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  1. Richie

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    Agree completely. Houston would have to stumble. I'm not OVERLY hung up on it, but it sure would be nice to start out that series at home where we clearly play better baseball. Tough to beat them in that building.
  2. Richie

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    Astros play Arizona this weekend. We're going to have to take care of business against a bad Rangers team if we want home-field in the ALDS.
  3. Richie

    Jays claim Lamb

    I always liked Lamb. A couple really good years in Arizona. Got off to a solid enough start here before his first IL stint. Hopefully he finishes the year strong up in Toronto.
  4. Richie

    Rodon Contract Value

    I'm totally fine with him walking. Kopech will almost certainly be in the rotation next year - as will the other guys who are still under contract. Rey Lopez might deserve a look and this isn't even taking Crochet into account. Rodon is fragile and I'm very weary of paying him/relying on him beyond this year.
  5. Given how far behind he is. Coupled with the fact that even his peak and per season numbers don't really come close to HOF status? I hate to say it - I really do. I don't see how that happens. Even if he has like 3 years comparable to his rookie season tacked onto his resume? He still falls short.
  6. He's only 27.5. Average HOF 1B average 66.9 according to baseball reference. His 7 year peak WAR is only 25.5. HOF 1B are 42.7 on average. So, even "cumulative numbers" aside from missing those first few years - his peak/prime years still don't really come that close to that of a HOF 1B's. There's just nothing that adds up here. I think people really forget how "above average to okay to decent" he was as an offensive first baseman between his rookie year and the 2020 COVID year. He's only eclipsed a 4 WAR one time since that rookie season (yes, I realize he would have in 2020). Most years were in the 2's and low 3's in WAR. Black Ink Batting - 22 (114), Average HOFer ≈ 27 Gray Ink Batting - 88 (328), Average HOFer ≈ 144 Hall of Fame Monitor Batting - 67 (321), Likely HOFer ≈ 100 Hall of Fame Standards Batting - 20 (833), Average HOFer ≈ 50 JAWS First Base (84th): 27.5 career WAR | 25.5 7yr-peak WAR | 26.5 JAWS | 4.1 WAR/162 Average HOF 1B (out of 21): 66.9 career WAR | 42.7 7yr-peak WAR | 54.8 JAWS | 5.0 WAR/162
  7. I really hate to be "that guy". However, even Abreu's 7 year peak WAR and WAR per 162 aren't really close to HOF level. That goes for the vast majority of his numbers. He's been "really good" for very long, but not a HOF'er. In fact, (god I hate being this guy because I love him, too) between his rookie year and his COVID shortened MVP season? He sort of just ranged somewhere from "solid" to "good". But... maybe his age 22 or 23 to 26 seasons would have been as good as his rookie year. Who knows?
  8. This sums up my feelings perfectly. Eloy is a generational slugger. But Luis Robert has the tools to be one of the absolute greatest ever, period. This next generation's Mike Trout. Of course, this depends on a lot of different variables. However, there's no debating that he all of the pieces are there.
  9. And as somebody who spends his NFL Sunday's at Twin Peaks and has dated two girls who work at Peaks here in Columbia, SC. I will use that trivia fact Week 1 while watching the Bears.
  10. Isn't Lamb like TLR's boy? Or am I remembering something else?
  11. Richie

    Rey Lo Looking Good!

    This. I am horrified by fans coming around to Rey Lopez. It's going to take a helluva lot more than a good month in a long relief role for me to even consider warming up to that gas can.
  12. Richie

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Good idea. Figures. I point out that you lied about my post and you have to say something like this to slip out the door. I mean... you outright lied. Look at my post. I'm glad my spirit was crushed and my will to give a shit was cut directly in half during the Cleveland series. I'm not half as upset as I normally would be. You had to know this was coming. We're a horrible baseball team right now. For a variety of reasons. We're not even a top 8 team in the AL. Not at this moment. Not a playoff team. How was I POSSIBLY talking about the team as a whole? I'm clearly speaking towards how we have/had been playing.
  13. Richie

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    He called me a gigantic man baby and before that (initial reply) to go cry in my corner. What I said with those remarks were a rebuttal. He replied to my post. Not the other way around. I did not initiate interaction. So, nah. I know you probably didn't see everything. But if he says that to me - I'll call him out the same. My post was merely expressing frustration with how we had played to finish the year. Which is fair. I'm glad my spirit was crushed and my will to give a shit was cut directly in half during the Cleveland series. I'm not half as upset as I normally would be. You had to know this was coming. We're a horrible baseball team right now. For a variety of reasons. We're not even a top 8 team in the AL. Not at this moment. Not a playoff team. That's what I said and it is a fair way to feel right now. IMO. So, imagine being, not just disagreed with. But told your thoughts are "objectively false" and to go cry in your corner. When you're experiencing a season ending defeat with your team. I think most wouldn't take kind to what he was saying in that situation.
  14. Richie

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Meant to address these remarks as well. Additionally, we saw teams like the Reds, Twins, Indians get pretty much smoked in the playoffs already. Were they not playoff teams either? Yes, we got manhandled by good teams. What's your point? In your mind, how does that mean we were playing like a contender? I never once said they didn't stumble into the playoffs, or that the last week wasn't a shit show. Find where I said that, Richie. Because you won't be able to find it, you're just projecting because someone called you out for a shit post. You said it was objectively false that each facet of our team hadn't dropped off and been bad. My entire post was pertaining to the past couple weeks. I made that clear. You called said post objectively false. So, of course you said it, Tony. lol. I said we had been playing brutal. You said I was wrong. That is saying it.
  15. Richie

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    What? I said "right now" we're not a top 8 team in the AL. We haven't been playing like that. I said we "RIGHT NOW" in this moment. Where THIS TEAM IS AND HAS BEEN AT. They weren't a team that belonged. I didn't mean they weren't overall. You literally have to strawman me and create shit out of thin air to even have a coherent argument. That's how absurd you are being. In my life, I've never had an interraction like this. You are literally making a fool of yourself whilst being so sure that you're correct. You are literally lying and making things up. OR... you totally misunderstood and didn't bother to re-read the post, clarify, etc. Just attacked. You've been a MMMMASSSSSSIIIVVVE dick. Just take a deep breath, dude. We're going to be really good for a long time. We got cold and played dreadfully at the worst time possible in a shortened season. In a longer season? We would have gotten past it. Deep breaths, Sox fan brethren. It's going to be okay. You should have calmed down and read my post closer. Thought through, perhaps, what I was really saying. As opposed to what you were trying to "attack". It's okay. I forgive you. It's a tough day for all of us.