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  1. JuliusO1274

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    Thing is you don't need to be much of a numbers guy to not bat the worst hitters clean up.
  2. JuliusO1274

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    One thing is for sure, even if he was good enough he wouldn't be in the majors this year with the Sox.
  3. JuliusO1274

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    This wasn't the White Sox idea. They are included because they were the team in the movie.
  4. JuliusO1274

    Game Thread 8/7/19 - Sox @ Detroit

    According to baseball reference Leury is 3rd on the team in WAR with 2.4 behind Moncada and McCann.
  5. Lopez seems to be throwing harder. Fastball has been consistently 97+. Edit- Well he was the first 2 innings.
  6. JuliusO1274

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    I agree but with this logic they should both be called up now.
  7. JuliusO1274

    8/3 Games

    They can't but they probably will.
  8. JuliusO1274

    8/2 Games

    June? There is no reason at all to keep him down after the April deadline next season.
  9. JuliusO1274

    8/1/19 Mets@Sox Gamethread extraordinaire

    Why the hell is Yermin not up yet? Probably because the front office doesn't want to look stupid by having to get rid of Reed already.
  10. JuliusO1274

    Eloy back, Rondón DFA

    You are not being sensible.
  11. JuliusO1274

    Luis Robert

    It is more about him spending the whole year in minors this year delaying his development in the majors.
  12. JuliusO1274

    Luis Robert

    If you want to win next year then you should want him up this year. Why do so many forget that players need to also develop in the majors? It took Moncada a year and a half and Eloy is still learning how to hit major league pitching.
  13. What is winning percentage?
  14. JuliusO1274

    Eloy going on IL

    It is unless you want next year to be another lost season. Players need time to develop in the majors too and it is better for them to do so in a lost season.