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  1. SoxBlanco

    Great Expectations

    Wasn’t Keuchel 5th in Cy Young voting in 2020? I’d certainly call him “reliable” that year.
  2. SoxBlanco

    Great Expectations

    Who was the one reliable SP?
  3. “Ok so for 100 bucks (gift card), I get 30 minutes with you. I can make out with you. I can eat your pussy and fuck you raw. Is all that correct?” The gift card part had me dying as well.
  4. You think 1-5 is more likely than 2-4? I’d take an over 1.5 wins bet.
  5. SoxBlanco

    6/26 Games

    Has Yolbert really cooled off since getting promoted to Charlotte? If so, very strange.
  6. Just turned the game on. When did Lynn and Burger have a kid together, and when did he start pitching for the Orioles?
  7. I’m late to the party, but let me see if I understand: One of our biggest needs is second base. One of our best prospects is a second baseman. We call up said prospect and the current subpar second baseman gets hurt. And yet, the prospect still isn’t playing. This can’t be a real life story.
  8. SoxBlanco

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    Yep. Sometimes collisions are unavoidable, even with guys who know how to call for the ball. If the ball is in a perfect spot where nobody can get to it without sliding/diving, then nobody is going to call it. It’s just an unfortunate situation sometimes.
  9. SoxBlanco

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    That’s probably because you watch more White Sox than any other team. It’s similar to how every fan base thinks they are the worst in the league at getting runners home from third with less than two outs.
  10. SoxBlanco

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    I hate Tony and want him gone ASAP, but I can’t believe people are blaming the coaching staff for that collision. Give me a fucking break. Do you want the coaches to hold meetings or practices and teach the guys how to call for the ball? That’s little league stuff. If you can’t communicate by the time you are in the major leagues, practices/meetings aren’t going to help.
  11. SoxBlanco

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    You have my favorite avatar on this forum. Love it!
  12. SoxBlanco

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Who would have pitched the 9th then? Also, it was the bottom three guys in the order for Toronto in the 8th. You wanted to use your best option in the 8th and then have somebody else face the top in the 9th?
  13. SoxBlanco

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    What were odds that Engel would get intentionally walked in the 12th inning of the game tonight? 🤣