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  1. The more interesting question to me is when you are going to change your screenname to Mr. 3000?
  2. SoCalChiSox

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    Is there a stream for this game?
  3. SoCalChiSox

    White Sox v Brewers Game Thread 2 CT

    Nice hit Blake
  4. SoCalChiSox

    White Sox v Brewers Game Thread 2 CT

    Hoping to see Rutherford show some promise. And yes, a strong spring by Collins would be great. The power and is there, just needs to make contact. I'd really like to see him grab the backup C job.
  5. SoCalChiSox

    Vera to Sign today per DVS

    That group will power the second part of the window hopefully.
  6. SoCalChiSox

    TLR publicity train

    Its not an issue of excessive confidence or ignorance its an issue of the FO telling the fan base "ok the rebuild years will be really hard and we won't spend at all but when the window opens we are all in to win a title, anything less will be a disappointment" and now the window is here, so yes people will be disappointed with merely an above average performance compared to the rest of the league. Thats not what was promised. I want what was promised. Spoiler: It wasn't 87 wins or merely an above average team. Its time to produce. I dont want to hear about how there is a mismatch between our expectations and expected outcomes based on statistical models. Our expectations are reasonable because that was the social contract that was entered into. That the ownership and/or FO may not have kept up their end of the bargain is hardly good reason to change expectations and in fact this would incentivize reprehensible conduct. I'm going to be beyond pissed if it turns out this is an 87 win team. That would be a disaster of biblical proportions.
  7. SoCalChiSox

    TLR publicity train

    Very, very few people will be satisfied with 87 wins, and even 91 wins wouldnt exactly be much to write home about.
  8. SoCalChiSox

    TLR publicity train

    Its up to Eaton to stay there, though. If he isn't an OBP machine anymore and 2019 Moncada shows up, I bet he will be back at the 2 pretty soon.
  9. SoCalChiSox

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    Lol. I find it odd that Nightengale would say something that could create a firestorm. Isnt he the teams handpicked media mouthpiece and isn't the relationship essentially a transactional one where he's a cheerleader and/or puff piece writer and/or team fed disinfo specialist in exchange for getting good access/scoops. If so, what is going on here? I dont get it.
  10. SoCalChiSox

    Spring Training thread

    Maybe chance for Collins to DH vs RHP in the beginning to see if he has any value?
  11. SoCalChiSox

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    Ofcourse JR wouldn't share it with his senior staff. He knew from the start they would resist TLR just on the merits even apart from the DUI so if they learned about it, RH or KW would likely leak to the press in order to create a PR storm that would have torpedoed the hiring. Obviously, JR did not want to get out maneuvered so he no doubt had to keep it to himself. Pretty sad and pathetic.
  12. These certainly might be secondary reasons why they added Rodon and left DH open but it still ignores the bigge$t rea$on.
  13. SoCalChiSox

    David Price?

    Salary is prohibitive even if LAD eats alot of it.
  14. SoCalChiSox

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    Great....another right hander.