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  1. Good time to sweep a struggling team. Go for it.
  2. pcq

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    I would think he is frustrated with the garbage blocking his access to Chicago. His agent might be getting him worked up.
  3. pcq

    Toddlers First Game, Need Help

    My wife has been sneaking around with Southpaw for years. He is quite friendly and you should see him walking around the lower deck. He is afraid of the upper deck though because Reinsdorf took out insurance on him and was going to arrange a fall. Columbo figured it out.
  4. pcq

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    In some markets coach says getchermouthshut!!
  5. pcq

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    Rick should be a District Manager for Burger King.
  6. pcq

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    He might feel he is more worthy. Throw those other guys in the dumpster.
  7. pcq

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Wonders why he can't play for a sucko team like the Sox. Good point.
  8. pcq

    Fire Tony Chant

    Welcome to The Real Wives Of Bitchport, to whom Richard Irvin remains deeply indebted for his massive 15% share of the governor's primary tally. Folks I happen to believe that the Chicago White Sox should be defended NOT defunded.
  9. pcq

    Fire Tony Chant

    Makes you wonder who the heck assembled all of this elite talent. Tony's contribution is to ensure that everyone's weaknesses are maximally exposed via advanced lineup deconstruction.
  10. When Gavin Sheets bats the whole country watches. The White House goes on lockdown.