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  1. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Teams that could fit. Redsox - Mitch Moreland is hurt Brewers - Aguilar is not getting it done Twins - I'll ask again is CJ Cron for real insterested to see what his stats are before the deadline Rangers - If they want to make a run they need someone better then Guzman Rockies - They need more offense from the position especially at coors Astros - Guirriel has been awful. Alvarez is DH'ing. They are pretty exposed at both DH and 1B.
  2. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Abreu makes a ton more sense. We drafted our 1B of the future. He only has a year left. He is a rental. The question is what do teams give up? Right now probably not much he's overpaid for what he is producing still if some team needs a 1B/DH and we eat salary we could get a 10-13 ranked prospect on a teams top 30.
  3. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Then we should keep him. He's been very consistent he's probably a better bet then any FA we would sign. I don't think a top 100 is a hard ask. How is Doolittle better? Hand and Giles sure. But both clubs are probably looking for a similar if not better return if they decide to move them. Which they may not as both still have control. When Doolittle was traded the A's got 3 prospects back and dumped Madson. If instead of a top 100 we get a team to give us a Luzardo who is a riser (turned out to be one the better pitching prospects and a solid guy like Neuse. I'd take that too I've been advocating these type of moves for years
  4. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    I am not as high on him as others but Mayo has him ranked 41st on mlb.com top 100 When Mejia was swapped for Hand he was ranked 26th. Looking at what he has done since maybe the Indians knew something the rest of didn't but I'd like to get at least a 75ish ranked prospect for him. Part of what makes him more valuable then Soria is his stuff. Soria K numbers maybe higher but his fastball just doesn't have the zip it once did. Colome regularly sits 95-97 you can put that kind of stuff at the back end either as a setup guy or closer. And if not just keep him. He has another year. We don't have to move him if some team isn't going to give a good offer
  5. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Soria wasn't a hard thrower. He also only had one year of control left (was going to get bought out). What are his numbers this year?
  6. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Is CJ Cron for real though?
  7. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    The twins went hard after Kimbrel and lack a clear closer. They also need a 1B. It would make a ton of sense to possibly package Colome and Abreu for a good package. They have a ton of minor league talent. They are also a club that may overpay a bit if the CWS eat some salary
  8. wrathofhahn

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    They lost a ton of depth with that deal. They may have to if they want a premium arm with some control.
  9. wrathofhahn

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Considering the value of 1B/DH yes he would have to be special to justify taking him 3rd overall. 1B/DH is the easiest position to fill in baseball and the trade value of most of these guys reflect that. Unless you are a top, top guy you don't hold much value. The same isn't true conversely for premium positions like CF or SS. Teams have gotten so much smarter realizing cost opportunity/surplus value for those under control and focusing on drafting premium positions. Well except the Sox. As a smaller 1B his defense is never going to be stellar there either. Maybe the hope is he can play the OF. Maybe LF at some point. Anyways I've tried to avoid the board because I don't want to be debbie downer but this draft so far and granted it's early who knows maybe Vaughn signs below slot which allows us to draft a couple of hard to sign guys has been disappointing. I was hoping we learned our lesson with Madrigal and sort of instead went for high upside guys and tried to hit it out of the park rather then play it safe. Instead we went for the safe pick for the college hitter who is already 21 and close to the majors.
  10. wrathofhahn

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    I'd much rather take my chances with a guy like CJ Abrams then go for safe picks besides noone knows what will happen in the minors anyways last year we had a guy blow out his ACL twice he was supposed to be a safe pick.
  11. wrathofhahn

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Madrigal has a limited ceiling due to his stature and lack of power. Vaughn has to hit otherworldly to separate himself from a typical 1B who is going to hit anyways. I think it really isn't that difficult figuring out what most of the people who are down on these type of picks actually wanted. Guys with more of ceiling who played premium positions. Neither guy fits the bill Madrigal doesn't have the ceiling, Vaughn plays a non premium position. When you are picking top 5 you are expecting to walk away with someone who has the potential to be a superstar down the line for both players I don't think anyone expects that out of them both should be good but unless Vaughn bat ends up being top ten in baseball the pick is going to be a waste.
  12. wrathofhahn

    Rainy Day Poll: Evaluate the Big 3 Trades

    Had Kopech not blown out his arm I would have voted for the majority. I can't now though. Cease is dominating and has tremendous stuff. Eloy is injured but still a top prospect. Basabe and Diaz are more interesting but it's all about the top guys.
  13. wrathofhahn

    The stats behind "Never Bunt"

    It depends on the situation and the person at bat. I am not a never bunter and sometimes the threat of the bunt is almost as powerful as the bunt itself but late in a one run game or less, with less then two outs, with a runner at 1st you have to be able to bunt. I often though see managers after the game say well I bunted early because it seemed like it was going to be a close game that is what I have a problem with.
  14. wrathofhahn


    Has a sale for 50 percent off. I usually get in on it now. Ends 5/21. Just a heads up not sure where to put this. https://www.mlb.com/live-stream-games/subscribe?partnerId=ed-13742044-1142852613
  15. wrathofhahn

    Hahn On Tatis Jr. Trade

    Hahn bad. Kenny worse