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  1. Sarava

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    That would be good then.
  2. Sarava

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    See to me - I'm thinking about October here. I want the Sox to win the World Series. If Rodon is leading the Cy Young race by the allstar break, but it is out of action comes October - what good does that do us? They'll be easy pickings for their first round opponent like they were for Houston.
  3. Sarava

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    They gave Rodon some serious periods of rest in the 2nd half and he still wasn't 'right'. That he pitched 2.2 in a playoff game doesn't really do anything for me or for the Sox. It might say he's a gamer that is toughing it out through whatever ailment he is dealing with, and I appreciate that of him. But that's about it really. Bottom line. If the Sox brought him back on a QO, and did nothing else with the rotation, and then he has a season ending injury by May. Everyone and their dog will be toasting Rick Hahn for depending on a chronically injured pitcher.
  4. Sarava

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    There's a risk here. If the Phillies find another closer, you may be stuck holding the bag.
  5. Sarava

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Yeah, there's probably going to be different views on this one. Some may think the Sox caused his regression and returning him to his closer role will bring back the dominant Craig. Others may think 'Bad Craig' is back and that's what they will get. Personally, if I was a fan of another team in need of a closer, I wouldn't touch Kimbrel with a 10 foot pole.
  6. Sarava

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    It concerns me how Mets fans attitude seem to have a 'don't let the door hit you in the ass' attitude towards Conforto. They're going to know him better than you or I will. If it's just an injury plagued season, say like Eloy was for us - why do they universally seem to be fine with him leaving? To me, giving a guy 4/80 who is coming off a season of < 1 WAR is absurd. I would be ok with maybe 3/45? And even then, I'd expect the Sox to be hitting either or both 2B and TOR starter hard if they go light on RF and bring in Conforto.
  7. Sarava

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Definitely kick the tires on this one. I like this option for RF way better than Conforto or any other idea I've heard. Vaughn + Sheets ++ for Mullins? Add in Kelley or whoever else is necessary. Of course, Vaughn might make Sheets redundant. I just thought Sheets might intrigue them being he is from Baltimore. But if you could pull something like this off, it would enable the Sox to get something cheap at 2B (like Cesar Hernandez) and spend the big offseason cash on a SP like Max. Those few moves would probably give the Sox the best roster in baseball.
  8. Sarava

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    I think you're way over-thinking this. Jerry Reinsdorf has always been terrified of paying pitchers while they sit on the DL. Carlos Rodon was amazing for the Sox for the first several months of the season - but then didn't give the Sox much in the last 2 months or in the playoffs. I would of been surprised if they offered him the QO, and if they had, Rodon would of certainly taken it (despite Boras saying otherwise). That's giving up 18.4 mil, for a guy that you don't even know will pitch next year. Or if he does, will he break down halfway through again? The Sox need more certainty with that 18.4 mil IMO. I think the Sox will acquire a TOR starter one way or another and this will all make sense then. Their idea probably is to use that money towards someone who is more likely to be healthy and ready to help in an October push for a World Series.
  9. Sarava

    I want Semien but we have a bigger need

    Schwarber's bat would fit in to this lineup probably better than anyone else I can think if. But the Sox don't need a DH, and isn't his range in the OF terrible? I know he has a cannon of an arm, but they really need to get some better defense. Otherwise I'd want Castellanos, who also is poor in the OF.
  10. Sarava

    White Sox - Interested in Robbie Ray

    Ray scares me with the sky-high walk rates before this past season. Probably a bluff as others have said though.
  11. Sarava

    Would you rather trade Eloy or Vaughn?

    Even if one isn't a fan of Eloy, and I am - selling low on him right now would be horrible asset management.
  12. Sarava

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    I get that the Sox are limited in what they can give up. I'm not against moving Vaughn for the right piece. I would say the same about Crochet. But a one year rental is not it. If there's no match for Chris Bassitt, then there's no match. As for Eloy, the only guy more untouchable than him is Luis Robert. Maybe Timmy as well.
  13. Sarava

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    Oh....yeah we're not trading Vaughn or Eloy for a rental. Come on man. Are you trying to end the rebuild by next year?
  14. Sarava

    Sox to talk about Semien with Boras

    Olson is a stud, but where would he play on the Sox? And I would love Chris Bassitt back on the Sox. Would something like Burger/Sheets (pick one) and Kelley work? You don't think much of Eloy do you? Now you're bringing him up in trades for rentals. Earlier today you wanted to trade him to the Twins.
  15. Sarava

    Seiya Suzuki

    I love the 'go big or go home' approach. But for the love of God, please don't ever suggest sending Eloy to the Twins. I think some people are forgetting how it was mentioned when he first got injured how he might not have his power back until 2022. Don't sell low on Eloy. He could easily be a top 3 or 4 hitter in baseball next year.