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  1. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Well you can watch how Machado plays now that he's gotten paid.
  2. wrathofhahn

    Goodbye Soxtalk

    The fact we are where we are sucks but Machado doesn't change much. I don't understand the collective freak out. So what if we lose 95 games instead of 90. The orioles were one of the worst teams in baseball with him on the roster and this roster is worse everyone is looking for that one guy who is going to change this team around. That isn't how baseball works. We could have signed both Harper plus Machado and still would have likely missed the playoffs.
  3. wrathofhahn

    Did the Whitesox make a mistake not forcing a decision?

    If Prelller didn;t come in at the last second there is a very good chance he would have been a white sox. The issue is we put zero pressure on Machado to sign and kept the franchise in a holding pattern while we allowed Dan to shop around our offer. We should have set a hard deadline and moved on. if they wanted to continue to wait then that is their prerogative but the reporting was is they had our offer in hand and was waiting for some team to beat it. We should have never allowed that.
  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. We treated Machado like the decision when he doesn't have near that kind of impact. We did a great job of pumping up his ego at the expense of the franchise.
  5. wrathofhahn

    Did the Whitesox make a mistake not forcing a decision?

    Jay and Alonso were only brought in to lure Machado. They are legit crap And 2WAR veterans that are bounceback candidates to become 4-5 WAR guys are not crap. We saw last year with Soria that kind of move can payoff.
  6. wrathofhahn

    Did the Whitesox make a mistake not forcing a decision?

    Well a bunch of veterans signed one year deals which could be moved later as rentals. Dozier. Moose. Grandal. Donaldson. You have veteran pitchers like Garrett Richards. Matt Harvey. Who signed short term deals. Market is very bare now. It's a misnomer to think just because we are rebuilding we have to play a bunch of 4A guys. You can sign competent veterans who are bounceback candidates to 1yr deals or short term contracts. And beyond just the options out there it's a terrible negotiating tactic. It's also flat out embarrassing as a fan you guys are angry I'm more embarrassed for the organization then anything have some pride Hahn/KW if Dan didn't accept what you consider a legit offer move on
  7. wrathofhahn

    Did the Whitesox make a mistake not forcing a decision?

    Well until Feb we had the highest offer. I don't know why we kept it on the table forever hoping to get choosen. If it was never going to be good enough figure that out early and move on to other options. Now we've wasted practically the entire offseason on machado.
  8. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    If that was the plan I would be fine with it but my gut tells me they would have moved a bunch of guys in the minors to try and win now. In any case Machado is obviously talented but there will be other opportunities in the coming years to add premium talent. Our main focus should be like the Astros lets have a team first then worry about how to add to it.
  9. wrathofhahn

    Who is available in 2020? Looking ahead to the future

    This entire off-season has reeked of desperation. Desperate teams do dumb things.
  10. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I think the biggest mistake was letting our offer just hang out there for months. We should have told Dan at some point it was take it or leave it. The SD waited until Feb to get involved and wrapped up a deal quickly. We should have made our offer and moved on.
  11. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Agreed. I'm just not as upset as others because I look at the roster and see 90-95 losses. Machado won't make or break this roster. It's more of a missed opportunity for Hahn and KW to build some equity with the fanbase but after Moncada, Gio, Kopech and some of the other more recent setbacks in the minors including Hansen I think we should still be looking to stripping this roster further for longterm assets. In two years when all the kids are up that is the times to asses needs and start signing guys. This has always been my perspective. My worry with Machado is as soon as you bring him in you can talk about continuing to be patient but we all know what will happen. I just don't see a path with what we currently have that would have led to anything sustainable.
  12. For months the white sox offer sat out there. Did the white sox make a mistake by not walking away sooner and forcing a decision? To me that seemed sort of the biggest misstep of all.
  13. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    We don't have a rebuilt core. When we do it's the time to acquire talent not before. What concerns me more about this entire fiasco isn't that we didn't get Machado it's that we wanted him in the first place considering where we are in the process and the set backs of Moncada and Kopech.
  14. wrathofhahn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I'm glad this happened we can finally move on and do a rebuild the proper way. Machado was never going to be enough and just going to lead to more shortsighted moves. Hopefully, Harper is a no too.
  15. wrathofhahn

    Board Rules - A refresher

    Oh my lord do ever stop being so sanctimonious? This thread was created because certain mods/admin recognize there is a problem. I just want to point out other then a couple of posters who are derailing things there isn't a problem as far as I can see. You can take that opinion for what it is worth which according to you isn;t much. We also all have real life responsibilities and jobs outside of posting on soxtalk though I am sure mine isn't as world altering as yours. I was just trying to be honest of what I saw the problem as which is mod enforcement and I think I'll your advice to take a break from the board a bit.