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    A high school pool party in Arkansas just created a cluster of cases. 2 hair stylists exposed more than 140 people. Rogue church gatherings have created hot spots. Why does stupidity elsewhere warrant opening up churches to kill more? You must be trolling. You and your loved ones should just defy the dictators and do what you want. Just remember you were warned of the consequences of your actions, so don’t feel sorry for yourself or ask for pity when what you have been told will happen actually happens. All you should get is a big thank you from everyone for making this worse and extending everyone else’s suffering.
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    What? Your entire premise sucks.
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    Lets please stop talking about 14 people in a church being a hazard. Did you see the tape of the party in the Ozarks released Saturday night on social media/Twitter? Hundreds of people in a pool and on the deck partying with NO concern of COVID. They are swimming, drinking, partying ALL OVER the pool. Hundreds. No masks. Of course not. Let's face it, the very young people don't give a flying flip about CORONA. Young people aren't dying and they are NOT ever wearing masks and having a jolly Memorial Day weekend. Meanwhile, we're discussing greg's Mass of 14 people? Get real. It's over. The country is opened. If this link doesn't work tweet Scott Pasmore. Video of a HUGE party in the Ozarks. Try to copy and paste that link. It's @scottpasmoretv Look at that party and tell me you don't feel silly talking about opening churches. Geez. p.s. The Missouri governor has to be soooo mad when he sees the pix. National Guard on Saturday? There will be hell to pay at the Ozark party pool.
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    That article scares the bleep out of me. One of those individuals will be our president. The only one qualified is Warren. If Joe has to pick an African American and that by all accounts is the case, then it's Kamala or Abrams for sure. Do u folks truly, honestly want one of those two to be president the next 6-7 years when Joe steps down for health reasons if he has to?? I don't like her at all, but if I had to pick one from that article, I guess it'd be Warren and I despise her. Folks ... anything can happen and if we had a real convention this year instead of a virtual convention on Zoom cause of Corona I think Hillary or Michelle still might run. Hillary more than Michelle. She'd like nothing bette than to swoop in and grab the nomination cause this time it's an automatic win over Trump.
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    Am I missing something? Why do people think that fans will even be allowed at the game?
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    Predications: MLB clubs would rather not see their systems have teams go under at inopportune moments, and mess with the ability to get 2021 going as normal. But, MLB clubs are hurting for cash as it is, and many won't have the money and/or desire to dump millions into funding minor league teams just so they stay afloat for the next year. So, Prediction: MLB teams won't be much help. Some MiLB teams will reach points where they are leveraged out and/or don't have enough operating cash to continue. No one wants to buy a business in that condition, especially given all the questions about the unknown direction of MiLB and the likely slow recovery when there is one. So, MLB teams will monitor their affiliates AND those of other clubs closely. As some of them going into bankruptcy, and then receivership when they can't raise short term cash for the same business reasons, MLB teams will swoop in and buy those affiliates for pennies on the dollar. A club that might be worth $30M will sell for a few million. The MLB teams treat them as part of their portfolio, gain some equity over a few years, buying an asset with costs already stripped down. Any slim operating profit they get from the owned affiliates is icing on the cake, and can be used towards overall system investments. They get to rebuild the teams' business structures as they see fit, to fit within their plan of how they want the systems to run. Plus, the negative conditions lower the value of nearly all teams, so the MLB clubs with the ability to do so, begin buying other clubs that didn't die off. Within 3 years, the percentage of full season clubs owned by MLB teams will go from miniscule to fairly large.
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    Quick question for you, Caulfield: Where do you fall on the political spectrum? Are you a Bernie Bro, Center-left, Cemter-Right, or a fox news kool-ader? (Once you answer that, THEN feel free to comment on the following.) You are a good poster, with much to add here. But your suppositions about the VP pick, particularly vis a vis Warren are YOUR opinions posed as fact. You seem to be able to cite links for everything except your opinion on the VP pick. (You strangely have no links when you pimp Warren's chances, yet you have links for everything else you post.) Warren would be a craptastic and moronic pick for Biden, IMO. For a variety of reasons, she would be terrible. For as much as you (and others) b**** about Biden's self-pwnage over the past few days, so too has Warren self-pwned herself as well. That said, this crisis means we need a fvkxing grownup to fvkxing run this country. We're reopening this country, yet I think scant attention is paid to how to prevent a recurrence of outbreaks.
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    There’s momentum now going to Warren because of her economics/law and Consumer Protection Board experience, as we transition into ongoing series of arguments for stimulating the economy while still lacking a lacking a health care plan that won’t add another $3-5 trillion in debt. And a backlash against Klobuchar...due to her almost complete inability to draw minority voters and the fact that the advantages she provides in MN, IA, WI, MI, OH and PA are essentially the same ones that Biden already has for those particular states. Harris and Warren appear to be the two co-favorites (yes, that’s creating a bit of risk with her MA Senate seat).
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    Ah man the tax free money train stopped rolling whatever will these churches do
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    Yep. It's coming. I had a similar mindset to this when we had JJ Cooper on. I said the White Sox losing Great Falls wasn't that big of a deal if they could field two AZL and two DSL teams if allowed. JJ made a great point though. He presented this scenario: what if a player is great in the AZL for his rookie season and then the club promotes to Kannapolis for full season the following year. The player really struggles ad Kanny isn't the right fit. Do you send that guy back to the AZL for short season complex ball since there is no more short season rookie ball? You'd usually send that player to Great Falls with the intention of bringing back to Kannapolis soon.
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    Why? Most agree that there should be a vaccine by the fall now. People are just looking for clicks, I swear. It's like the media in April that was saying the total lockdowns would last for 18 months. Here we are in late May and 49/50 states have begun some form of reopening. (Yup, the one that hasn't is Illinois)
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    Holy fucking shit. So, Harris having won statewide office in a state that's bigger than most countries doesnt count as qualified? Having won a Senate seat from that same state doesnt count as qualified? Having been a major party candidate for POTUS doesnt count as "qualified?" Greg, i understand that you, like all of us have PREFERENCES. Your preferences =/= "qualified." (I keep expecting more from greg, but I keep ending up disappointed.)
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    I think they will. They have 5 picks totaling around $7.8 million. Those 5 picks will cost Reinsdorf a total of $500K this year. The rest of the bonuses are over the next two years. They should be expected to go over their pool if necessary.
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    Scared of a black woman, but totally ok with 100,000 bodies. At least he's white!
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    This is so true. If people are so god-fearing, you'd think they would be concerned about the welfare of others. The congregation in my wife's church want to return, but not under these circumstances. A group of them also had a meeting online to talk over church matters, and they accomplished somethings. They are more than willing to give things a little more time. They just don't think the risk is worth it right now. Makes sense to me.
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    I think one pastor had it right when he said the church is not closed, the building is. Why can’t you worship virtually? For a bunch of people who think they are so decent, they certainly aren’t will to sacrifice much to actually prove it. Why won’t some even wear masks? Why is that an assault on your rights and the requirement that you must have insurance and wear a seat belt to drive a car not?
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    For real. Dude got a lot lighter and that speaks to work ethic. As for his pitching, he's pitched professionally and 2-way players are becoming more of a thing. If you get him, you try it out and see if it falls.
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