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  1. SoCalChiSox

    6/26 Games

    My two favorite savages are savaging!
  2. If they get so far below 500....they might actually be sellers rather than buyers. No LH young savages should be traded no matter what, IMO.
  3. Help, in the form of savagery, is on its way. Just not this year, unfortunately.
  4. How bout give Rutherford a shot instead of Haseley? He's been playing pretty well lately in AAA. I'm going to the Angels-Sox game on Wednesday evening...hopefully Jimenez is back.
  5. SoCalChiSox

    Montgomery to Winston-Salem

    A well deserved promotion for the young savage. Promote Colas to AA now, too.
  6. SoCalChiSox

    6/22 Games

    Savagery all around! Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before Hahn trades some/all of those guys because he's panicking with someone breathing down his neck. Then we'll hear "Pfft. We don't need no stinking savages" only to get totally neutralized by just above average RHPs in the playoffs. Again.
  7. SoCalChiSox

    6/19 Games Happy Father's Day!

    Dude definitely should be promoted to High A asap. And Kath isn't far behind, either. Promote each savage
  8. SoCalChiSox

    6.17 games

  9. SoCalChiSox

    6/12 Games

    Yolbert >>>>> Harrison.
  10. SoCalChiSox

    6/11 Games

    I expect this savage to really start hitting bombs regularly pretty soon. Just gotta stay healthy and get more ABs
  11. SoCalChiSox

    Fire Tony Chant

    This. And IDGAF that there's kids in the park. Enough is enough.
  12. SoCalChiSox

    6/11 Games

    Wasn't Hernandez compared to like a poor man's Juan Soto or something? He's certainly savaging so far
  13. SoCalChiSox

    Minor League 6/7 Games

    Double the savagery!
  14. SoCalChiSox

    Minor League 6/7 Games

  15. SoCalChiSox

    Vera pitching Update: Vera to Kanny

    He should destroy that level
  16. SoCalChiSox

    6/5 Games

    Kath has been savaging lately.
  17. SoCalChiSox

    6/1 Games

    Savagery returns, Jack! Don't let one bad week scare you.
  18. SoCalChiSox

    TA out 3 weeks

    Put JR, TLR, KW and RH on the banner.
  19. SoCalChiSox

    5/28 Games

    Promote this young savage!
  20. SoCalChiSox

    Dallas Keuchel DFA

    About time.
  21. SoCalChiSox

    Glad to see Dallas has pride

    Lol @ he has "afforded himself some leeway". HTF does he figure? Dude is skating on the thinnest possible ice. He's got a foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Better get it together quick. Once Lynn comes back, DK should be gone or relegated to mop up duty in blowouts.
  22. SoCalChiSox

    5/25 Games

    Jack, he was just at 900 OPS like a week ago. He's had a cold stretch for a week, come on. He's still a prime savage.
  23. SoCalChiSox

    TA7 Extension...how much?

    I highly doubt they will extend him given aging curves at the end of the deal and Montgomery coming up. If it looks like Montgomery can't stick at SS then maybe, although even that would prolly be a moderate deal since they currently have alot of leverage.
  24. SoCalChiSox

    5/18 Games

    Nice! Good to see this young savage raking.
  25. SoCalChiSox

    5/15 Games

    You can't stop this savage, you can only hope to contain him. Boom