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    https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 Kubat for AAA. Flores back at AA for third post rehab start. I hate to ask this, I know it is a free board etc, etc. I don't post often in the MLB game threads as many are extremely negative. I get the frustration but I come to the minors for hope. On any given day, someone by virtue of chance will have a decent/good day. Lately, I am seeing the negative spill over to the minors. Could we limit the plain "he sux" comments or put them in a thread about that player? I have no problem with someone wanting to discuss a players poor performance but many of these players most of us have never seen. Many are playing for their careers as roster decisions loom. They are doing all they can in often shitty circumstances. Sorry and I know I will get slammed but everybody have a great day.
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    Not surprising at all. For a poster who always wants to “JUST WIN BABY”, you sure love supporting stupid opinions by our stupid manager which actually leads to the team losing more games. How ironic.
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    Sounds like WSI is in the.....roadhouse
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    A couple more thoughts. I've lived in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Houston markets, and I cannot ever remember a franchise that has gone after their own fans nearly as often as this one. AJ Hinch gets mad when another team throws at his players, our manager swears when people dare question him. I think this tells us a lot about how these guys really are indoors - they really are surrounded by yes men. They go around all day with no one willing to step out of line, to propose anything new, or even to suggest that doing things differently might produce different results. They are so used to it that the only way any criticism leaks through - in the occasional press availability - they blow up at them over and over. Williams, Stone, Renteria, and I'm sure Cooper more than once although we've stopped paying attention to those, and that's all just this season. Rick Renteria has a .423 career winning mark, he is 258-352 as a big league manager. But he's absolutely angry at the concept that he might ever incorporate anything new into his managing style. His GM doesn't push him on that, he doesn't work with him on that, he's just in charge and he's absolutely earned it? That's absolutely not how it works in Houston. If management has something they want to try, they work with Hinch on it, and if Hinch has a problem with it, things stay behind closed doors. When people question AJ Hinch, he explains his thinking, admits sometimes things go wrong, and here's what we'll do about it if needed. It's the same setup as the rest of the franchise - how dare you question us, we are owed your allegiance and your money. Everyone around us has told us we're doing a great job, just you angry folks in the press.
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    This is the type of bullshit though that leads to Abreu batting 3rd the next two seasons
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    Dotel didn’t close any deals, he was setup, man. Castillo was caught stealing, but luckily has a pretty good defense. I’ll see myself out.
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    Yermin 2r HR in second!! Free the beast!
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    If mods don't know what this means google it on the urban dictionary. If this crap is allowed to stand, this is going to get ugly because I am ready to fire back.
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    Maybe no one should have been freaking out about less than a month's worth of DSL games fresh off signing a new contract. Really, no one should give a shit about DSL games in general, but certainly not in this context.
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    If the Sox were an NBA team, they would play through the slow, methodical center and shoot 20 footers the whole game.
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    "Analytics would say to bat Tim Anderson higher up in the order in Yonder Alonso lower, but fat guys DH and DHs are #4 hitters. My gut says so."
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    In other words - you basically find more enjoyment in the Sox failing than succeeding.
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    This is remarkably tone deaf to what an addict goes through on a day to day basis. I'm not about to sit here and argue with you for feeling this way because clearly you have made up your mind, but it is not nearly as simple as you think it is
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    Jack, sometimes you say things that I just can't comprehend. Saying he'll have a lot of seasons between 33-39 but never 40 makes zero sense.
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    OK then we agree cause Passan says he should be paid just what Vile and I said he should be paid. I am Vile's mini me. ... One shot on Passan by me: There are a ton of guys who can hit 30 HR and get on base 32 percent of the time? The Sox haven't found too many of those guys thru history.
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    You can also still win a batting title if you don't reach the qualifying PA's. Your average, for leaderboard purposes, is just calculated as if you had enough hitless at bats to reach the qualifying mark. Tony Gwynn did so in '96.
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    And who would that replacement be? Do Robert or Mandrigal play 1st base? I didn't know that. Is it A. J. Reed in AAA? Is it Sheets in AA with his .261 average and his .763 OPS? No wait, it's Vaughn. He was the best batter in college ball last year (I hear that quote over and over). He is dominating Single A pitching to the toon of batting .250 with a OPS of .765. Is he gonna be in the majors next year? . . . nope. Or the year after that . . . nope. Probably by 2022, but not a sure thing. And by then Abreu, as history strongly indicates, will have 60 more career home runs and about 200 more career RBIs. Pay the man what he has earned and deserves.
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    Snell got 5/$50M early this year with the same amount of control and coming off a Cy Young winning season. Severino & Nola got 4/$40 & 4/$45M respectively plus an option year (I believe both were Super 2 guys). Any deal in that range should be a no-brainer for us as long as we buy out at least one free agent year.
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    By the collective hive mind doomsayers that love to scream into the void at the slightest sign of adversity.
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    Abreu will cost 5% of what Moncada will in a few years, that's why JR is happy to say this
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    I do agree there should be a mix, but I have no idea what batting a guy with a .322 slugging pct clean up does for a team in a positive way.It is time to take one of Ricky’s toys away and cut bait with Jon Jay. They could have saved more money and actually spent the $ 1 million internationally had they just done the obvious and realized Jon Jay would probably not make it through the season on the roster based on merit. The Sox love RR. He is going nowhere, so hopefully he will learn from mistakes. There actually are several teams where the manager doesn’t make ou the line up.
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    "I go against things winning teams are doing", the rant. Get rid of him please.
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    Abreu is 4th in the sport in hard hit balls and is 15th in average exit velocity (minimum 200 BBE). I'm not sure where the people saying his batted ball stats suck are getting that from. If it's purely about pull% or something then maybe, but if he were on any other team, someone with the two stats I mentioned would be sought after by the board as a short-term 1B/DH.
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    The length of this Moncada rehab assignment seems excessive, and with a day game tomorrow, it's looking like a Thursday return. He should bring Collins, Madrigal, and Robert with him.
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