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    The one thing I was confident in Larussa (despite my anger for his hire) was that he'd likely produce good lineups with all his experience... I have since decided that he has no clue what the fuck he is doing.
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    Eaton is gonna make ALOT of posters here eat crow after this season IMO.
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    We really showed the league we mean business by not playing the service manipulation game with Vaughn so that we could get 14 ABs and bench him after every out. Gonna look back in October and pat ourselves on the back for that one.
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    So for tonight, the claim that a pitcher "shit himself out on the mound" might be literal instead of metaphorical.
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    I think she gets points responding to Drunk LaRussa.
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    Hell no. 2021 is not another "developmental" year. This is year 5 of the rebuild. The rebuildniks and Sox Front Office do not get to kick the can down the road another year. Go look at where the Cubs were at year 5 of their rebuild. It is put up or shut up time on the South Side.
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    My wife got an appointment on Friday for today at Mariano's....funny thing, I do the grocery shopping for our family. As I was leaving today I handed her a list of items to get while she waits the 15minutes after the shot.
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    My youngest two (16 and 18) are scheduled for their first shots this week. There's a Facebook page a guy created that was all about supporting local restaurants when COVID started, and it has morphed into a restaurant/bar appreciation page. The moderator has also been posting links to open vaccine appointments, and that was how we were able to snag appointments so easily. By easily I mean going to the page immediately and securing an appointment as soon as possible. It took about 2 or 3 tries for each, but once you reserve a spot, you have 5 minutes to fill out the info and confirm. Both of my younger kids work with the public (Walmart and TCBY), so I'll feel a lot better once they're fully vaccinated.
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    Can we quote you on this every time you talk about the team similarly to how you quote Win4Prep because he got mad and said he wasn't a fan anymore when he was frustrated?
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    lol wtf is wrong with this place? how are any of you baseball fans. tapped out after 2 weeks of baseball. I remember my first beer.
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    Its April 12 and I just have no interest in watching these guys. Awesome.
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    McKenzie is really good. I like him in the future more than Plesac for this team. I think McKenzie could be a star if he stays healthy.
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    I just don’t see how you can come up with a compelling argument on Nick Williams helps you win a ballgame more than Andrew Vaughn at this point, defense be damned
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    Side effects, other than a sore arm and minor fever and aches, aren't common. Severe side effects are very rare. Including myself, about 10 members of my family have gotten the vaccine, and only one of us had a slight fever after the second shot. My brother in-law had the J&J shot and was fine afterwards. About 130 people I work with got the Pfizer vaccine, and I only know of one person that had anything more than general aches and a slight fever. They felt nauseous for a day and were pretty sore.
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    At a certain point the Sox will have to think long and hard about bringing Ozzie back to be the manager
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    Need TA to return to provide some swagger. Current lineup lacks chemistry. More or less a collection of interesting players w/o an identity. Its also time for Moncada to start performing at the plate. Since his breakout in 2019, while improved at 3B, he is currently an easy out at the plate, especially from the right side. This guy was scheduled to be among the premier players in MLB and he's looking more like a liability.
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    Greg, I say this genuinely: I'm really, really happy that you got your first shot. My neighbor was skeptical of getting a vaccine - she's 59, got trust issues with the government and medical companies, etc. But she's tired of having to test every two weeks for work, her family coming over uninvited (her mom lives with her), and all that. Her employer was organizing vaccinations, but with J&J. She didn't feel comfortable with that, so they're working on getting her Pfizer. It did help her fears in general after she talked to my fiancee and I - I got Pfizer, fiancee got Moderna (second shot in a few weeks), and our roommate got J&J. None of us had side effects. The important thing is that you get one of them and are safe.
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    Can I make a few comments all over the map? Feel free to blast me or scream at me. I haven't posted much in a while and figured some might want to see how I'm feeling about COVID in our world. -- Best wishes to Dick Allen's wife. I truly am saddened about her problems and wish her well. And wish Dick well in getting her 100 percent healthy. -- My brother is a nurse in a juvenile detention facility in Chicago. After few to no problems the last many months, suddenly 60 percent of the youngsters in there have COVID now, he said. This is a recent development. He's had his first shot. I pray he doesn't get COVID and the kids there are safe. He did say of all the infected juveniles none of them have had to go to the hospital or anything. This is in a Chicago suburb. -- My cousin, 30, drove to Indiana Saturday to get Johnson and Johnson vaccine because he only wanted one shot. He did have a problem. He fainted within five minutes after getting the shot. He fell but some people caught him and he hit his head on a shelf but did not sustain injuries. They gave him juice and water and food and he declined to get checked out via ambulance and is OK. Not trying to stir anything up, but he did faint and the person who administered the shot told him she was going to truly insist rather than suggest people wait 15 minutes before leaving after the vaccine is administered. -- I was scheduled to finally get my first shot (Pfizer after checking sign ups all over town every day) in a drive-through clinic at the fairgrounds in my car on Friday. Well, I spoke to a friend who bled badly after getting Pfizer No. 1 and I spoke to a few others who had some pretty bad symptoms after getting Pfizer-ed. So on Thursday my friend texted me and said a certain small drugstore was well stocked and I'd assuredly be able to get in there. I checked and it would be Moderna. My brother and sister in law had a sore arm, nothing else from Moderna and I talked to somebody else who had no problems at all. The way my brain works ... I felt more comfortable going to a small drugstore than a drive through at the fairgrounds, so I went and got Moderna Thursday at the mom and pop drugstore. I sat down and the shot-giver said, 'Do you have any reservations?' I said 'actually I do. I watch too much TV.' She said I might have a sore arm but I should be fine. I got good vibes from her. I got the shot and indeed for 48 hours my arm was pretty sore. No big deal there. I'm not a big baby. It went away after 48 hrs. My next shot is in 2 or 3 weeks. They will text me to come in. My point to you is, though I am going to be fully vaccinated soon and have made the decision to vaccinate, I am a little surprised that so many people in my life I consider intelligent to brilliant don't AT ALL share any of my concerns (that I do not voice out loud; I keep them inward). I am concerned about all the little snippets I see on social media from people that are saying, 'Don't get vaccinated. In 8 months when there are new variants attacking your body your immune system will be toast to those varients.' Yes I worry that this is some scam and I will ultimately die as part of this vaccine experiment. It's just me. I was wondering if any of you know folks reluctant to grt vaccinated. Thanks for letting me share this. I am going to be fully vaccinated as soon as humanly possible (I checked the lists every day until I got in the drug store) and I am obeying the recommendations of all my loved ones and friends who have told me to get vaccinated. Here's hoping for a normal world. I'd like to go to some plays this summer in KC and some minor league and big league ballgames. Please tell me if you have any relatives or loved ones as nervous as I've been re. the vaccine.
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    The Twins have lost 4 games in either the 9th or extra innings. And two at home to a very bad Mariners' team. So, in that sense, we're quite lucky they're not out to a 7-2 start, either. The division is really bunched up and we've played about as badly as possibly, bullpen, hitting with RISP, defense....everything but lots more walks and higher OBP. But that doesn't matter if you can't drive those runs in successfully. And we lost our 17 consecutive game losing streak against LHP. Maybe that means we'll finally be successful against Indians' RHPers.
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    I'd say virtually every aspect of the way our team is playing being this bad from the beginning is a bad sign and likely more than just "getting off to a bad start." And we've seen it happen time and time again.
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