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    I would hate to be in Hahn's position wrt a mystery team. I mean, if you're dead serious about winning the bidding war for Machado, having the "there's no mystery team" gamble backfiring on you would be devastating So how do you keep from bidding against yourself, and at the same time not allow a real mystery team to swoop in?
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    You'd have to break out the advanced stats, but probably means he's getting more fastballs over the plate in the 8th spot to retire him before the pitcher comes up...or trying to avoid walks in order to get the pitcher to lead off an inning. With the 1st spot, he's a lot more vigilant about taking walks and working deep into counts, but I'm not sure if that's borne out by the individual stats with Pederson in terms of more power hitting 8th or 1st, OBP, etc. A lot of leadoff hitters get fastballs because no pitcher wants to walk the top of the order and set up the big inning, especially starting out a game. That said, it's not like he's 1980's Vince Coleman or Tim Raines and a threat to run wild on the basepaths.
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    Can't wait till he beats your 6th or 7th favorite NFL team.
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    I enjoy watching greatness, and I'll be able to say I saw the greatest ever. Whatever he does from here on is just gravy and I love it
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