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    Let's have a repeat of yesterday. Sox Win, Twinkies and Spiders get swept.
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    I thought Renteria blew the game when he brought Giolito back out. The playoffs are not the time to be making gaffes like that.
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    Anderson SS Moncada 3B Grandal C Abreu 1B Jimenez DH Robert CF Engel LF Mazara RF Madrigal 2B That’s my lineup for tomorrow.
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    What's the emergency, "help us, Mazara, we've scored too many runs"?
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    I think i had a slightly different salty discharge.
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    Bassist's slider usage is 2.9% this season. He added a cutter he is throwing 23% of pitches and his slow curve is 10%. 54% fastballs averaging about 92. Focus on the fastball or a hanging curve and Sox should destroy this guy
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    Hopefully Jays beat the Rays and then knock out the winner of this series.
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    I think that was a good decision. It was a 4 run lead and giolito was dealing. That was exactly the time to stretch the starter and save the pen, the no off days post season means you have to take some chances. I would have pulled gio one batter earlier after the lead off got on but even giving him one extra batter was not that terrible of a decision. With 4-0 bottom 8th sox had a 96% win expectancy and with the lead off on that lowered to 92%. That was the right situation to take a chance with their best starter as the Sox pen will be used a ton the next couple days.
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    All deserve a temporary break from reality.. by anchor through armor, lead, or stone. May you be a dreamer, a mystic, one lost, or found... even should you be a silicone cell phone.
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    If anything the delayed signing period hurts us, as it makes it less likely one of these guys waits out another year. It’s almost certainly going to be one or the other.
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    Start Leury and Engel again, don't overthink it. Keep the elite defense out there. This A's team doesn't have a lot of offense some more range in the outfield against Dallas won't hurt with all that room out there. Even if he gives up some shots with nobody on they can run them down.
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    I can honestly say I saw it coming.
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    Really small thing but I’m very happy we are guaranteed to play on october
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    Disagree 100 %. And this is coming from Mazara's numero uno supporter in the off season. He's been Cordell, Delmonico, Tilson bad. He had a long chance to get it together. A few measley singles at the end doesn't change my mind. Engel earned what he's getting now and proved it in the 1st game. Check his stats against rigjties too. They are good. Oh and yes I'll take Leury again too. He was taking some good hacks. I'll also take his speed into the gap and coming in on balls over Mazara.
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    So is it a perfect Wednesday if the Sox, Astros, Yankees,...and Marlins win?
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    Hey, all. Very longtime fan and lurker. Admittedly been in the "Fire Renteria" crowd and still am and actually felt like I would prefer the Sox lose if it meant he gets axed, thinking long term. But logic be damned, after getting a taste of a postseason win again at long last, my fan instincts have taken over and I want to do the unthinkable after that abysmal end to the season. Even with Hahn's misfires and misses I know we have the talent. Let's get 'em! P.S. - Where's NUKECLEVELAND these days? (I remember!)
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    If this team starts playing like they did earlier in the season and against the Twins before they fell apart... really anything is possible... especially with the pen at full strength. Gotta love baseball but I also don’t have any expectations. They’ve already met them and in many ways have exceeded them.
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    I am off the eldge, if we win this series agaist Oakland. Anything else would be just gravy since the Sox don’t have the starting pitching to make a deep playoff run. Obviously won’t complain if they win it all, but I am not going to be devastated if they get bounced in the ALDS.
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    Had to follow the game day tracker while at work...get home and turned the game and within 10 mins there was a runner on 1st and 3rd with no outs. Turned it off and walked away lol. Had to go old school and listen to the radio call the rest of the way, couldn’t be the jinx
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    I still can't get used to seeing Soxtalk upset when Adam Engel doesn't play.
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    Sox have won more playoff games in the last 1 hour than the Twins have in their last 140,000 hours.
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    I listened to that game in my car at work with farmio doing the call
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    We’ve now won 13 playoff games since the Twins won their last (0-17).
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