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  1. Baker

    White Sox at Twinkees 8/21/19

    Giolito’s season is like finding money on the street. About 100 million.
  2. Baker

    White Sox vs Twins

    Chris Sale was pronounced done for the season today. That closes the book on his 3 year stint in Boston that the White Sox traded away, with a cumulative fWar of 17.3. Though not terribly valid it will be interesting to see if Moncada and company can surpass that figure. Seems very likely, though The Red Sox won’t complain.
  3. Baker

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    Ha. Yankees opener vs Tribe , Chad Green, didn’t get his inning completed. 7-0 Cleve. Still in the first.
  4. Timmy needs a Billy Martin for manager.
  5. Hahn has made plenty of bad decisions, but the dumbest was taking this job in the first place. I think he had other suitors. How could he think working under Jerry and Kenny would work out well.
  6. James Fegan was talking to one of the Sox lower prospects at Kanny. Destino I think it was. He said Sox analytics have really improved this year and now they are about as good as they had at South Carolina. Wtf?
  7. Baker

    Sox and As game 3 rubber match

    TA is about 30 plate appearances short of being in the rankings for the AL batting title. Otherwise he would be second behind LaMaheiu. He should qualify before the season ends.
  8. Baker

    Game Thread 08/09/19- Oakland @ Sox

    Goins has a higher fWar, 0.9, than Eloy and Vladdy combined. 0.1, 0.5.
  9. Fulmer should never have taken the bat off his shoulder.
  10. Baker

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    They battle Detroit 7 times of the last 10 games. Make your plans now.
  11. Baker

    Sox vs. Mets - Tues, July 30th, 2019

    If the Sox want to win this game they’d have to trade for Syndegaard right now.
  12. Baker

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Merrifield would be perfect fur Cubs. Send Nico Hoerner and Happ to KC.
  13. Would the Sox be willing to take on McCutchen’ contract from the Phillies?
  14. Baker

    Twins @ Sox 7/28

    I think I was there too. Powell parked one on the roof.
  15. Baker

    The rest of the way...

    I remember when Samardja was here he glared at his defenders a few times. Probably why he had his worst season here. I feel sorry for our young core coming up. What FA agent pitcher would come here?