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  1. Colinski

    OOTP 21 Sim of 2020

    Are the players rated appropriately in your opinion ?
  2. Colinski

    Play-off baseball set up.

    This off season our controversial commissioner posted a potential new set up for the play-offs. It was criticised heavily by many people, particularly by Trevor Bauer. My question is, what is the optimal play-off set up, as I know some love the excitement of one off or best of three games, whereas others like as long a series as possible, in order to reduce luck/variance impact and increases the chance the best team wins. so what’s the view of you wonderful people. my view without overthinking it too much definitely keeps Series long as I personally want to believe the best team won at the end of the year. I’d probably change the first games to best of seven even if it meant having to make the regular season shorter, to say 154 games. Obviously making the leagues even with 16 teams each would help this a little but overall I wouldn’t care as long as really short series didn’t become key. It almost seems to be casual fans versus avid fans, Manfred seems to spend to much time appeasing the casuals.
  3. Colinski

    Don’t sleep on Snooze!

    Before I begin, I have no affiliation to this band, nor have I ever met any of them. So this recommendation is purely based on my view of talent/song writing. Snooze are a experimental, potentially even math led rock band... I guess. The reason I say this is they mix styles and aren’t really any or all of things, with some elements being ambient in style. The dual vocals are clean (no screaming), which normally means I wouldn’t be my thing. Anyone with ears should check them out https://youtu.be/P8KyOKLNtrg oh and they are White Sox fans from Chicago!
  4. Colinski

    Sox add 2021 option on Leury’s deal

    I think in a perfect world Leury is our 4th outfielder and infielder cover. If one of the above push him to 5th outfield or infield cover only he loses at bats.
  5. Even then it’s possible insurance would cover some of this cost too.
  6. To make a fan perspective view on extensions in general. We we can all buy shirts now with SOME (obviously trades) expection these players will hang around. A’s fans hate that they can rarely do this. My next shirt will be a Bummer shirt, as I like having second tier players on my Jerseys.
  7. Hadn’t even thought it through to this conclusion and already loved it.
  8. Colinski

    Sox add 2021 option on Leury’s deal

    This is a “why not” moment for me. Cost is low and we get an extra year. Ideally the Rutherfords, Adolfo’s of this world over take him and its a small sunk cost. Worst case is he gets 400 at bats and we didn’t pay a lot for it. When those are your options you don’t have a lot to lose.
  9. There are loosely three potential futures for Bummer. 1)Closes games in the future with a 2ERA. In this scenario we make MASSIVE savings over arb and in the option years. 2) takes a small step back and is a 3era player - looking at what players like this are getting now we still gain value. 3) isn’t what we paid for due to performance or injuries. Well this is the risk you take aiming for the top two. Even then he still likely has some value and it isn’t a full sunk cost as we would have paid him something the next few years anyway. Side notes: using ERA to keep it simple eye sight test:(im no scout) makes me believe if his sinker stays the same he’s going to perform trade: Not that I would, but I believe this improves his trade value. I think this this is a massive EV win. Knowing he is around for a while will probably mean I get his name on a shirt at some point.
  10. Colinski

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

    He said could, and that is feasible, albeit ALL of us would agree unlikely. Other sports don’t have that issue as the gap between great and good is bigger, and therefore can afford to have bigger play-offs
  11. Colinski

    White Sox Top Prospects (Where do they start?)

    Hard hit rate and exit velo can improve with swing changes, look at Justin Turner for example.
  12. Colinski

    One Last Spot

    Defo Collin McHugh at its not even close for me. Currently if a starter gets injured in the second inning or get shelled who pitches ? I hate using an entire pen to get though a game, he could also spot start. I’ll be banging the drum (bin 🤭) for this one until opening day.
  13. Colinski

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    Channel four used to put one game on a week at like 1am here. I was about 11 years old and one night stayed up during summer holidays to watch it (not even sure why). The game I saw was was White Sox vs Tigers (I think). Chris Singleton robbed a home run, becoming instantly my favourite player and the Sox won. I then paid attention throughout my teens, happening to work a night job in 05’. The whole World Series that year was shown and I managed to dodge work enough to see most of the key moments. It’s pure luck I’m a Sox fan, seeing as back then normally it was Braves (presenter supported them and their pitching), Red Sox and Yankees on this game of the week. Who knows who i’d support if it wasn’t for timing and Chris Singleton. Its easier now being a fan here in some ways, as my MLB.TV subscription obviously has no black outs. I now watch nearly every game, the following morning without checking the scores so it’s as if it’s live to me.
  14. Colinski

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    For context, I’m an English White Sox fan based just north of London. I hadn’t even been to America when I feel in love with the sport. NFL doesn’t have England to itself. Simply MLB got here late. Europe is for the taking. Every veiwer lost to Esports or the internet or whatever is easily replaceable over here. English fans in particular are used to slower sports (test cricket lasts five days). Baseball is far more interesting than cricket and that’s coming from someone who grew up playing it daily.
  15. Colinski

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    I’d assume they trade for pitching at the deadline after deciding nothing took thier fancy this off-season.