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    The $250 mill guaranteed the Sox were going to offer was a better deal to be honest.
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    Please stop quoting posters many of us have on ignore. It really lowers the quality of Soxtalk for all of us. Thx
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    Looking forward to lots of opportunities to list players' names in short, one- to two-line segments. Sometimes with first names, sometimes: what the hell Yelich, Cain, Braun, Bob Uecker Jon Rauch Rocky Biddle, Buehrle, Mike Caruso, Parque, (James Baldwin, the Milkman); even Ricky Henderson/Bobby Bonilla if all goes right Also looking forward to pivoting to lists of unrelated, vaguely esoteric-sounding topics. Monetary theory. World War I. Malcolm Gladwell: Tipping Point? Also links https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/mar/17/as-recession-looms-could-mmt-be-the-unorthodox-solution-modern-monetary-theory Long embedded quotes of questionable relevance and provenance "The most recent indiscretion of sign-stealing, or at least alleged sign-stealing, took place on Monday in a game between the Yankees and Orioles, After the final out of the game was made, Andino yelled at Yankees catcher Russell Martin as the victorious Yankees made their way down the handshake line at midfield, as seen in the video here. He was evidently egged on by Martin, who had something to say to Andino after he believed he was tipping the location of Mariano Rivera's pitches in the final inning. Allegations like this from Martin are nothing new, but more on that later." Starting threads
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    Look, this may not sit well with some but I tell it like it is, given that these players are making ungodly amounts of money (we're talking millions here, folks) to play a CHILDREN'S GAME fines aren't gonna mean jackshit to these soft-palmed millennial sissies. Fining Daniel Palka a few grand for turning the wrong way on a fly ball isn't gonna make a dent in his fortnight emote spending account, the ONLY way to get through to this generation of players is a simple, time honored, glorious technique: SPANKINGS. James McCann poorly frames a pitch? Ricky slaps that ass red. Giolito fails to repeat his delivery on back to back pitches? Ricky's bent knee is waiting for him at his locker and it's not for a show of deference, it's for a dang SPANKING. Yolmer dumps a cooler of perfectly potable water over his head like some kind of psychopath (I'm positive he hasn't even read the water bill)? Buddy, you better believe that's a SPANKING.
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    Good luck keeping Jo Adell, idiots!
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    Rebuilding wasn't necessarily wrong. What was wrong was who was in charge of doing it. Clowns who couldn't recognize major league talent and could not develop players were now going all prospects. Crazy. I do agree, JR needs to sell his teams. Let someone else give it a go. His way isn't working and hasn't for a long wbile.
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    Is that markedly better than “I told/warned you guys from the beginning that rebuilding wasn’t as easy as it appeared” and “White Sox fans aren’t going to support any team that’s not a guaranteed World Series contender, look at 2010 and 2012.” ??? Doesn’t that get old to keep reiterating as well? You’re not going to change the tenor of conversation by placing the blame on the backs of Sox fans...not after what they all just went through this offseason. That will be about as popular a position as taking hamburgers, guns and airplanes away from 33% of the populace.
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    I am looking forward to a leap from Yoan, a much improved bullpen, as well as what our MiLB hitter do this year. Specifically I want too see what the OF glut and the middle infielders at the lower levels do.
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    I hate to say it but most of us know it's true. The only way out of this current White Sox irrelevance is new ownership. Until that happens, I expect more Tommy Johns, more bad draft picks, more free agent low-ball offers, consistent lack of development (especially at the position player side of things) and more excuses from the big guys upstairs. Oh but we will be continuously reminded that pre-existing narratives have changed and that the White Sox and Cubs made a deal, and that they will spend premium money on international talent. Okay, Rick, i'll give it to you, that was a Hell of a trade and the Robert signing was awesome. But you have made more questionable deals than good ones, so lets focus on that. The Sale deal doesn't look so good as of now, the Shields deal was tragic and I don't care how cute it was when you called yourself a jackass about it. The Eaton deal appears to be a wash at this point.. We are sitting here today with an above average farm system, a horrible MLB roster and a TON of $$ to spend that will NOT be spent on superstar talent (unless that notable superstar will take a coupon instead of guaranteed $$) .And with all of these premium superstars signing early, the free agent market looks very bleak the next few seasons. Seriously, what are White Sox fans supposed to do? We are supposed to give hope to a management that dug us this tremendous hole to begin with? Ugh. This is beyond rock bottom. This is baseball Hell! Someone please talk me off the ledge.... (not literally).
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    Scott Boras didn't even get to hold the record for a month. Awesome.
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    Once again...Machado's deal was a "Bargain" compared to market rate. We will never have a chance at a top 10-15 player for under 300 million ever again. But at least we will have that Eloy money saved up for years...
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    I guess Rick and Kenny can stop scouting Trout's relatives and friends.
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    No, petty is going from thread to thread posting unrelated nonsense and ruining them for no good reason. This and the 8 myths thread are great examples.
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    At this point, some White Sox fans are like the husbands that b**** about their wives for 3 decades, 24 hours a day.
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    He costs a pick and he wants 4 years. Hard pass
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    Decent chance this poll ends up meaning nothing and I just do this instead, I already started fucking around with a Manny banner after he signed with the Padres so I'm 1/3 of the way there.
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    Shouldn't the Angels save that money to sign their players five years from now? Seems like an irresponsible use of money
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    Controversial opinion - he should have taken 10 million less.
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    Imagine being paid half a billion dollar and 90% of people wouldn't recognize you walking your dog. That's the dream.
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    Yes, I was going to say this is good for baseball, good for Trout, and good for White Sox fans, as we will be spared the half assed pursuit of him during free agency, where bringing in his friends, or letting him meet Jim Thome should be enough for him to take tens of millions less than anyone else. Obviously at his price KW cannot afford to build a winning team.
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    That's not perspective nor fact, this is you just making shit up and slapping some arguable/debatable language in there and listing names per usual
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    No one in the world is buying White Sox tickets for Carlos fucking Gonzalez...you’re taking this marketing stuff way too far Caulfield.
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    Leury is a much better hitter and overall better player. Engels defensive is not good enough nor is Leurys defensive bad enough to rationalize any argument of Engel being better than Leury, Just look at Leury's WAR numbers he has put up in his limited playing time compared to Engel. It is shame both the White Sox fan base and the management have yet to realize this and we have to deal the false perception that Engel is our best option for CF.
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    Yes. And the thread was slowly dying until you revived it 12 minutes ago.
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    Never let facts get in the way of a good rant
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