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  1. Field of Dreams game may be the only game played in 2020. They’ll get 50 million people watching on Tv. World Series trophy on hand. 1 game to win it all!
  2. Baker

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    I always thought Ryne Sandburg wasn’t worthy of the HOF. Not in the top 100 in career hits, HR, RBIs, Runs, SB and others. He always lead the league in clean uniforms , though. His 60 WAR is 8 less than Lou Whitaker’s 68.
  3. Baker

    MLB cheating scandal

    I don’t think Manfred will put a lifetime ban on Cora. That would remove any leverage he has on Cora to keep his mouth shut. The commissioner’s office doesn’t want this to blow up across the whole sport.
  4. Baker

    MLB cheating scandal

    What about stealing signs using binoculars in center field like Detroit had been doing for years? Also under Dombrowski’s watch. Where do they draw the line now Baseball should outfit the pitchers and catchers with wireless devices for signaling pitches. That should be easily doable, and save a little time too.
  5. Baker

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    I haven’t heard Alex Cobb’s name mentioned here. He’s coming off surgery but is ready for a full season and projected for 186in. and 1.7 WAR. He’s due 2/$29M. If the Orioles can send a little cash along with Mychal Givens as a strong bullpen piece, it might be worth considering. We can send a Rutherford back to them.
  6. Baker

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Hahn only reluctantly selected Walker in the 2nd Round to placate a table pounding scout. The kid has been very mediocre with terrible splits. I’m just glad it wasn’t Basabe, who is already a plus outfielder.
  7. Baker

    Joc Pederson - Is it goin down?

    Find out which of our young outfielders the Dodgers are interested in, then don’t trade him.
  8. Basabe. If he can stay healthy you could see him in Chicago in 2020. Plus defender, pretty good plate discipline.
  9. Baker

    A Realistic Offseason

    It’s feasible. The Cubs need to get JH off the books so the they can sign Castellanos and re-up Baez. Schwarber is the sweetener.
  10. Baker

    A Realistic Offseason

    Probably been mentioned but what about Hayward and Schwarber for a couple of throw-ins. Taking on a big contract but a gold glove RF might get us a second look from available pitching. Schwarber for DH.
  11. Baker

    Machado do-over

    I don’t think you can say Machado had a down year. He had a typical year. His career WRC+ prior to 2019 was 105, counting only the road splits. The hitters haven in Baltimore put him at 130 WRC+ for career home games. That wasn’t going to happen in San Diego.
  12. Ketel Marte is out for the season. Yelich has won the NL batting title at .329.
  13. Baker

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    Paulie scooped those in his sleep.
  14. Baker

    9/27- Sox vs Tigers, 4:00, NBCSC

    I believe any games not played this weekend works against the Sox. That would take away the tiebreaker advantage the Sox have against every team. Hope they get all 4 games in.