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  1. What we need to end this are wetbutt and katyperrysbootyhole. They trump any of the source that have been mentioned above
  2. Yeah I'm cool with Nightengale. People act like he's this total hack (like Bruce Levine for example).
  3. It will be interesting which Hansen shows up this coming season.
  4. I thought they resolved that, but honestly I don't follow NL teams all that closely,. so I'll let someone else answer that. And as for time running short for owners. He seems healthy and all, but Reinsdorf does turn 83 next month. He's already playing with house money at that age. I really hope he doesn't let this one slip through their fingers. It's literally now or never for him with the Sox.
  5. Everything relating to Manny will be news until he signs somewhere.
  6. The Nationals owner Ted Lerner has been cheap in the past, tying the hands of their GM Rizzo with payroll constraints. Yet there was a whisper, what last week...where he wants to go for it since he is old and knows his time is getting short.
  7. You hit on what I was thinking. That he just doesn't have the situation he wants here. He probably wants the yankees, but they aren't offering the cash. The teams that are offering the cash probably aren't his ideal landing spots. Thus everyone waits.
  8. I guess what my thoughts are, is that there have been reports that he was going to sign in the last week. People in the known kept hinting at that. But he isn't signing. That makes me wonder if he just doesn't want to be here? Why can he not make a decision over these last 2 months?
  9. My gut feeling right now (which has changed about 45 times over the past 6 weeks) is that the Phillies sign both whales, and that they will be announced simultaneously.
  10. They could for sure. But when the moves were made, they mostly looked good. Garpax dont do anything that looks good on the surface
  11. I think his point was that the Sox seemingly have a bright future, where the Bulls ado not.
  12. That's a big offer. But I wouldn't be so sure that they wouldn't still go hard after Manny as well.
  13. It's crazy how long this keeps dragging on.
  14. Sarava

    One more reason to dislike Trevor Bauer

    Eh, he tagged in in 30 more replies after she blocked him. You don't think that's bad? He sounds like a creepy stalker.
  15. I'd hope so. Because if they did this without Manny knowing. It could either make him happy, or come as kind of creepy/weird.