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    he compared himself to Jackie Robinson because baseball is dying out among black Americans - that hopefully his style of play and personality would maybe attract more black kids to playing baseball. His entire point was based on race and sports - making fun of him for that is about race no matter how you slice it.
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    I was just thinking.. man, what's an old white man like green line think about what tim anderson feels and thinks about being black in the current mlb game and culture. Surely he's an expert on this topic and understand the context and point better than that tim anderson guy
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    When my son told me he called Donaldson Jackie Robinson I said cool. Totally thought it was a compliment. But then again I dont immediately try to find how something is racist. When I played in a adult basketball league in Kinston, NC which is considered the top basketball city in the country with like 8 NBA players in its history I was the only white guy in the league. The PA announcer was calling me Bobby Hurley because he went to Duke and I was playing PG for our team. I didnt take it as a racist remark, took it as a compliment. I was a white guy who was playing pretty well. This country has a problem with race because we publicize stupid crap like this. Everyone is offended, Football and basketball players must be laughing because the trash talk that goes on in those games is 100x worse.
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    Again almost everyone is missing the point here. It doesn't even matter what he said and if you think it was racist or not. TA and Donaldson are NOT friends. They are not even friendly. You don't joke around like that with someone your not friend's with. Donaldson has a history of bad blood with the Sox. He shouldn't even be yapping at TA. Why say anything? Like TA said he wasn't looking for trouble today. It was just Donaldson being a d***. And big ups to Yasmani for standing up for TA. Maybe this will be a spark for this team.
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    Jokes where the punchline is always hurtful to transgendered people. But I'm sure you don't want to get into that right now.
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    I just can’t believe he said that…twice in the game. At that point it isn’t a joke…it’s a taunt and not a good one. I am more impressed with Yaz sticking up for TA and as another poster mentioned I hope that it puts an us against the world mentality back with this team. They need an edge.
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    People are completely missing the point here. It doesn't matter whether TA comparing himself to Jackie Robinson is fine or ridiculous. As a white person, Josh Donaldson doesn't get any say in the matter. None. Given his history with the Sox, if he thinks anything he says to anyone on that team will be interpreted as a joke then he's an incredibly stupid person. Much more likely he was trying to get under TA's skin. He knows it, TA knows it, everybody knows it.
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    "Cancel Culture" is a phrase used by people who don't want to be held responsible for anything they do.
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    Hasn't fooled them. Half this board is supporting Donaldson for different reasons. True colors on full display tonight.
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    some of this is comical... so you realize tim was saying he was jackie robinson because he was one of the few african american baseball players? His comment had everything to do with racial significance - not playing ability. Donaldson knew exactly what he was doing - its hilarious how he has fooled half this board.
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    Dude, if Tony LaRussa is calling you a racist, you really blew it.
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    Sad part is they’ve gotten a lot of the fan base to buy into that same way of thinking. “All they have to do is make the playoffs, anything can happen once you’re in!” What a crock of shit.
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    That's fair enough. Been giving the guy shit lately and realized I was probably too harsh.
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    I agree with you that Chapelle is a genius. And that's why it's really sad to me that he continues to punch down and make transgender people the object of his ridicule. The only way Chapelle's jokes would work, at least in my opinion as a cis gendered person, is if he turned them around himself and made his potential transphobia the object of the joke.
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    Here is Tim Anderson being thrown at for having fun. This is part of the reason he referred to himself as today’s Jackie Robinson…you should be embarrassed for supporting Josh Donaldson in any way, shape, or form.
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    I mean you are white and you going to call a black man "Jackie?" Just think about that for a moment.
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    I think Donaldson has always been an asshole and he was being an asshole by calling Tim "Jackie." But upon hearing that Tim himself said he feels like he's today's Jackie Robinson, it appears that he was just mocking Tim for making that comparison, not because he was using it as some kind of a racial insult.
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    Just win. That's the best revenge. Just win.
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    If this is it...can they also please move on from Daryl Boston
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