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    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
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    You're an embarrassment. This is the most little dicked thing I've ever heard. The White Sox are more important to this city than Manny Machado or Jerry Reinsdorf. If you look in your heart and feel no affection for what being a Sox fan in this city means, then we're better off without you.
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    I'll little dick your woman...and she will like it. Dont tell a fan what emotions they can't feel. That is the definition of an asshole.
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    Are we getting Harper Like for yes Laugh for no
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    was hoping this would be about hats and bobble heads.
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    If only MLB had an up and coming young African American shortstop who plays with a love of the game and is a great member of the community at large that they could use to market to the youth.
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    Rick Hahn a month from now probably: "He's got a checklist. We feel his home run trot is a bit slow still. Sometimes he uses too much water in the home team showers. He knows what he has to work on. "
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    No, you weren't. This needless underhanded jab proves it. He was just cracking a joke. You're such a miserable ass...
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    Can you please post their salaries again because there may be a poster or two who joined the site in the past 24 hours who hasn’t seen you reach the double digits yet in terms of mentioning this.
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    I know this is going to sound kind of goofy but I was at the game today and lost my wallet in the parking lot. I got a call from the White Sox in the 9 th inning informing me they had it. Nothing missing. Thank you to the honest person who turned it in. With all the bad in the world it is good to know it is still mostly good. Especially at 35th and Shields.
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    Do you MF's read or just reply?
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    The absolute truth is you're a fuckin bigot and make the world a much worse place. The end.
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    we just saw two of the most expensive rotations in baseball squaring off in the World Series but yes spending on pitching is a terrible idea.
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    Honestly curious - do you think people think this type of stuff (posting in every thread at once) and the poop bit are funny?
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    https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 https://www.milb.com/scores/whitesox/2019-08-19 Kubat for AAA. Flores back at AA for third post rehab start. I hate to ask this, I know it is a free board etc, etc. I don't post often in the MLB game threads as many are extremely negative. I get the frustration but I come to the minors for hope. On any given day, someone by virtue of chance will have a decent/good day. Lately, I am seeing the negative spill over to the minors. Could we limit the plain "he sux" comments or put them in a thread about that player? I have no problem with someone wanting to discuss a players poor performance but many of these players most of us have never seen. Many are playing for their careers as roster decisions loom. They are doing all they can in often shitty circumstances. Sorry and I know I will get slammed but everybody have a great day.
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    Keep this crap out of minor league threads
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    A big league CF is camped under that ball.
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    Why waste the service time? I would've waited until the June after next
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    Whenever you want, preferably in another thread so that the rest of us don't have to read it in one designed to talk about next month's draft.
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    Elijah Tatis for Adam Eaton
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    I’ve never knew so many white people had options about how we, black people, use the N Word. So many bad takes out there pouring in from so many dumb people in and out of the game. If you haven’t read Micah Johnson’s take, I advise you to.
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