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  1. pcq

    Davidson pitching role not going to grow for now

    I think it should be more than a circus but less than a regular event. Two-way will become a thing. Check back in about five years.
  2. pcq

    Abreu wants to stay long term

    God forbid we keep someone as a mainstay said the most anonymous org in MLB. But it's a great place to be from said the players. At some point you take a stand and forge an identity.
  3. pcq

    White Sox trying to trade Avi Garcia?

    I would give Rondon a shot failing a big name acquisition and send Slappy Sanchez packing. There may be no room for Nick D in reserve with 13 pitchers suiting up. If a good corner is acquired Avalicious could rotate between OF and DH. He may be better suited for strategic starting and resting. His body doesn't always know where it is going which is why he is injury prone.
  4. pcq


    Fangraphs came up with an org WAR feature that puts the Sox at #3 for 2018 behind the Pods and Bravos. The Braves are already in contending mode.
  5. Color me dubious about Harper moving here and especially wondering how a guy making a massive salary would ever fit in. If he saw something special about our program in 2018 I would love to hear about it.
  6. They are in far different roles as everyone else here knows. No one is strategizing how to maximize Engel's development or potential. Just give him a uniform until you give it to someone else.
  7. I try to engage the reader by inviting further input.
  8. pcq

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    Time to embrace your fear. Unfortunate that Adam II is engaged tracking down child predators in Bangkok. Ron Bloomberg is off the market. Brett Lowrie is still in rehab.
  9. pcq

    Cubs Open to Trading Kris Bryant

    It's always a joy when Boras over-plays his hand but I support the players. Trickle-down only works for the elites.
  10. pcq

    Cubs Open to Trading Kris Bryant

    Theo was just saying that no one is off the table. KB likely has a chronic shoulder issue and he is an awkward too tall 3B. Great hitter when healthy but struggling to hit with the shoulder problem.
  11. If Harper turned down $300M from the Phil's what would he turn down from Chicago. Just wondering.
  12. Brantley is about what I would expect. Could be credible.
  13. pcq

    White Sox looking into bullpen arms

    At 38 Cruz could be an oncoming disaster. One year plus option would be wise. Sounds like a Cleveland kind of guy.
  14. I want to see my guys diving into first base every day.
  15. Not to forget how the Sox rolled over and died in September. Where was Rikkay. Great leader of young men.