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  1. Richie

    Yoan Moncada, Chicago Public Enemy #1

    Not to mention, the thin crust pizza is a better local product. I hate having to explain this to people around me here in South Carolina when I tell them I am from Chicago and they immediately bring up deep dish. They can't even comprehend that we have thin crust back home. Much less that it's fantastic.
  2. Just informing all of you that we are about to get on a roll heading into this stretch vs the AL Central. You've been informed. You heard it here first. I guarantee that we win the division. I'm on vacation drinking at a pool and watched the game on my laptop. Two girls just approached my friend and I. Opened up the convo by asking if we like anal. Good day. Going out. Farewell. Let's. Fucking. Go. We fight a lot, but let's come together and GET HOT. I'm telling ya... I ain't joking. This is going to happen.
  3. Richie

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    Let it be known. On 6/25/22 at 5:29 PM. After a tapper by Mullins and a Mancini HBP with the bases loaded. Rich officially gave up on the 2022 Chicago White Sox. Fuck this. Fuck this team. Straight bums.
  4. Before this past weekend. I am fairly certain Yoan Moncada was the worst hitter in major league baseball so far as every day players go. I still have hopes Moncada can at least turn into the version of himself that he was last season (not great, but a 4.0 WAR 3B). However, yeah... no doubt that comparing anyone to Moncada and saying that they're doing "good" because of it is silly. That being said - Harrison is fairing a good deal better.
  5. Okay. Fair enough. I'm never one to butt into the middle of a love affair. Go ahead and proceed.
  6. He's starting to creep back into the conversation of staying here as our 2nd baseman after TA gets back. At least, until something happens at the deadline.
  7. Exactly. Mendick has done this before and always regresses to his poor career norms the moment that he's handed anything resembling regular duties. Zavala started like this when he came up for the injured Grandal last year as well. However, he regressed and things ended pretty badly for him in 2021. Terrible defensive catcher.
  8. Your complaining about his complaining is also pretty obnoxious.
  9. Mendick has performed admirably, but he always has in short spurts, it seems. The minute we make him our regular 2nd baseman - I would be willing to bet that he regresses to his career norms. That's just how it typically goes with him. FWIW - Harrison playing much better recently as well. He has certainly not been the auto out he used to be and he's up to .214 on the year.
  10. I feel like you've posted this enough times. We get it. lol Dangerous game, you're playing. Don't rub your message board victories in other posters faces unless you want your L's to be rubbed back in yours tenfold.
  11. I'm used to it by now. I expect it and have learned to enjoy it.
  12. If Robert could just cut out those type of AB's where he's randomly just noncompetitive - it would go a long way for him.
  13. Man, I missed the Vaughn homer by a couple of feet.
  14. Home runs have already shot back up this month.