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  1. Flash

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Doesn't appear to be consensus among the early forecasts as to top 5 or so prospects. Draft appears rich in SS/middle IF types and catchers.
  2. Flash

    The Stopgap plan for 2019-20

    Rodon to Cardinals for Reyes and Gorman?
  3. Flash

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    Time to get back to the business of tanking. No reason to finish with pick 6-10 when some well executed losing can net us #3.
  4. Flash

    Kiley on Dylan Cease

    Apparantly to Kiley.
  5. Flash

    Kiley on Dylan Cease

    I generally like and agree with Kiley and Eric but find it hard to understand how he can attend a 12K/2H dominant Cease performance and form conclusions about his future command, size (Kiley thought he is 6'1") and ML role. Basically, it says he already had his mind made up and Cease' performance was irrelevant (so why bother to go see him?).
  6. Flash

    29-29 since July 10

    Depends on whether the performance improvements by Gio and Lopez are sustainable. If yes, they can win 81 or more. I would like to see them sign a 3rd baseman with some pop, even if not named Machado. If Engle maintains his trajectory and Avi can return to close to last years form, who's to say they can't compete for WC next year?
  7. Flash

    Nationals Fire Sale begins

    Wonder if the Sox floated anyone? Abreu?
  8. Flash

    8/19 games

    According to FanGraphs, Robert is best defensive OFer (over Basabe and Gonzalez). If it turned out Robert, Basabe and Gonzalez all progress and stick, Eloy would DH. That would be a fun team to watch.
  9. Flash

    2019 White Sox Starting Rotation

    This rebuild will look much different if Gio can find the 4mph he's lost.
  10. As a certified fake GM, I hereby posit my 2 cents on the WS rebuild. First, it appears our future strength will be young pitching...hence I would be scouring for a defensively gifted catcher to mold and support our youngsters. Three minor leaguers worth noting are Sean Murphy (Oakland), Will Smith (Dodgers) and Andrew Knizner (Cardinals)...none of them will come cheap. Of the 3, I prefer Smith due to his ability to also play 3B on occasion. Now...to address area of greatest need, middle IF. I am not a fan of either Anderson or Moncada but between them, I would show more patience with Moncada. That said, I would shift him to 3B now and determine if he can stick there. I believe he can. Let Yolmer play 2B or bring up Rondon to finish year. If Moncada can cut it at 3rd, great. If not, I don't see much use in keeping him, especially if he might still hold any trade value. I'm guessing we can find a free agent who can hold down 3rd until Burger, Bush or ?? are ready. If needed, FA 3B are generally not too hard to come by. As far as Anderson, I get the fact he is athletic and fast afoot but, for me (remember I'm a fake GM), he is too unreliable. I would seek to trade him (see above 3 noteworthy catchers to target). I'm okay with him as a placeholder on a rebuilding team but I sure hope he isn't our SS two years from now (although I fear he will be). Hopefully we can find a defensive-minded SS for at least as long as it takes for Rivera or Sosa to arrive. 2nd base is Madrigal unless he flops, which I doubt happens. 1B is Collins' although I prefer a LH fielder at 1B. Collins also holds value as a backup catcher and occasional DH vs. RH pitchers. I would continue to scour market for a LH 1B who can flash leather (a la Rizzo) to save throwing errors from young IF'rs but can live with Collins if he can adjust. OF is rich in options. To me, Eloy is a lock but I can see him as DH in order to make room for any of surplus OF'rs. I don't know whether Robert can play CF better than Basabe or Gonzalez but I hope we can make room for all 3. My guess is between Rutherford, Steele and Adolfo, at least one will be traded, possibly this off-season. My sense is Rutherford holds the most trade value, especially to west coast teams (again, see 3 catcher/targets above with emphasis on Smith). So...around the horn 3B Moncada; SS FA until Laz or Sosa arrive; 2B Madrigal; 1B Collins; C any of above but partial toward Smith. OF Robert, Basabe, Gonzalez w/Eloy at DH. I wouldn't hesitate to move Avi, Abreu and/or Anderson if it aided in bringing over our catcher of the future and/or a LH fielding 1B or a young defensive oriented SS. My two top 'mind-trades' for the offseason: 1) Rodon to A's for Luzardo and Sean Murphy and 2) Anderson and Rutherford to Dodgers for Smith and Gavin Lux (ss). See you at World Series in 2020.
  11. Flash

    Offseason trade idea: Sox-Reds

    I would not focus on a 3rd baseman as I believe we have internal options, including Burger, Moncada and who knows...maybe Bush can be fast tracked. I would be focused on a catcher who can nurture and grow with our young pitchers. Specifically, I like Will Smith on Dodgers (#2 catcher and #3 prospect in their system). Said to be a defensive gem who can also play 3rd. Maybe we can convince them to toss in Gavin Lux, a 50FV SS who hits from left side. Rodon and ???
  12. Flash

    Offseason trade idea: Sox-Reds

    Rodon is the ticket. He might bring two top 50 prospects NOW. Imagine if Oakland or Arizona or even Pittsburgh, Milwaukee or Philly had Rodon in rotation. It would definitely shift the power balance and conceivably put a team into the PO mix. Sox could fill a couple of needs if they wanted to dangle Rodon.
  13. Flash


    His AA stats are yesterdays news. Today he is awful. Is it possible he turns it around? Yes. Is he any more important to how this team performs in the future than any of our other highly touted young players ??? If you are assuming that he becomes a 4+ WAR player, of course he is important, as is any such player. I just don't buy into that assumption.
  14. Flash


    Moncada is an avg defensive 2B whose minor league stats are yesterdays news. He was a 65 FV prospect who was assigned a 65 hit tool when he was considered baseballs top prospect. Today, his hit tool would be assigned <40 IMHO. That said, in answer to your question, the key to the rebuild will be in how quickly and how effectively our young pitchers assimilate to their projected roles. Specifically, I view Kopech, Cease, Gio, Dunning, Lopez and possibly Hansen as key. If those guys reach their potential, the rebuild will be humming along. As to Moncada, he is a cog in the wheel as is Anderson, Jimenez, Robert, Madrigal, Collins, etc. He is no more or less important and if the rebuild relies on him producing like he did in AA ball, we have bigger issues.
  15. Flash