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  1. brijames1957

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    When is Engel supposed to be back?
  2. brijames1957

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    Going to be very important how TLR manages this last two and a half weeks of the season in as far as who sits and who plays. Remember the Sox don't start the playoffs until 4 days after the season ends. If you sit guys the last few regular season games thats a lot of days off.
  3. brijames1957

    9/16 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 1:10pm

    This would be my biggest concern as well. The Sox haven't played a meaningful game in how long? Not to mention a game with any pressure to win. I don't know if they can adjust that quickly from meaningless games to playoff games. At least they have last years playoff experience to fall back on.
  4. brijames1957


    Sox hitters better be ready to have a lot of Junk thrown at them tomorrow night.
  5. I have been a Sox fan for 49 years. Winning the Division and making the playoffs are a really big deal for this ball club. It doesn't happen that often. I have learned to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. This season has been a great journey so far. There is no way to predict what will happen in the playoffs. I just hope the team is as healthy as they can be and i will enjoy every minute of it.
  6. brijames1957

    GT 9/10: BOS @ SOX, 7:10 PM

    I want to see the Sox do whatever to scratch out another run here.
  7. brijames1957

    GT 9/10: BOS @ SOX, 7:10 PM

    This is exactly the type of game the Sox will see in the playoffs. These games against teams who are fighting for their playoff lives are great right now.
  8. brijames1957

    Can this team just flip the switch come Oct 7?

    I agree that getting this team as healthy as possible before Oct 7 is the most important thing. I'm not criticizing TLR or this team at all. They have had a great season especially considering all the health issues they have had to deal with. Winning the Division will be a helluva accomplishment. I just really want them at their best come playoff time.
  9. Let's be honest, this team has been coasting for weeks if not longer. They are 26-23 since the All Star break. They have had no challenge to winning the Division. Right now the team looks bored and lifeless and just waiting for the Playoffs to start. They have 23 games left and it looks like they will clinch the Division sometime in the last week of September. If that is the case they will have about a week left in the regular season when they clinch and then a 4 day break before the Playoffs begin. So how do you get this team in playoff mode when they have been playing with no challenge or pressure for months? Can you just keep resting guys these last 3 and a half weeks of the season and then expect them to be ready to play at their peak come Oct 7? Normally you rest your guys after you clinch but the Sox have been sitting guys for weeks now. Can they just flip the switch and go from playing out the season to playing in pressure packed Playoff games? It will be very interesting to see how TLR handle these last 23 games. I would almost like to see the Playoff lineup out there for the last 3 or 4 games just to get them playing together and in the right mindset for the Playoffs.
  10. Adam looking pretty damn good in that video.
  11. This team has been going through the motions for weeks. Maybe they need this division race to tighten up so they will wake the **** up and start competing at a high level. If they think they can just turn it on come playoff time they are going to get swept in the first round.
  12. Robert and Jimenez are so fricking good.
  13. Great job by Cease tonight. This is a very good offense he shut down. Had a few chances to meltdown and he didn't. He just needs consistency and avoiding those meltdown innings. His stuff is good enough to be a No 2 starter on this team.
  14. Does Cease have the best pure stuff on this staff?
  15. I want to see Cease go 7 innings tonight without having that meltdown moment were so used to seeing.