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  1. Flash

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    Any chance we start the season with 3 catchers? If yes, who among Collins, Lucroy and Mercedes would be the odd man out?
  2. Flash

    Spring Training thread

    Reports indicate Sheets has been adjusting to OF nicely. Wouldn't it be great if he turned into a legit corner OF'er ?
  3. Really? Covid delay? I hope thats the case and not any second thoughts or covert overtures from other clubs. Just feels a little wonky.
  4. Is the an update re: Vera? What seems to be the hold up?
  5. Flash

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Interesting ZIPS projection/write-up in FanGraphs on Vaughn, who they rank 90th (vs. 12 by Eric L.). 'One projection certain to disappoint is that of Andrew Vaughn, a player who the White Sox are making noise about promoting aggressively this year. I can’t say for certain if that desire is earnest and not partially a public cover for not going after someone like Nelson Cruz for the team’s DH spot, but ZiPS is not sold at all on Vaughn. ZiPS is aware of his power while at Cal. Indeed, if all it knew was Vaughn’s sub-.450 slugging debut while not being young for A-ball, he would not have come anywhere near this list'.
  6. Flash

    Better than 2020?

    This stat speaks more to the vagueries of WAR calculation than their relative effectiveness in 2020. While its seldom pretty, Colome was damn near perfect in 2020 and perfect is hard to improve upon.
  7. Flash

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Thats alot of Met OF'ers. Wonder if Nimmo could be available?
  8. Flash

    All-Chicago Team

    For me, I'd take Rizzo at 1B (sorry). Its close to a coin flip at SS w/ever so slight advantage to TA. I think both Moncada and Bryant will both bounce back but Bryant has a higher historical performance level to return to than Yoan. Gotta go with Sox at every other position.
  9. Flash

    All-Chicago Team

    For grins, am contemplating what a combination of Sox-Cubs might look like in 2021 if we could pick the best positional player from either team. Sox win the pitching matchups hands down but, If I'm being honest, there are several positions that aren't completely obvious. For instance...Abreu vs. Rizzo?; Moncada vs. Bryant?; Anderson vs. Baez?; Grandal vs. Contreres? Eaton/Engel vs. Heyward? Thoughts?
  10. Flash

    FutureSox Top Prospects: Starting Pitchers

    Love this group. Any concern Vera might not sign?
  11. Given Covid related uncertainties re: revenue, I'm not terribly disappointed with the off-season moves (so far). Lynn was an excellent pick up and if he can remain effective, should be a rotation piece beyonnd '21. Hendriks makes our BP nails . Eaton was a puzzling addition, mostly due to salary coming off a down year but I'll reserve judgement. My only real disappointment is/was our inability/unwillingness to effect a trade for another strong rotation arm...Burnes, Castillo, Marquez (or Darvish at the time). I understand our lack of minor league trade chits such as the Padres had but my guess is there was//is(?) business to be done with the Reds (i.e. Castillo + Moustakas for ???) or Rockies for Marquez and salary relief i.e. Blackman. Can you imagine the rotation if with either Marquez or Castillo added to the mix?
  12. Angels picked up Dexter Fowler for a PTBNL and Cards are covering all but @$1M of his remaining contract. SH who can cover all 3 OF positions and bring clubhouse value. Not exactly a need for Sox today (w/Leuery) but he compares favorably to Eaton for a fraction of the cost.
  13. Flash

    Better than 2020?

    Nothing to tear down. Excellent analysis. Well done!
  14. Flash

    Better than 2020?

    You have captured my concerns better than I could articulate. In a nutshell...Lynn > Dunning; Hendriks > Colome; Eaton =/> Mazara BUT...who replaces McCann? Seems like a reliance on young, unproven bats (and catcher). My sense is the strength of the '21 Sox will be the bullpen, especially if Bummer returns to form.
  15. Flash

    Better than 2020?

    The black hole reference was not mine (SoxBlanco I believe). What I was driving at is the value of the '21 front office moves. I understand we have young players in the system who we intend to plug in. I'd also have to check but recall McCann and Grandal manned DH role a fair amount of '20.