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    Relax people. Sox are very likely gonna get this done.
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    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
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    Hello everyone. Just want to clear a few things up - someone DM'd me this thread today looking for info/clarification on what I know/don't know. -I know the sox are in a very good spot. This bucket (?) guy probably knows more than me. I don't care that he does, in fact I hope he does. Some people are acting like he's talking shit to me, he's not. We're all sox fans here. We all want what's best for the org -I have zero clue what the financials of the offer are. I do know it's 7 years. I assume they have room to budge if they need to. Right now, as far as I'm aware, they don't need to. I would assume it's for an AAV record of about $35MM, so I was just putting two and two together. I could be incorrect there. I wanted to clear that up because people are speaking as if I was stating it as fact. - I know there are a lot of people that don't like me in here. To each there own. I know my humor and style isn't for everyone. I am who I am. - I typically avoid message boards, facebook forums, etc. They can be good communities but they also lead to fans wanting to jump down each others throat. The few times I've meandered to these forums I saw that, so I haven't been here hardly ever since I knew they existed - if anyone has any questions let me know, because I'm not gonna make it a regular thing posting here. I don't want other people's brains seeping into my brain now that I have to cover the sox for my job PS - I'm blogging this as we speak
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    3 teams had playoff runs because of his contributions. What a guy
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    You're an embarrassment. This is the most little dicked thing I've ever heard. The White Sox are more important to this city than Manny Machado or Jerry Reinsdorf. If you look in your heart and feel no affection for what being a Sox fan in this city means, then we're better off without you.
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    I'll little dick your woman...and she will like it. Dont tell a fan what emotions they can't feel. That is the definition of an asshole.
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    We are 3-0 since my son was born. I will start taking donations for any expenses to make sure it keeps going.
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    Are we getting Harper Like for yes Laugh for no
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    http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations Take a look at this website. I think you’ll enjoy it.
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    Pick up the phone and cancel your season tickets.
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    Jake Burger has been through hell and back. I don't understand the fat jokes. He's supposed to be a really good guy. He is a White Sox. Maybe pull for him.
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    This in my opinion is a poor signing. The 37 year old EE is declining and has blocked Collins who in my opinion would have put up better numbers that EE this season. Like I said before put Collins in RF, Mazara in CF. Yes, I'm sticking to my guns, Luis Robert is too raw and nothing compared to Frank Thomas. Thomas in the minors and his whole career had phenomenal plate discipline and eye. Robert in the minors last season had 129 KS to 28 bb.
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    was hoping this would be about hats and bobble heads.
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    Yeah, we’re going to land at least one
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    Catching up in this tread, I just realized every single day is the same: People wake up pisssd off that nothing has happened Several people then claim things are quiet because it’s “the calm before the storm” Posters get desperate and start posting blantantly obvious troll posts “it’s probably nothing, but anyone see this [John] tweet?” Sidebars start ensuring about riveting subjects such as model trains, favorite movie in the Pitch Perfect franchise, etc. Posters start getting desperate again and ask the board insiders for any nuggets, eventually one will show up but only provides vague, semi-positive comments like “be patient, things are happening” Caulfield posts a random article without a link and not in a quote box and proceeds to add his own commentary throughout People start getting really pissed about the lack of momentum and say Rick is an incompetent dick and that cheap Jerry should move the franchise to Portland Finally a rumor comes out from a twitter account with a blue check mark, the board completely loses its shit no matter if good or bad If positive, mock lineups are immediately generated (half with Harper); if negative several posters admit defeat & feel compelled to say we must “stay the course” Bob Nightengale tweets out within 30 minutes “sorry, but that’s not true!”; the board calls him a hack and then debates endlessly who planted what Nothing else happens for a few hours, but some posters remain optimistic something will break later that night and make it clear they’re sticking around Finally the day ends with no real news, but one poster makes the bold prediction “tomorrow will be the day” before we all call it quits for the night Wake up the next day and rinse & fucking repeat. I pray to the baseball gods that by the time I catch up there will be some legit rumors, because I honestly can’t take this endless cycle much longer.
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    Twas the night before Machado, when all through the thread; Not a poster was stirring, they'd all gone to bed. Bob Nightengale with his smoke and the local news stations; Had prepped all us Sox fans for more negotiations. When out of the blue there arose such a clatter. I went straight to my news feed to see what was the matter. I searched for Machado and sorted by top. Excited and nervous to see what would drop. When to my wondering eyes did appear? But $250 million for a term of eight years! With a crafty, young GM so lively and quick; I knew in a moment he must be Saint Rick. A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread. He spoke not a word but went straight to work. And as the contract was signed, he gave me a smirk. He sprang back to the Rate, to his team gave a whistle. And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight; Merry Machado to all, and to all a good night!
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    This place has been something lately. 1.) To the comments about me - I haven't seen any of this just been told of it. Nowhere did I say a specific date Machado would sign or that he would at all. No one can provide proof otherwise because it simply did not happen. If you look at the replies of the tweet in question, I specifically say "not necessarily tomorrow" (Tweet was from Tuesday). I have said I've liked the Sox chances in a bunch of different ways the last 10 days or so. That was when it first went around the Yankees were basically bowing out. 2.) To the the new poster with a negative source. Regardless of what he said, someone posting on the board for the very first time and the whole board collectively freaks out? Past that, 2 things on it: a.) I don't know who the guy's source is but I wouldn't suspect the tiny subset of people in the know with the Sox are getting emotional, blabbing about fluid contract negotiations at weekend gatherings. That goes against just about everything the White Sox are about. b.) The source is said to have referred to the negotiations "everything moves so quickly" or something to that effect. And to be clear, I have just seen his main post so I do't know if he elaborated on timing. That goes against just about everything everyone else is hearing. "Waiting game" "it's going to be a while" "Far from over". Maybe this source is right, but they're really bucking the trend speaking to the negotiations. I see no reason to freak out here. We haven't had any notable news today. Enjoy the day off of this stuff.
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    According to my sources this is a copy of the latest thing the Sox submitted to Machados camp to sway his decision... FWIW.
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