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    You would if you were a moron
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    I'd want more for Colome so no thanks to that
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    Post of the week.... Can we remember not long ago people calling for giolito to be dfa?
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    I agree with you that it is way too early to pass judgment on Eloy for the obvious reasons. However, I think some Sox fans are not realistic when they think a prospect will come up to the major leagues and immediately become a star. There are two painful parts to a rebuild: It takes time, and you never know how long it will take for any young player to develop. This team is at least two more years before becoming a real contender.
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    Get thy head out of thy ass and stop batting Alonzo fourth. getting more ridiculous by the day.
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    This is such a meat head take. Lol.
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    It won't be long before the Sox look like what Houston does now. Win 2 out of 3 games and be near impossible to beat at home. Wish we would get Robert, Collins, Madrigal and Cease up to big club asap. In the long run players will develop better and faster by playing against better players IMO.
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    The Sox have bad luck with NL talent. I'm glad they didn't sign him. The Sox have some young OF talent.
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    Whether or not we think he will snap out of it, there's still no good reason to bat him cleanup
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    I think the Sale trade provides the most value, but we also gave up our best chip in the process. To me, the best trade right now is the Quintana trade but it’s entirely possible that Eaton deal looks like a complete steal in a couple years if Giolito keeps this up. Not to go negative here and derail the thread, but the returns of these trades make it that much more frustrating that we haven’t been able to supplement all these pieces via the draft. This rebuild would be looking pretty good if we were even semi competent with our drafting.
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    I saw a tweet today from the WS about how today is the first time Cease and Eloy have been teammates since the trade. It sent me down a google hole, and I realized that it had been about 2 years since the big 3 white flag trades. Most of the major pieces have either arrived or are one the cusp of hitting the majors (Sorry Basabe fans). As such, it seems like a great time to revisit them and guess which of the 3 trades ends up getting us the most, and which ends up the best for us. I compiled the stats of all the players below to make it a bit easier. IMO, the Sale trade will produce the most for us (I love Eloy, but I really think he is a DH which limits his impact). However, Sale put up a couple amazing seasons for Boston, so I think the Eaton trade may end up being the most lopsided for us. What do ya'll think? (ALSO: Yes, the Shields trade sucked, not the topic here though. Don't be the asshole who derails this with a Hahn rant, we already have threads for that.)
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    2019 Alonso through 170 PAs - .181/.282/,329/.611 2011 Dunn through 208 PAs - .184/.331/.333/.664 WHO SAYS WE CAN'T RELIVE 2011
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    He’s a 30 year old closer under control for one more season, likely at around $10 million dollars via salary arbitration. I realize he has value but I think some people are overvaluing him. I’d take a 24 year old outfielder under control through 2023 that has shown he can hit .250 / .840 with 25 HR for a one year closer. You are buying low on Happ. You couldn’t have dreamt to land him for a one year closer last season.
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    Kenny's excuse in 5 years why they can't afford to pay Moncada is going to be funny
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    Personally, I’d rather they use it to extend Moncada and Robert than be tied up to 31/32 year old Machado and Harper for another 5-8 years.
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    An unknown, but there is a 100% guarantee the 2 or 3 washed up 33 year olds that the Harper/Manny money allows them to buy will be trash.
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    You're gonna have a low BABIP when the defenders know you can only hit it to 1/3rd of the field
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    I was told his advanced metrics look good and he’s been fine.
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    Sometimes I think Kenny and his staff may not be very good at evaluating talent.
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    I knew we would get a "leak" like this about the Sox interest a few months after the dust settled on the offseason. I call BS on any legit Sox interest in Harper. JR and company never had any intention of signing Harper/Machado unless they could get a Black Friday discount on the contract. The way they slow played the whole Machado negotiations is proof of that. JR threw out a low offer bid and just waited and waited until it was topped. The Sox didn't even counter San Diego's offer. Instead they walked away from the table because they were never serious to begin with.
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    Signing either of Harper or Machado would habe been both a sound baseball move AND a shoot for the moon type of move for a superstar who could build hype and sell tickets.
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    Harper/Machado was/is not the endgame.
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    How about sound baseball moves vs shooting for the moon just for the hype and selling tickets? Which BTW knowing Sox fans, even with the hype of a Bryce Harper, there would still be an excuse on why not to purchase tickets.
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    Glad the poll is in their favor big time. I think they are amazing. I've said this before, but try to listen to other team's crews. Like the Royals. Except for the amazing Denny Mathews and the very good Ryan Lefevre, the Royals broadcast is one big commercial for the team. At least Bennetti and Stone don't go that way. They are cheerleaders of course, but it's not sickening. And they use their real voices, don't try to talk like stereotypical announcers.
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