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  1. And there are still several people here who think they could do a better job.
  2. SoxBlanco

    White Sox Winner: feel better Bassit!

    Yes, but 7 out of 20 is large enough to show that it's not as big of a deal that some people here seem to think...especially when you consider that regular season matchups can largely depend on the pitching matchups, where your #5 might be going up against your opponent's ace. If we were 23-16 against winning teams instead of 18-21, for example, I would not be any more confident in our chances to win the World Series. Get the team healthy and get hot at the right time.
  3. SoxBlanco

    8/16 Games

    You might be talking to yourself, but I’m definitely listening and appreciate your input.
  4. I can’t believe people are calling it a hit and run. That’s one of the dumbest, most absurd things I’ve heard, and when I read this message board in the future, all of their opinions now mean nothing to me. Good lord.
  5. SoxBlanco

    Collins Catching Complaints

  6. SoxBlanco

    Rodon to IL with Shoulder Fatigue

    This is exactly what I suspected and what I have been expecting to happen at some point this season.
  7. SoxBlanco

    8/15/21- Yankees @ White Sox- GT

    That’s not really how it works. If the Yankees are sitting dead red, they will be swinging and missing on a lot of change ups. It’s not like the batters can pick up whether it’s a fastball or change up out of Lucas’ hand. But I do agree that it’s imperative to get his slider going, especially against good offenses.
  8. SoxBlanco

    8/14 Sox vs Yankees - 6:10 CT first pitch

    If the Cubs don’t make an investment like that a handful of years ago, they very well might not have a World Series. It’s definitely a risk, but I don’t mind it at all (mostly because I think we can find somebody to match the production Madrigal would be giving us).
  9. Detroit and Dallas always play on Thanksgiving.
  10. I just watched the replay again with my five year old son. As soon as TA makes contact, my son starts cracking up and says, “That’s so funny. The catcher closes his glove every time like he’s catching the ball, but he’s not.” The random stuff that kids will say/notice always makes me laugh.
  11. The Grandal number surprised me the most, but how much of that is skewed by which pitchers he would (or would not) regularly catch?
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    Seby battling for a BB was fu**ing huge.
  14. SoxBlanco

    Sox at Twins 8/10, 7:10

    Haha, I believe he means the players as opposed to the actual order they are batting.
  15. SoxBlanco

    Omar Vizquel is a sack of s%*#

    I hope that girl was sobbing and couldn’t sleep that night because of how upset she was. Swing the bat.
  16. SoxBlanco

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    Do you think Leury will be starting in the playoffs?
  17. SoxBlanco

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    I’m gonna give TLR the benefit of the doubt when it comes to load management throughout a 162 game season, especially with the injuries we’ve had. He can play Leury all 162 games for all I care if it meant a healthy team ready to go for the playoffs with a playoff lineup that didn’t include Leury. The fans usually care about each individual game more than a manager like TLR, who has been around the block several times.
  18. I don’t think people realize how much he helps the entire offense with his ability to take pitches. Abreu won an MVP with Grandal hitting in front of him. And he can hit righties. I think he’s worth every penny we paid him and can’t wait to have him back.
  19. SoxBlanco

    The White Sox 3-5 year window

    The problem is that players who are better than Leury are going to want to sign with a team where they can start. It’s not as easy as people think to grab great utility players. I think Leury is fine as a utility player, as long as he doesn’t have to play as often as he has this year because of injuries. And he has a lot of positional flexibility.
  20. SoxBlanco

    Eloy's Groin Injury Thread

    I honestly believe that’s why Yoan and Timmy look like they’re dogging it to first sometimes, and I’m completely fine with it.
  21. SoxBlanco

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    Sounds like you are talking to Kopech and then to other fans all in the same couple sentences. Dumb post.
  22. SoxBlanco

    7/31 CWS v CLE 6:10 PM CDT

    This is such a brutal post. Just awful.
  23. SoxBlanco

    Sox Acquire Kimbrel; Madrigal, Heuer to Cubs

    I think they just felt Kimbrel was more valuable to a World Series run. If they could have gotten Kimbrel or Frazier for free, but they had to choose just one, I think they are taking Kimbrel.