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  1. pcq

    4 on track for '19 HOF

    Let the cheaters get in posthumously. Vote Shoeless Joe instead if it was allowed.
  2. pcq

    JocTalk.com - Waiting......

    Engel is excessively one-dimensional. In most cases not a tolerable luxury among teams with 12 players but great for a September roster.
  3. pcq

    White Sox announce Spring Training invites

    Among the Tribe of Twenty are six minor FA's with Matt Skole and the curious Donn Roach back from Japan.
  4. pcq

    4 on track for '19 HOF

    I will pass on 5 6 and 7 geez. Hope not.
  5. pcq

    American Family Insurance Park?

    Based in Madison last I heard. You will have to get used to it but I was hoping for PBR Park.
  6. pcq

    Manny: A Series of Unfortunate Non-events

    There is no magic bullet for the Sox to close this deal. Sometimes you have to be patient. They must know what Lozano's number is and it is likely way over market. Lozano expects everyone to be chasing after him with money. That is not the case.
  7. pcq

    JocTalk.com - Waiting......

    Palka is a lefty who earned another year to develop his hit tool. Matt pretty much bottomed out although he cut down on his K's. We don't have to pay much for Palka and he is ours.
  8. pcq

    JocTalk.com - Waiting......

    If you watch video of Danny boy he had really beefed up the last couple seasons. Now back the other way.
  9. pcq

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    CWS sign RHP Mac Welsh who pitched in one college game. Hilarious. Maybe he won a bottle cap contest?
  10. Jay is an upgrade over Yolmer and Leury which is good enough for me.
  11. pcq

    Manny: A Series of Unfortunate Non-events

    Takes two to tango. If every big name wants a record deal then things will drag into spring ball.
  12. We pretty much know throwing your top velocity on every pitch causes casualties. There has to be a better approach and making fun of Coop like some have is not the answer.
  13. Strange way to introduce yourself in a public professional setting along with being a Cub fan. I am not opposed to his beliefs. Wish him well but won't expect a lot. Still looking for a mental gymnastics coach.
  14. pcq

    Manny: A Series of Unfortunate Non-events

    Query: We hear that Bryce and Gabe Kapler were bonding on the strip last weekend. Does anyone feel Rick R is a plus or minus in the Manchado equation.
  15. pcq

    Manny: A Series of Unfortunate Non-events

    And it all comes down to one thing. When the rubber meets the road who blinks first. This is all part of a complex ritual. If the Sox know they have a chunk of dough to play with they can act coy.