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  1. As I'm entitled to mine. Which is why I started the post. Oh and by the way, yeah we should be grateful for the season we had. And the playoffs are a crapshoot. Hey, I kept this post shorter!!
  2. You're right. I agree with you and actually always have. I expressed myself poorly if it seems like I was trying to say something different. But this White Sox team hasn't had the chance to get that sustained success yet. The rebuilding we've done is just the last couple of years bearing fruit. What inspired my original post was how thoroughly barbecued the White Sox were on here for losing a playoff series, to an excellent team mind you, as you stated yourself as being one of the teams who have had sustained success. And yet, even a sustained success team like the Dodgers also lost in the playoffs this year and therefore didn't accomplish any more than we did. Just like every other team will except one. But we are on the right track. But all I heard on here was bullshit like, "this organization sucks. We haven't won a playoff series in 16 years." Or, stupid ass things like we need to get rid of Abreu or Jimenez because they're too much alike. Maybe this team will provide that long term success? They're built to with having many of our key players signed for a few years. If we go 79-83 next year, then I'll admit I'm wrong.
  3. Actually it was worse. Two teams in the NL East lost more games than any team in the AL Central.
  4. "the better teams still win a LOT of these series." I hear you and I THINK this is usually true. But I'm not sure. Boston beat Tampa in the playoffs. Now, someone can argue that Tampa Bay is built more for the regular season then a short series. But they did win what 8 more games than Boston? That tells me Tampa Bay was better over the course of the long season. Same thing with Atlanta beating Milwaukee. Brewers had the better record. I guess I'm a bit defensive about this in saying the team that had the better record is usually better because of the White Sox history. Are people aware on here that the White Sox in the years 1963, 64 and 65 won 94, 98 and 95 games respectively? And all they got to show for it were 3 second place obscurities? But do you think the Yankees and Twins, the pennant winning teams of those years, would have liked facing a pitching staff of Gary Peters, Joe Horlen, Juan Pizarro and Hoyt Wilhelm out of the bullpen in a short series? You don't think we could have won a short playoff series with those guys? We might have had a dynasty in those years and we might have had a statue of Gary Peters in our ballpark. Instead, many people don't even know who he is. Or even still, what about our teams throughout the 50's, which in my opinion were even stronger overall then these teams in the 60's, that would have made the playoffs today but didn't then? So instead, we here all this bullshit about how the White Sox have only won one pennant since 1959 and won one World Series since 1917. And not just the White Sox. It's amazing how much history could have been re-written if things were always the way they are now. "Getting beat by legit good players like Altuve, Correa, Yordan and Tucker is very different than getting beat by an out of his mind Eddie Rosario." You're right about this and I agree with you. Maybe it was our bad draw getting Houston in the first round? Maybe we would have beaten Tampa Bay? I definitely think we were better than Boston. But I guess in the end it doesn't matter. Because it still would have gone through Houston, and I do feel Houston was the best team in the AL this year. So I guess I have to say to you point well taken. "I have no interest in rolling the random playoff dice and hoping for storybook hot streaks. Gimme the best team we can put together on paper and I’ll take my chances there." I 100,000% agree with you there. Well put. That's all we can do. But I'm just afraid that because of the randomness of the playoffs that it might not matter? That someday in the playoffs we'll run into another "out of his mind Eddie Rosario?" In essence, the reason I did use the Dodger/Brave series as an example is because LA had the stronger team. There is no way to dispute that. They won 18 more games than Atlanta. But in the playoffs...... But you are absolutely right in what you saying "Gimme the best team possible and take our chances." That's all we can do and hope for.
  5. Not relevant. I'm talking about this year and proving that each year, the playoffs are a crapshoot.
  6. I know we are White Sox fans on here, but we are also baseball fans. So since the Dodgers were clearly inferior to the Braves this year getting their asses handed to them in the playoffs, just like our White Sox were lambasted for being so inferior because we lost a playoff series, and I've heard all this talk about all that needs to be changed with this Sox team because we lost a playoff series, what do the Dodgers need to do to get themselves to be on the same level as the Braves?.............. .........oh wait. The Dodgers were 18 games better than the Braves during the season? So they really were better? Well, they lost a playoff series to them. Which proves one thing boys and girls. THE PLAYOFFS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A CRAPSHOOT!! Now to begin with, I'm not ignorant enough to believe we don't have deficiencies to work on this off season. We don't have a right fielder, (actually we didn't have one before the season and didn't bother to get one,) we don't have a good every day second baseman and Kimbrel was a train wreck. But all I've heard since we lost the series to Houston is all that's wrong with us on here. I've even heard one idiotic comment on here that one of our problems is Abreu and Jimenez are too much alike so we need to get rid of one of them because of that. Now I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can't let this ridiculously ignorant statement go. Maybe the Dodgers should get rid of Justin Turner, Max Muncy and Chris Taylor because they are all proponents of the "launch angle" theory, and therefore too much alike!! ( And yes, I know Muncy hits lefthanded so please, nobody comment on here that Muncy is different from Turner and Taylor being left handed. Because they all have something in common buying into the launch angle theory. ) But hey, they lost in the playoffs with these guys.....so I guess they aren't good enough. I said in another post on here that only one team will win it all and everyone else will end up a loser. And the fact is that the FIFTH best team in the NL this year won the pennant!! So let's here it everyone. We're number 5! We're number 5! We're number 5!! Is that a chant heard very often?? I guess my main point on here is the White Sox had a good year and won their division. And they will continue to be a strong team with this nucleus. What I feel proves this is we won 93 games without even being REMOTELY healthy. Do we have some work to do in the off season? Of course, as I stated two paragraphs ago. But to barbecue this team because we lost a playoff series? That's ridiculous. And if you believe we should, then you better to make sure you rip on the Dodgers, Giants, Rays and Brewers, all teams that won more games than we did, and also lost in the playoffs. Playoffs are a crapshoot boys and girls. Pure and simple. If your team wins it, enjoy and celebrate it. If you don't, nowadays it doesn't prove a thing. And maybe I'm being a bit sensitive because an analogy I've always liked to use, is your favorite baseball team is like your little brother. You can rip and pick on him all you want but nobody else better do it. So hearing the White Sox get ripped on here so heavily makes me defensive. Even if it is by other Sox fans. And guess what? We may shore up all our weaknesses this off season, get back to the playoffs..........and possibly lose again in the playoffs next year. Because winning a championship is never promised and the playoffs are a crapshoot. If you don't believe me, than just ask the Dodgers.
  7. Soxsi75

