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  1. wrathofhahn

    Why has Hahn failed?

    Baseball refernce has him averaging 3.9 WAR/650 PA his career and 3.2 WAR/650 PA the last three years but more importantly he is 29 and Edwin is 37. I am not interested in signing 12m players to "mentor" young players this team was one of the worst last year it needs TALENT. You want a mentor go sign a former player for a couple of hundred G's to join the staff. Smoak went for 1/5 with a team option. Abreu signed for 3/50. We could have filled our holes at 1B/DH for a heck of a lot less then 29 million in 2020. I said at the beginning if the FO wants to not pay attention to cost opportunity and just go out and overpay for guys fine whatever it's not my money but if they as a result lose out on other guys because of that then that is a problem.
  2. Fine but Keuchel is what 32? We really have no idea how he is going to age moving forward he throws 89 MPH as it is if he loses a cpl MPH as he gets older he gets in James Shields territory. I understand the article about how Dallas avoids the heart of the plate at all costs but he also gets guys to chase at around 34 percent of his pitches and lives off his breaking ball. All this could fall apart rather quickly if stuff starts to age even a little he is already on the knifes edge and his FIP reflects that.
  3. wrathofhahn

    Why has Hahn failed?

    It hasn't aged horribly at all. If anything these moves have further proved the FO can't be trusted after wildly overpaying for the likes of Abreu and Edwin 1B/DH other teams are paying 6-8 million AAV for. If anything my handle hasn't aged well. It's nuts that there is a decent chance both Puig and Nick will make less then Abreu and Edwin.
  4. It isn't just his FIP it's his stuff too and I know everyone likes to compare every soft tosser to Buehrle but he is a outlier. At some point the wheels are going to come off and three years means we will be the ones left holding the bag. I am not impressed with the offseason at all we resigned Abreu for ridiculous money and then did the same to Keuchel. Is this really the best we can do? Grandal, Abreu and Keuchel? Two of those guys were looking for pillow contracts in the offseason I guess we get to be the sucker who gives them a long term deal after other teams extracted most of their surplus value and they moved into their early to mid 30's.
  5. wrathofhahn

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Hell no. How is he any different then Eovaldi? You want to go a bit higher fine but I don't see the logic in offering someone with his injury history a 5 year deal. Personally if we are not going to sign a front line starter I'd rather get some SP via the trade market.
  6. wrathofhahn

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Another day another awful contract. If this is part of a major splash in FA fine but we've essentially committed 36 million AAV to two guys who are 30+ and both of these guys got one more year then they should have which means probably the only reason why they signed this early is because our offer blew all others out of the water. If you look at why the good teams are good and the bad teams are bad it's moves like these. The smart teams wait for the market to come to them. Now we see if this is part of a larger splash all I can say is it better damn well be if they are going to blow money like this it better be as part of some huge splash. Otherwise if we are operating under a similar 120 million ish budget we are screwed.
  7. I think he had a 1m buyout which made it essentially 1/5m. In any case he shouldn't be expensive. We can't make trades like Castillo then somehow justify overpaying Abreu
  8. wrathofhahn

    JDM staying in Boston

    No thanks. Signing JDM at this point wouldn't be correcting a mistake it would just be doubling down on it. He probably has 2 years of elite production left and wants a 4 year deal. The Redsox got all the value out of his last contract. Time to move on
  9. We are going to overpay Abreu. His production warrants like 1/5 contract something like Mike Adams got does anyone think that is what he will get?
  10. The genius part of this is it doesn't actually cost the white sox any money. It's the allotment of what they can spend. Genius move for ownership at least as a fan that bonus money is pretty much the life blood of bringing in international talent. Cheap bastards
  11. wrathofhahn

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    This team needs to fill out a rotation. You can't go out and sign 4 number 1's or 2's. Kopech is going to be on a inning limit if he comes back and really other then Gio what do you have?
  12. wrathofhahn

    Alcides Escobar Released

  13. wrathofhahn

    Aaron Sanchez + to the Astros

    Really low price for Sanchez. Would have been interested as a buy low guy. We don't really make these kind of moves and I don't understand why. Sure beats trading for low upside guys like Nova
  14. wrathofhahn

    Trevor Bauer traded to Reds - Puig to Indians

    Yeah I need to get some sleep. I misread your post my mistake.
  15. We aren't trading Jesus. Alex sure. Jesus is untouchable