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  1. Perhaps they are eliminated from winning the division?
  2. SoxBlanco

    Post All Star Break Stats

    I don’t think that tells us much of anything, considering we weren’t even close to full strength in many of those games.
  3. SoxBlanco

    Post All Star Break Stats

    Was there any doubt we’d have an early sac fly in the game tonight after this thread was created?
  4. SoxBlanco

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    Absolutely. And the worst part for Seby (and for us) was that the Sox didn't even win that game. But Seby absolutely contributed to the Field of Dreams win, and I will never forget that. Even bigger than the home run was the base on balls he worked before Timmy. Such a huge at bat.
  5. SoxBlanco

    9/8 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    I just got an alert on my phone letting me know that Keuchel is 27 outs away from a perfect game.
  6. SoxBlanco

    Tim Anderson most entertaining in MLB

    Shouldn't this title say that Anderson is one of the top ten most entertaining players? And shouldn't Hendriks and Lynn be recognized? The list is not in order. It's alphabetical.
  7. SoxBlanco

    Adam Engel starts rehab assignment

    It’s going to be interesting to see what TLR wants to do in the playoffs when we are facing a righty. Option 1: Eloy in LF, Goodwin in RF, Vaughn at DH Option 2: Eloy in LF, Vaughn in RF, Sheets at DH Option 3: Eloy in LF, Engel in RF, Vaughn at DH The third option is clearly the move with a lefty on the mound, but will Tony want to put more emphasis on offense or defense when we’re facing a righty?
  8. SoxBlanco

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    Eh, I thought that was blown out of proportion. I didn’t have any issue with what he said.
  9. SoxBlanco


    I missed the last two innings. How did Kopech and Hendriks look? Box score says they were good, but how was their stuff/command?
  10. SoxBlanco

    8/28 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 PM CDT

    I will be there tonight. First game in a couple years.
  11. Without the Tatis trade, we might not finally pull the trigger on the rebuild. It's possible that we are in worse shape right now without the Tatis trade.
  12. There was a recent game where TLR sent the runner on first base with a full count on Abreu. Jose swung at a bad pitch and struck out. The person you are currently arguing with called it a "hit and run" and said that Jose swung because he had to protect the hit and run. It was one of the dumbest things I've ever read on this message board, and all of his posts now have zero credibility to me. What does that have to do with Grandal, you might ask? Absolutely nothing. But you might not want to waste your time arguing with him.
  13. And there are still several people here who think they could do a better job.
  14. SoxBlanco

    White Sox Winner: feel better Bassit!

    Yes, but 7 out of 20 is large enough to show that it's not as big of a deal that some people here seem to think...especially when you consider that regular season matchups can largely depend on the pitching matchups, where your #5 might be going up against your opponent's ace. If we were 23-16 against winning teams instead of 18-21, for example, I would not be any more confident in our chances to win the World Series. Get the team healthy and get hot at the right time.
  15. SoxBlanco

    8/16 Games

    You might be talking to yourself, but I’m definitely listening and appreciate your input.
  16. I can’t believe people are calling it a hit and run. That’s one of the dumbest, most absurd things I’ve heard, and when I read this message board in the future, all of their opinions now mean nothing to me. Good lord.
  17. SoxBlanco

    Collins Catching Complaints

  18. SoxBlanco

    Rodon to IL with Shoulder Fatigue

    This is exactly what I suspected and what I have been expecting to happen at some point this season.
  19. SoxBlanco

    8/15/21- Yankees @ White Sox- GT

    That’s not really how it works. If the Yankees are sitting dead red, they will be swinging and missing on a lot of change ups. It’s not like the batters can pick up whether it’s a fastball or change up out of Lucas’ hand. But I do agree that it’s imperative to get his slider going, especially against good offenses.
  20. SoxBlanco

    8/14 Sox vs Yankees - 6:10 CT first pitch

    If the Cubs don’t make an investment like that a handful of years ago, they very well might not have a World Series. It’s definitely a risk, but I don’t mind it at all (mostly because I think we can find somebody to match the production Madrigal would be giving us).
  21. Detroit and Dallas always play on Thanksgiving.
  22. I just watched the replay again with my five year old son. As soon as TA makes contact, my son starts cracking up and says, “That’s so funny. The catcher closes his glove every time like he’s catching the ball, but he’s not.” The random stuff that kids will say/notice always makes me laugh.
  23. The Grandal number surprised me the most, but how much of that is skewed by which pitchers he would (or would not) regularly catch?