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  1. wrathofhahn

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    I've gotten into this argument with others before but MLB is not a developmental league. It's not meant for players to go through "growing pains" it's meant for winning games. There also isn't any evidence that MLB is better at developing players then the MILB. Afterall coaches in AAA/AA have much more time to spend 1-1 on players and in todays age they all have access to the film they can see what areas that need to be worked on.
  2. wrathofhahn

    Pirates get Archer

    Or they could be working up his PC back to a starter role. His first three starts were 48, 61, and 79 pitches and 3, 4, 5 innings. Archer who was traded averaged 90-100 pitches to start. What you are talking about is mainly what they are attempting to do via relievers and rather then have a 5th starter with a 5ish ERA have that spot instead done by three relievers. It wouldn't work if they tried it every night. There isn't enough bullpen spots.
  3. wrathofhahn

    Pirates get Archer

    Glasnow has been absolutely dominant since going back to the rotation The question about this trade early was Glasnow longterm future is it reliever or a starter. Clearly the Rays feel he's a starter. Rays were already winning the trade early with Glasnow before Baz now it looks like robbery.
  4. wrathofhahn

    Soria traded for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Perez.

    https://www.mlb.com/news/white-sox-trade-for-joakim-soria-luis-avilan/c-264294484 The White Sox also received $3 million in cash considerations, according to various reports. That total helps offset salaries for the left-handed Avilan, who is arbitration-eligible after earning $1.5 million in 2017, and the right-handed Soria, who has $9 million left on a three-year, $25 million deal with a $10 million mutual option for '19.
  5. wrathofhahn

    Soria traded for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Perez.

    I've read it's mutual though not a team option.
  6. wrathofhahn

    White Sox Vs Cleveland 8.12 game thread

    People talk about Engel power but where does that come from? He hasn't shown it in games. He's had 8 HR in 200 MLB games. Career .289 SLG%. Career .098 ISO If he was wellington Castillo or Gallo out there he'd be an everyday CF regardless of his subpar AVG and OBP. It's kind of disappointing because with the kind of defense he's shown lately he doesn't need to be a good hitter just good enough in one area to be respectable whether that be OBP or SLG%. Unfortunately he has a 54 wRC+ I don't care if you are willy mays out there that isn't good enough to play in the MLB and honestly despite the heroics at the wall most metrics have weighed his defense only to be slightly above average this year.
  7. wrathofhahn

    Soria traded for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Perez.

    Thigh strain doesn't seem like a huge deal but yeah as a rental Brewers have a pretty tight window to get value out of him
  8. wrathofhahn

    OT: Sale

    Make that 4.2 11K lol
  9. wrathofhahn

    OT: Sale

    4.1 IP 10K. Impressive.
  10. wrathofhahn

    A Fake GM's Rebuild To-Do List

    Okay assuming the rebuild is for another two years: Trade Rodon Trade Abreu Trade Garcia -------------------- Sign some starting pitching to short term 2yr or less pillow deals. Sign a 1B/DH on a short term deal Sign a DH on a short term deal Maybe look at a 3B like Donaldson on a short term deal Try to see if there is any guys this offseason who are surplus guys that might be available. ---------------------------------------- Around the deadline look to flip these rentals for prospects. Call up you young players. See where they are at and get ready for next year.
  11. I meant average defensively. Right now he's basically replacement level with a bad bat and average defense. As far as above average players go sure but it's hard to do that when we don't even know what we need because our young guys haven't been exposed by MLB yet. I do think we could have done a better job in the offseason bringing in guys who could play on short term deals. We really had no reason not to particularly in the rotation and DH. I'd have liked to have move Shields to the bullpen and have Davidson/Sanchez battling for 3B
  12. Well the majority of Tim Anderson being a poor defender was errors. He had 28 last year 16 fielding 12 throwing. Errors are by definition correctable and while he'll never be a top 10 shortstop in the league defensively I don't see why he can't be average as long as he keeps the number of mistakes to a manageable number. Like in 2016 and this year.
  13. wrathofhahn

    Rick Hahn

    I don't think that is even true evenmore. Look for what MLB guys are going for. It's easier then ever to build a roster on a budget. I'm glad we did the majority of the rebuild earlier prices have really fallen off a cliff.
  14. wrathofhahn

    Phillies acquire Justin Bour & $ for minor league P

    Wow prices have gotten cheap for controllable guys.