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  1. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    They jury is still out on Collins at C and Jake at 3rd. Thinking Bohm can play 3rd would also be against consensus opinion. That could be a lot of 1st basemen there, not to mention Eloy who could land there. Sure, BPA, but that could be quite a logjam for the Sox.
  2. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    I like Madrigal. He would be my first pick. But he has about a 50% failure rate like any other #4. For every Altuve or Albies or Betts there are hundreds of 5’ 7” prospects that didn’t make it. Madrigal May be limited to second base. If the Sox don’t have a contingency plan for that then that’s awfully poor planning. I’m assuming if they take M, then they’re open to moving Moncada, who may be better at third anyway.
  3. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    I haven’t heard much talk recently about Shane McClanahan. He’s a lot to dream on with a large upside A lefty with a 70 fastball, 60 change. Even with erratic control he could be a monster out of the pen. Or possibly an ace with refinement. Singer seems like an SP 3 and not a real impact guy.
  4. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    Bowden is connected. These aren’t his grades. Consensus grades.
  5. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    Jim Bowden put out consensus grades yesterday. Madrigal: Hit 60. Pwr 40. Arm 52. Fld 55. Run 55. India: Hit 55. Pwr 52. Arm 55. Fld 60. Run 55.
  6. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    M. Doesn’t have arm to be Plus anywhere but 2nd.
  7. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    If the Phils take Madrigal instead of Bohm, I’d be happy to take India under slot. He’s much more versatile than M. India can be Plus at 2nd or 3rd. Madrigal, strictly a second baseman.
  8. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    Detroit can go Bart if they’re unsure on Mize’s MRI. They might do that anyway. That could set up red flags on Mize and send him down the list. Lots of intrigue.
  9. Baker

    5/14 Games

    Stop the presses! Henzman allowed a HR tonight. Only the third one in four years.
  10. All very plausible. As for the Big club, they’re going to slow play both Eloy and Kopech. Kopech is really quite a ways from major league ready. Going the other way , and soon, will be Fullmer when Gonzalez/ Rodon are ready if not before. Jeanmar should come up. The team needs a shakeup
  11. Baker

    5/9 Games

    I get the feeling Eloy is a pulled muscle waiting to happen. He’s missed a lot of time in spots. 1st base is a healthier place for him. I would love an elite defensive outfield.
  12. Baker

    5/9 Games

    I’m not too savvy with links and such. Can someone email that Collins article to Chris Getz. Embarrassing.
  13. Baker

    Keith Law Mock Draft 1.0

    So you’re saying this organization can spend $52M on a 19 yr old prospect, but not have the best development guys in the industry for a tiny fraction of that. Afraid so. Lots of old boy stuff in development.
  14. Baker

    Alec Hansen

    Rick Hahn chooses his words carefully. Hansen’s pain has “subsided” . That doesn’t sound good after all these weeks of rest. Enough with the bad luck!
  15. Baker

    2018 MLB Draft

    The Sox front office may be feeling a little cautious about their first pick this year. A high floor guy like Madrigal would be safer than the rest. With six CF in the minors now I hope Swaggerty isn’t being looked at. If not M, then Carter Stewart or Liberatore?