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  1. How do you walk Moncada there.
  2. Moncada with the bases loaded, what will happen?
  3. This team is the dumbest in baseball, at any level.
  4. I'm all for keeping AJ in the 1 spot.
  5. OK Moncada has to be sent down or sat down. He is totally broken at the plate. He is going to lose his confidence permanently if you keep sending him out there right now.
  6. Next year AV gets 1B on a fulltime basis. It has been incredibly unfair to him forcing him to play in the OF.
  7. Odds Giolito gives up the lead here?
  8. At least Moncada's chain game is strong!
  9. You want to see what a team looks like that has absolutely no accountability whatsoever from the Owner on down to the secretary of the travel secretary? I present the 2022 Chicago White Sox.
  10. This team needs entirely new leadership. A total house cleaning. Nothing will have any chance to change until that is done.
  11. This is the worst effort/performance of the season to date, although I'm sure there will be worse coming in the 56 games remaining. This team has basically quit. They have 1 hit and 1 friggen walk against a guy who hasn't won a game since 4/30.