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    Worried about being healthy? Here’s what Ricky did tonight: Had Giolito throw 119 pitches in his last start before the playoffs Had Heuer pitch again after throwing two innings yesterday Had Crotchet pitch on back to back days the same day he said he probably wouldn’t pitch him on consecutive days Had Colome warming up a day after experiencing back spasms I haven’t even ripped Ricky for anything tonight, but how can you say with a straight face that his goal was keeping people healthy?
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    Yeah, the nerve of him to have an opinion that you don't agree with...
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    No one cares, you egomaniac. Fucking get over yourself, you've now taken to needling people when they don't take your bait, you actively make the board worse every time you post.
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    Honestly I’m less upset with the result than the process (going to Ruiz). If Foster allows the homer, at least it was your best reliever against lefties. This is the second game this year we let a player who will be off the roster in 24 hours dictate the outcome.
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    Next year will be played entirely normally. Full fans from day 1. Mark it down.
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    Denigrating the Chinese Government for what they did is not the same thing as denigrating Chinese people.
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    These are his quotes from the article: I want to win. I want to be with a team that has a winning culture. I want to be there in the playoffs. I want a chance at a World Series. That’s one thing that really drives me. I want a chance to pitch every fourth day instead of every fifth. That really drives me. Going along with that: how’s the medical staff? How’s the technology — the information that’s available on the coaching staff? What’s the culture of the organization like? Again, I think it comes back to I just want a chance to win every year. I want to be in a situation where I feel valued and I have the chance to conduct my career the way I want to conduct it. So, pitch every fourth day, and stuff like that. I want to challenge myself and have a chance to do those things. So if there’s a situation where it presents itself where it is a four-year or five-year deal, and I feel confident that’s going to be a situation that’s good for me, I would consider it. I do think that in order to do the things that I want to do, I think I’m going to have to take on a little more risk than normal in those long-term contracts. …I’m not afraid of the one-year deals. I’m not afraid of the longer deals. It’s just going to be a case-by-case basis, and we’ll see what the situations look like. That all seems.....reasonable.
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    Haven’t we learned.
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    This obsession with James McCann - which starts with Steve Stone's absurd love affair with McCann, where he constantly excuses all McCann mistakes - is just nauseating. Yesterday, McCann struck out looking on a STRIKE in the 9th. Stone goes off for 2 minutes how it wasn't a strike and McCann never argues and blah blah blah. It was very clearly a strike. Then Stoney was critical of Grandal leaving his right hand exposed when catching after the injury; yet Stone never mentions that McCann doesn't even move his hand to the side, instead he keeps it right in front of his chest when catching which is much more dangerous than holding it off to the side. Stone clearly likes McCann and they bonded last year, and he has done everything to justify his mistakes by being overly critical of Grandal.
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    We would have been better off just letting Collins being DH. So much more flexibility with EE gone and Collins up. Our best lineup would be in there and have a power bat who draws walks a lot off the bench if needed
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    Bye to McCann, bye to this season, everybody sucks. You're a real peach. Your act has gotten stale rather quickly
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    He's a starter. Full stop.
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    Cry me a fucking river guy. That's where it originated from. I said nothing about the Chinese people.
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    It’s a global pandemic dude. Don’t be a racist POS.
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    “This feels like a loss” lol
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    He’s a perfect fit for what we need and would instantly make us the #1 team in the AL. If he’s willing to accept a one year deal, he should be the #1 priority.
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    I'm a physical therapist and athletic trainer. I've worked with athletes for 30 years. Worked in MLB, NFL and a couple of Olympic teams and at the training center in Colorado Springs. Most of my research has been with pitchers, runners and most recently triathletes. I try to answer injury type questions as best I can from experience with similar injuries. Its somewhat subjective without knowing all of the information first (most of the time) hand. On a side note the ptatc name is short for having both the physical therapist and athletic trainer licenses. I went to register for the fan duel sports book app today and would you believe it was taken? The nerve of some people.
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    This was the 13th game in a row. Guys are tired and there are no opportunities to catch a breather, let some soreness work itself out, or have a day to clear your head by not going to the ballpark. It’s tough to maintain dominance during a stretch of 17 straight games. In fact, it’s pretty much absolute bullshit that MLB is doing this to them. That said, you can’t have managerial incompetence piling onto an already difficult situation. Fucking Jose Ruiz? Gio Gonzalez? Trying to close out extra inning or tied games? Seriously!? Abysmal management and decision making. There has to be a reckoning this offseason.
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    Ruiz and Gio just pitched back to back the highest leverage innings of the season. Did I already post this? You can only laugh to keep from crying.
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    In your experience the Sox are going to lose every game, everyone sucks and nothing can go right.
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    Bauer is in love with the art of pitching and would be the best mentor for our pitchers. Look what he does for every club he plays for. Id give him a big contract
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