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    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Any lineup out yet? I'm goin to this one.
  2. I will literally do ANYTHING to get Grandal back so I can stomach the catcher spot again.
  3. Ross Gload Fan

    Chicago Sun Times: White Sox and their replay system need to sharpen up

    Wouldn't have this problem if AJ Hinch were the manager 😏
  4. Ross Gload Fan


    I would like to add that the amount of games this year an opposing player hits multiple homers against us is getting straight bananas.
  5. Ross Gload Fan

    Eloy's Post Game Shirt - It's a Family Affair

    Leury is April O'Neil.
  6. Ross Gload Fan

    8/1 Game Thread Sox vs Guardians 1:10

    Gonna need a clip of said bat flip.
  7. Ross Gload Fan

    Multi HR games vs sox

    Didn't Haase do it twice to us this year? July 3rd.
  8. Ross Gload Fan

    Multi HR games vs sox

    I counted 15 including tonight.
  9. Ross Gload Fan

    ELOY back Monday against KC

  10. Ross Gload Fan

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

  11. Ross Gload Fan

    7/19- Twins at Sox Gm 1, 4:10

    You get behind the wheel of a car after drinking and you deserve every bit of snarky and immature criticism you get.
  12. Ross Gload Fan

    Should the Goose Island Goose light up on home runs?

    This is the type of conversation that can only be had if you are up, or down, 8 games in a division.
  13. Ross Gload Fan

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    Dylan still in the zone from that frisbee golf shot.
  14. Ross Gload Fan

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    Anyone got a pic? I cant watch the game at the moment.
  15. Ross Gload Fan

    Yoan Moncada should volunteer to play 2b this year

    I do not think he sucks. I just have expected more from him, especially in the power department.
  16. Ross Gload Fan

    Yoan Moncada should volunteer to play 2b this year

    This isnt gonna go well. Unless they make a move, I dont disagree with you, but people here coddle Yoan and the analytics that say he's like the greatest 3rd baseman of all time or some garbage. I prefer them to make a move for a 2B, and leave Yoan alone, but your idea isnt that bad.
  17. Ross Gload Fan

    2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread

    Probably a baseball player. But I can't count out Toni Kukoc.
  18. Ross Gload Fan

    GT 7/11: SOX @BAL, 12:05

    On paper it sounds terrible, but dude has been hitting better than most, tbh. Id rather Vaughn be up there, but I wont criticize until Goodwin looks horrendous for a considerable stretch.
  19. Ross Gload Fan

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Dewon Day sucked to high hell.
  20. Ross Gload Fan

    GT 6/27 G1: Mariners @ SOX

    It's not 7 and 7?
  21. Ross Gload Fan

    6-19 GT: Sox @ Astros (6:15pm)

    The people worried need to take a step back and realize this team is making the playoffs. Our division is too ass not to. They say, "Just get in, anything can happen in the playoffs." So relax, our arguably 2/3 most hyped young hitters are out. Get healthy, make some needed moves, adjust accordingly and wreak havoc come September and October, baby!
  22. Ross Gload Fan

    Trade Targets in response to Madrigal’s injury

    No, but Yoan can 😉🤣
  23. Ross Gload Fan

    Steve Stone / Yoan Moncada's "Lack of Effort and Interest"

    I dunno, I'm kinda hoping Stone rags on more of the players if we get responses like Yoan's.
  24. Ross Gload Fan

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    Man, they are gonna look awesome playing in the MTV Rock n Jock game.