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    In other words those of you who think Mookie Betts is a legitimate option - stop.
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    “Bunt? Again? They must be on to us, no one can be this stupid”
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    This is nothing new really; this culture has been building and intensifying since Luhnow took over. I loved Stras calling them out in the World Series - he said he was "tipping" but in reality he was calling the Astros on what a lot of baseball feels. Stealing signs legally is fine and a part of the game - using home field electronics is trashy and cheating. Period.
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    I'm not at all a huge fan of Hahn & Co. and the drafting they've done, but at the end of the day they're 2nd round picks in baseball. How many teams actually make a killing drafting in the 2nd round? Here are a few examples of some teams that everyone considers to have exceptional scouting, especially compared to the Sox: Astros Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Fotana 2013: Andrew Thurman 2014: A.J. Reed 2015: Tom Eshelman 2016: Ronnie Dawson 2017: Joe Perez/Corbin Martin/J.J. Matijevic 2018: Jayson Shroeder 2019: Grae Kessinger Rays Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2013: Riley Unroe 2014: Brent Honeywell Jr./Cameron Varga 2015: Chris Betts 2016: Jake Fraley /Ryan Boldt 2017: Michael Mercado 2018: Tanner Dodson/Tyler Frank 2019: John Doxakis Twins Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: J.T. Chargois/Mason Meoltakis 2013: Ryan Eades 2014: Nick Burdi 2015: Kyle Cody 2016: Akil Baddoo/Jose Miranda/Joe Rortvedt 2017: Landon Leach 2018: Ryan Jeffers 2019: Matt Canterino A's Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2012: Nolan Sanburn/Bruce Maxwell 2013: Chad Pinder/Dillon Overton 2014: Daniel Gossett 2015: Mikey White 2016: Logan Shore 2017: Greg Deichmann 2018: Jeremy Eierman/Jameson Hannah 2019: Tyler Baum Dodgers Last 10 2nd Rd Picks: 2011: Alex Santana 2012: Paco Rodriguez 2013: Tom Windle 2014: Alex Verdugo 2015: Josh Sborz/Mitchell Hansen 2016: Mitchell White 2017: Morgan Cooper 2018: Michael Grove 2019: Jimmy Lewis
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    Let’s hope! After all, Jose is the team leader in the clubhouse for a reason. The more players the Sox have who comport themselves the way Jose has all these years, with his work ethic and positive attitude, the better the team’s chances.
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    Shocking that a young player would not want to be relegated to DH. I'm shocked.
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    Spends $35,000+ on a Tesla.....won't spend $6.99 on something he wants.
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    Something barely coherent I'm sure
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    These videos are incredible. This rabbit hole is going to be DEEP. Also, I just asked around... they stopped using the banging method after Farquhar caught on to them
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    Those two whales are not fucking.
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    Whoa whoa whoa. What’s all this “we” talk? You told us all you were done as a White Sox fan, and jumping to the Padres. Back so soon?
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    Based on all of Hahn’s recent comments, here’s what I’m thinking they do: Wheeler - 5/$105M Grandal - 4/$72M Abreu - 2/$28M Gonzalez - 1/$7M Smoak - 1/$5M Collins, Stiever, & Walker for Haniger Rutherford & Flores for Mychel Givens Here’s how the roster would look: Robert, CF Moncada, 3B# Haniger, RF Grandal, C# Jimenez, LF Abreu, 1B Smoak, DH* Anderson, SS Madrigal, 2B Bench: Mendick, Engel, Garcia#, McCann Giolito Wheeler Cease Lopez Gonzalez* Kopech Rodon* Bullpen: Colome, Bummer*, Givens, Herrera, Fry*, Marshall, Cordero, Hamilton That’s a legit playoff caliber team IMO and payroll should be around $130M which is more than doable.
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    If they are all quality hitters, I absolutely don't care. Of course I would *prefer* a lefty, but it's not going to make me cross a meaningful upgrade off my list.
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    My realistic offseason: sign stratsburg ( 370M / 4 years ) sign Rendon ( 422M / 8 years ) sign Wheeler for ( 217M / 5 years ) sign Grandal ( 145M / 3 years ) trade Fernando Tatis JR. from San Diego for Mookie Betts to our Sox. ... Lineup ... CF - Robert 2B - Moncada RF - Betts LF - Eloy 3B - Rendon 1B - Abreu C - Grandal SS - Anderson DH - Madrigal SP1 - Stratsburg SP2 - Giolito SP3 - Wheeler SP4 - Cease SP5 - Lopez / Kopech *Important note... make each contract above be for $1.00 a year for the first two years and then in 2023 file for bankruptcy protection*
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    Would have been awesome if he added something like 'We'll see if they come to play' and dared Jerry to do something.
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    This is bad. I'm one of the hosts in Houston on the Astros' flagship station, Sports Talk 790's morning show. I went off today about how bad this is and it's bullshit. Astros fans all say the same dumb shit. I don't like this at all. If the White Sox did this I'd be tearing them apart. Astros fans are just making stupid excuses or acting like it doesn't matter.
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    I wrote about Zack Wheeler today if anyone is interested: https://southsidehitpen.com/2019/11/12/picks-to-click-free-agent-starters/
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    I mean their OPS was worse at home than on the road, so while it's shitty, I don't think there's a need to go that scorched earth
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    One of the many reasons why I was rooting for the Nationals in that World Series. And yea Farquhar is a fucking gem. Outstanding job by the Sox bringing him back to the organization.
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    Farquhar is a super smart dude, and the Astros are really outing themselves as an uber gross organization.
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