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    You will be greatly missed, Farmio.
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    Rest In Peace Farmio, I will always have a special place in my heart for Ed. I spent a lot of time delivering pizzas growing up in Tinley Park, listened to Sox games in the car as much as I could. My favorite Farmer call from that era was when Bob Howry beaned Torii Hunter, apparently Hunter was giving Howry the stare down, Farmer said something to the effect of "yeah, go on out there Torii, you'll have one less "I" in your name and in your head!" Right around that time I was able to meet Ed, a family friend happened to be a chef in the clubhouse restaurant, once a year he would get us a free skybox. The last year he worked there he took me down the hall and into to the broadcast booth to meet Ed during an inning, my 17 year old mind was blown. Ed popped up, shook my hand all while Rooney handled the game, asked me where I went to school, I told him Providence Catholic, his reply "ahhhh the Augustians!" At the time I didn't know he went to St Rita, so I was taken aback by his knowledge of Catholic orders. Longest fingers of any man I've shaken hands with, must have come in handy for wrapping up those curve balls! Ed wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but you can't deny the passion Ed had for White Sox Baseball and the love he brought to that park every day. I feel like there's not many of these guys left, every time we lose one it is a sad day. Thanks for the memories Ed, your passion for baseball rubbed off on this Sox fan and you got me through many a long shift!
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    We've long had discussions on their limitations, but Farmer and DJ made me belly laugh a lot. They were so weird, such a different pairing than you'd seek to put together for a broadcast. That had its issues, but also its highs.
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    Terrible news. Growing up, we didn't have cable so we listened to games. Every night. Ed has been part of the soundtrack of my life for nearly 30 years. Listening to him while playing backyard ball, at the dinner table and every time I was in the car. It won't be the same with out him. Rest in Peace, Ed. Turn on the fireworks!
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    Who you voted for shouldn't determine if you live or die. The Electoral College shouldn't determine who gets all the supplies they need, who gets more than they ask for, and who gets nowhere near what they need. They are putting health care workers jobs on the line by playing politics and kissing someone's ass. This isn' a reality show competition, it's acually real.
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    Things that don't spread the virus: CNN Things that do: Trump's ineptitude.
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    I'm glad we've found the real problem we need to overcome: governors not being nice enough to Trump.
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    I do not think it's actually a good thing that governors need to placate the toddler in charge with kind words or risk him deliberately depriving their state's residents of crucial aid during a pandemic. In fact, I think that is an extremely terrible thing and a core part of why the federal government continues to mismanage this thing so horribly. Let me be blunt: Trump's mishandling is going to cause thousands of unnecessary American deaths. His fragile ego is causing suffering in multiple states across the nation. He and his failed administration deserves every bit of criticism they've gotten for this and more. That some governors correctly recognize that the person at the top of the federal government is so unfit to lead that they need to shower him with praise or risk his wrath is a damning indictment. I understand the tough position that Trump's malfeasance puts people like Newsome in, so I get why they are choosing the placate the toddler so he doesn't block medical supplies. But the problem is still inherently political and it still points to damning failures in one particular direction. This isn't the "golden rule" at play here. It's the head of the federal government very clearly putting American lives at risk if he doesn't get the flattery he wants. Failures in leadership and management, especially those with such dire consequences, should never be immune from criticism.
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    I'm hoping that as a society, we change the way we view the importance of so many working class jobs. How many "unskilled" workers are putting their health on the line right now for little pay and no sick leave or job security while most of us work from home? Perhaps we should recognize them as essential and important always, and above all as people equally worthy of dignity and respect and living wages. I hope too we recognize the importance of making our society more resilient to these sorts of crises in the future. We could have been much better prepared and equipped to deal with this, and we will need to deal with more global warming induced crises in the near future.
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    You come back and stir up shit with posters you have never interacted with, literally blame them for a pandemic based on a comment from months ago and now want to complain about a comment being masked? GTFOH with that bullshit
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    I really am going to miss hearing his voice when listening to games while driving in the car. I learned to enjoy the give and take between him and DJ. I truly wish he is in heaven finally driving one of those windy city limos, or whatever else makes his dreams come true. Prayers to his family at this difficult time.
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    It may be frowned upon, but I wish announcers who grew up Sox fans (like Jason) would fold in Hawkisms and Farmerisms once they settle in. It'd be a nice way to see a vocabulary grow across generations of Sox announcers.
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    Even still, it is a massive, massive problem that anyone needs to have been kissing the president's ass to get help during a global crisis.
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    There’s a great story Mitch Rosen told about him. He grew up without a lot but his Mom saved some money to take him and his brother to Yankee Stadium and his mom asked a security guard to let them in since they wanted to see Yankee Stadium and they were out of town. The security guard told them to get lost. He noticed the security guard was missing a thumb. He debuted at Yankee Stadium and was driven to the field by a security guard from the bullpen. He noticed the thumb was missing and turned to the guy saying, “You son of a b****, you're the guy that told my mom off so many years ago when we were at Yankee stadium! Now I'm pitching at Yankee Stadium. You can go fuck yourself!" RIP Ed Farmer. Swing and a long one to left! Go crazy!
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    I'd like to think Eddie loved baseball so much , he couldn't live without it. RIP true Chicagoan !
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    Ha, it's incredible to me anyone didn't know he went to St. Rita 😜
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    I think we all can acknowledge that Caulfield was right from the beginning. I think we all could have taken this more seriously two months ago and, based on some posters’ comments, some more than others.
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    Farmio: "Flowers to the mound to talk to Noesi. Here comes Coop." Farmio: "Here's how that conversation is gonna go: (Coop) how's he throwing? (Flowers) I don't know, I haven't caught one" RIP Ed Farmer. "GO CRAZY!"
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    If it's not on my magamouthbreathers.com page it is not legit.
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    I know right, it's like the MSM won't put "real" doctors on like this.....
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    Agreed. This is what I liked about them. Unique. Not run of the mill boring professionals. It was fun. I for one will greatly miss him and that unique booth. Godspeed.
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    https://news.yahoo.com/behind-scenes-kushner-takes-charge-235545283.html You know you’re in serious trouble when a secret government cabal behind the scenes led by Jared Kushner offers the greatest promise. The senseless death threats to Dr. Fauci are just the icing on the cake.
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    I had not read anything. Last spring training (2019) he sounded really rough, but he picked it up as year went along. I remember thinking then something was wrong. When he signed on for another year I figured he was fine. very sad. RIP Farmio the best call of the World Series “Sox Lead! SIX FOUR!”
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    We are doomed (We've known this for months)
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