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  1. Richie

    Sox in on MadBum

    Would much rather have Ryu.
  2. Richie

    The Money Will Be Spent

    This Shit gets so old, man. We get it! Jesus. It's a crutch used to avoid having an original or useful thought.
  3. That's about right. Yolmer would be a kids fan favorite because of his fun loving attitude. Not sure about many adults loving him.
  4. Richie

    One thing I can not get over..

    And yet... he still had a 4.2 WAR in half of a season. I mean, Jesus people. You're just deluding yourself. I'm done dwelling on the trade. But no... it's really not too early to call him a complete superstar. The fact that you're judging him as a 20 year old as if he's square in his prime says that. The kid flashed everything and then some last season. When you bring a 20 year old up not named Juan Soto. They tend to be rough around the edges and still a bit raw. But good god almighty... what a talent.
  5. Richie

    One thing I can not get over..

    Dude... what in the hell? This dude was a 20 year old and one of the best two way players in baseball when healthy. lol He K'd a lot... who cares? That's what 20 year olds tend to do. He also was a straight up phenom.
  6. Richie

    What about Collins?

    If he's a better hitter than those guys. Then why doesn't he hit better?
  7. Richie

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Yeah, I have moved up to Michigan since. So, it's been a while. I have always liked Lawrence Holmes. Mully/Hanley were good. I hate Dan Bernstein. So, I sort of appreciated their more straight-forward and non-sensationalist approach. Hanley treated me like more than a coffee fetcher. Gave me real work to do for the show. Which was nice of him. lol
  8. Richie

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I was at work and began to yell "holy sh*t!"... before changing it to "holy sh-COW!" Lol
  9. Richie

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    I was an intern at The Score 5 years ago. Yeah, Bernstein was in love with himself. Mully and Hanley were cool. Especially Hanley.
  10. Oh, Daniel... You poor thing.
  11. Eloy has been a pleasure to watch recently. I'm becoming cautiously optimistic about Collins as well. Cautiously...
  12. Richie

    Who are these people...

    Who gives a shit? lol. I don't remember what was talked about during broadcasts much in 2017 either. What if... GOD FORBID... the OP is trying to learn? Startling thought! Isn't it? Get over yourself... Eww. Talk about douche chills. This has been a disgusting display. Imagine for a moment if somebody asked this question to you in person and you responded in this manner. It would totally expose the absurdity of what you are doing. The only way it would be semi-excusable, is if you were autistic. Maybe you are... nothing wrong with that, by the way.
  13. Richie

    Who are these people...

    "No offense, but I'm about to say some REAL arrogant, snot-nosed bull shit to you... right now. Despite the fact that you are humbly asking a question, my response is about to demean the shit out of you as a baseball fan. My superiority will be demonstrated. Remember... no offense, though! "
  14. Collins wouldn't have hit during his call-up if you threw a beach ball at him underhanded. He was helpless. You cannot help the "helpless". There's only so much 4 PA's per day can do for a player. There is a line with this stuff. It's not going to magically turn a guy who slashed .077/.226/.192 over 31 of them (with 14 K's) into a good hitter. Acting like the White Sox cheated Collins somehow for not handing an .077 hitter a full-time DH role (and a share of the catching role) who K's nearly 50% of the time, is just silliness. That player either ain't going to make it or he needs to go back down for a total overhaul of his swing. It looks like Collins is having some success with the latter, which is good. However, this wasn't the case of a player who needed PA's. All you had to do was LOOK at the guy trying to hit. He looked more overmatched than a lot of pitchers trying to hit in the National League. The guy had NO chance. Most importantly, him being up here was doing HIM zero good. I think that's the key. He needed a swing overhaul. You don't do that mid-season at the big league level after 31 horrendous career PA's. Hopefully he comes back up and his new approach works out. I'd love to see it. God knows Reed or Skole ain't the answer either.
  15. Richie

    White Sox at Twinkees 8/21/19

    I don't see why Lucas Giolito (who we traded Eaton for) should help me get over trading Fernando Tatis Jr. for James Shields. Totally unrelated. It doesn't help me feel better about Tatis that Moncada or Anderson are having big years. We should still have him if we didn't make a total clown show trade... (obviously hindsight is 20-20 but most didn't want to do it)