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  1. Soxsi75

    Playoff Pairings Are A Joke!!!

    You have a good point. I guess I'm saying this mostly because of the possibility of drawing Cleveland. Their pitching in a 2 out of 3 series is extremely dangerous. And we all know this. ANYONE can beat ANYONE 2 out of 3.
  2. Soxsi75

    16 team playoffs here to stay?

    I completely agree with you. It would make winning the division worthless. Simply put, this better NOT happen. It will make actually the entire regular season worthless. Baseball isn't hockey or basketball or any other sport. It takes 162 to determine the better team. ANYONE can beat ANYONE 2 out of 3. So playoff seedings won't mean anything either. There are no positives to this. It is degrading to the game in every way.
  3. Soxsi75

    Playoff Pairings Are A Joke!!!

    What do you mean by "What are you even talking about?" I mean what I said. And I'll re-quote myself. It should be the 3 division winners by record 1-2-3 and then the other 5 should be ranked strictly by record!! Houston is only a .500 team. Cleveland, though slumping right now, is still 4 over. So our draw should be the team with the worst record if we can keep the best record in the league. Right now, the team with the third best division winning record gets to face a team with a worse record then we do. And though we may have a better all around team than Cleveland, which by the way I was arguing we were even when they were ahead of us in the standings, they are still a VERY dangerous draw. Facing Bieber and their pitching is something no one's going to want to face in a miniscule series. So my whole point is because of our record, we shouldn't have them as a draw when someone else has a worse record than them.
  4. Soxsi75

    Playoff Pairings Are A Joke!!!

    Don't mean to be having a melt down about it. It's just ridiculous that they are literally being screwed over for having the best record instead of being rewarded.
  5. So if the season ended today, the prize the White Sox get for having the best record in the AL is to face Shane Bieber and Cleveland? Meanwhile, the third best division winner will get to draw under .500 Houston?? Who came up these kinds of pairings? It should be the 3 division by record 1-2-3 and then the other 5 should be ranked strictly by record!!
  6. Soxsi75

    Does It Matter At all If We Win The Division?

    They do? OK Good. So there's at least some incentive there then. Thanks. I didn't know that. Guess I didn't hear that, because if that's the case, why do they have to go to some remote place at all for the later rounds?
  7. I saw the playoff pairings if the playoffs started today. And we would play.........the Twins. So winning the division will just mean we play the team we are battling for the division? Let's say we swap places with the Twins. They finish first and we finish 3rd. Then we would play........the Twins. With everyone going to some remote place, home field certainly won't matter. They really ought to reward the division winners a bit more in this ridiculous season. Make it so the division winner has to only win 2 games in that opening round where as the lower seeded non divisional winner has to win 3. Unless something like this is already in place.....then I stand corrected. So my question is, is there?
  8. Soxsi75

    Nice Nancy Faust article

    Mine too!! She was truly the SOUND of the White Sox and of Comiskey Park. I have such incredible memories of walking up to the ballpark before a game and before getting inside I could here her playing. It made me want to practically RUN to get inside!
  9. Soxsi75

    Indians Playing WAY Over Their Heads!!

    Fair enough. Personally, I think you're overrating their lineup. Ramirez, Lindor, Santana and Reyes are the only guys who can hurt you. That's only 4 guys. There's isn't much different than Kansas City's which has Merrifield, Soler, McBroom and Dozier. And now they've traded Clevinger without any proven help to their lineup. They're HOPING Naylor is.
  10. I agree if Clevinger will be here 5 years. But if he walks in 2 and Kopech is haunting us after that, then we aren't guaranteeing the playoffs for 5 years. We'd be actually hurting ourselves. That's what makes this tough.
  11. I hate to say this.....because it has been exciting......but this year truthfully doesn't really matter. This is one big preseason. 60 games, ridiculously uneven schedule, 7 inning doubleheaders, starting with a man on second in extra innings.... I hope they win as much as possible this year......but no matter what happens there will be a TRIPLE asterisk next to this season. I'm looking for the White Sox to be a powerhouse NEXT year. And if Clevinger then is only here two years?......I agree with you, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it either. I can see good and bad.
  12. You think that's long enough? I don't want him walking after only that short a time and then Kopech haunt us for years in our division. If this happens, they better make Clevinger haunt Cleveland for years in the division.
  13. How long would we be in control of Clevinger's contract?
  14. Soxsi75

    Indians Playing WAY Over Their Heads!!

    So then you think I am underrating Cleveland?