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  1. Baker

    Spring Training thread

    Ohtani got shelled tonight and left with a blister. We may avoid him this weekend.
  2. Baker

    Spring Training thread

    Steve Cischek picked up by the Angels. Hope to see plenty of him this weekend.
  3. The translation says 3 1/2 months.
  4. Baker

    You have $30m to complete the roster...

    Let’s not forget Kelvin Herrera in the subtractions, about $9M. The subtractions are over $50M.
  5. Baker

    Ray a Jay (1/$8M)

    That $8M must be in Canadian dollars.
  6. Baker

    Offseason Targets

    Cory Kluber now a free agent. I’ll bid $7M.
  7. Baker

    Offseason Targets

    Kolten Wong, Brad Hand let go. It’s going to be a 1929 style crash in player salaries. Kris Bryant sure to be released. Someone may take him for 10-12 $M. For $20M a team could pick up a whole bullpen.
  8. Baker

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    That steroid stuff is past the statue of limitations. If Tony gets Eloy to hustle in left field, I don’t care if he’s a little put out. Hopefully we’ll see some sharp, crisp, intelligent baseball here.
  9. Baker

    Pitching Coach Candidates

    Alec Hansen was Zaleski’s protege. Just sayin.
  10. Is anybody on here rooting for the Astros in this series? I didn’t think so. This scandal will have legs. The fans were absent this year but you’ll hear the boos next season. Our fans don’t deserve this baggage, especially with Bochy available out there.
  11. Baker

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Hahn practically spelled out Hinch’s name with the qualities he’s seeking. I think he’s floating a trial balloon on this to see what kind of protest rises up. I don’t want him. What Hinch condoned wasn’t a mistake, but a character flaw. Bochy would be a 5star pick.
  12. Baker

    An honest question about Vaughn

    Trade Vaughan to the Red Sox for left-handed right fielder Verdugo. Seems fair.
  13. Baker

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    So many permutations yet in the seeding. Yanks only 1 game up on blue jays, with the head-to-head at 5-5. Can’t say who has better intradivision there. Twinx probably dreading Yanks. Looks like Sox will be #2 or3 or4 or7.
  14. Baker

    Fire Ricky

    Does anyone here really believe Colome was having back spasms that other game? Our bench coach, and Cooper, are just as bad.
  15. For 2021 the owners will be wanting to cut payroll to the bone. There will be a lot of Arb 3 and Arb 4 guys let go. For $5M there should be lots to choose from. Wouldn’t surprise me if Colome only gets $15/2.