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    If Renteria sat Timmy tonight because of anything other than an injury I’m buying a ticket to Soxfest just to tell him to go fuck himself to his face
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    How are either of those sentences remotely political?
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    No one is going to commit significant resources to Puig IMO. As for the Sox, he's a fit in position only. He doesn't bat left-handed and I don't want that cancer near our young, budding core.
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    I don't usually do this, but I agree, somewhat with Parkman. I don't think they will shut any pitchers down because of innings, but this team has shut down. All that shit about Ricky's Boys never quit. That is such bullshit. They quit all the time; and Ricky leads the way. This team has quit. Just mailing it. Tim trying to win batting title, and Abreu trying to win RBI title, but no one gives a shit about winning anymore. That especially includes the front office and the coaches/manager. Every time you see Covey starting, or Herrera or Fry come in, that is manager/coaches and front office quite obviously telling the fans and players that they don't give a shit about winning any longer. No Madrigal or Robert, the same thing. The players are aware of it, so they've all now quit on the season. I predict 71 wins, wouldn't be surprised if we don't reach 70, this after being only two games under .500 at all-star break.
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    That’s, a lineup.
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    In the last 3 series, the Sox lost 2 of 3 games to the LA Angels, Kansas City, and Seattle. Teams that are 14, 40, and 26 games below .500. The Sox are now a season low 19 games under .500. The scary part is that we are at this point even though Giolito, Anderson, and Moncada have had fantastic seasons and Jimenez has already made a huge impact. McCann had an excellent 1st half and Marshall, Bummer, and Colome have been very good out of the bullpen. Will they be this good again next year? I know we've got Robert and Madrigal coming up next year and a few pitchers back from TJ surgery, But is that enough to make up the huge chasm between us and Minnesota and Cleveland (21-26 games behind them in the standings)? That's why it's paramount that Hahn step out of character and not screw up any FA signings.
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    Just a bad person in almost every facet of life. Almost no way he should be able to play this entire year, but the NFL is going to NFL.
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    I'm not worried about scoring runs. I think it's more important to have a veteran catcher who can handle a young staff, even if he's a light hitting catcher. McCann seems to excel in that area.
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    Oh boy, here come the conspiracy theories that the Sox will go cheap for the foreseeable future, despite all objective evidence suggesting otherwise, because these rebuild years have been “profitable”. Some of you guys are legit nuts.
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    OMG. This is quite the stretch. I just wish we'd trade Jose so I wouldn't have to defend him so much. At least there are two other staunch defenders of Jose along with me Not a bad take by Vile. This is what message boards are for. Throw out a take that's sort of wild but reasonable. Some of us have said for a long time the manager is at a disadvantage on the south side cause of his options. Some nights he has nothing but crap to put on the mound out of the bullpen. Let's face it life is all about making $$$, the most money you can. And with this payroll, the Sox have made soooooo much money during the tank.
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    This is the other "negative" factor about Sox fans not deserting the ship in droves the last two seasons, and actually increasing their numbers (slightly) for 2019. We heard for years and years how the White Sox fans were not supporting ownership enough to justify their putting Top 8-12 payrolls on the field. Well, the fans have been ESPECIALLY resilient the last 2-3 seasons and they were rewarded with an 8% season ticket increase (when you factor in the Field of Dreams Game coming off the schedule of 81 home games). It's not so difficult to imagine them ONLY spending an additional $20-30 million this offseason, because they're incredibly profitable as currently constructed, payroll-wise. The only way we'll know they're actually serious is when they 1) announce an extension with Robert, Moncada or Giolito or 2) sign at least 2 FA's for more than $75 million per year, or Cole/Rendon for $150+ million per year. (I guess you could lump in adding JD Martinez or Grandal there, whatever the final contract turns out to be.)
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    And not to state the obvious, but Deshaun Watson only threw for 150 yards this week. The Bears just beat a team who had won 17 or 18 home openers and somehow powered through it. The altitude is real. This game is going to bet the catalyst. Strap on and get ready for a fun ride!!!
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    Mitch had that nice read to Cohen on 1st drive of the game where he used his feet too (ball hung up just enough and Bronco DB made a good play). They haven't really leveraged Mitch's legs enough, imo. That said, online was better today. Progress still needs to be made though. Mitch had a couple misses but I still don't see the Bears playmakers doing much either. Either way...this was a huge win. I'm calling a 3 TD+ performance from Mitch next week.
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    Renteria, bad manager? Bunt hear me out...
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    I searched for another thread and didn't find it. Apparently, Renteria didn't understand what the umps were asking re: his challenge of Narvaez's "homer" last night and didn't challenge, a move that cost the Sox the game. Is he on pain meds? How stupid. Also, the 8th today where he let's a spent Hector put 3 guys on and then plays musical relievers for like 45 minutes was unwatchable.
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    You're right. Some blame has to fall on Jose Abreu. His abysmal defense sets a bad precedence for the younger players by the so-called "leader".
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    The final win total is completely irrelevant at this point. Just short of 70 wins, just over - who cares! What matters now is officially moving out of “rebuild” mode and all of the losing that goes along with that, and transitioning into winning mode, and trying to compete for a championship. So let these remaining games play out however they do, and then let’s get to the offseason and the owner/FO’s plan to take us to the next level. Once and for all, let Reinsdorf and Williams/Hahn prove their mettle and worth by taking the core built through the rebuild and turning it into a sustainable and repeatable winning product on the field.
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    I seriously doubt he gets anything like that. He’s been an incredibly ordinary player for several years now and has a reputation for being a clubhouse cancer. I think he’ll be lucky to get more than 2/$30M.
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    Does that include the bullpen? And losing 95-100 times a year?
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    This is totally wrong.
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    Aside from him being a total tool and hated in every clubhouse he's been in........
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