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  1. Bazox

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Watched Death Wish (2018) nice to see some photo shots of the city , film wasn't bad , not sure there was any need to do a remake but enjoyable enough.
  2. Bazox

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    What's up next ?
  3. Bazox

    **Movies that we watch in 2019** Thread

    Been watching a few recently on Netflix nearly all apocalyptic genre . Considering there were only two actors for nearly the whole movie IO was very good , Birdbox very good , Annihilation so, so , Extinction interesting take on the future . Last film or should I say films was the Coen brothers The Ballard of Buster Scruggs , excellent .
  4. Bazox

    ChiBeria 2019

    Had to look that up , minus 40 🤧
  5. Bazox

    ChiBeria 2019

    Hey guys how's it going , you are making the news over here , no mention of any other places just Chicago , is it 25 degrees outside the city limits or something ?
  6. Bazox

    Wayne Rooney

    Ok goal is 30 plus yards away , stick a few people in the way and and kick it in the net , easy .
  7. Bazox

    Game 162

    Well I enjoyed my first proper season watching the Sox , it can only get better , onwards and upwards 2019 See you next season guys , all the best
  8. Bazox

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    Are we really going to be great in 2020 ?
  9. Bazox

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    Playing each other 17 times a season ? Good ?
  10. Bazox

    Sox vs. Cubs 9/23/18

    Yuk , not enjoying this
  11. Think we’ll win this late on , who is in the bull pen ?