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    They will need to find an athletic big that can play D and rebound at some point - but that should be doable (not great) but someone who can help against longer teams so they don't get crushed on the boards.
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    He shot 36% on 6.6 3PA last season. The guy isn't a bad shooter, and the potential is there. I think his overall FG% improves now that he isn't the primary point guard. Much less pressure will be on him. He's a scorer, not a point guard. Coming off the bench will suit him better. What I thought they clearly missed is size and rebounding. They could use an athletic 6'10 player to put at PF. I wouldn't mind floating PWill to a rebuilding team if you could upgrade at PF.
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    Yeah, Happ can be left off, but Baez is a really good baseball player as well, and would improve the horrible IF defense a ton at 2B.
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    QUOTE (Hatchetman @ Jun 20, 2016 -> 11:56 AM) Hahn just does what he is told. He's a lawyer turned contract negotiator turned GM. There is no evidence that he actually knows anything about baseball talent evaluation. This times a thousand. Hahn is a privileged dude from Winnetka who has been in over his head as a GM since day one. He is most likely a very smart dude, but his results as a GM are pretty terrible.
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