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  1. Then don't watch. It's a pretty simple concept
  2. Slobber House

    GT 6/13 White Sox V Tigers 6:10 Chgo Time - Bastard Time

    Does the 3rd base coach have anything to do with defensive positioning though? Am I missing something?
  3. Slobber House

    Petition for New Banner

    Looks like this thing is finally paying off!
  4. Slobber House

    2021 Spring Training Cuts Thread

    Why is Cordero suspended?
  5. Slobber House

    Do the sox even have another need?

    I can't believe everyone keeps pencilling in this Vaughan kid, who has never played Major League Baseball, as our DH. Yes, he could be a stud right out of the gate, but we've all seen the exact opposite happen to guys who are rushed to the Bigs more often than not. He needs a full year in the minors at least.
  6. Slobber House

    Padres Acquire Clevinger per Multiple Reports

    Yeah, this is ok with me. The dude kind of gives me the creeps.
  7. Slobber House

    3/25 @ Arizona

    I don't see a problem
  8. Slobber House

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I don't want either of these guys honestly. I think they're both dickheads and clubhouse cancers that will end up screwing the rebuild up. There, I said it.
  9. Slobber House

    FS: Who's Up Next?

    Absolutely correct. Engle must go.
  10. Slobber House

    Mas Garcias return, Thompson DFA, Rondon to Charlotte

    ANYone on the farm could have come up and contributed at least as much as Thompson did. All he ended up doing was making Engle look slightly better for a few weeks.
  11. Then I wonder what percentage of guys we DO get on base are left hanging? That must be a nauseating number.
  12. Anyone know where we rank in LOB? We've gotta top 3 at least.
  13. This rally is O-vah! Leury was our only chance.
  14. I'm so jaded right now, I was almost expecting Sisco to get out of that rundown somehow.
  15. Slobber House

    Fulmer starting tonight

    Bring up Kopech. Team control and all of that be damned.