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  1. QBBrian13

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    Totally agree with you! One of the dumber trade possibilities I've read lately. But, since we are talking about the White Sox FO ... what if this was actually true??
  2. QBBrian13

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    I too feel like today is Dallas Kuechel day.
  3. QBBrian13

    Tsutsugo - UPDATE: To Rays

    I mean, at this point, you just have to assume the Sox were a "bigger" offer right?
  4. QBBrian13

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    This is pretty much spot on! Guys, you've all said it ... It comes down to money. Jerry won't spend it. End of story. We will not work with Scott Boras because we know he will squeeze every penny out of us. Jerry doesn't like that. The Mazara move is another example. I don't "hate" the trade, but it is another move that was made, simply to say we "made a move". As opposed to simply going out and paying for one of the two players (Ozuna/Castellanos) who are established MLB professional players (I don't give a sh*t about the defensive metrics, that can be debated another time because all the options were bad), we chose to give away prospect capital for a player we hope breaks out with a change of scenery. In reality, it's because 5.7 million this season, is less than 14-16 million. It's the same with the Bulls. There is a reason we end up with the Carlos Boozer's and Pau Gasol's of the world and not the Dewayne Wade's, Carmelo Anthony's, etc. If I had to guess ... "Plan B" will be Ivan Nova and Brett Anderson. That way the money that "will be spent" will still be around for one more year closer to sale/death for Jerry.
  5. QBBrian13

    Angels sign Rendon - 7yrs 245

    Yes, very difficult to not have this opinion. The Angels have an owner who “loves” Anthony Rendon, so he will spend whatever necessary to attain that player. Our guy simply loves money, so he will do whatever necessary to save it all.
  6. QBBrian13

    Nomar Mazara Speculation

    It’s rumors like this that really make me think ... “you know, I could really be a GM of a baseball team.” Can anyone confirm, was Osuna’s flight delayed an entire day???
  7. QBBrian13

    Sunday Game Thread

    Encouraging start to the second half by ReyLo. I guess that has made today tolerable.
  8. QBBrian13

    Sunday Game Thread

    This whole weekend has been very tough to watch! Wow!
  9. QBBrian13

    Collins getting called up

    Hoping one of these prospects come up and go bananas right away. From a power standpoint, Collins could be that guy! Sucks seeing guys like Soto, Acuna, Torres, Riley, etc. come up and rake right away while our guys need to “develop more at the big league level”.
  10. QBBrian13

    The 2020 Rotation - What’s Your Plan?

    Sink large money into starting pitching. The offense will be fine with continued development and a piece here or there (Castelleanos, Puig, etc.) 1. Cole 2. Giolito 3. Hamels 4. Kopech 5. Cease
  11. Is there any chance the Yankees would want Colome? You can never have enough bullpen arms in the postseason. Clearly a logjam in the OF for them. Any chance we could swing for Clint Frazier?
  12. I need only one at-bat from each Rondon and Sanchez to again question why either of them is blocking Danny Mendick from even getting a chance.
  13. QBBrian13

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Wait, they didn't send you a home plate shaped seat cushion? I got mine! I felt appreciated!
  14. QBBrian13

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    No accountability in the entire organization. Yet we all still watch all the games, pay money for tickets, and spend time away from family to talk about it. Who are the real idiots here? (Yes, thumb firmly pointed at myself)
  15. QBBrian13

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    Yet again ... Jose Ruiz sent down after tonight's game. The only people in the entire organization who are held accountable are the young relief pitchers. Not the GM, not the manager, not the hitting/pitching coach, not the drug-using catcher, not the brother in law, not the gatorade boy, just the relief pitchers (and Ervin Santana).