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  1. Flash

    9/20/21 White Sox @ Tigers 5:40pm

    AJ Hinch could have been in the Sox dugout instead of Tigers and that would make all the difference
  2. Flash

    Future rotation may look like this

    I've wondered if his veto dip is by design in order to protect against injury or if he indeed has lost a couple of ticks. I keep waiting for him to bring the 2020 heat he showed in the POs, even if just to confirm he can still light it up at 101-103 but he's either deliberately throttling back or unable.
  3. Flash

    GT 9/12: Red Sox @ White Sox

    Kimbrel is an 8 time All-Star who, at the trade had an ERA of 0.49 and WHIP of .70 while striking out almost 16/per 9. Madrigal was on the DL and out for the season. Heuer showed flashes but hadn't distinguished himself so as to be missed (granted he has performed better in Cub uniform). I don't think Hahn/Williams can be critized for the trade logic. The issue here is Kimbrels performance since coming over. I don't think anyone could have expected he would struggle this badly....certainly not based upon his performance at time of trade.
  4. A bit juvenile of me but it was fun reviewing preseason posts about possible (Food Guys) trade for Burnes and hypothetical players we might send. Not gonna name names but several on this Board were opposed to even considering including names like Kelley, Madrigal, Steiver, Heuer, Vaughn and, God forbid, Jimenez. I recall spirited debate as to who is the better pitcher, Burnes or Giolito. Sorry for being so trivial but just wanted to drive a final stake into the whole 'Burnes relative value' discussion. Where Corbin Burnes now ranks in baseball among qualified pitchers: fWAR: 1st (7.1) ERA: 1st (2.25) FIP: 1st (1.50) xERA: 1st (1.89) xFIP: 1st (2.30) SIERA: 1st (2.59) K-BB%: 1st (30.5) HR/9: 1st (0.30) Barrel rate: 1st (2.6) K%: 1st-t (35.4)
  5. Flash

    Rodon Contract Value

    I agree. The only reason you'd hesitate is his injury history but based on performance and the dearth of LH starters (of which Rodon might be the best in the AL), I think he'll get 4/80-100. If I were Hahn/WS, I'd consider it.
  6. Flash

    Rodon Contract Value

    We might have batted this around before but given Rodon's season so far, what would be a reasonable contract both sides might agree to...both years and $$?
  7. Flash

    Is Vaughn turning into a legit ROY candidate?

    Vaughn has been a revelation. He is the only member of the 2019 draft class contributing at the major league level (save for Manoah RHP Toronto). Not only is he contributing, he has the best plate approach and swing mechanics of any player in my recent memory. ROY or not, he is a star in the making.
  8. Flash

    White Sox Winner: feel better Bassit!

    Good observations. I'd submit the Brewers are the last team I'd want to face in a PO series. Woodruff and Burnes were to be counted on but Peralta now gives them 3 pitchers who can flat out shut down any offense. Plus lights out bullpen.
  9. Might not get out of this inning
  10. Just to weigh in....I'm a bit shocked (didn't see it coming) but delighted. I can think of no better acquisition than a back-end RP on pace for a historic season to pair with arguably the top closer in the AL. Given Lynn, Rodon, Gio, et al, its now up to TLR to maximize a quiver of starters and RPs. Our chances for hardware this year just got a big boost.
  11. Flash

    7/10 Games

    What is happening with Norge Vera?
  12. Flash

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

    How does anyone know? How did he know at what point to stop beating her if she was unable to respond? He fractured her skull and based upon pictures, beat the living shit out of her. If these injuries were sustained after she lost consciousness, a DA will be able to color a criminal complaint even if not attempted murder.
  13. Flash

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

    To me this is the heart of the matter. She obviously suffered severe injuries at his hands. If it turns out that he beat her after she lost consciousness, I can't imagine criminal charges not being filed (and MLB not coming down hard). How is that not attempted murder?
  14. Flash

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

    I think alot will depend on his side of the story. His agent has come to his defense and refutes the accusers version. Will be interesting to hear how Bauer describes things. Not enough soap to wash the stink off of this mess.