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  1. Chisoxmb35

    Great Expectations

    It's capiche. Or capeesh if you prefer. On topic- you won't find too many people who rate the Twins roster above ours.
  2. Chisoxmb35

    What’s Vaughn’s offensive ceiling?

    No. And that's a SUPER weird question to ask.
  3. Chisoxmb35

    6/4/22 Sox @ Rays, 3:10 pm

    He definitely looked safe there. Can they not over turn that? I'm confused?
  4. Chisoxmb35

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Yeah... our bullpen isn't very good, so that was a weird take.
  5. The VAST majority of this board (including myself) were against the Kimbrel trade. That's simply wrong. Also, the vast majority here are TEPID on the Grandal signing, but definitely not ecstatic.
  6. Chisoxmb35

    Josh Donaldson suspended 1 game for comments toward TA

    I know you're just trying to stir up shit.. but it was pretty clear what type of posters got those threads locked. They ALWAYS show their true colors in those types of threads.
  7. Chisoxmb35

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Or, it actually could have racist undertones, there's no way for anyone but Josh in his own head to know. Personally, I'm not buying the excuse.
  8. Chisoxmb35

    TLR 2022 Thread

    What? The White Sox win DESPITE TLR, not because of him. Of course you don't hear anything when we win. He's so far down the list of reasons we win, he's not worth mentioning.
  9. Chisoxmb35

    A's interested in Andrew Vaughn/Sox in Montas

    Vaughn was never on the table to begin with, everyone that knows anything knows that it was shot down from the jump?
  10. Chisoxmb35

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    Good. If they truly feel something is amiss, it needs to be talked about. Bringing it up after the series (if they lose) would just look like sour grapes. Bringing it up it up while you think it's going is absolutely the way to go.
  11. Chisoxmb35

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    And if they are? Like what kind of take is this...
  12. Chisoxmb35


    People need to stop saying "in hindsight", because it's bullshit. There were a lot of people (myself included) who were against this trade from the moment it happened. It's not hindsight if one thought it was a bad move from the beginning.
  13. Chisoxmb35


    The Redsox laugh at us after saying yes and hanging up. That's just lazy and uneducated baseball analysis on your part sir.
  14. Chisoxmb35


    No they are not. He was close to pitching himself out of baseball last year......
  15. Chisoxmb35


    It looked dumb then too. Kimbrel was fools gold (I have stood by this since the day it happened) and we got fleeced.