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  1. DH in the NL

    Delmonico back on the active roster

    A left fielder in Charlotte, that can hit, just read this shaking his head.
  2. DH in the NL

    Trade Proposals

    Evan Gattis’ last 15 games: .186 AVG .234 OBP .424 SLG 17 K’s. Funny how you mention Abreu’s slump in the last month in a half, but only look at Gattis’ HR and RBI’s for your reasoning. Guess Gattis can do no wrong.
  3. DH in the NL

    Trade Proposals

    He’s currently hitting .315 with 9 hr and 54 rbi. His stock has definitely not taken a hit offensively. Not sure about the defense.
  4. DH in the NL

    Trade Proposals

    Jose would have to be in the deal to Colorado for Welker.
  5. DH in the NL

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Do you value Ruiz or Smith over Collins and Zavala?
  6. DH in the NL

    7/19 Games

    My wife doesn’t watch baseball and she noticed the same thing. It looks like he’s going to have a hard time fielding his position if he doesn’t get his body under control.
  7. DH in the NL

    7/19 Games

    For those watching the Charlotte game does Kopech always have the bad body language? He just slipped after a pitch, and looked like he wanted to toss his mit. He shows some kind of geasture every time he pitches.
  8. DH in the NL

    Tilson optioned to AAA

    I’m guilty of buying tickets if this happens. I want to see the both of them.
  9. DH in the NL

    Tilson optioned to AAA

    With all those choices how can the Royals and Orioles have a record worse than ours? 🤦‍♂️
  10. DH in the NL

    Yankees looking for pitching

    Is there any reason why the Sox wouldn’t eat some cash? If the Yankees would prefer Soria would this deal be enticing enough for them? I wonder if Rodon is valued more by the Sox than Abreu?
  11. DH in the NL

    Yankees looking for pitching

    Are you saying Abreu is too much? I’m trying to suggest a deal that has nothing to do with salary dump. Take Abreu out and put in Soria for all I care.
  12. DH in the NL

    Yankees looking for pitching

    Rodon, Shields, and Abreu for Florial, Frazier, and Albert Abreu
  13. DH in the NL

    Machado deal structure "in place"

    Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, Rylan Bannon, Breyvic Valera, and Yusniel Diaz
  14. The lack of information on Puckett is really odd. We didn’t get much information on Hansen’s status until he was ready to start his rehab. Zavala is trending in the same direction. Is there a point to why information has to be so limited?
  15. DH in the NL

    Time for a new hitting coach?

    I really don’t see how a hitting coach can prevent a player from swinging at pitches that aren’t strikes. Plate discipline has to fall on the player, not the hitting coach.