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  1. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    LaRussa= Desperately Seeking Playoffs.
  2. pcq

    Offseason Targets

    Bashing JR never gets old. It's his toy like it or not.
  3. pcq

    Offseason Targets

    Sale was dealing with shoulder and elbow issues ala Rodon but I only play a doctor on Facebook. I would just be leery.
  4. pcq

    Offseason Targets

    Chris Sale MLB RIP LOL
  5. pcq

    What would you have done ...

    The manager can tell them to stop, bench them and take the garbage can and pc away. Failure all the way.
  6. pcq

    What would you have done ...

    The manager could have stopped the cheating. He failed.
  7. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    The police welcome the white militia with open arms but it doesn't mean that they are racist. Right?
  8. pcq

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    We are turning the corner.
  9. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    My butt hurts cuz it's so hard. This country has seen the enemy. NFL fans can't pay lip service to 70% of their heroes.
  10. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    Sometimes older people need a little re-education.
  11. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    I am pleased to hear the AJP reference as long as he doesn't kick me in the balls. I could live with that.
  12. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    Turns out nobody gives a s**t about ongoing BLM. It disappears a week after another incident and Marxist lectures from NFL fans. But yet the NFL has changed its ways. Perhaps Tony could change his ways too. Maybe he's an opener for Julius Jars Jirschelle. I grew up honoring 42 in the 60s and 70s and still don't understand where the black players went or why. I have hopes that TA7 will bring them back.
  13. pcq

    Tony La Russa

    The Sox were showing us what a full season would look like when the season ended. It wasn't 95 wins.
  14. pcq

    Managerial Candidates List

    Tired of Stone and his snarky gossip. Not Steve Stone.
  15. pcq

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Would be a shame if he had a relapse after being so brave and invincible.