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    Relax people. Sox are very likely gonna get this done.
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    http://tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations Take a look at this website. I think you’ll enjoy it.
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    This--and other threads from anti-rebuild folks who are furious that a rebuilding team is bad--have really convinced me and gotten me thinking. I have even tried to apply the lessons of these threads to my own life. For example, in the offseason I decided to remodel my kitchen. I did this because it was old and bad, and I wanted one that was new and good. My contractor told me that I'd be "without a kitchen" for two months while they finished the job. I paid him, but must say I was really taken aback when I walked into my kitchen in early April to find all the appliances and most of the walls were gone! My original attitude about this was, "well, I will suffer through the pain of remodeling for the delayed gratification of a nicer kitchen down the road. After all, this was the plan all along." But reading the comments in these threads has inspired me to treat each day without a working kitchen as a new and independent outrage. I walk around the site each day screaming "where is the refrigerator?!!" and "This kitchen doesn't even have running water - kitchens should have running water!!" I mean, the name of the game is to have a kitchen, not a construction site, right? Pretty simple. My contractor tries to calm me down by saying things like "....I don't understand -- IT IS a construction site, because it's under construction" and "the refrigerator will arrive when the kitchen is done -- remember?" and "We talked about all this, didn't we? Wait, am I going crazy?" But honestly I think he's just an apologist. I'm thinking of firing him and having my big Viking stove delivered and plopped right in the middle of my former kitchen so I can admire it all day amid the sawdust. It's really the least that I deserve.
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    Does Manny have any friends that are good?
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    I know more about it than Dave does
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    I would love for there to be a basic literacy and writing test that must be passed prior to registering for this site.
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    Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. 😆
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    Bro.. please just stop. Log off and forget your username and password and never come back.. Sincerely, SoxTalk
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    I've been told from a trusted source that length isn't everything.
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    If you leave, we won't see your posts anymore.
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    I can’t believe we’ve reached the point where we are debated the better fit for Manny potentially cheating on his wife. He really needs to sign and get this over with. Not sure I want to be here for the conversation on which city is easier to dispose of a body in case Manny decides to kill someone.
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    I talked to Shane last night. He told me that a really good source told him Machado to Sox is indeed happening. He couldn't get confirmation from anyone else. He wasn't trolling though.
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    Sounds like....muchado about nothing.
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    Here is an idea. Do that BEFORE you make a public post on this board like that. Share what you have or don't post anything at all. You just posted "I have a secret you guys want to hear but I'm not ready to tell you yet."
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    I have reported more about the White Sox than anyone who is not paid to do it. I have time stamps. You are giving me shit for having a New York Times Best Selling author who wrote a book on the White Sox on a podcast. You are also an internet troll who's opinion has never once been lauded or quoted or requested but it has always been tormented. Have a good night.
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    Give this motherfucker an IP ban. Make him unplug his damn router if he wants to shit up this place.
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    Our country has turned into a whole slew of tattletales.
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    https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/white-sox-talk-podcast-rick-hahn-unplugged-live-remote-podcast Have not listened to it yet, but I’m sure this was covered. Definitely worth listening to. Nothing earth shattering, but here are a few notes: -Continued to say that any prospect is not going to be called up for instant gratification or fan complaints, etc. He said that they're not going to do anything to jeopardize the long term sustained success of the club. Take out of that what you please, but IMO, Hahn has been pretty crystal clear about this all along. He even made a funny comment that now everyone thinks he's an idiot because the guy he acquired is doing so well. -Don't expect to see Burger before middle of next season. -Was asked about under the radar prospects to follow and mentioned Luis Gonzalez and Alex Call. -Was asked about future RH relievers on the farm. Mentioned Burdi, Hamilton, Ruiz, Burr and Vieria. No mention of Fulmer at all, which I found interesting. Seemed like a good opportunity to touch on his move to the pen. He did break that Burdi will be pitching in the AZL starting tomorrow and he expects him to be there for the rest of the season. -They're going to continue to let Moncada develop as a switch hitter, but that moving to exclusively LH is not out of the question in the future. -The intention with demoting Hansen is for him to working with Zeleski. The two have previously clicked. -WSD asked about big time FAs and if the Sox will be in a position to spend $300M+ to acquire the likes of Machado and Harper. He did not touch on either of them specifically but said "While I cannot guarantee you that we will land any whale FAs, I can tell you that when the time is right, this club will be in a position to go down swinging." Mentioned multiple times that they know this club will need to be augmented by FA signings. -Mentioned prospect for prospect type deals to deal from an area of depth. Said he had a few discussion about them in recent weeks, but that they are tough to do during the season, but they may resurface in the winter. -Touched on Bryce Bush and how excited they are about him. They didn't think they'd be able to get him to sign, but that they were thrilled to be able to get him in the fold. Said he's a top of the draft talent.
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    Short term memory? Lucky for you the internet does not forget. A, What terrible moves have i asked the Sox to make. Advocating trading for a utility player when we already have a better utility player, but still wants to make the move because Astros have acquired him, but failed to see Astros actually needed a utility infield and Sox do not. Definition of a terrible, irrational move. B. Concerning there terrible moves and shit product Have you watched baseball during a rebuild? C. And I would not spend a dime on this team and root for another team Publicly advertises not to spend money on this team numerous times yet complains the team not spending money on players. How rational of you. And then there is this classic: D. Why am I still here Fan of the Sox? See above in bold. Every other post of yours leads of "this garbage organization", seems pretty ironic that you're fan of the said garbage organization and couldn't wait for them to move out of this city. E. Now I was able to explain all this in a civil way , unlike you. I am impressive this time around Brad, didn't know you were capable of posting in civil manner judging by the other posts.
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