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    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
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    Look man, I have nothing against you, but when you say “There are a few names I know they've been working on that people have no idea on. Not gonna say who, I'll let you all speculate amongst yourselves.” as a humble brag and then proceed to stay secretive when people ask for details, you’re just opening yourself up for criticism.
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    This thread doesn't have jack shit to do about Mazara. I've discussed Mazara with you at length and have zero interest in doing it more, because you just ignore everything that doesn't fit into your box. As I've told you several times, I don't love the Mazara move either, but he costs half of what Avi does on an AAV basis, requires half the commitment (Mazara can be non-tendered at no cost after 2020), is 4 years younger, and he rakes RHP, which Avi does not. Mazara isn't an exciting move,but I like it more now than I did right after it happened. His 2nd half of 2019 was pretty nice, and he could be a nice bounce back candidate. I prefer him at the dollars and years many times more than committing close to $20M AAV to dogshit OFs in Ozuna and Castellanos.
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    God they truly believe I am going to spend money, muaahhahahaha.
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    I hope we trade Madrigal for Snell, just so Snell can see he too was traded for a slapdick hitter.
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    Do you MF's read or just reply?
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    I am not going to breaking any moves. Not only is that incredibly difficult and I have only rarely had the information to do so, but I share what I can because I am annoyed by the flippant Sox fans who make up the loud minority. They're so flippant and whatever the Sox do is just the worst case scenario no matter what. And I get, we have sucked historically. It's just tired and old and affecting people's ability to reason. Hahn got up and did a bunch of GM speak last night. Implying 2021 is the year and they have no urgency this week. He's just bullshitting. They're not going to make moves for the sake of making moves but they're working to get better on multiple fronts.
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    we just saw two of the most expensive rotations in baseball squaring off in the World Series but yes spending on pitching is a terrible idea.
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    Honestly curious - do you think people think this type of stuff (posting in every thread at once) and the poop bit are funny?
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    https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 Kubat for AAA. Flores back at AA for third post rehab start. I hate to ask this, I know it is a free board etc, etc. I don't post often in the MLB game threads as many are extremely negative. I get the frustration but I come to the minors for hope. On any given day, someone by virtue of chance will have a decent/good day. Lately, I am seeing the negative spill over to the minors. Could we limit the plain "he sux" comments or put them in a thread about that player? I have no problem with someone wanting to discuss a players poor performance but many of these players most of us have never seen. Many are playing for their careers as roster decisions loom. They are doing all they can in often shitty circumstances. Sorry and I know I will get slammed but everybody have a great day.
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    Keep this crap out of minor league threads
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    A big league CF is camped under that ball.
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    Lol complete nonsense. Your anti madrigal stuff is nauseating at this point. The CF'er took a slightly rounded path to the ball but he did not break in, nor was he slow to break off the bat. He took a route that wasnt 100% efficient but he has good speed and really had no wasted movement in. On balls hit right at you in center, you will naturally take a rounded route because of the angle the ball is coming at you. Was it a perfect route? No. Was it a route that a lot of centerfielders including big leaguers take to that ball? Absolutely.
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    😂😂😂😂 Please, stop. I honestly can't believe people even propose things like this. The corner is here, let's start over again!
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    For the love of god stop pretending to be an insider bro, it’s fucking embarrassing.
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    depends how many times you mention him.
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    Yes, we've gone 4-13 in the last 17 and it hasn't been pretty. Yes, it is hard to watch teams like Minnesota and Oakland absolutely trounce us. Yes, it's worrisome to watch guys like Giolito and Cease struggle, sometimes mightily. However, I think we need to get a collective grip on what real swings of a baseball season are, even for competitive teams, because I think the board has taken a sharp dive towards unbearable lately with some of the sky-is-falling/rebuild has failed talk, especially in game threads. The very best teams struggle to win 60% of their games in no small part because even great playoff teams have 20 game stretches where they play like absolute garbage. I urge you to consider the following before condemning the entire front office, managerial staff, and organization for what's been going on recently: That currently, even with the terrifying bad stretch of baseball we've been playing, this team is still on pace to win about 73 games. How many wins did you have them down for at the beginning of the season? I had them down for about 74 and I considered that optimistic. That the following good teams have had the following awful stretches of baseball this year: Yankees: 4-8 games 2 through 13 of the season, and then 3-8 in early June. Red Sox: 6-13 through first 19 games of the season (are 12 over now) Minnesota: 12-16 stretch recently. Houston: lost 7 in a row and 9 of 11. Oakland: started the season 14-19 and are 12 over now. Those are currently the five best teams in the American League, and they've all had 2-3 week stretches where they have played WAY below their ability. Not because they suck, but because that's variance, that's baseball, and those are stretches. Yes, 4-13 is a different beast, but 4-13 for a team that is expected to win maybe 77 games at best is similar to 8-12 for a team that expects to win 90. I think what's also been lost in a lot of talk recently too is that I see little mention of people putting into context that we DFA'd our DH without an ML replacement, have been playing without TA for a while, and Eloy went down, and much more mention about how this is failing. We are in a bad stretch. At some point this season, this team will snap out of it and suddenly with 4 in a row or 7 of 8 and that won't make any sense either. Because that's baseball. I still think we are on track.
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