calling the shots now. F this. I'm rooting for the northside next year.
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    We finally found caulfield’s twitter account
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    What I don't want is to be the Cubs...one WS and a real good half decade and then standing again on the precipice . I want this team to be a juggernaut and part of that is not trading away key positional pieces before the soufflé has risen. The fun part of the White Sox right now is people saying "Eloy might be the best hitter on the team" and I think...well...yes but Robert might be...or Moncada or Vaughan...I mean those are four hitters that could be the greatest hitters the White Sox have had in our lifetimes (Excluding Frank Thomas who was an alien). And that doesn't even count Tim Anderson...who in his last 172 games has hit .333 with 28 homers, 43 doubles and stole 22 bases...at SS...or the rookie 2b that hit .341, or the reigning MVP...or the second best catcher in baseball. Plus...we have a DOZEN very exciting starting pitchers that are 26 or younger. Stiever was our top 5 prospect...came in his first ML game and looked amazing and we were all excited...then he got shelled the next game and we never talk about him again???? I say sign Springer who will make our offense and defense elite. Sign Quintana for cheap and then let Cease and Kopeck and Dunning and Stiever and Crochett and Lambert and Lopez and Kelly and Dahlquist and Thompson with the new hot shot pitching coach fill in four and five. There's a very real possibility that three of those 10 will be better than Darvish or Woodruff by 2022...and we are set to be the 1970 Cincinnati Reds.
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    Imagine the ammunition you would have had if it was .240 in those 29 games. And yet the Madrigal bashers seem to always mention his bad base running, baseball IQ , and bad fielding that occurred in those 29 games.
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    Honestly his twitter personality is less annoying than his board run. He was game thread cringe. His twitter stuff is just trying to be a worldwidewob for the white sox, it's aggregation. That stuff gets followers, not shocked he's built it up. Good for him, etc.
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    I’m just going to come out and say it, but the Sox better protect Jake Burger. Dude looks jacked as fuck in that second video.
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    Why shouldn’t Tony have a say in who his bench coach is? I have no problem with this.
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    So those things count and his .340 BA and his 108 OPS + don't . Got it. So rookie mistakes and errors can't be fixed and he can't possibly make adjustments and wait til the pitchers make adjustments to him and outfielders play right behind the infield and he will be useless. I understand now.
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    You guys, and many others, are so mean to chisoxfanmike. He seems like a decent kid. He definitely has a bit on Twitter and isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the hate he gets directed towards him isn’t really fair. At least from my vantage point. Let him be.
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    I have no idea honestly. I think he captured the hearts of the meatball fanbase, somehow.
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    Sonofab*tch its Amy Coney Barrett.
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    I'm expecting Tyler Johnson and Gavin Sheets to get protected.
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    I've seen several people comment that he played for LaRussa. I don't put a lot of stock into that being a factor in his hiring. He played for quite a few managers in his career, including Cito Gaston, Dusty Baker, Larry Rothschild, Don Baylor, Joe Torre, Charlie Manuel, and Jim Riggleman (twice). The pitching and bench coach hires have been encouraging. If the Sox go out and have a productive off season and fill the necessary holes, LaRussa will be a minor concern moving forward.
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    Should just be Dumb about Baseball.
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