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  1. I’m no doctor, but I don’t believe a broken hand puts somebody out for four months. Sounds like bullshit to me.
  2. SoxBlanco

    Does Charlie Tilson deserve a shot?

    If you think Tilson has a chance to be better, why not keep getting him regular at bats in AAA? Neither Tilson or Engel are going to start over Eloy, Leury, or Cordell, so you might as well keep Engel on the team as a better defensive replacement/4th outfielder and let Tilson get his at bats in Charlotte.
  3. SoxBlanco

    04.22.19 Games

    Not our Burdi, but yes.
  4. SoxBlanco

    Alec Hansen a Reliever Now?

    Bumping this thread after another solid relief appearance (2 scoreless, 5 K’s, 0 BB’s). When do you expect he will be stretched out to a starter again? Will it happen in Winston-Salem, or will they promote him to Birmingham first and have him return to starting there?
  5. SoxBlanco

    04.22.19 Games

    Another scoreless inning for Hansen with two K’s, and 8 of his 14 pitches were for strikes.
  6. SoxBlanco

    Fegan interviews Hostetler on upcoming draft

    This is a solid post. Well done.
  7. SoxBlanco

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Speaking of Lency Delgado, where is he playing this year? I haven’t heard much talk about him in a while.
  8. SoxBlanco

    4/18 Games

    With Moncada in the lineup twice, we’d never lose a game.
  9. SoxBlanco

    4/16 Games

    I've been wondering about this for a couple years now. Thanks for asking. Anybody have the answer?
  10. In a perfect world, do Robert and Madrigal both get called up in mid-April next year?
  11. SoxBlanco

    4/15 Games

    15-pitch perfect inning with two K’s. 11 of the 15 were strikes.
  12. SoxBlanco

    Early Promotions?

    Another option is to send Basabe to Charlotte when he's healthy. I've touched on this before, but would they consider moving Robert straight to AAA?
  13. SoxBlanco

    Early Promotions?

    Yeah, he's an interesting player. I keep expecting him to fade, and he just keeps producing. I suppose he did fade a little last year after moving up to AA, so we'll see if he can sustain the nice year he is having so far. I think he has an outside shot at becoming a 4th outfielder at the big league level.
  14. SoxBlanco

    Early Promotions?

    Do you think Booker moves up to AAA when Robert gets promoted?
  15. SoxBlanco

    2019 MLB draft thread

    The first name I think of when I hear that description of not playing baseball until later in life is Tim Anderson, and he continues to get better. Which specific White Sox draft picks are you thinking about?