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  1. Flash

    The George Springer Paradox

    The guy I'd like us to pursue is Conforto. Has another year left on current deal but if we thought we could extend him, I'd try to do some business with the Mets.
  2. Flash

    White Sox @ Pirates. 9/9 - 6:05

    Can solve for all 3 with blockbuster trade w/Brewers. Yelich, Burnes and Williams for Eloy.
  3. Would we consider trading Eloy (Baseball Trade Values...Eloy = Woodruff + Hader in trade value)? Maybe Eloy plus Lopez and Collins for Woodruff, Hader and Braun?
  4. Needed someone who wears hat crooked so Eloy doesn't feel alone
  5. Flash

    Alex Colome

    The flip side of Sox success this year is the need to hold onto both Colome and McCan at trade deadline. Either/both of whom would have brought back quality assets. The good news is they can both be resigned and, at least in the case of McCann, should be resigned (this man's opinion).
  6. Flash

    Trade Watch Rumor

  7. Flash

    Final guesses at the Trade Deadline

    Trade deadline would be a snoozer if not for Preller
  8. Just a distraction to Hahn. Now get back to task at hand...Lynn.
  9. After today, I don't see how you can trade Dunning
  10. Thanks. Quite a few Texas bloggers are holding out hope. They also like Yermin Mercedes. Might be able to pull off Steiver and Mercedes for Lynn. Also, might be able to pry away a relief pitcher if Dunning and Mercedes.
  11. In crawling around Rangers blog (fan posts) there seems to be interest in Jared Kelley, WS 2nd round pick and Texas native. First prize for most of their fans would be Kopech.
  12. In a hypothetical trade for Lynn, wouild you prefer giving up... a) Kopech, or b) Dunning and Steiver
  13. Okay thanks. Couldn't get a betting line which usually means pitcher uncertainty.
  14. Wouldn't surprise me (although wouldn't delight me either) if Dunning pulled today and is heading to Texas