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  1. pcq


    Rikki is changing the game.
  2. pcq


    Madrigal looks to me like he needs about 23 more games in the minors before checking all of the boxes.
  3. pcq


    Nothing new here, no means no. If you want to survive who but you looks out for you? I doubt Daryl will answer anything of substance. I never understood hanging out in bars even when my brother owned a local hot spot. Another prob is that 'friends' do these things as often as strangers. We condemn the criminal behavior of not respecting women. Only cowards do these things.
  4. pcq

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    If LuRob stays healthy the sky is the limit. Needs to lighten up a tad on the K's is all.
  5. Getting non-tendered by the Sox is a gold star on your resume. Not sure if the league takes Yolmer all that seriously. Draw your own conclusions.
  6. Time we heard from the OF crew.
  7. pcq

    Long-Term Viewership Trends for Sports

    Sitting at a game means missing replays and no channel or tablet surfing. Attention spans make it difficult. Shortening the game might help and also save on player wear and tear. Given that almost every pitch is hyper-analyzed perhaps the game has gotten too stressful and stretched out.
  8. pcq

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Well that's all been normalized now so we might as well put some red marker on our socks and commemorate the inevitable.
  9. pcq

    MLB cheating scandal

    Questions for Reddick Altuve and Bregman at fanfest. Nobody gave a direct answer of any use.
  10. pcq

    MLB cheating scandal

    The moral high ground here is a slippery slope. Similar to condemning one husband for his wandering eye and acting as though the rest of the gang is guilt free. I recall Raffy's outrage before Congress before being outed for cheating. Most of these guys are not heroes.
  11. pcq

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    Jack sounds like a gossipy little tramp on The View. Mind your own biz bro.
  12. pcq

    Mike Trout... HGH?!?

    I don't think Trout needs,any help.
  13. pcq

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    These stories could go on for years.
  14. pcq

    MLB cheating scandal

    Kevan Smith confirms what Farq has said. They stopped using signals, went verbal and Gattis struck out. Says Angels and Sox did not use tech but there may be another team that was doing the same. He is with the Rays now and has questions for Charlie Morton who was a stro.
  15. pcq

    MLB cheating scandal

    Legal gambling is on the rise and cheating will not be tolerated.