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  1. Flash

    Great Expectations

    Its always fun for me to start my day by reading Soxtalk comments. I'm genuinely impressed by the well developed points of view and how articulately they are expressed.
  2. Flash

    What the hell is wrong with Giolito?

    MLB career (7 yrs) - 46-41 W/L; 4.24 ERA....hardly the ace Sox fans annointed him as. Throw in his new (relatively) short arm delivery and, well.....
  3. Flash

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Having TA, Vaughn and Robert hitting 1-3 is badass. Hope TLR doesn't get cute and start mixing and matching.
  4. Flash

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    If Lynn is 'right' upon his return, Gio slots in a our #4 starter (if stack ranked according to who you'd want in a must win). I do tend to agree that he hardly looks like an ace and I'm not convinced his short-arm delivery is very effective.
  5. Flash

    Michael Kopech is disgusting

    Luis Basabe
  6. Flash

    5/24 Pivetta vs. Cease 7:10

    Might have had the foresight to move Luis Gonzalez to RF like the Giants did...Avg. 338/OPS 860. Steller defense.
  7. Flash


    McGuire appears to handle pitchers (I.e. Kopech) extremally well. Provides a great 'open glove' target and frames the borders very well. We're gonna need Grandals bat to come alive but it seems like our pitchers enjoy throwing to McGuire.
  8. Flash

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Personally, I doubt Donaldson intended any racial implication and I think his locker room interview supported his intention. The silver lining is this incident might be the match that ignites a more united and cohesive team spirit which, in my observation has been sorely missing this year. I was gratified (and a bit surprised) to see Grandal sticking up for TA. It showed veteran leadership that again, seems to have been missing. I don't much care if there is further retaliation tomorrow but do hope we use this to coalesce as a team and adopt an us vs. them attitude from here on out.
  9. Flash


    Good context and rationale. The challenge is what needs to happen to turn things around? If you just focus on player moves, you have to start with the two highest paid guys and sort out how to proceed. Abreu's contract expires after this year and it will be interesting to see what the team will do, but, in meantime, he has become an easy out. The same can be said for Grandal but he at least provides defensive value and I'd expect his OPS to climb from current depths. I also have to wonder about clubhouse and locker room dynamic. Sox rely on a mix of Latino and US born contributors but its not obvious who the team looks to for collective leadership. They don't seem to be responding to TLRs leadership.
  10. A bit melodramatic but we might look back on this win as a singularly important turning point in Sox season. Both because Cease had the weight of the world on his shoulders and was up to the task as and, had he not been, it would be hard for anyone to be optimistic about the rest of the season despite being this early in the year.
  11. Flash

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Whether a ball is hit in the air vs. on the ground or not hit at all often relies on a pitchers ability to induce a certain outcome. For instance, some pitchers are better than others at inducing ground balls and when that happens, there is now a reliance on the fielder or fielders to perform their part, which might include several players touching the ball. In order to facilitate the desired outcome, the Catcher signals for a certain pitch to be thrown to a certain location. Based upon the pitchers approach and a particular hitters tendencies, the infielders might shift to defend certain areas (same w/OF). At the end of the day, of course, as in any sport, there is a need to perform your role better than the person lined up across from you but to suggest 'the fate of an entire team comes down to the individual performance of a single player', way oversimplifies the subtle aspects of the game that are the very definition of a team sport.
  12. Flash

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Respectfully - what positions (non-pitcher) do you favor Sox player vs. Twins?
  13. Flash

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Maybe so but short of 1B and C, I'd pretty much give the other positional advantages to the Twins.
  14. Flash

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Does the division really suck?