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  1. When you go around the horn of the elite teams in the AL (Houston, Boston, Yankees and to a lesser extent the Indians) and compare each positional player vs. what the White Sox send out, you get a sense for the talent gap. We still need high potential players who can close those gaps. Given our lack of trade chips, I would like to see us take on a bad contract or two if it helps land more young talent. I'm guessing the Cardinals might love to move Fowler and Yankees still have Ellsbury who clutters up their payroll. What if we took on one of these guys along with a young prospect or two. Knizner (C. on Cardinals) and, or Sheffield (LH P. Yankees) would be nice gets.
  2. Flash

    Does Abreu want to be traded?

    Doubt much of a market but one team Abreu would provide a big upgrade to is Seattle. Ryon Healy can't be the answer as Ms navigate their playoff course. Seattle lacks minor league assets but Evan White, LH (T) 1B is regarded as great with the leather and, IMHO a lefty 1B who can play serious defense would go a long way toward stabilizing a very young IF. Seattle also has ex-Cub Vogelbach and other pieces to assemble if talks develop.
  3. Flash

    07/03 Games

    I rank LuGo just behind Eloy and on par w/Roberts as a prospect. True CF with elite bat control and some pop from left side. Much better at this juncture than Rutherford or Adolfo IMHO.
  4. Flash

    Just for fun - what's your post-draft Top 30?

    Would mirror mine almost exactly.
  5. Flash

    6/24 Games

    Not for nothing but Seth Beer crushing in Short Season A...already 4 HRs and 1300OPS. Groshans really lighting things up and Kelenic off to good start in small sample size.
  6. Flash


    The FO has much to be blamed for but taking Moncada and Kopech (plus Basabe and Diaz) is not one of them. At the time of the trade, every major rating service considered Moncada a top 3, if not the best prospect in baseball. Kopech was on the ascent as a fireballer with TOR potential. They might both end up disappointing but, at the time, it looked like more than a fair trade.
  7. Flash

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    If we stipulate that the 3 OF spots will be nicely manned by current minor leaguers, then rebuild timing/effectiveness will rely upon starting pitching and quality IF'rs. As we sit here today, its not obvious beyond Rodon who among the current crop of pitchers can be counted on as future starters. Covey looks projectable but jury still out on Kopech, Lopez, Hanson, et al. Sure we can project outcomes for guys like Dunning and Cease but the minor leagues are full of promising youngsters who can through fastballs. That said, I have more confidence in our ability to produce a competitive rotation out of existing assets than I do for our infield. Its hard to project what the IF will look like in 2-3 years based on the current guys we pencil in. Other than Abreu (who might be better used in trade), its hard to be inspired. When you go around the horn of the top tier teams, we pale at every position. To compensate, we need to trot out a rotation that can shut teams down. Here's hoping a couple guys seperate themselves from the pack and can be counted on in 2020 and beyond.
  8. Flash

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Not major players in rebuild due to poor performance, especially Giolito. Fortunately, Lopez looks like a serviceable rotation piece and Dunning a potential bright spot as far as the Nats trade goes. As far as the Sale trade, it looked much better on paper than the current reality.
  9. Flash


    Plenty of examples of year-year and even mo.-mo, performance swings of highly regarded prospects. I do feel as though Moncada had a higher bar than most due to his multi-year hype as the games top prospect. That said, his performance on the field (especially at the plate) has not lived up to the hype, let alone the play of other lesser touted young players (Albies, Soto, Bellinger, Torres, Robles (when healthy), Hoskins, etc.). Thats not to say he won't exceed their contributions eventually but for now, I don't think anyone can say he is the player we expected.
  10. Flash

    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    I usually find FG to be the best gauge for relative prospect ratings but leaving Cease off feels like an oversight. I know I am in the small minority here but I rank Cease with Kopech (1 and 1a). I know he needs to prove durable but his stuff (fastball/curve) is damn near as good as it gets.
  11. Fair questions re: Anderson and Moncada. I am also concerned. WAR proponants will probably disagree but I'm not sold on either. Ultimately, Moncada needs to move to 3rd to make room for Madrigal. We also need a 1st baseman (ideally LH) who can prevent errors, not create them (Abreu should DH if not traded) and a catcher who can influence ball and strike calls. We have some excellent young pitchers rising through the ranks but it will be disheartening to them if we can't make routine plays behind them. There is a reason the Padres paid up for Hosmer to anchor an otherwise young IF and pitching staff. Its time we start focussing a bit more on defense, especially up the middle and first base.
  12. Any concerns about his maturity and character should have been assuaged by the interview he did upon hearing his name called. Very poised and calm (unlike Bohm). He just seems like a veteren and leader.
  13. Flash

    Shields attracting trade interest

    Shields and Abreu for Brendon Rodgers and the Rox #42 comp pick. Maybe Rox throw in Desmond and we eat some salary. All in favor ???
  14. Flash

    2018 MLB Draft

    Two points...1) while I lean toward a college bat (Madrigal), Singer is a stud and any team in MLB would be lucky to have him, and 2) Heimlich did (allegedly) a horrible thing a number of years ago and its much easier for all of us to adopt moral indignation than to accept whatever he may or may not have done was awful but its time for forgiveness and allowing him to move ahead with his life. I think he will be drafted reasonably early (much like the Yankees acquired Chapman amidst spousal abuse reports) and eventually go on to a productive career and some team and their fans will be happy to have him.
  15. Flash

    2018 MLB Draft

    At this point it appears to be Singer/Madrigal and either has merit. India would be an interesting underslot option as I feel he compares favorably to Madrigal with more positional flexibility. What I'm really looking forward to are the 2nd and 3rd picks. There should be some excellent options to select from including names like Beer, De Sadas, Steel Walker or maybe even someone like Heinkens drops to the 40s. Can't wait.