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  1. I'm not a golfer but I do like The Masters and the UK Open which starts tomorrow 06:35 GMT .
  2. Bazox

    All Star Break Boredom thread

    I haven't got a clue what is going on
  3. Finally seen him do one live
  4. On board for this one , Lucas v Burch Smith , good line up of batters , Sox win
  5. Make that 4-1 , game set and match .
  6. Fantastic semi going on between Isner and Anderson
  7. Roger was a bit shocked to say the least , he did not see that coming . Nadal for the title surely ?
  8. Bazox


    Real feel good factor from this result after being hit for 14 yesterday.
  9. Best team won , far more experience then us and it showed , might have been different if we had got another goal in the first half but we had no more to give for the rest of the game . France probably would have embarrassed us in the final .
  10. Bazox

    Jose Abreu voted in as Starting AL All-Star 1Bman

    Nice one Jose
  11. Bazox

    7-8 Stros/Sox Game Thread

    That ball just went shopping .
  12. Bazox

    7-8 Stros/Sox Game Thread

    Goose eggs , love that term