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  1. Colinski

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Can ANYONE explain the logic of bunting in that spot ?
  2. Colinski

    5/23 Games

    Anyone see how Hansen pitched?
  3. Colinski

    Tyler Johnson

    He’s rehabbing an injury. Should be back soon. He did an interview with SonsofHahnarchy podcast if you want to know more
  4. I also like reading your views. I appreciate your passion even if I don’t always reach the same conclusion as you do. Plus life would be boring if we all always agreed on things.
  5. This is the key point for me. Players are peaking earlier than ever and regressing earlier. You don’t see many age 35+ hitters still doing the business. You defo did in early/mid 2000s. Its simply I think Abreu will regress quicker. Having said that if he does have a 3 war season I would re-sign him, but more due to a thin free agent market elsewhere.
  6. Colinski


    His at bats were better last night.
  7. Colinski

    MLB one team option.

    I seriously considered that but then Eloy got called up.
  8. Colinski

    MLB one team option.

    Found out it’s a US only product, which doesn’t seem fair
  9. Colinski

    MLB one team option.

    So after much consideration of not re-buying MLB.TV I’ve decided I just can’t be without White Sox baseball, in spite of my frustrations. I went to sign up today and noticed a new, cheaper one team option, allowing you to watch all games from that team only... except the link doesn’t work to follow it. Anyone know how to resolve this or is this a feature not yet available but stupidly seems to be ?
  10. Colinski

    Thoughts on the Sox shifting Moncada to 3b?

    Is Moncada a natural baseball player or someone who has thought his way up the rungs of the ladder. clearly he performs best when working of natural instinct. 3 base is a more reaction/instinct position and therefore suits Moncada better I Feel. The madrigal and no other 3b prospect argument just confirms this is clearly the best move now we missed out on the whale.
  11. Colinski

    Alec Hansen

    Hansen is my favourite prospect, as if he does make it the road travelled will make him so easy to route for. Did he still sound a little depressed to you when he spoke. I think the ghosts of 2018 are still in his head sadly. I think he needs a good opening game or two and then he will fly. If he gets shelled in game one he may get into his head again.
  12. Colinski

    Eloy officially got paid

    If you make a mistake at the poker table (Machado negotiation) and you keep it thinking about that mistake you will go bust. before I comment on how I feel about this deal I want to give two opposition positions. Firstly this could be an over-adjust based on losing the first hand, which will result in a new mistake. secondly this could be we have forgotten about the first mistake and are not measuring decisions by it (like this board now do, with all decisions being X = Machado’s offer). Maybe this is our ONE AND ONLY SHOT to get more control years of Eloy and we know the moment he’s up and hitting 300ba the player will want to test free agency. Basically we are in my view sensibly doing whatever is necessary to get an extra Eloy year as that is how we win. In a vacuum, not measuring it against Machado I’d do this, simply as this could be our only shot to get more Eloy years, albeit I can see the counter points very clearly.
  13. Colinski

    Alec Hansen

    Hansen’s biggest strength causes his biggest weakness... his size. When his on the downward angle he produces makes him unhittable. When he gets out of sink he is too big to figure out what’s the problem, as there are so many moving parts that he can’t quickly adjust. at this stage I still have high hopes of him becoming a late developing ace, no reason why not, as what is wrong is easy to see, albeit hard to fix.
  14. Colinski

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    I disagree, velocity based pitchers as a they get older if they don’t learn how to pitch rather than throw end up having sharp declines. Keuchel’s of this world should project to age better. I’d want two years at 40 mil with a 3rd year if we want it at same price. That way if I am wrong we haven’t spent the world. It if he’s not up for something along those lines I’d keep our draft pick (3rd round pick I think). earlier in the off season I wanted him plus others, but Keuchel’s deal was de-escalating (20 mil, 18mil is etc) for five years so that if all our young pitchers hit we can deal him with a good return as he gets cheaper. We can steal him for an even lower prices now. mostly I want him for The beard!!!
  15. Colinski

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Not against this at all, merely pointing out how Machado’s rareity is why he is worth MORE than the 300 mil we weren’t willing to play. Also I see Bogaerts as he ages at 3b which could also suit our needs.