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    McCann inks 1 year, 5.4M deal with Sox

    Great point
  2. whitesoxbrad

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    And I am the complete opposite, I would take him on my team in a second, I would be surprised if they got him.
  3. whitesoxbrad

    Kyle Gibson to Texas

    Do you think it would have been a solid deal for the whitesox?
  4. whitesoxbrad

    Yolmer non-tendered

    Great pick
  5. whitesoxbrad

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I like all 4 guys
  6. whitesoxbrad

    One thing I can not get over..

    This is his very 1st year in the majors, let's see if he makes adjustments And I think we have some outstanding young talent but Tat is is a superstar offensively and defensively.
  7. whitesoxbrad

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    Zero chance they get him
  8. whitesoxbrad

    A Realistic Offseason

    If I would move either it would be anderson, he just glides to fly balls and moncada has leg injuries keep him away from the outfield.
  9. whitesoxbrad

    Angels decline $14 million option on Kole Calhoun

    Castellanos is my favorite get for this off season i love the way he plays, he can hit and he has a bit of grit, I sure hope the Sox get him.
  10. whitesoxbrad

    Josh Osich claimed by boston

    I meant to say Chaim Bloom, why did you call him L Chaim
  11. whitesoxbrad

    Josh Osich claimed by boston

    You seem like a very worldly individual with all your comments, why do you call him L Chaim, I thought his name is Chain Bloom?
  12. whitesoxbrad

    Cole or Strasburg?

    You do not have to worry the White Sox will NEVER get either.
  13. whitesoxbrad

    A Realistic Offseason

    This is exactly what I was thinking
  14. whitesoxbrad

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    I agree with you completely
  15. whitesoxbrad

    White Sox Outright Charlie Tilson

    In my opinion he has no trade value just another wasted high draft pick
  16. whitesoxbrad

    Kopech hit 100 today

    I am not going to back and forth with you about this but there is ZERO chance the White Sox get Cole.
  17. whitesoxbrad

    2020 RF options

    You are correct , but the met' s will never trade him.
  18. whitesoxbrad

    Sox at Twinkies

    When I say lazy it is the way they act on defense, abreu, Anderson and Jimenez all act like they are just going through the motion.
  19. whitesoxbrad

    Sox at Twinkies

    This team is full of lazy players
  20. whitesoxbrad

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    I feel like I am a great player evaluator, but I was badly wrong about Castillo, he had been a bust.
  21. whitesoxbrad

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I will take you up on any bet you want , Rick Hahn is Garbage
  22. whitesoxbrad

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    It is ridiculous, it is not surprising they act in everything they do like they are the smartest decision makers.
  23. whitesoxbrad

    The Free Agent I want to sign more than any other

    It's NEVER going to happen.
  24. whitesoxbrad

    Official Game Thread Sox @ CLE - 09/04/19

    What do you know someone who knows what they are talking about, thank you.