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  1. JuliusO1274

    White Sox @ Astros: a game thread

    The whole team is being schooled by Verlander but of course people want to single out the rookie whose been in the MLB for a little over a month.
  2. JuliusO1274

    Sox and Stros 7:10 Central

    I continue to be baffled by how quickly White Sox fans have soured on Eloy because isn't hitting like Manny Rameriez after a month into his career. I was someone who was worried about Moncada but that was after he struggled and looked awful for months. People making conclusion about Eloy right now so early in his career is ridiculous. Mark my words you will all look foolish within a year.
  3. Some of you seem to think that was an easy play a CF should catch. I doesn't matter who is in CF that ball in unlikely to be caught.
  4. JuliusO1274

    5/17 Games

    Eloy should be with the White Sox. I don't understand the point of rehab assignments unless a guy was out for a very long time. Who cares if it takes a few games to find his groove. It really would make no difference if he joined the MLB team after coming off the DL instead of having to play a week in AAA.
  5. JuliusO1274

    Banuelos leaves game with shoulder soreness

    Also Rodon.
  6. I wish they would bring Eloy back up for tomorrows game.
  7. JuliusO1274

    I really miss this.

    I would understand this "he had one good season" logic if his good season was many years ago but it wasn't. It was 2017 and he struggled with injuries in 2018 yet showed a lot more power. I posted on another White Sox forum when the Sox got rid of him that I expected him to put together the high average of 2017 and power of 2018 for his 2019 season if he stays healthy. Him having a great season is not surprising at all to me.
  8. JuliusO1274

    Sox vs Indians 5/14 1:10PM CT

    Delmonico batting 2nd.... It seems like Ricky just picks names out of a hat to make the line ups sometimes. I wish we were a normal team with a set line up. The only consistent part of our line up is Abreu 3rd and Alonso 4th.
  9. JuliusO1274

    The stats behind "Never Bunt"

    Did you read the article? Because it contradicts what you just wrote.
  10. JuliusO1274

    The stats behind "Never Bunt"

    Where can I find these stats? Are these sacrifice bunts to move runners along or guys bunting for hits? There is a difference. Sac bunts occur late in close games with guys on base. Even if the bunter is thrown out it is considered a success. Bunting for hits happens at anytime in a game and often when no one is on base. I don't have a problem with fast guys occasionally laying down a bunt to get on base. I don't like rally killing bunts in close late inning games.
  11. JuliusO1274

    The stats behind "Never Bunt"

    The problem is that Ricky does this every close game. I wouldn't have an issue if it was only an occasional occurrence. He is the one being predicable and going against the odds every game. That needs to be stopped.
  12. JuliusO1274

    The stats behind "Never Bunt"

    https://www.danblewett.com/run-expectancy-bunting-bad/ Bunting never increases the odds of scoring, only lessens them. It can only be rationalize with a truly awful hitter at the plate like a pitcher. Have you noticed we almost never see other teams sac bunting when playing them. The rest of baseball is now aware of this and have stopped. Yet we have a manager who will bunt every time we get runners on in a late inning close game.
  13. JuliusO1274

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    There are stats that show bunting does not increase the odds of scoring 1 running and dramatically lessen the chance of scoring more than 1. We have a manager who gives away outs every time in late inning close games. That is awful. I actually hate when the it works out okay because it convinces fans it was the right choice. Ricky must be criticized every time he does this irregardless of the outcome.
  14. JuliusO1274

    Sox @ Jays: 6:07pm CT

    Where is Eloy? They should play him DH is first few games back.
  15. JuliusO1274


    Even though he hasn't been putting up great numbers he still looks much better to me than he did throughout last year.