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Not sure about the cheating........but Correa did seem to be looking for that 97 MPH chest high fastball from Rodon. Maybe he guessed right?
  8. Soxsi75

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    "September should have been spent lining up the rotation to have Giolito and Rodon pitching games 1-2 and Lynn and Cease pitching games 3-4." I actually posted in a different post on here, (don't remember which one,) saying this is how they should align their rotation as well.
  9. Soxsi75

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Very well put! Thank you!
  10. Soxsi75

    Sometimes You Just Get Beat

    Look this isn't easy to say. But now that emotion has worn off a bit and we try to look at this practically, there is a lot of truth in saying simply the Astros beat us because of how well they played. Since we've lost, all I've heard about is all the things WE did wrong. We got nothing from our starters. Nearly all of our main hitters didn't have a single extra base hit. Leury Garcia misplaying a ball in right field allowing two runs to score because we never bothered to get a right fielder, even though we all knew we needed one before the season started. (Adam Eaton doesn't count.) Therefore, Garcia never should have been out there in the first place. And Kimbrel continuing to pitch like the pitcher we acquired instead of the pitcher we thought we were acquiring. All of these items are true. But on the flip side. It was almost unreal how Houston took advantage of every single scoring opportunity afforded them. We walked too many guys. And they all seemed to come back to haunt us. Incredible clutch hitting with men on base, and situational hitting. Many times with two outs. Tucker and Alvarez both had simple grounders through the infield drive in runs in the first two games in Houston. Hitting em where they ain't. Wee Willie Keeler would have been proud. The only time Houston wasn't scoring is when our bullpen had a 5 inning stretch where it was lights out in the only Game we won. This probably is what precipitated what Tepera said. But they were still taking advantage of every scoring opportunity afforded them even in the game we won. I was probably most excited when Rodon pitched around the leadoff double by Altuve and left him at 3rd by striking out Bregman and Alvarez in the first inning of Game 4. Because this was the only time I could remember the whole series where they didn't take advantage of a scoring opportunity. So I thought, "is this trend changing?" Of course, we all saw it wasn't. We didn't get the clutch hits. And they always did. I do think their experience and our inexperience had something to do with this. I also will forever disagree with LaRussa treating the last two months like an extended spring training with his resting of players. I felt all along that would haunt us. I don't think a young, inexperienced team can get away with "turning it on when we need to," like this situation was asking us to do. But getting back to Houston. They simply couldn't have played any better. If they play like this, they should sweep Boston and also probably their opponent in the World Series. Therefore, I'm not going to watch any further post season games played by Houston because it will piss me off if they don't. That they only played flawlessly against us.
  11. Soxsi75

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    I agree with most of what you said. You're right, some real decisions have to be made this off-season and I agree they need to spend at least some money. I was angry for going the cheap route coming into this season by signing Adam Eaton. That blew up in our face when we had to release the injury prone, past his prime Eaton in July and we had no right fielder again for the rest of the year. But I disagree in saying we were "embarrassed" in the playoffs. We didn't get embarrassed. We lost. Just like everyone else is going to do before this postseason is over except for one team. Just one. Everyone else will have their season end in disappointment, including a team later tonight that won either 107 or 106 games, and will be eliminated at the exact same time we did!! And I don't buy the "well at least we won one round before getting eliminated. That's better than losing the first round." I call bullshit on that. Win it all or your season ends in the same level of disappointment. The 2006 Bears taught me that. That team went all the way to the Super Bowl, and should have I might add, yet all anyone remembers about that team is how bad Rex Grossman sucked. No fond memories of that team. What it came down to in this series was our starters let us down. We got nothing from any of them. And they had so little confidence in Lynn, that they didn't want to bring him back in relief of Rodon in Game 4, even though he'd be on regular rest. Instead they used a used up Kopech and things spiraled from there. My biggest complaint was why wasn't Kopech stretched out long before this so he could be a starter, like he really is, by the post season? We all knew what happened to Rodon was going to happen. But instead they seemed content for Kopech to stay a middle reliever, and he's too valuable to be used that way. If anything, if we want to still sign Rodon, it will now be a lot easier, because only a completely brain damaged organization will give him a long term deal. No matter what "Borass" wants him to try and get.
  12. Soxsi75

    White Sox-Astros Game 1 3:07 Start Time

    Could work the other way around. Maybe the ratings would increase as a result of the populations dislike for them and wanting to see them lose?