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  1. With the 2 runs, Cease can’t lose it now, right…
  2. Against a club with any offense, Greinke would have been in the showers a couple of innings ago…
  3. If any pride exists in this dugout, they’d fight for some runs to support Cease…but the answer is obvious..
  4. Give Yas a bus ticket home…
  5. More terrible base running…this time by Seby…
  6. FrontierDayz

    8/10 at KC - Cueto vs. Bubic (7:10 start)

    Bennetti go to Sox math…
  7. It’s ovah….ugly split it is…
  8. Moncada needs a mercy off day..
  9. LG pulled it out..
  10. Lucas now needs to find the plate…
  11. Seby turning into another out machine..
  12. AV been hanging around with Moncada whose been hanging around with TA whose been hanging around with Garcia, ad nauseum…