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  1. pcq

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Sox will go 4x20 on Wheeler and say they almost had him.
  2. pcq

    What about Collins?

    He likely has a hit tool but the Sox act as though they do not see him as a first string catcher. In need of integrated analytics to help this young man achieve. Extra work in AZ would seem like a need.
  3. pcq


    Thinking more whether they would outbid 3-4 teams for a guy. Don't build me up Buttercup. I hear the Dodgers will be spending. No worries about the Red Sox. Can Rick pull the trigger or is that Kenny's game.
  4. pcq


    The Sox are short hitters in this game. Best o luck tho.
  5. pcq


    Grandal would be nice but Zack could spell McCann with Sebz in reserve. What are the odds of the Sox outbidding several other teams. More likely we sign the lesser choices.
  6. Red Sox are not thrilled w Devers at 3B. I thought our guy did fairly well considering.
  7. No I do not trade any key prospects.
  8. pcq

    What about Collins?

    Call it what you want but he is not a good catcher and we took him in the first round. Who knows if we have a coach working with him. Nobody home.
  9. pcq

    Ben Cherington Is New Pirates GM

    I would hire Ben in a Bronzeville minute.
  10. pcq

    Ben Cherington Is New Pirates GM

    Ben will become Billy Beane Jr. Working for another toole who claims to be a billionaire but stiffs you for lunch. Ben brought Michael Kopech and Yoan Moncada to the Red Sox who traded them to the White Sox. Thanks Ben thanks Dave.
  11. I had the same question for both JDM and Betts. Rickboy is the king of kontracts. People are dreaming with Betts. Rule 1 with the FA clerics is not resigning with the team that brung you to the dance.
  12. I would focus on Jose's vision and any routines that could help him recognize the sliders. His major weakness of course. There could be some help out there.
  13. pcq

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

    Only G*d replaces Don Cooper you sob.