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  1. Can't decide what I'm anticipating more...Manny signing or the Mueller report. Too much excitement.
  2. Might have been mentioned already but Fangraphs has an interesting article today about Manny's value (>$300M) and comparisons to players at similar age/production. On a cautionary note, Jason Heyward is a comp. Article suggests Mannys market might be negatively affected by Heyward overhang.
  3. Guessing Hahn is pretty good at reading the room. He knows how much/long we can go based upon business/economic factors as well as future spending requirements and potential constraints. He also has a handle on who we are bidding against and what it will take to get this to a favorable outcome. I trust him and like our chances unless of course someone goes completely off the grid, in which case not much we can do about it.
  4. Its quite obvious Hahn hasn't read Trumps 'The Art of the Deal' or Manny would have been sewed up ages ago.
  5. Gotta disagree re: position players. Even if TA and Moncada have out of body improvement and Eloy rakes from day 1, not on par with Red Sox, Indians , Yankees, Astros, etc. A lot can happen but way too many question marks to state the Sox do not need to add any other position players.
  6. Might be time to change the dynamic and play offense. If we believe the Yankees are out and the 'mystery team' is a negotiating tactic, it would appear to boil down to Philly or Sox. What if we put forth our final, final offer (okay to publish it) and a 48 hour deadline to accept or decline. Make MM and his agent confront the possibility that the market could shrink to a universe of one (Philly) and even they might be 'iffy' dependent on Harper situation. Its starting to feel like we are being played and its not obvious they have negotiating leverage. Lets stop being patsies.
  7. Curious what position this board thinks MM will play and, if SS, what that means for Anderson...trade?
  8. I'm guessing the economic value of each competing team's offers for both Harper and Machado will be 'within the bandwidth' of one another. We can speculate on the emotional side of the decision making process but who knows how these guys value the non-financial side of their choices. My sense is they may both very well end up in Chgo, with Manny to the Sox and Bryce to the Cubs. What I really hope is that we have some compelling 'plan B' options in the queue if we come up empty. There is so much money being mentally earmarked for either/both player that could otherwise attract 2/3 strong additions. For instance, would it make sense to pursue Grandal, Moustakis and maybe Wade Miley for similar (and shorter) annual outlay?
  9. If Harper to Cubs (or anyone other than Sox) is a foregone conclusion, why not try to improve by adding a couple of pitchers who might be rotation pieces for a couple of years plus add a strong middle IF to the ranks. Cubs need relief help and a seasoned catcher to backup Contreres. Then, Sox can sign Grandal. They would be much stronger going into 2019 and beyond.
  10. White Sox might want to capitulate Harper to the Cubs and be opportunistic in helping them clear space. What about Chatwood, Montgomery and Nico Hoerner to Sox for Castillo and Nate Jones?
  11. Flash

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Within the Central, the Sox are poised to be looking up at the Indians for the forseeable future. For all the hoopla surrounding our prospects, the Indians can boast of a steller crop of prospects themselves and are actually considering moving Kluber or Bauer to add to their largesse. Forward progress on rebuild was stunted by disappointing returns on our trade capital, namely Moncada and Giolito. If either/both performed to expectations, the world might look a bit differently.
  12. Flash

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Maybe this was touched on but if Yankees prevail with Machado, would it make sense to offer Alonso to them? Guessing he might bring a decent return, especially if Manny makes a case for him.
  13. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Sorry - I posted this on wrong board.