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    It would be nice if the Sox just gave Bauer what he wants, keep the prospects, and win the World Series. That’s just me though.
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    Kopech is fine and it hasn't been "30 months". He worked up to and threw a completely dominant inning and touched 102mph/100mph/101mph just last March in a competitive spring start in AZ. If you don't believe me Passan just stated he's heard nothing but very good things about his work this winter. Kopech is good.
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    Which one of you changed Corbin Burnes to a White Sox player on Wikipedia?
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    Some people are saying Nelson Cruz would be a waste, but coming into the offseason we had five major holes to fill IMO: SP2: Lance Lynn - quality addition regardless if you like the price SP4: TBD - need a bridge guy who can offer innings and/or upside CL: Liam Hendriks - best possible addition for the spot RF: Adam Eaton - underwhelming addition but LH bat with contact / OBP DH: Nelson Cruz? - best possible addition for the spot I get Vaughn could fill the DH spot for less, which would allow us to add a more impactful #4 starter, but there really aren’t any of those guys after Tanaka and who knows if he’d even take a one year deal. Short of a Burnes trade where you’re potentially adding an elite starter, sign the game-changing bat in Cruz and go with a Richards, Wainwright, or Archer in that #4 spot. Cruz should be significantly better than Vaughn next year and it allows Andrew a year of development, which maybe isn’t needed but can’t hurt. We just need to survive to the trade deadline and between the mid tier guys I mentioned above, Kopech, Stiever, & Lopez we should have enough depth to weather the storm. If a more impactful starter is needed at that time, our prospect cupboard should be fully stocked and we can make another move. Having an elite offense & bullpen will help get us there though.
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    It's such a sad deflection that it isn't worth responding to. "You should move somewhere else that you'd like better" is not an excuse for corruption or racism or whatever else here to be acceptable and not a big deal.
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    Change front office to ownership and then sure
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    Live look at the Sox hitting when Happ is pitching
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    How people STILL choose to ignore this blows my mind.
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    Almost no one here would want to keep Madrigal if it came down to either him or Vaughn in a trade.
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    I’ve thrown this out there before, but if you want to go for it all (and won’t sign Bauer), then you trade Vaughn for Burnes and sign Cruz for two years.
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    Milwaukee was probably reading this site and was like, "Dude, I know we basically agreed on Stiever, but these Soxtalk clowns love Crochet. Give me the phone. I gotta call Rick."
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    The important thing is we keep posting here regardless forever.
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    I worked in the blue Jays front office in 2009. Harry Einbinder had an office to my left. Kevin Briand was across the hall. And, no joke, paul Beeston shared a wall on the right. At no point were the white Sox serious suitors for halladay and blue Jays scouts were bearish on beckham.
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    We traded for Todd Ritchie when he was 30. Not sure how or why his name was brought up in the first place but it's a pretty awful comparison.
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    I really think it is more important to quit pretending like this wasn't as serious as it was, and that it instead was some sort of a harmless cosplay.
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    Agreed guys, White Sox have to keep that powder dry so they can also pass on more top level free agents next year.
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    We like, literally saw 60 major league innings of Burnes dominating MLB hitters en route to a cy young finish last year. We still don't know if Kopech can command his pitches or if his secondary stuff will locate well enough to be effective. He had like a month of showing that 2 years ago in AAA. And the response will be "he threw 101 so he's back". Back to what? He was never finished. He's got a great fastball. I hope it translates. It may very well not, no matter how alpha he is.
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