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  1. Dan of Steel

    Let's win the damn division

    Well Ozzie only got 3 seasons after winning the Central in '08, and he had a ring on top of that.
  2. Dan of Steel

    Let's win the damn division

    Well, there's half the division right there in the Royals and Tigers. I think the Indians need to make some significant upgrades to keep pace. Twins are interesting, because I don't think they can maintain the ridiculous numbers they put up last year offensively and with their less than stellar pitching that could cause them to regress. Overall, there's an open window for the Sox to take the Central if a few pieces hit the ground running, at the very least, be in contention going into the final month.
  3. Dan of Steel

    Frank Thomas will be on WWE Smackdown tonight

    He's gonna hurt you! Then he's gonna sit you down and talk to you about the health benefits of Nugenix for males with low testosterone.
  4. Dan of Steel

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    If the plan is to build 2nd place teams, then we've done a sh*tty job of it. The Sox haven't finished in 2nd place since 2012. Only twice in the last decade.
  5. Eh, Thibs and Skiles aren't that good. They both had some massive flaws that ended up doing them in. Thibs was very good at designing defenses, but he was so insanely inept in terms of offense. He also wasn't all that well liked by his players. Big reason why he was canned from the Wolves. Skiles was similar, but less defensively savvy and more of an ass. The problem with the Bulls is who they replaced those two with; Vinnie Del Negro and Fred Hoiberg. Both questionable at best hires that proved to be disastrous. And as for Ozzie (I assume that's the HOF manager you're referring to), I'd say he ran himself out of town by losing his marbles and making tons of extremely ridiculous and controversal comments. Combine that with waning on-field results, I'd say it was time to move on from Ozzie. But like the Bulls, the problem was who they replaced him with. Overall, neither of Jerry's orgs have a good track record of making quality hires recently.
  6. Dan of Steel

    White Sox final win total

  7. Dan of Steel

    New Sox Uniform Logo Next Year

    I really hope we see more of the grey jerseys on the road moving forward. I like the black jerseys, but they're definitely not cool enough to wear 2/3 of the season, and I greatly prefer our pins at home and grey away.
  8. Dan of Steel

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Hell no he isn't. Miller? Gabriel? Wims? Gabriel got a few looks (and drops), but given they threw it 45 times, I expect more than just locking onto Robinson.
  9. Dan of Steel

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I'm pretty sure Andy Reid isn't running a WR up the middle on 3rd and short. Offensive structure and playcalling are not one and the same. The offensive structure is fine. The playcalling was garbage.
  10. Dan of Steel

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    This. Insane amount of passing, especially early on and of the 15 carries, how many were to Montgomery. I just don't get why they didn't even bother running it with him. Or how about of those 45 passes, why are they focused on Robinson the whole damn time!?
  11. Dan of Steel

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Mahomes isn't doing jack sh*t with the kind of ass playcalling I saw today.
  12. Dan of Steel

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    Cease has had good outings tainted by awful innings. This is the worst I've seen him at any point all season by a wide margin. He needs to sit.
  13. Dan of Steel

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    Holy f*ck. Cease is brutal today. Pull him. He is an embarrassing himself.
  14. Dan of Steel

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    Stellar control on that one Cease... Rick Vaughn would be proud.
  15. Dan of Steel

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    Ughhh... Look guys, if I'm subjected to watch you guys on live TV, can you do me the smallest courtesy and look quasi-competent?