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  1. SoxBlanco

    Sox Claim Tayron Guerrero

    What do you mean control sucks?!?! Didn’t you watch the video? Every pitch he throws is a strike, AND he throws 100+!!! This guy is the greatest pitcher of all time.
  2. SoxBlanco

    RF - The Final Piece

    It's at least pretty interesting that some people say it's a horrible trade for the White Sox and some people say they would jump on it right away because we'd have to give up more. Does that mean it's actually a fair trade?
  3. SoxBlanco

    On to Plan B

    You can just click EDIT and fix any typos/grammar issues that you might have.
  4. SoxBlanco

    Sox in on MadBum

    Agreed. And if we are worried about this thing dragging out because of Boras, I'd even be ok offering 3/$75M right now. You think he would take that right now? If not, we move on to other options and he might not ever get another offer like that.
  5. SoxBlanco

    Sox in on MadBum

    What team out there will be so desperate for pitching that they would give Ryu 4 for $110M?
  6. SoxBlanco

    Sox in on MadBum

    No doubt. We need to go after Ryu now. We should be less scared of an injury compared to other teams because we have Kopech and Rodon coming back. He's actually a perfect fit for us.
  7. I mean, it’s not impossible for Ryu or MadBum to have an equal or better year than Wheeler.
  8. Sox don't offer a free agent the most money: "Just offer the most! Why doesn't RH understand that players will sign wherever the most money is offered?!" Sox do offer a free agent the most money and he signs somewhere else: "Why didn't we offer more?!?! Doesn't RH understand that we need to offer an amount that is even more than something that is already the highest?!?!"
  9. SoxBlanco

    On to Plan B

    Yep. The productiveness of Kopech and Cease are going to play a HUGE part in our success over the next few years. That obviously would have still been true if we signed Wheeler, but we really need one of those two guys to be a #1 or #2 type pitcher.
  10. SoxBlanco

    Sox in on MadBum

    I think just the number of innings he has pitched. He has around 1100 more innings than Wheeler, for example.
  11. SoxBlanco

    On to Plan B

    I know some people don't want anything to do with Castellanos because of his defense and the Abreu deal, but I still like him and think he will improve defensively (like he has during his limited time in RF). An offseason of Grandal, Ryu, and Castellanos would still be pretty solid.
  12. SoxBlanco

    On to Plan B

    So where do we go from here? Cole/Strasburg is a pipe dream, so do we pivot to Ryu? Maybe a Ryu/Keuchel combo?
  13. I'm not suggesting they get cute. I'm also not suggesting they shouldn't offer the most money. I was simply saying that IF the Reds offered slightly more, I think there's a chance we could still land him. I think we should just offer him 6 for $120 and get it over with.
  14. Because we have a better young core and we are in an easier division.