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    I wouldn’t do it. Six years of Dunning > one year of Lynn.
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    Exactly and coming off Tommy John you could expect some arm fatigue . You can severely underestimate a rookie pitcher who is also coming back from TJ surgery. That is 2 things he has never done before, face big league hitters and come back from TJ surgery. It had to be a huge adjustment for him.
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    I don't think you can make categorical statements like that. This is chess....if they sign Bauer but keep Mazara that is not the team giving up...it's them allocating resources where they think they are more important. Maybe they think Mazara's lefty bat, improved defense and hitting potential is too good of a fit and that his 150 at bats in a Covid year is not enough to decide he's a waste...maybe they think Adolfo is closer to being ready than any of us do...maybe they think they can wait and see on Mazara until the all star break, where your minor league talent has begun to bloom enough to be more attractive in a trade. Maybe they are seeing reports that Covid will shut down fans for all of 2021 as well and money will be really tight for everyone. We don't know but if they do bring him back it will be interesting.
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    Maybe this shouldn't be a new topic but what is with all this talk about trading our young players away? I just don't understand the thinking behind it. it hijacks every thread with ridiculous trade ideas. Why does Vaughn's name come up in every trade and why are some posters in such a hurry to get rid of the guy? I heard it all last year and now this year as well. It's not a stretch to think he might end up being our best hitter down the road. Madrigal looks like a 300 plus hitter and all that with a bad shoulder. And I wouldn't trade Kopech until I see him for a full year without or without him being a possible head case. And I even saw Garret Crochet name come up along with Robert. INSANE. I will be sooooo pissed if we trade any of these guys. I don't care who we get in return like Snell or Marquez. And don't even get me started on Lance Lynn. Please!!! I don't post a lot but just felt I had to say it because I get nauseous every time I see these names come up. just saying
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    One thing for sure...Snell is not Sale. Don't pay a Sale like price.
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    This is true and not true at the same time. Yes, Kopech is not giving us anywhere close to 200 innings next year. Dunning will also be restricted given his limited workload this year. They both require special handling in 2021, but both are major league ready and can be key contributors. Additionally, we have Cease who shouldn’t have many restrictions next year, but is coming off a terrible 2020 season which adds uncertainty. I think the reality is we need to add two starters, a #2 / #3 type that can be a key part of a playoff staff and a #4 type who can be in the back of the rotation mix along with the young guys. Let’s say you could add Lynn for Stiever++ and then sign someone like Richards for that second spot. All of a sudden this is your 2021 rotation: Giolito Lynn Keuchel Richards Dunning Cease Kopech Lopez Kopech & Cease start the year in AAA where the former’s workload can be managed while he shakes off some rust (and earns back a year of service time) and where the latter can work on any mechanical changes that Katz identifies this offseason / spring training. Even if Richards can only give you a 100 good innings before going down with injury, you now have two high-end prospects waiting in the wings for their chance. Given there will likely be seven playoff teams in each league next year, I think this rotation structure should be totally doable for us. And then come October, you’ll have a big three of Giolito, Lynn (or comparable pitcher), & Keuchel to battle with it. It may not be perfect, but we can’t afford to fully punt on the development of all our young arms or the window will quickly come to a close. We need to find a balance and this plan is the best way to do that IMO.
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    Amazing to see people b**** about fake insider trolls on Twitter, and wonder aloud why they waste their time every off season doing it... only to constantly post their thoughts and analyze them as if Jeff passan broke the story lol.
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    Dunning put up a 3.99 FIP in his first seven starts coming off TJS and without his best stuff. I get he faced some shit lineups, but that’s immensely impressive for a rookie and he 100% earned a rotation spot for next year.
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    Right. Big picture that trade doesn't improve the sox.
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    Just think of it... every one of us has a circle of friends and family that think we are the most crazed Sox fan in the World. They obviously are not familiar with this site. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    1. Absolutely the DREAM ACT should be signed into law. 2. Increase the number of refugees allowed in. 3. Bar/deport serious criminals who enter. 4. Pathway to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented immigrants otherwise not covered by other legal statuses; if you get a hair up your ass to enforce some sort of penalty, make it a fine of some sort, proportionate to an immigrants means. 5. No wall; its a complete fucking waste of time and money. 6. End the travel ban. Did I miss anything?
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    Unacceptable is an MO for this organization.
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    It is. No other white sox forums compare to this place. It's the creme de la creme
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    This feels like the only true White Sox forum on the whole damn internet. Love you guys.
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    All we need is Bauer. Let the roulette wheel keep spinning on 1 yr. stop gaps in RF ,a reliever to replace Colome or Colome himself, and run with that. Let Cease and Dunning be 4 and 5 . See who's non tendered and see what else we can come up with. If we can't sign Bauer divide what we were willing to pay Bauer among 2 other starting pitchers.
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    It's not the FA options that our limited. There are sufficient options that we could fill all of the team's needs. It is the team's willingness to spend that money that we expect to be limited.
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    Long LONG time lurker and I had to find my username and password to add my two cents to this whole thing. Greg I get why you are pulling to extremes on this stuff. It’s easy. It’s the way media is going because that is what gets eye balls. But you really need to fight against it. I was really curious about your claim that Portland was still rioting so I did some googling. If you believe that broken windows and graffiti constitutes rioting then Chicago has been rioting since the day I was born… The answer to mass media issues isn’t watching some guy in Portland hunting down antifa, home video style. I watched about 10 minutes of one of those videos you posted and I had to stop. The guy in the video was even talking about the protestors like they were the enemy. It’s toxic and unhealthy. The most important thing is that this is a both sides issue and It’s important that you know that I’m not the left attacking the right. I have a buddy at work that thinks socialism is the golden answer to all of Americas problems and every time a black person is killed by a cop its cold blooded murder. And I tell him this for everything he gets ticked off by. Take some time and find information about the issue from as many sources as you can. None will be 100% truth or fact but you can build a pretty good idea as to what the truth and facts are. Mr. portland antifa hunter isn't the authority on Portland and their unrest.
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    White Sox featured on the first Sunday Night Baseball telecast in 2021.
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