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  1. pcq

    What Can Be Done to Fix this Mess?

    I guess rebuilding means 3-4 hits for the offense and 8-10 runs allowed amid general malaise and lack of inspiration. These Sox don't look prepared to compete at any professional level. No one is minding the store. Rick or Rick what's up?
  2. pcq

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Moncada with a left hamstring issue, pulled up while running out a grounder in the second inning.
  3. pcq

    4/21 Gamethread - Astros @ Sox - 6:10pm / WGN

    Sox have reached Rick bottom.
  4. pcq

    Farquhar Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

    Rush is the best facility around for aneurysm repair. I think he is safe for survival but will need rehab. He is basically a stroke victim.
  5. pcq

    Thompson / Saladino

    No reason not to put Trayce in CF. The Adam Engel experiment is over. Tyler now plays for the Sox in Colorado Springs. What a rude awakening. There has to be someone more deserving of a roster spot than Engel.
  6. pcq

    Farquhar Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

    My wife survived this but did not have a rupture. They go up thru a groin artery into the brain and patch coils together to repair the damaged area. He may have permanency from the hemorrhage and who knows if he would be cleared to play sports. They have ongoing issues to varying degrees.
  7. Friday Sox highlight reel: Sox Turn Double Play!! I would be very concerned about players maximizing their reverse potential under the Rick and Rick Regime.
  8. Rebuilding is one thing. Giving up ten and scoring none seems like something worse. It seems to happen more often than not.
  9. Danny Farquhar was carried out. Something wrong.
  10. pcq

    Thompson / Saladino

    I would be glad to watch Thompson over Engel. Tyler could turn the Colorado Springs Sky Sox into contenders.
  11. pcq

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    Time for the Sox weekly win before Verlander et al.
  12. pcq

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (knightni @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 09:21 AM) How many years did he drag a 5 time SB champ on in an ancient, substandard, shared Candlestick Park? The 49ers owner is the son. Not the same guy. The father was not going to be approved because of the commissioner.
  13. QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 04:30 PM) Interesting. Twins would be coming back from Puerto Rico to play one or two games, then have to fly down to Tampa. High of 45 and no rain. Expos-Marlins 2003 at Sox Park.
  14. pcq

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 08:14 AM) Yea I’m sure Debartolo would have totally built a stadium with his own money Debartolo would not have been approved due to certain alleged gangster affiliations.
  15. pcq

    White Sox @ Twins 4/12

    QUOTE (kwolf68 @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 09:31 PM) Whatever the case, not impressed with his managing. Yea the team doesn't quit, that's good, but so many other red flags with him. Right now it doesn't matter though. We have seen no evidence that Rikki is a savvy manager. We are just supposed to assume that because he works well with young players. I would give more props to Paul Molitor, Gardy and even Alex Cora to name a few. I would have even rolled the dice on AJ and felt better about it. A manager needs an identity, self-confidence and a strong personality to succeed. Rikki and Robin seem to have little. We could have hired Dave Martinez who was long available. Maybe they just want a role playing team guy for manager. I remember that Robin and Mike Matheny were hired at the same time, both inexperienced. Enough said.