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  1. Melton1972

    Cubs thread 2k19

    No but their pitcher had a no hitter going into the seventh inning before the wheels fell off. five errors and a bunch of runs to a crappy team
  2. Melton1972

    Cubs thread 2k19

  3. Melton1972

    Is Ricky Renteria once again simply a placeholder manager?

    Bevington got the job because the FO were impressed about how he paced the dug out during games.
  4. Melton1972

    Who would still want Maddon?

    I seem to remember that Omar Visquel was a favorite candidate for manager somewhere down the road.
  5. Melton1972

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    Even Jason Benetti didnt have a comment to make after this was shown on tv
  6. Melton1972

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Would have been great to see him give Angel Hernandez the finger today after his shitty strikeout call against Eloy.
  7. Melton1972

    Twins @ Sox 7/28

    We have the immortal A.J. Reed on our team.
  8. Melton1972

    The rest of the way...

    I want the young players {Moncada Jimenez Anderson} to improve and the players in the minors {Robert Madrigal} to live up to their expectations. Finally I want some reliable pitching.
  9. Melton1972

    Eloy back, Rondón DFA

    Tired of seeing Cordell pop out with man on base
  10. Melton1972

    7/19- Sox at Rays, 6:10, NBCSC

    Tampa Bay Rays=Keystone Cops
  11. Melton1972

    7/19- Sox at Rays, 6:10, NBCSC

    that last pitch to yolmer was a cookie.
  12. Melton1972

    7/19- Sox at Rays, 6:10, NBCSC

    Yolmer will have to dump the gatorade on his own head if this lead holds up
  13. You must be a Bad Company fan
  14. Melton1972

    White Sox @ Athletics

    Cordell just dropped a major F bomb and so did I
  15. Melton1972

    There's a fooking ballgame today folks! Cubs vs Sox!

    what the hell is he swinging at