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  1. Baker

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Can possibly add Carter Stewart to the Top 5 mix. The #8 pick last June didn’t sign with Atlanta , but will be draft eligible in 2019.
  2. Moncada should have had a glove on it before it hit his knee. Weak effort.
  3. Baker

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Langeliers generally considered a Top 5 pick next year. http://www.big12sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=10410&ATCLID=211719133
  4. The Sox, KC, and Balt are on a combined 0-20 run.
  5. Baker

    07/06 Games

    Rutherford in today’s line-up. LuGo HR in 1st.
  6. Baker

    FS: Nick Madrigal's Pro Debut, with video

    If Madrigal cracks the starting line-up, which combination makes for the better defense? Moncada 2b, NM at ss, Timmy OF. Or NM at 2nd, Timmy at ss, Moncada OF?
  7. Baker

    Trade Deadline

    You can guesstimate trade value. 3+ years of 2 WAR player is about 7 WAR controllable. A dependable and versatile infielder perhaps a little more. A back-end Top 100 prospect is only worth 3-4 WAR controllable over six years. In the Brewers case that would equate to Ecreg + Ortiz for Yolmer.
  8. Baker

    Eloy Injury Update

    By my count that’s Eloy’s 5th injury since we got him, and a few more before we got him. I’d say Lillian is right that he’s 1st/DH bound.
  9. I’m worried about the Tigers. That’s an outfit that knows how to run a proper Tanking. Finished last September with a 3-19 record. There is going to be some ungodly baseball in this division.
  10. Baker

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    fWAR sits at -0.3 there at 1st base for the season. 3rd from bottom.
  11. Baker

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    Nolan Arenado was out today publicity asking Rockies management for trade help. They need a 1st baseman bad. I think Abreu’s mentoring has run its course. Let’s make a deal.
  12. Detroit’s Iglesias is on his last year. Him and Madrigal would be a slick combo.
  13. Don Cooper needs to get on the elevator to the front office and tell them defense wins championships. The glove work is killing his boys.
  14. Baker

    Sox @ Cleveland, 6/20, 12:10 CT

    This is reminding me of the Dale Sveum era.
  15. Baker

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    Abreu is worth maybe 5 WAR over the next year and a half. Bukauskas would be worth close to that over a six year controllable career.