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    3 teams had playoff runs because of his contributions. What a guy
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    We are 3-0 since my son was born. I will start taking donations for any expenses to make sure it keeps going.
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    Pick up the phone and cancel your season tickets.
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    Jake Burger has been through hell and back. I don't understand the fat jokes. He's supposed to be a really good guy. He is a White Sox. Maybe pull for him.
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    This thread is a prime showcase of the posters who like to b**** for the sake of b****ing.
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    Sounds like the perfect time to finally move TA to catcher.
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    Just for the record, we just added a fire reaction for the post reacts. Enjoy.
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    It's not. The seasons have peaks and valleys. The Sox won 20 of 25 games; that's remarkable, that's called a peak. No team plays .800 baseball all year. The Sox now are in a bit of a valley, just as they started the season. GUess what? They're win percentage is still .607. That's a 98 win team; you guys can go ahead and bump the preseason win projections, but I'm 99% sure not many predicted a 98 win team. The valleys for good teams hurt MORE because the games are closer. Our valleys last year were 8-0 blowouts. So many here wear the emotions of a baseball game likes it's an NFL SUnday. It's nonsense. Seasons run in runs; hitting can be contagious, bullpens run together frequently, SP tend to get hot together. It's human nature. It's how all large sample games work; it's a collection of many small samples which have a lot of noise. The White Sox aren't hitting. They're still a good hitting team. You should be excited that the way the Sox are losing is a way that won't be possible in the playoffs; because those pitchers won't be used. Baseball is a long season. It's fun to get excited but so many people lose the grander picture. Right now the Sox are worried about staying healthy first, and staying in the top 4 seeds second. Honestly they probably don't care as much about a division this year as others due to the top 4 seed rule. You can get angry that you think these games are all must wins, but it's just not being treated that way. 6 months ago we were all just begging for baseball. COVID had overcome. I made a guarantee to myself then that if we got baseball, I would enjoy it. I have been miserable watching this team for the past few years; this year, they're fun, exciting, competitive and on pace to be a NINETY EIGHT WIN team. Have they been consistent? No, but almost NO TEAM is. I've read that people aren't excited for the playoffs, and they're in football mode and that this team stinks now. What in the fuck? They've outperformed every expectation put in front of them, and we're going to see post-season baseball for the first time in 12 years while suffering in the midst of a financial crisis and a pandemic and people want to complain because they didn't win TWO games? People are taking this for granted, and it's that which is frustrating to a fan and a human in this world we live in. You don't like what you're watching, then watch something else... but calling this a trash product when these guys are putting a top notch product on the field is pure nonsense. Go Sox! ANd Luis Robert is going to shut a lot of dumb asses up come October. Rant over.
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    Any defense i had - totally gone; Speachleess. I apologize to everyone who I kept saying you are overreacting, etc. Nothing more to say.
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    Alexa play Thunderstruck on repeat at max volume
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    Haha if you sarcastically can't wait to watch Cease walk a ton of hitters Thanks if you think Renteria is a moron Love if the Cubs suck ass
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    I don't really give a shit what you're buying or not buying.
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    Manfred's job should be endangered.
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    The guy has been a professional since we signed him. He's done nothing but hit with shitty teams and no protection around him. Everybody complained about the extension, and he's as good as ever this year with some actual talent around him. Keep it up, Jose. You've been great. P.S. Suck it, Ron.
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    I hope they don't play. Bigger than sports.
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    GUYS! I just got a message back and word that I WILL BE SINGING APRIL 16!!!! Thanks all for your help. Probably wouldn't have gotten this far without the information! I owe you all a beer if I ever run into one of you.
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    Not it's not. I'm not here calling you a liar but this is simply not accurate. It's not been offered and may never be.
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