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  1. Richie, you need to read this article: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
  2. SoxBlanco

    Opening Day 26 Man Roster Discussion

    I am bumping this now that spring training has been underway for a while. Fulmer is definitely making a case for a bullpen spot, like many of us predicted. That last bench piece is still a question mark. Cuthbert? Mercedes? Delmonico? Collins? I feel like Collins will be in AAA, unless McCann is traded.
  3. SoxBlanco

    Your 2020 Season Expectations

    Interesting that the “new RFielder” whose name you forgot made your cut of young electric players, but Robert didn’t.
  4. SoxBlanco

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I could take a wild guess, but I’d probably be way off the mark.
  5. SoxBlanco

    McCann Trade Speculation

    You could catch Grandal for 90 games and DH him for 50/60 games. Abreu and EE could still play 130/140 games each.
  6. SoxBlanco

    Your 2020 Season Expectations

    This. 100% this.
  7. SoxBlanco

    Rox @ Sox | 2:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Dumb post for $500, Alex.
  8. SoxBlanco

    Rox @ Sox | 2:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    I’m so glad Konerko didn’t swing at the first pitch with the bases loaded in game 2 of the World Series. Oh wait...
  9. SoxBlanco

    Cleveland @ Sox | 2PM CT | Whitesox.com

    SouthWallace, whatever you do for work, it must be the greatest job in the world. Thanks for the updates.
  10. SoxBlanco

    Mariners @ Sox | 2:05 PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Luis Gonzalez, my man! I think I'm his biggest fan on this message board. He's gonna bounce back this year.
  11. SoxBlanco

    Sox @ Royals | 2:05 PM CT | KTXR 1660

    New projected opening day lineup: Anderson Moncada Abreu Engel Grandal Jimenez Encarnacion Robert Garcia
  12. SoxBlanco

    Predict the OD Lineup

    This discussion came up earlier this offseason. Most people think Ricky will keep him 3rd all year no matter what. I don't think there's any chance he keeps him 3rd if he's struggling and other guys deserve to be in that spot. He wants to win games. He has never had a team that can win games, so you can't use his past decisions to predict what he will do this year.
  13. SoxBlanco

    Predict the OD Lineup

    Based on today's lineup, Ricky will be going with something very close to what you have here. Push EE up to 4 or 5 and I think you nailed it.
  14. SoxBlanco

    Predict the OD Lineup

    This is one of those discussions where I agree with both people as I read each subsequent post. In my head: "Oh good point...wait, but that's a great point too...shit, another solid counter...alright, I agree with both people."
  15. SoxBlanco

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Huh? EE replaces Delmonico and Grandal replaces McCann. Mazara slides down to 8, Grandal hits 4, and EE goes to the 6 spot.