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    I mostly just lurk, but please give it a rest. I think we all know your feelings on Abreu by now. There's no need to put the same opinion up over and over and over....
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    This in my opinion is a poor signing. The 37 year old EE is declining and has blocked Collins who in my opinion would have put up better numbers that EE this season. Like I said before put Collins in RF, Mazara in CF. Yes, I'm sticking to my guns, Luis Robert is too raw and nothing compared to Frank Thomas. Thomas in the minors and his whole career had phenomenal plate discipline and eye. Robert in the minors last season had 129 KS to 28 bb.
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    Going into the offseason, if someone would’ve told me that the Sox would land Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel, I would be ecstatic. Couple that with Mazara in right and adding Gio to the rotation, I think our guys have quietly had the best offseason of any team so far.
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    Look man, I have nothing against you, but when you say “There are a few names I know they've been working on that people have no idea on. Not gonna say who, I'll let you all speculate amongst yourselves.” as a humble brag and then proceed to stay secretive when people ask for details, you’re just opening yourself up for criticism.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I hope that you are all pleased with what "SHAHNTA" has brought us. Good Night.
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    Just want to say thank god we didn’t trade for Price
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    Another pitcher off the market. What the hell is Hahn waiting for? Why aren’t we signing any of these guys? Oh wait, he signed with the Sox? Then what are we doing signing this washed up piece of garbage? Sorry, sometimes I get confused on how to fit in around here. (In all seriousness, I love the move. Now go sign Ryu or Keuchel.)
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    better than wasting time sitting her being angry at hahn and wiliams for days without any info. Live a little
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    This thread doesn't have jack shit to do about Mazara. I've discussed Mazara with you at length and have zero interest in doing it more, because you just ignore everything that doesn't fit into your box. As I've told you several times, I don't love the Mazara move either, but he costs half of what Avi does on an AAV basis, requires half the commitment (Mazara can be non-tendered at no cost after 2020), is 4 years younger, and he rakes RHP, which Avi does not. Mazara isn't an exciting move,but I like it more now than I did right after it happened. His 2nd half of 2019 was pretty nice, and he could be a nice bounce back candidate. I prefer him at the dollars and years many times more than committing close to $20M AAV to dogshit OFs in Ozuna and Castellanos.
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    God they truly believe I am going to spend money, muaahhahahaha.
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    I hope we trade Madrigal for Snell, just so Snell can see he too was traded for a slapdick hitter.
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    Do you MF's read or just reply?
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    Because they signed the best C on the market to a franchise record deal yet as soon as they took a chance on a 24 year old specimen, everyone started complaining about money not being spent again and Hahn's a joke and it was fucking December 11th.
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    I don’t see how anyone could be upset with this. Another move that helps for 2020 but doesn’t block core guys down the road.
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    Well.....you don't HAVE to give him the attention
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    She is Caitlin now whether you like or not. You don't get to decide her history. The subtle transphobia deserved to be called out as well.
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    I am not going to breaking any moves. Not only is that incredibly difficult and I have only rarely had the information to do so, but I share what I can because I am annoyed by the flippant Sox fans who make up the loud minority. They're so flippant and whatever the Sox do is just the worst case scenario no matter what. And I get, we have sucked historically. It's just tired and old and affecting people's ability to reason. Hahn got up and did a bunch of GM speak last night. Implying 2021 is the year and they have no urgency this week. He's just bullshitting. They're not going to make moves for the sake of making moves but they're working to get better on multiple fronts.
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    we just saw two of the most expensive rotations in baseball squaring off in the World Series but yes spending on pitching is a terrible idea.
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    Honestly curious - do you think people think this type of stuff (posting in every thread at once) and the poop bit are funny?
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