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  1. 8 minutes ago, hogan873 said:

    I see Soxtalk is Soxtalking.  Madrigal has played a grand total of 29 games and has had 109 plate appearances at the major league level...and we're writing him off as garbage because he made a few rookie mistakes.  He batted .340 in those 109 plate appearances and played a pretty good second base.  Maybe we give him a full season before deciding he's trash.

    Great analysis, his hitting skills our outstanding and once he gets baseball strong he will be someone that will be a huge plus for this team.

  2. 15 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Runs into outs you mean :)

    but seriously, how about he shows he can field and run effectively before we say they’re strengths

    He played in 29 regular season games and 3 playoff games in his first season, if you and the rest on this site can't see that he is an all around complete BASEBALL player there is nothing more i can say besides remember moncada when he first came up.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    No idea where to put this and obviously coming from Cishek there needs to be a high degree of skepticism, but for the sake of conversation:


    Thank you for the time you put in for this info, I really appreciate it if you find more please post it.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, smellysox said:

    Anyone catch what Joel Sherman said today on MLB network? "If I had to guess today, Bauer goes to the Whitesox." Someone mentioned it on Twitter. Seeing if he really said that.

    I did

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  5. 13 minutes ago, SoxSteve said:

    Maybe this shouldn't be a new topic but what is with all this talk about trading our young players away? I just don't understand the thinking behind it. it hijacks every thread with ridiculous trade ideas. Why does Vaughn's name come up in every trade and why are some posters in such a hurry to get rid of the guy? I heard it all last year and now this year as well.  It's not a stretch to think he might end up being our best hitter down the road. Madrigal looks like a 300 plus hitter and all that with a bad shoulder. And I wouldn't trade Kopech until I see him for a full year without or without him being a possible head case. And I even saw Garret Crochet name come up along with Robert. INSANE.  I will be sooooo pissed if we trade any of these guys. I don't care who we get in return like Snell or Marquez. And don't even get me started on Lance Lynn. Please!!! I don't post a lot but just felt I had to say it because I get nauseous every time I see these names come up. just saying

    I agree completely

  6. 1 minute ago, maloney.adam said:

    I don’t think this is meant to be against my overall reputation on this board but really man. I do post some informative stuff on this board; so I don’t think you should talk.

    I personally enjoy your info please keep it coming.

  7. 1 minute ago, TomPickle said:


    German is less than a year older than Cease and is better at literally every aspect of pitching aside from throwing the ball fast and even in that he's not far behind Cease. Cease averaged 97.5 mph on his fastball and Marquez averaged 95.7 mph.

    I want to see what another pitching coach can do for Cease and someone i respect Rick Sutcliffe loves cease and has talked about cease for years and that is good enough for me, the difference between German and other free agents is not enough for what the Sox would have to give up it is not worth giving up Kopech or Cease.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    100% Kopech would be involved in a trade for Marquez and I would 100% be ok with that.  I just worry about the secondary pieces in all honesty as the Rockies would want a big #2 prospect.

    Not a chance i would trade kopech or cease 

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  9. 10 minutes ago, YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES! said:

    He posted a screenshot of a text conversation of a plan that included trading Cease/Madrigal/Adolfo/Stiever for Lynn/Gallo and then signing Kolten Wong to play 2nd base.

    Gosh I hope not

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  10. 56 minutes ago, Yearnin' for Yermin said:

    What do you all think? Two that immediately come to mind are as follows:


    1. Matt Zaleski - Charlotte Knights pitching coach. Embraces the analytics, gets great reviews within the organization, knows all our guys. He seems like an easy and solid choice for the position

    2. Ethan Katz - Giolito's highschool pitching coach. He is credited with helping turn Giolito around and into a top pitcher in the league. Giolito went from literally the worst starting pitcher, to one of the best. He has to get a look. This is my pick, personally.


    Any candidates you have in mind?

    Zaleski  and katz are u kidding me, I can't believe this is the best they can do

  11. 13 minutes ago, wegner said:

    Sorry if I'm missing something but I get the Rangers trading Lynn but why would the Brewers trade Woodruff, a guy with lots of control left unless it was a deal they couldn't refuse?

    I like Woodridge but what has he done in his career