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    Right now the White Sox have 3 starting pitchers. 2 previous starters are expected back from Tommy John surgery at some point in 2020. Both will start in the minors for at least some rehab starts and be called up when they are ready. One has yet to pitch 15 innings at the big league level and the other has only pitched more than 150 innings once in 5 seasons. The White Sox might get one quality starter this offseason but if they have the chance to get two I think they should go for it. If at any point the White Sox have 7 starters that are healthy and playing well enough to be on a contending club then the Sox will likely be going to the postseason. I don't see this as a problem.
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    I am very high on Castellanos bat, and somewhat less concerned with his defense than most. My biggest concern with him is signing him forces the Sox to make a long term commitment to being defensively challenged in the outfield corners, which potentially hurts development of the young pitchers. I wouldnt hate taking a flyer on Puig, who actually plays RF, and will be cheap, but it wouldnt excite me. I agree with you on Dickerson, but coming off an injury, numbers usually regress and we potentially end up with Jon Jay 2.0. Calhoun is the player most likely to turn into Alonso or any of about 15 or so other free agent busts on the South Side, where you can see all the reasons on paper where it could work, but some combination of age, diminishing skill set, possible changes to the ball next year, etc. leads to a .213/.288/ .402 line. Ozuna just makes absolutely no sense to me. Trading for Joc gives us a 3 WAR player and leaves us options for next year.
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