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    Whenever you want, preferably in another thread so that the rest of us don't have to read it in one designed to talk about next month's draft.
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    Everything you posted is correct, and true. However, what has bothered me about this stupid move was that those mouth-breathing morons in the front office thought: 1. The shitty 2016 roster that they dropped on us, AND 2. the shitty, moronic manager who never wanted to be here, and wasn't even a HEAD coach in HS, 3. Collectively had a snowball's chance in hell of competing. In other words, KW/RH/JR are all collectively too stupid to tell the difference between a GOOD team, and a poor one. So set aside that anyone with a 3-digit IQ and working eyes could have seen that Shields was one of the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. Set aside that Shields could have/SHOULD have been gotten for mere money/salary relief/NO prospect equity. The people still running this org are simply too dumb to do their jobs. They were dumb in 2016, and I see little to suggest that they've gotten smarter since then. FFS, the squandering of resources on turds like Jay and Alonzo and others, and then whining about the price tag for Machado reinforces the idea that they don't know a good player from a poor one. THAT'S what truly hurts about this idiotic, moronic, and dumb trade. RH/KW/JR ALL deserve a verbal beating for being fucking morons. And yes, Tatis' likely ascension to stardom will be the constant reminder that we have imbeciles running this team [into the ground].
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    No one can convince me to miss Avi goddam Garcia
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    I thought maybe he had whiplash from watching all the rockets zoom by him.
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    Listening to the FG podcast now and here are some of the relevant draft notes: -- Again compared Vaughn to Konerko, though stated a scout said that might be light. Brought up the point that it seems like some of Vaughn's "struggles" (compared to last year) are because his lineup is so weak that he is getting pitched around so he is changing his approach just to try and help his team win. Might be a 55 FV. -- Abrams got a comp to Kenny Lofton; similar swing, 80 runner, sneaky power that is currently a gap guy. 55 raw now with probable 60 future when he fills out, but not the swing or approach to tap into it currently. Probably projects to 60 hit, 40 power, but because he is more raw than Witt there is more room for changes and adjustments. Some scouts said he is an 80 runner with 60 power, which basically doesn't exist in the minors outside of Jordyn Adams who projects to 60 power. Is kind of like Xavier Edwards from last years draft, but just more of everything (explosiveness, size, power). High variance where he goes in the top 10. -- Witt comped to Trevor Story. Enough hit to get to the big power in game, good defensive short, good athlete. 60 now power, 65 future with the swing and approach to tap into it. -- Bleday has a traditional right field profile with a little more feel to hit than that. Fast moving college hitter. More quick notes on other guys in the top half of the first that I don't think we really need to know about. About draft strategies and rumors: -- It seems like Witt is the pick at #2. -- If true, the O's could use it to leverage Vaughn or Rutschman into underslot because otherwise they would fall to #3. (If people want craziness, they should hope Vaughn is willing to go underslot more than Rutschman and the O's take him #1, Royals stick to Witt #2, and the we get Rutschman.) -- D-backs are everywhere. No idea if they are going prep or college heavy or just preparing for everything. -- The last final month is when you can really tell who teams are on with personnel at games, so expect more of that.
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    God I hate this shit. Just man up. YOU'RE THE FUCKING GM. HAVE SOME PRIDE IF YOUR "VISION" IS BEING NEGATED THAN FUCKING RESIGN. Sadly I've come to realize that while a smart guy and a smooth talker Hahn is just a yes man like Gar that doesn't really bring any real skills to the job other than perhaps contract negotiation. There is a reason that JR has setup the Bulls and Sox in similar ways. If nobody is in charge, nobody can be blamed!
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    Just want to point out I was right when I said Madrigal would have a homer before June.
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    This is some serious 20/20 bullshit right here from you fathom.
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    Might as well get his 4 starts in and TJ surgery started now than in September.
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    This process is correct and it makes me happy. Regardless of whether they are bad talent evaluators, if they value Abrams >= Vaughn, but can get him cheaper, they should do it. The lack of college pitching means that all other profiles are getting dragged forward. This would allow them to get the players they like with the first and second picks. Like getting Abrams and Seth Johnson would be an infusion of plus tools into the org with high ceilings. If they fail they fail.
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    I'm glad I'm enjoying every minute of Abreu's career. Not the team, but his individual career. He is one class act. Pay him. Enjoy him. Respect him. Thank u.
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    Robert is going to be a transformational star if he stays healthy. Eloy will win a batting title and regularly contend for batting titles. People don't appreciate just how good those two guys are. The beauty of Robert is he'll also be very valuable in the field. IF they are healthy I don't see anything getting in the way of either of those prognosis. Moncada will be a, at worse, well above average guy, and given his OBP capabilities, power and ability to field, he too could be Robert (albeit, I put better odds on Robert because I think he is more elite defensively). The fact that you also have Tim Anderson, in addition to those players, gives me a lot of hope because that is four guys who are very valuable. I won't comment on McCann and whether he can maintain, but he looks like a starting catcher. I am more optimistic on the Sox than most, but I actually think this year has gone way better than expectations, even though Rodon and some other prospects have struggled. I can't project out Collins and others because I could see them working out but I could also just see someone like Collin's bat speed not being enough and him just being a lousy player (who if he is stuck at 1B just doesn't play). Madrigal I see being a league average guy at worse, because I think he'll do enough little things that play and if the hit tool comes around (like it can) he becomes one of those sneaky good players (who is probably always underrated by metrics) but when you surround him with the other guys I mentioned, great. And than there is Tillson, Rutherford, Cordell, etc. The big wildcard to me is the rotation as I have no idea how that could go. While Rodon is injured, Lopez and Gio have flashed ability to be middle of the rotation guys (they could also be too inconsistent and end up not either). I doubt either is a top of the rotation guy, but it could happen, this year will tell us a lot more (imo). The key to me is how good Cease and Kopech are as they both could be aces, but that is a major questionmark and then you need to find depth around them (cause pitchers get hurt). I don't know if they'll end up having the elite pitching which might require them to trade for it and/or get it via free agency (and that is hard to do). But in this league, the most important part of making the playoffs is having a good lineup (which I think they are well on their way to doing) and a deep rotation filled with a number of quality guys (they don't have to be great, but depth is huge as it will enable you to win a lot of games surrounded by a good lineup). That same depth might not put you over the top in the playoffs, but the first step is getting into the post-season regularly. At that point you need to be hot and having front of the rotation aces who can win games on their own becomes key in increasing your chances at ultimate success.
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    I think most of the "anti-bunters" aren't completely against bunting...but bunting in the 2nd and 3rd inning is fucking ridiculous. Suicide in the 8th inning of a tie game?....bring it all day every day. But very early in a game?...with this staff? pfffft.... That's my 2¢ anyway.
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    Lambert 6 IP 7 H 2 R 1 ER 2 BB 11 SO.
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    The bigger takeaway from tampa, as ever, is getting that direct comparison in an organization that commits to player development and squeezing value out of every asset, and the white sox.
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    Well there's that guy playing shortstop that has been talked about every day all year long.
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    Have you even read the thread? Hahn paid more for Jon Jay than Avi and Jay hasn’t even suited up yet for the Sox yet. 😂
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    Kenny Bad. Hahn worse
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    Kenny bad! Hahn good!
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    It has been —— days since our last injury. Back to zero.
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    Robert bunting in tie game with leadoff man on base. Never change Omar
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