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    At the expense of others? Man the American mind set and culture sure is self centered and idiotic now-a-days.
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    I'm going to take this time to point something out. If anyone says that they hope an individual Sox player (or any player in the league) gets COVID-19, you'll be getting an automatic 10-day suspension. You wouldn't be wishing any other potentially fatal disease upon them, so don't do it here.
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    Gotta let people live and make their own choices.
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    Someone supposedly has the Bubonic Plague in China. I wonder if that's next. We got hosed on the trade. They get Caulfield, we get Covid 19 and a Plague to be named later.
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    Mass panic should not ensue after every positive test. Be calm. Be reasonable, people.
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    I hope your new bride is happy about not being #1 on your honeymoon plans .
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    It is easy to crap on people for this kind of stuff, and it is a pretty Boomer attitude to do something. No matter what you think of it, it is real to the person who is experiencing it, and really that is all that matters.
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    You asked how the White House has failed. I laid out multiple ways, your response was citing “counter arguments” that revolves around agencies that have nothing to do with the White House. In terms of your request, I really don’t see that serving much of a purpose with you, at least until you start to dig your head out of the sand, and drop those water jugs you seem to want to carry for your Orange leader. Don’t ask the question if you don’t want a real response.
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    Just to add to what everyone else has pointed out, here's a simple one: Illinois was the first state, and is still one of only a few states, that have met the CDC guidelines for doing any kind of re-opening. That covers all the metrics that matter - infection rates and trends, deaths, hospitalizations, ICU capacity, and ventilator capacity. After a huge early surge that hit the large cities hardest for obvious reasons, Illinois has done arguably a better job than any other state. To say otherwise is just denying reality. You can nitpick specific things JB and the state has done or not done for sure, and nothing is perfect, but Illinois has clearly outperformed just about every other state if not all of them in response to the pandemic. And this is coming from someone who did not want JB as our governor.
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    I want an actual education for my kids. Not a fucking once a week zoom with homework that lasts 30 minutes. If this is more of the same in the fall. Then there is zero point. The same elderly teachers that are at risk to get covid and have secondary issues also have a non-existent grasp of how to use technology. So this will be another round of "we are not ready for this". Then more once a week zooms.
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    Yeah, I don't have a problem with anything you said in your plan. My issue is just that the idea that there is a "middle ground" that is always right is extremely historically tone deaf. If that were really true, slavery would still exist today, white men would be the only people allowed to vote, etc. Not to mention, the U.S. doesn't really have a "middle", since the area between conservatives and liberals is still extremely to the right of the global or true middle. That said, I agree with your overall idea, but I believe that phrases such as "the truth is always in the middle" and whatnot are extremely reductive and historically false
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    Madrigal is literally the perfect complementary piece on this roster. He does EXACTLY the things the Sox have lacked for years. Let's stop trying to replace him or trade him or upgrade from him. Just let him go out there and play gold glove defense, hit .290-.310 and be towards the top of the league in putting the ball in play the next 6-7 seasons.
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    You must not be familiar with Sox fans. Hell there are ones on here holding grudges over stuff going back to the 1950s. If the Sox fan base is good at anything it is being upset about stuff that happened a long time ago.
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    Just give me Mookie fucking Betts and this team has a chance to do some very special things for the next half decade.
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    I can too. The collective IQ in this country has dropped to dangerously low levels. The “Q” movement may be a vocal minority but it seems to be gaining members every day. My faith in the American public, not to mention our government is at all-time lows, and have very little confidence the American public will make the right choice in November.
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    Give me Mitch and the cap space!
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    There is no arguing with you. Its the same tactic. You come up with an absurd thought. You double down on said absurd thought sighting research from the internet. You make several runs at better explaining it back editing your posts. Then you either tap out or you punt to the fact that you are autistic as a reason for being obtuse. You throw out technology answers when you barely have a grasp of how half this shit works. Sure you know a bit more than your parents and maybe a few of your friends. But that doesn't matter. You read something on the internet, it punched through your brain-pan and what comes out enviably is a rube goldberg plan for society. I hope your basement is well stocked. See you in two years when you can finally get your vaccine.
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    For me I'd have illinois in a modified phase 3 with much more leniency on outdoor activities but would not allow the indoor restaurants/bars that are allowed now.
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    If that was the case, they wouldn't have restarted.
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    The massive eviction wave getting underway is going to be absolutely brutal so much unnecessary pain and suffering and death in this country
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    Hopefully Hahn has learned at least the basics of the concept of "salary dump" . But so far,it's been ugly when Hahn wades in these waters.
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    This is a case where the text hidden by the ellipsis could drastically change the implication of the quote.
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    Good lord that bullshit tweet sure did get a lot of miles. People now speculating on "mental health issues".
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    Madrigal wasn't apart of the original "summer camp" roster the Sox released that had additional spots open (that Madrigal will assume). Smart money is Yoan & Ruiz (unless he's been picture/referenced at the stadium the last 24 hours) for the corona positives.
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