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  1. DH in the NL

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    If they actually paid any attention to his last start that would’ve been a great question to get Kopech’s take on the whole situation. It would’ve been worth listening too.
  2. DH in the NL

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    Did he say anything about hitting the guy who bunted off him.
  3. DH in the NL

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    The Sox have been such a terrible team this year that it’s hard to believe 2 other teams have been worse. It’s really going to be disappointing if 2 more teams drop them to 5.
  4. DH in the NL

    8/17 Games

    No update on Cease? The level of concern from the crowd seems to be minimal. Thought for sure more panic would’ve set in by now.
  5. DH in the NL

    Sox vs Royals 8/17 7:10 PM CT WGN

    Such a waste on this team. If a team calls Hahn this off season interested in Abreu I hope he listens.
  6. DH in the NL

    PTC Friday, August 17th at 7:10 PMCDT Royals at White Sox

    Unfortunately Shields
  7. DH in the NL

    Dane Dunning heading to AZ

    The Rodon situation is a lot harder to navigate than Sale. We couldn’t build a winning environment around a top 5 pitcher in the game, so he gets traded. Nobody knows what Rodon is yet due to his injuries. If he’s injury free the rest of this year and next is he a top 10 pitcher? If he’s a top 10 pitcher do we maximize his trade value if the team is still garbage? Boras is going to get Rodon paid if he reaches top 10 status, and nobody has faith we’ll be the team giving him that deal. To me, I hope Rodon stays healthy and reaches his ceiling the rest of the year and next so we can maximize his trade value. Then trade him at his peak. The return should be just as good as Q’s return.
  8. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    Clemens was an unlikable dbag. I want to like Kopech.
  9. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    Don’t forget being a juicer. Too bad Clemens is his comp. I’d be happier if we could compare him to Scherzer.
  10. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    It really isn’t about what else he’s done. It’s the fact that a guy laying down a bunt for a hit can piss Kopech off so much that he hits him the next time up on purpose. He would’ve been tossed in the majors. Who knows how many games he would’ve been suspended for just because some guy lays down a bunt for a hit.
  11. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    The reason for the HBP was stupid. He clearly hasn’t removed any doubt that his maturity is a major work in progress. We’re lucky they didn’t retaliate by drilling Jimenez.
  12. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    Wtf? I have a feeling it’s going to be a circus when Kopech finally makes it to Chicago.
  13. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    They’re gonna drill Jimenez
  14. DH in the NL

    8/16 Games

    With Kopech’s stuff I wonder why he would make a stupid reaction like he just did after the guy bunted for a hit?
  15. DH in the NL

    8/15 Games

    J.B. Bukauskas getting it done against the Dash. Only 1 hit through 7.