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    People are completely missing the point here. It doesn't matter whether TA comparing himself to Jackie Robinson is fine or ridiculous. As a white person, Josh Donaldson doesn't get any say in the matter. None. Given his history with the Sox, if he thinks anything he says to anyone on that team will be interpreted as a joke then he's an incredibly stupid person. Much more likely he was trying to get under TA's skin. He knows it, TA knows it, everybody knows it.
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    I was just thinking.. man, what's an old white man like green line think about what tim anderson feels and thinks about being black in the current mlb game and culture. Surely he's an expert on this topic and understand the context and point better than that tim anderson guy
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    some of this is comical... so you realize tim was saying he was jackie robinson because he was one of the few african american baseball players? His comment had everything to do with racial significance - not playing ability. Donaldson knew exactly what he was doing - its hilarious how he has fooled half this board.
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    If this is it...can they also please move on from Daryl Boston
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    Wait, so Anderson told Sports Illustrated that he feels like "today's Jackie Robinson?" That kind of puts a different context to Donaldson calling him "Jackie."
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    Fuck yes - Uribe was one of my favorite Sox. His arm at shortstop was so sick and that defense in 9th inning of World Series was fucking awesome!
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    Hasn't fooled them. Half this board is supporting Donaldson for different reasons. True colors on full display tonight.
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    Looks like every Hahn offseason since 2013
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    What they really need is new ownership and then everything that trickles down because of it
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    Dude, if Tony LaRussa is calling you a racist, you really blew it.
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    "Cancel Culture" is a phrase used by people who don't want to be held responsible for anything they do.
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    The crappy feeling is that I think all of us know deep down that firing him won’t do shit to turn this around
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    I live here too. I have for 20 years. You being afraid of perceived trouble doesn't mean it is unsafe for everyone.
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    Sadly, I am not. How many people defended TLR vs Yermin? Contextually different but similar undertones. Donaldson’s explanation fits right in with things white people say in defense of shitty actions and as cover for racist motivations.
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    Wonder if Juan Jr. has a coke can like his pops
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    The reality is far worse than this. You need to go to the Original Comiskey Park, a pitchers park, and a season before most of us (I was conceived during this season) were even born, to reach this level of run scoring futility. 1968 was the last season the White Sox did not score 5 or more runs in 10 or more games after 37 games. There was no designated hitter at the time, and this was the final season before MLB lowered the pitchers mound and shrunk the strike zone to the current dimensions. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CHW/1968-schedule-scores.shtml The White Sox were so bad this season, A. The White Sox split home games between Comiskey Park and Milwaukee County Stadium, in an attempt to draw more fans. They drew 803,775 (9th out of 10 AL teams) over 81 home games, or less than 10,000 per game. B. GM Edwin Short went through three different managers this season, if only we could be so lucky. Eddie Stanky (34-45) Les Moss (12-24) Al Lopez (21-26) C. The team finished with a 67-95 record. D. It took until the 53rd game of the season for the Sox to score 5 + runs for the eighth time, a 5-2 win over the Yankees at OG Yankees Stadium, with Wilbur Wood getting his 4th win of the season in front of 5,340 fans (yikes). The 2022 White Sox will need to go another 16 games to tie, or 17 games with less than 5 runs each game to pass the offensive futility of the 1968 Chicago White Sox, a team handicapped by both the pitcher hitting and a higher pitchers mound.
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    What exactly has Tony done to help this team? Please explain.
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    His arm isn’t good but the ball was very shallow. He had the ball way before Harrison even touched third.
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    You run on Benintendi every chance you get. He made a throw earlier this year that didn't even make it to the catcher. He has a 20 arm but somehow uncorked a good throw there. It was a good send.
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    This is probably one of the dumber threads in recent memory.
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    So, to be clear. Vaughn, Robert, Anderson, and Moncada all need rest frequently or something. Abreu, Grandal, Harrison, Pollock, and Garica need to play every game. The first group is young, contains probably your best four hitters at the moment and, in Robert and Vaughn's case, developing still. The second group is old, kinda sucks at the moment, and has dudes with injury concerns.
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    Midway and stay downtown or river north. Don't let people's fears scare you off of a good time.
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