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    We are 3-0 since my son was born. I will start taking donations for any expenses to make sure it keeps going.
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    Jake Burger has been through hell and back. I don't understand the fat jokes. He's supposed to be a really good guy. He is a White Sox. Maybe pull for him.
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    This thread is a prime showcase of the posters who like to b**** for the sake of b****ing.
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    This in my opinion is a poor signing. The 37 year old EE is declining and has blocked Collins who in my opinion would have put up better numbers that EE this season. Like I said before put Collins in RF, Mazara in CF. Yes, I'm sticking to my guns, Luis Robert is too raw and nothing compared to Frank Thomas. Thomas in the minors and his whole career had phenomenal plate discipline and eye. Robert in the minors last season had 129 KS to 28 bb.
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    Going into the offseason, if someone would’ve told me that the Sox would land Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel, I would be ecstatic. Couple that with Mazara in right and adding Gio to the rotation, I think our guys have quietly had the best offseason of any team so far.
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    I've been a Sox fan since 1970 (permanently left the Cubs after the 1969 collapse). I grew up in the Chicago area (Evanston), but I haven't lived in the Chicago area since I left to go to college. Lived 10 years out in Washington State, and since the mid-1980s in Northern Virginia. Thus my blog name VAfan. I was all-in on the Sox for many years, hanging on their every move year after year. That was true up through the glorious World Series year, which came almost out of nowhere. What a magical run 2005 was. (I wrote a 17-page recap of that season so I'd always remember it.) We still have the best post-season run of any team in the current format, with only 1 setback, a 3-2 loss to the Angels we might have won had Contreras thrown home to get the lead runner instead of trying for an unsuccessful DP. That run was the difference. I stayed with the Sox as they tried to get back to the World Series, but kept falling short. Once the World Series players left, the Sox still had interesting guys like Chris Sale, Adam Eaton, and Jose Quintana. But it wasn't enough, and the disastrous attempt to be relevant with Jeff Samardzija (who cost us Marcus Semien), Todd Frazier, Melky Cabrera, and David Robertson led the team to blow it up and start over (but not before trading Fernando Tatis, Jr. for James Shields!!). It was around that point that I stopped paying much attention. Oh, I knew the roster for the most part, and noticed who they traded for and who they drafted high. And my son and I would usually go see the Sox for a game when they came to Baltimore or DC, but otherwise I didn't watch the futile last several years. This year is going to be different. I'm back to being interested in the team again. All the moves may turn out for naught, just like they did in 2015. I don't think we're World Series contenders by any means. And even making the playoffs is going to require a lot of things to go right. But the team should be interesting again. They aren't stocking their lineup with 4-5 below-replacement players any more, waiting on their young guys to be ready. The young guys are ready, or at least ready to debut on the major league stage. I'm excited to see Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal. I'm eager for Yoan Moncada to take another step forward. I wanted to see Zach Collins, but I'm fine waiting for him while Edwin Encarnacion hits bombs. It was great to see Lucas Giolito make such strides last year. Can Reynaldo Lopez and Dylan Cease make their own leaps forward? What do Michael Kopech and Carlos Rodon have to offer? Is there anyone else on the farm who is going to emerge this year or next and make an impact? I think it was smart for the front office to add guys to the young core to try to be relevant in 2020, even if there is a need for a bigger push in 2021.The key was that the team didn't surrender anything but short-term money to do so. No prospects, and no long-term contracts they will be sorry for. (Abreu's renewal might be a year too long and too expensive, but he's a clubhouse leader who might help keep the other guys around.) Dallas Keuchel is a fighter who can win on a Sox team with the new lineup we're likely to see. Gio Gonzalez will walk way too many guys, but he's a great back-of-the-rotation addition to hold the fort while Kopech and Rodon come back from injuries. Nomar Mazara is still super young, but has 4 years of experience and some upside. We needed lefty bats and he added one. We can add a platoon partner, or just use Leury Garcia and Adam Engel. The biggest addition was Yasmani Grandal, who turns catching into a strong point. His pitch framing should help corner nibblers Keuchel and Gonzalez, but also the young guys. His switch hitting adds another lefty bat. The last addition, so far, was Encarnacion, who struck me as superfluous at first blush, but now seems like a no-brainer. This is a HR hitting league, and Encarnacion has the potential, with all the other additions, to move the Sox from 6th worst (182 HRs) in baseball to top 6 (254 HRs - Steamer estimate). All these guys are role players, but they can all play above-average roles. In baseball, it's important to not have weak links, in the lineup, the rotation, and the bullpen. The new lineup may not have ANY weak links once Robert and Madrigal are up to speed. That doesn't mean they'll have superstars throughout, but they also won't have any negative WAR players like they used to have in multiples. The rotation still has Lopez and Cease as big question marks, but they are young players with upside. And there are reinforcements behind them who are working back from injury. The bullpen has some weak links, but everyone expects the Sox to add here before the season starts. And we may have arms in the minors who could eventually help. If they can find a synergy and get on a roll, who knows where the team might go. In baseball, it is sometimes the oddest things that can make a difference. Who'd have thought Gerardo Parra, the "baby shark", could have helped catapult the Nationals to a World Series title? He arrived last year at their 19-31 lowest moment, and completely changed the energy for the team. Sure, the Nats had a bunch of great players, but they weren't going anywhere until Parra loosened them up and got them playing up to their potential. Who knows how the 2020 White Sox will play together? I don't. But I do know that these moves have gotten a 50-year fan like me to get interested in White Sox baseball again. And my son along with me. Go SOX!!
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    Look man, I have nothing against you, but when you say “There are a few names I know they've been working on that people have no idea on. Not gonna say who, I'll let you all speculate amongst yourselves.” as a humble brag and then proceed to stay secretive when people ask for details, you’re just opening yourself up for criticism.
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    The guy has been a professional since we signed him. He's done nothing but hit with shitty teams and no protection around him. Everybody complained about the extension, and he's as good as ever this year with some actual talent around him. Keep it up, Jose. You've been great. P.S. Suck it, Ron.
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    I hope they don't play. Bigger than sports.
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    GUYS! I just got a message back and word that I WILL BE SINGING APRIL 16!!!! Thanks all for your help. Probably wouldn't have gotten this far without the information! I owe you all a beer if I ever run into one of you.
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    I never have a fucking clue what you’re talking about.
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    Just want to say thank god we didn’t trade for Price
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    Another pitcher off the market. What the hell is Hahn waiting for? Why aren’t we signing any of these guys? Oh wait, he signed with the Sox? Then what are we doing signing this washed up piece of garbage? Sorry, sometimes I get confused on how to fit in around here. (In all seriousness, I love the move. Now go sign Ryu or Keuchel.)
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    better than wasting time sitting her being angry at hahn and wiliams for days without any info. Live a little
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    This thread doesn't have jack shit to do about Mazara. I've discussed Mazara with you at length and have zero interest in doing it more, because you just ignore everything that doesn't fit into your box. As I've told you several times, I don't love the Mazara move either, but he costs half of what Avi does on an AAV basis, requires half the commitment (Mazara can be non-tendered at no cost after 2020), is 4 years younger, and he rakes RHP, which Avi does not. Mazara isn't an exciting move,but I like it more now than I did right after it happened. His 2nd half of 2019 was pretty nice, and he could be a nice bounce back candidate. I prefer him at the dollars and years many times more than committing close to $20M AAV to dogshit OFs in Ozuna and Castellanos.
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    I hope we trade Madrigal for Snell, just so Snell can see he too was traded for a slapdick hitter.
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    Do you MF's read or just reply?
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