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    Remember when he asked Moncada to bunt and then Moncada almost broke his hand before he roped a double into the corner? Yea, that "cast has changed" excuse doesn't hold much water.
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    I know, they're so entitled, aren't they? Acting like they don't owe you free content and all. Or, even MORE free content, I guess, since they already give you a lot. But come on, right? UGH
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    I just listened to the new Mazara interview, on the NBC podcast. What a terrific, likeable young man. He was more personable, intelligent and articulate than most of the American ball players, whom I've heard interviewed, especially considering that English is not his native language. I'll be rooting very hard for him and love his potential.
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    Perfectly positioned for years of 2nd place finishes.
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    I love this site....where else can "fans" rip on a potential stud as being fat. I guess the team photo is photo shopped. Mercy.
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    Anyone calling Eloy fat (ridiculous) should be forced to post a picture of their obviously chiseled selves
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    Robert is a grown man. If being around Puig derails him, he won’t last long in the MLB. You are bound to cross paths with potentially bad character guys.
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    Man, you sure dont understand sarcasm.
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    Don't say that... They'll yell at you!
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    The Tim Anderson hater/doubters will eat crow yet another year. This year, Anderson will be even better than last. Bet on it.
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    They've already spent a TON of money. There isn't much else out there that's a non-controversial upgrade right now. I'm fine with them waiting until the ASB or next offseason to augment. There are still a lot of unknowns on this team right now.
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    What an insane take based on that picture lol.
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    Good to hear that JR is still not fully 100% committed to winning.
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    I've heard similar from other beat writers privately FWIW. This is a Reinsdorf problem. Don't displace your rage toward Bruce in this case.
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    As a wise man once said, "lady, I ain't no athlete, I'm a baseball player." If he hits 40 HR no one will care.
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    That's the most terrifying thought ever....
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    If you are looking for something to argue about, I doubt you will get any takers to argue the pro-Manfred side
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    Man, some of you need to show some humility. The guy is probably working his butt off and your ripping on him. The guy doesn’t look fat, he just looks like he bulked up a little during the offseason.
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    It really surprises me how many people think Puig is actually a good major league baseball player at this point.
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    I really want him to be wrong once. I would love to see the twitter responses after how condescending he has been with fans.
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    I still think Madrigal is penciled in pending a late ST extension. If they really were serious about holding Madrigal back...Brock Holt was obvious. The last cuts of Spring will also provide some interesting names if Madrigal doesn't make the team out of ST.
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    This will be the first time since 2006 that I start a spring training in championship mode. Not for this year, but for the team in general. Also, the first time in a decade plus that I am confident about a shot at the playoffs. Time to enjoy cheering for wins and not draft positioning.
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    He did say, “not this week, but the following week”. I watched it, so probably Friday, 2/28.
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