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  1. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I like the Mateo comp. Mateo had some personal issues if I recall and its taken him a while to get focused but it looks as though he has it figured out this year.
  2. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Vaughn and be done with it.
  3. Flash

    5/15 Games

    Should we be paying attention to Ian Dawkins?
  4. Flash

    5/11 Games

    Best BA of yesterdays Birmingham lineup...235. In Kanny, Ian Dawkins is worth keeping an eye on. Top of the order CF who gets on base.
  5. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I've been all over the map on this but keep coming back to Vaughn. In addition to his loud offensive tools he is said to play a very good 1B and despite the discount to positional value, I think having a good glove at first is more important than a corner OF who on avg. will touch the ball twice game. A good defensive 1B can save tons of throwing errors and with the left side of our IF, thats very important. Also, for some odd reason I think Rutschman might fall to us and for whatever reason, I'm growing less enchanted. As we sit here today...I'm Vaughn at 1 and Witt at 2.
  6. Flash

    5/6 Games

    Kubat, Pilk, Flores, Varnell all showing strong potential as LH'rs.
  7. Flash

    5/6 Games

    You might be right. It just seems every time I see his pitching line he gives up nothing. I noticed he's 26 so would be good to see what he can do at upper levels
  8. Flash

    5/6 Games

    Time to move Kubat up. Been damn near unhittable.
  9. Flash

    5/1 Games #LaPanteraDay

    Kubat, Varnell and Pinkleton are three LH bright spots. Throw in Lampert, Heintzmen (sp) and McClure and next tier of pitching prospects look damn tough.
  10. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Thanks. Guess I was wondering if they are putting up crazy numbers or if either has disappointed. I would happily take last year's Vaughn in a heartbeat over anyone not named Adley but I'm less enthusiastic about him based upon this years performance, at least thus far. Meanwhile if Witt (or Abrams) are killing it, despite the competition, they have to be in the conversation.
  11. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Does anyone know how Witt and Abrams are performing thus far? Is there a website that features HS box scores? From what I read, Vaughn, while still putting up impressive numbers, has not distinguished himself as he did last year as the Golden Spikes winner. If this year's version is the 'real' Vaughn, I could see going HS IF.
  12. Flash

    Catching prospects

    Mercedes, Troutwine and Hickman have been filling up the boxscore seemingly every game. Anyone have a read on any of them? Mercedes in particular is smashing over 400 and caught both ends of a double header yesterday.
  13. Flash

    4/24 Games

    Whoa....Davis Martin!!!
  14. Colome and either Herrara or Jones for Montgomery and Hoerner.