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    Tonight's the last late game for 5 months.
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    Look, Madrigal has been bad. But if you’re already at ‘it’s time to cut bait and bring in ROUGNED ODOR’ you need to step off the ledge.
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    "she's fat and has a homely face. big tits tho I guess." -chitownsportsfan on Lily from AT&T less than 24 hours ago Cheers.
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    I'm so glad we hired Tony LaRussa so this team could be managed like a 1999 National League roster. We're plucking guys off the street and dumping them into our lineup over our top prospect whom we're burning a year of service time for in order to have available. He has hits in his last two appearances and a .353 OBP in 13 games, and he's sitting for career nomads when we're desperate for a bat like his in the lineup. The LaRussa hire can kiss my ass.
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    A lot of people get off work at 3? I'm in the wrong profession.
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    We are now at the point of blaming Madrigal for opponents losing their equipment
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    He always seems to have a worried, stressed look on his face. Maybe that's just how he plays, but maybe he is indeed in his head. I think he's a much better player than he's shown so far. It'll be interesting (and aggravating at times) to watch him grow.
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    Ruben might be a better defender than Madrigal
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    Hell yes!! Madrigal started this rally btw...
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    You’re in an overwhelming minority here
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    You didn't know Ptatc was Charlie Sheen?
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    Seriously, with the horseshit staff Hahn had for him by the time Game 3 happened? They literally did not have a starting pitcher for Game 3, after a "grueling 60 game season". Stop trolling already, you're wrong. Admit it or slink away.
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    Dude, we all want Robert to be a monster. He has the ability to be one of the very best players in the game for a very long time. But he's looked terrible at the plate in this admittedly very small sample size. 1 or 2 barrels in 20 AB isn't exactly impressive. He literally has no approach at the plate. Its just go up there and hack at 3 pitches and pray to make contact. He's taken 2 walks, both of which were impressive, but that's about the most impressive thing we've seen at the plate from him through 22 PA. I think (hope) he'll make the necessary adjustments and turn into a really good hitter. Hopefully this season. But to say he's had an improved approach so far in 2020 exhibits that you've either watched very few of his ABs this year, or simply don't understand what you're watching.
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    I haven't won a day since February 3, 2020. I deserve to win the day today due to my continued Mercedes support and all knowing baseball knowledge. Please like this post. I deserve it
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    Y'all know that feeling when its 3 pm and your one night stand is still just chilling on your couch? Me neither but I imagine its a lot like this.
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    Pretty impressive for the worst Catcher of all time.
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    Young players especially with less than half a season under their belt in teams with high expectations tend to do that.
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    Madrigal now owns the second highest batting average in the lineup at .235
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    Hahn was so stubborn to not give Yermin a chance last year.
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