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    You might find yourself feeling glum today when the Sox don't make the move you were hoping for. When you get there -- hitting "delete" on the "Bryant in a Sox jersey" image you've been working up, burning with envy as the Yankees sign three more players to supercharge their push for third in the AL East -- please just take comfort in the fact that you really have no clue what you're talking about, and a strong track record of being super wrong. Instead of dwelling on the players your team didn't get in the moment, revel in *your* great moments from the season past: cursing the FO in the offseason for failing to convert on CY-level internet troll and Miller Man of the Year candidate Trevor Bauer. Shaking your head as the Sox raided the bargain bin for Carlos f'ing Rodon instead of spending merely triple on Corey Kluber, James Paxton, Garrett Richards or the many other clearly better alternatives obvious to anyone who was not a complete idiot. Or lamenting the Sox's inability to land perfect-fit Marcell Ozuna. Or nodding your head knowingly as you cast your Soxtalk poll vote for the Sox to take third in the AL central in this "development year," when the title clearly goes through the battle-tested Bomba Squad. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and let the realization of your own ineptitude wash out all the negativity like a mighty tide. Then open them, look at the standings, and draw yourself a nice hot bath. It will all be OK! (Or maybe not, but likely not for the reasons your dumb ass supposes.) Cheers!
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    Dude go fuck yourself. Seriously. Keep my name out of your mouth.
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    Who keeps laughing at my posts. What’s so fucking funny about them?
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    He's our Charlotte Knights correspondent for FutureSox and he works his ass off. Why are you such a fucking tool on here so often?
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    Huge news...Kimbrel spotted near the Dodgers Spring Training complex.
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    🏆 Back to back playoff appearances for the first time in franchise history.
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    So what you’re saying is Collins didn’t frame the context of the tweet well
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    This offseason is a complete failure. I'm done with this team. Fuck everybody.
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    We’ll bring Jack back, but in exchange, you’re now banned. Seems fair. You in?
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    Don’t lose hope! You’ll meet the right guy eventually
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    I'll add, I'd rather have Pollock for this year than Conforto.
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    Yes. Sox would forfeit like the 65th pick, the bonus pool amount associated and $500K in international space. They should be willing to do it though. This offseason hasn't been a good one for the White Sox. I agree with you. If they're in fact done, it's a very poor allocation of available resources. Also, I'm not your pal.
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    I don't know if you have any control over this or not but I humbly request that the 10-1 Astros over our beloved Sox game score be removed from the right side of the Soxtalk headquarters page. It just sucks to look at that every time I come here and if the work stoppage causes games to not be played it will suck more. Thanks in advance for all y'all do!
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    Alright boys, one down…two to go! Let’s even this shit up tomorrow and head back to Houston!
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    Goodwin will get the headlines but the unsung hero in this game was Reynaldo Lopez. What a job he did.
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    Man, it's really pathetic to die on the hill of "Will someone please think of the process?" when someone had their skull cracked open and raped. Brain worms.
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    Another OF? Rick Hahn is clearly not a White Sox fan.
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    I’m very careful and cautious with the information that I share. I have a vetting process that doesn’t need to be explained to strangers on here though. If I shared everything I hear, I’d look like a complete moron. I’ll stand by my track record with what I share. The assumption that my information came from the White Sox and then I ran to share it to appease the fan base is absurd and wrong. I’m a nobody. The White Sox aren’t sharing info with me. I don’t think Conforto is asking for too much money. The league apparently does however. I’m not trying to make anyone feel better either. If this is the off-season, it’s a failure to allocate available resources properly. I’ve said that. I need to see what else happens though.
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    Years from now, you will ask your friends where they were when Voodoo Cane Guy flipped the series for the good guys
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    Collins needed to return so that the White Sox could preserve his option status. He didn't spend 20 days in the minors so the option doesn't count. He'll have an option remaining coming into the 2022 season now.
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    He was fighting for those who don't want to hustle. Have some respect.
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    The 1994 White Sox and Expos walk out of the corn to play the 7 game series we missed.
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    Thankfully youre not affiliated with the Sox. If Reylo was lights out for the rest of the season and another player was doing bad youd be an idiot not to give him a chance.
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